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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • I am trying to find a wiring diagram for a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. My back hatch is not receiving power and I need to find out where the problem is. Can you help me?
  • I have the same setup and need to find a compatible screen, wiring harness and diagram for installation. Do you have the info to get me going? Thanks.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I can send them to you but you need to disclose your email address in your profile.
  • Thank you for your response. I need info on a workable video screen, dual earphones and how to wire it all together. My email is [email protected]
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Ok...I purchased an after-market trailer hitch for my 2007 AWD Limited. It is a Curt. Fit great, but a bit harder to install then I thought. I needed to move part of the exhaust out of the way.

    Anyway, I can't get the spare tire back in due to the hitch. Anyone else run into this and if so, what did you do? I am contemplating taking all the air out and seeing if it will fit back in. I hate to do that, but I don't see if I have any other choice.

    The car is equipped with 19" rims. I think a 17" spare would have fit fine.
  • I bought a Certified Pre-owned 05 Pac in Jul 08 with 41,000 miles on it. It is fully loaded with everything except nav computer, including the 235/55/19 tires. The only problems that I am having is it is burning/using oil. About a quart every thousand miles. Any suggestions??

    P.S. Just found this forum and it is great. Keep it up. Thanks!
  • KelmeyKelmey Posts: 1
    Holy hell, I'm not the only one with this problem. I have the same vehicle and purcahsed the same Curt hitch. I just spent an hour trying to get the spare tire back on. The instructions are horrible, "lift tire over passenger plate first"...etc. This is not working. I even jacked up the back end a foot and still am unable to get it back on. I believe I have the 19" spare also. It appears the only way to get it back on is to let the air out like you said, but what good does that do? Have you foubd an answer to our problem?
  • All,

    I have tried to read the board, but since some of the posts are so old, I thought I'd ask for help. Same story - we have a 2006 Pacifica that we need to add the screen for. It has the player in-dash.

    What is the least expensive way to get this done? Is the wiring harness there, or not? Also, does anyone know how to remove the trim piece next to the windshield?

    Sorry for all of the newbie questions, and i really appreciate any help.

  • wjweddwjwedd Posts: 1
    I have the same questions as given in the previous posts for retrofitting the DVD system in my Pacifica which has the existing 6-DVD/changer.

    Any help with the same questions as post #819 would be greatly appreciated!

  • Do you have a wiring diagram for a 05 Pacifica? If you do can you please e-mail it to me. I have been trying to find one for months.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Is there a specific area of wiring you're looking at? The complete wiring diagram file is way too big to send!
  • bjt3bjt3 Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Pacifica that has navigation and DVD system. I have no clue if there is a factory amp or JBL speakers in it. I am wanting to put a after market stereo in it but don't have any clue what wiring harness I need so that everything will still work as it should. How do I find out if I do have a factory amp and JBL speakers in there? Please help me, nobody seems to have a clue how to help me. I have two item numbers that are for two different harness and I need to know which one, (if either) will work and keep the DVD system working and the navigation working. Thank you! email: [email protected]
  • Hey

    Well, the easiest way to find out if you have an amp is to look in your trunk, If i remember correctly, the amp is located under the last row of seats in the pacificas made in the first half of 2004, and located in the VERY back of the trunk against the right side under the hatch door. Theres quite a few threads in the archives about if a wiring harness will work with the CD changer or not. That was a big
    The nav should have nothing to do with the stereo, I have a custom stereo in my ride and the nav has its own speaker on the dash for the voice. I didnt have to use any special wiring to keep that working. Thats all the info I have.... good luck.
  • bjt3bjt3 Posts: 4
    I do have the after factory amp but i still have no clue on where to go from here. I have the Nav and the DVD system too in my 04 Pacifica. I want to install my CD palyer and run my subs and amp without having to sacrifice the dvd and nav systems. There has to be away to have it all. If anyone can help me let me know what I need to buy as far as the wiring harness and whatever I will be greatful. I already have the mountig bracket and I am now being told that if I install after market stereo I will lose my DVD system or Nav. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • I have a double din clarion dvd head unit, 3 amps, 4 -12" woofers. When you say you want to keep the dvd and NAV systems, are you referring to the dvd screen in the back seat? or the 6 dvd changer? I can tell you that you cant keep the changer, but you can keep the dvd screen in the back seat..... the wiring diagram is as follows:

    1 - X114 20GY/TN - FUSED B(+)
    5 - X915 22GY/LB - VIDEO CONTROL
    6 - X515 22GY/OR - VIDEO SIGNAL
    7 - X530 20GY/DB - VIDEO RETURN
    9 - X555 22VT/OR - VIDEO PLAY SIGNAL
    12 - X955 22 - SHIELD

    I did this myself, but if you are not one who works on your own car, then your installer will know how to do it.

    About the NAV, that system is totally seperate from the radio system, one doesnt effect the other. You wont have to worry about that. Sorry about the changer though, I MISS IT TOO......

    Post some pics in your profile.....
  • bjt3bjt3 Posts: 4
    Is there still going to be video in the back with me putting in a regular CD palyer in or will I have to put a Double Din in the front to work the screen in the back? I do have the changer but as long as I can still run video back there, it will work for me. I use it as a single DVD/CD anyways you know? Another thing is, how did you get the DD to fit correctly in the hole? I went to a install shop and there are talking about having to custom make a mounting bracket and it is going to cost me a lot. Did you find one some where or did you make it work? I do want to add a DD in front and screens in the headrest and maybe a larger screen at some point but I have been discouraged so much I don't know where I really stand with any of it.

    Where do I go about buying the correct wiring harness for it or can I some how get around that? I've been told around $190 and it may or may not let me keep the DVD and Nav! I really just want to put a CD player and amp and a pair of 12s in my Pacifica for now.

    Thanks for all your help. I can't wait until my sounds get put in!! I wished you lived around me so we could meet up because no one seems to really know what is really good with this car.
  • Has anyone tried/used the Gibson Performance Exhaust GIB-316521? It's at Summit Racing. It seems nice and is built for the Pacifica. I noticed Borla and Magnaflow have no kits for it.
  • Has anyone discovered a double din dash mount kit for any member of the pacifica family. I actually work for a Dodge parts dept. and still can't seem to track it down.
    I know it is possible to install and still keep all features except the CD/DVD changer (due to size problems not compatability issues). The only think I have been able to drum up is several single din kits. I don't want to abandon my double din dreams for a weaker flip out model that will burn up it's motors within a year.
    If anyone has any info PLEASE POST.
  • im in the market for a pacifica and wanna know what model is the better choice. i like the awd model but im looking to put 22" wheels and a body kit and suspention drop with minor engine upgrades for xtra pep along with bigger brakes. whats the better year and where is the best place to find after market parts. my goal is to build an elegant but aggressive pacifica im just not sure where to find the parts and what model will suit my goals. thanks for any help
  • I have seen countless pacificas come in with 22" rims that need entire suspension replacement. It wouldn't hurt if the rim was a lightweight design but 40lb rims would kill the mercedes suspension within a year. As far as performance there aren't many companies out there that make bigger brakes or body kits or even engine performance parts for any motor offered other than the 3.5L that is offered in every year in both front and rear wheel drive. The later year productions were offered with a 6 speed automatic that delivers ample acceleration in all motors offered but the 4.0L engine probly produces the most power. Good Luck with your project, you don't really see any customized pacifica's outside of a couple of cromed out wannabe mirror balls, it would be nice to see one done the right way.
  • duddly101duddly101 Posts: 7
    I have purchased and installed the same Curt Hitch, and was annoyed like you all the spare tire didnt fit back in readily. I believe if I did not have the dual exhaust, the hitch would have fit normally. My only work around was to deflate the spare, and use a jack to squeeze/push the spare past the hitch. A trade off, but hate to not have a spare available. When researching hitches I found many styles out there for the Pacifica. But went with the Curt because of the additional 2 mounting points near the receiver area for more stability.
  • mkeenummkeenum Posts: 1
    So I've got the infamous 2007 Pacifica with a 6-disk DVD changer and no screens. I've got some experience installing aftermarket parts in cars, but I would like some information on how to get started. I want dual headrest monitors, but I don't have a wiring diagram. Anyone got a "How To" link? Thanks for any information you can send my way.

    You can email me at
    [email protected]
  • Did you ever find a wiring diagram, or any information? I just bough a 2006 pacifica and have the same problem?
  • Has anyone every responded to the million dollar question?

    Pacifica 06 has dvd changer but no screen. I found this link that shows how to do it with the factory dvd, which I have, but where do you get the wiring? how much is the wiring? I need all the installation kit I guess. Does anyone know where to get it?

    I called chrysler parts and they are either not sold or very expensive.

    If there's another screen I can get that is cheap and easy to install and works with the factory dvd changer, please someone share...

  • bjt3bjt3 Posts: 4
    Hello again! So I am once again wondering about an install kit for a DD in my 04 Pacifica. I still can't seem to get any real answers so if anyone has any information on how I can go about putting one in that would be great, thanks!
  • coopacoopa Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where I can get an inexpensive replacement tail light for the chrysler pacifica 2007?
  • A co-worker let me borrow his autoscanner to run diagnostic on my Pacifica (check engine light). The message I received on my menu display was "Service Immobilizer". Anyone have any experience with this particular situation? Thanks for your time.
  • we just recently bought a 2005 chrysler pacifica touring that has all the works, including the in-dash 6 DVD/CD changer. and since we are going to florida in the beginning of june i need to know how to hook up a playstation 2 to the dvd player using RCA cables.

    well i hooked every thing up and used an extension cord, for now.... to power the ps2. so when i turned the ps2 on the screen never showed anything.

    the only time i ever get the screen to show anything is when i put a dvd in.
    Somebody please help me. Im bad lost!
  • mysailboatmysailboat Posts: 3
    We enjoy our road trip with our 2005 Chrysler Pacifica too. However, as mentioned in the forum by other owners, need to check the oil frequently. For road trip, the engine oil can totally empty and no warning light on. Have fun
  • Did you need to replace the original headphones for the rear DVD screen after Clarion install?
  • Did you ever get this figured out...I have an 07 with the same problem
  • After reading a lot of post on here I'm really confused. I have a 07 Pacifica tha thas the OEM dvd system installed in it. I bought this car used last year and the headphones have never worked. Getting ready to take it on a long road trip and would really like get this figured out before hand.
    I'm not sure if the jumper harness is installed (didn't know that was a possibilty until after reading these) Is this the only fix for this problem?
    Thanks in advance
  • I have a factory installed dvd system (ordered off ebay and installed it myself) but I can't get the headphones to work. I haven't checked yet to see if the jumper wire harness is installed (can't remember doing it) but after reading the post I would say it's not since it is sold seperatly. Is there another way of getting the headphones to work besides the wire harness
  • dee87dee87 Posts: 1
    did you ever find the double dim dash kit for your car am looking too. i found two guy on car domain who got D.D i message them but they haven't reply asyet
  • Hi.. and sorry if I hang up this thread.. but I need the wiring diagrams of my 04 pacifica.. I need the O2 sensors related.. have a problem with a sensor and the mechanic wants to change the car computer... already changes the sensor that is pointed by the diagnostic computer...and now he says that is the car computer??? But i like to check all the wires that interact with the O2 sensor and if all are ok... then change the car computer...Thanks a lot and sorry again..
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