Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tsmiejektsmiejek Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I think the dealer I've been working with is sticking a little tight. Quoted me $38,700($42,093MSRP) for the following:

    Premium Package
    Heated Front Seats/Rain-Sensing Wipers
    6 CD changer
    Towing Prep package
    Cargo Mats
    Wheel Locks

    Since you're getting about $1,300(MSRP) more in options for less than my quote, I think there's definitely room to negotiate. Who's kidding, I'd love to get it at or below invoice but I'll just have to wait and see. I'm in no rush so that could help too. I'm talking with some other dealers tomorrow so hopefully I'll get it down. But much appreciated feedback and thanks for the info. One specifically mentioned they are trying to clear inventory now, so maybe they'll be willing to deal a little better.
  • burgermacburgermac Member Posts: 43
    Was talking with a dealer in Memphis this week about purchasing a Lexus RX... some 2005 models are available in the $34k range (dealer loaners rolling out of service), but they then offered me a "new" one for 37,700, which includes the basic premium pkg) (MSRP $42,090). I am wondering if they were referring to a 2006 RX330 or a 2007 RX350 when they made this offer. Is it likely that they'd let a 2007 out the door for 37,700?
  • rwschillrwschill Member Posts: 7
    Buying 2007 rx350 with Sat Radio. Lexus site refers to a "Sat ready" radio. Dealer will install radio. What will I get-an add-on type or fully intergrated like most other brands?
  • hyiuhyiu Member Posts: 18
    got a quote for an AWD RX 330 with Nav.
    (I believe only option I didn't get is the rear dvd thing.)
    MSRP $45595, quote $40966.
    Got from the dealer in Brooklyn, NY. Salesman I deal with is good, not pushy, let me take my time, not much back and forth in prices.

    No extra doc fees (but of course the registration and stuffs and tax are extra). May not be the best price, but I guess its decent, right ??

    Since they don't have my color combo, they're trying to locate a car for me. They said it should take a wk or less.

    I put down a deposit already, keeping my fingers crossed.
  • sport320sport320 Member Posts: 11
    We were offered the platinum care extended warranty on a 2005 RX330 with no deductible for the following prices:
    6 yrs/70,000 miles $1575
    7 yrs/75,000 miles $2000
    6 yrs/100,000 miles $2025
    7 yrs/100,000 miles $2375

    Are these prices fixed or negotiable, and has anyone payed less?
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    I was thinking about getting an 06 330 awd with nav but the more and more i read about the '07 350 i am tempted to get one of those. Do you think they are going to move on the price on an '07 like they have been on '06's? Ideally i would like an 07 AWD with nav for about $40k or $41k, is that unreasonable?
  • mcrestonmcreston Member Posts: 10
    went and drove both an AWD and FWD 350 today. Can't really say i could justify the AWD here in Texas. What do you all think i can get a FWD 350 with premium plus and nav for? The sticker is $45183 of the one that i looked at? I know there is about $5500 difference in the sticker and invoice on the '06 models, can anyone vouch for that being true on the '07s? Thanks for all the help

  • hyiuhyiu Member Posts: 18
    dealer located a car for me (AWD, 18 in wheel, with nav and rear dvd system) I guess pretty much fully loaded.

    MRSP is $47593, my price is $42466.

    after tax, registration, and everything is $46260.

    any comments ?? Is it good, decent, bad ??

  • linus2linus2 Member Posts: 2
    hi carman...

    gotta question. I am able to get a 2006 rx 330 with:
    Prem plus package
    heated seats/rain sense wipers
    18'' alloy
    6 cd

    at invoice (per the dealer): $40466. MSRP $45,500

    At such a price (given the clearance of this vehilcles for the incoming rx350) I better off buying or leasing since I am able to purchase at invoice, supposedly?

    Thanks in advance,
  • carlanjcarlanj Member Posts: 2
    I feel we got a great deal in central NJ on a 2006 ES330. We ended up doing a MSD (multiple security deposit)lease with a price of $32,500 off an MSRP of $36,454 before adding the nav system, which was about $2000 more.

    The cost of doing an MSD lease vs. buying with $10k down and leasing outright for 36 mos with 20k miles per yr. saved us a few thousand dollars in the long-run.

    The ES330 is being completely redesigned for the 2007 model year which is due out in mid-April and it looks sharp! But, for the price, I don't think I can beat the deal we got!

    Hope it helps!
  • alext1alext1 Member Posts: 1
    Could you share the name of the dealer in Central NJ please.

  • dannyledannyle Member Posts: 43

    I got an offer for a 2006 330RX AWD. I am in Boston, MA. This offer is from Lexus of Watertown.

    Premium plus
    Heat Seat
    6-Disc CD Changer

    I got an offer for 38680

    Is this a good price ?
  • rachellrachell Member Posts: 2
    We just had a very unpleasant buying experience with Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston,TX recently. They are arrogant and do not care about customer's satisfaction! Avoid them! I have a co-worker who also has bad experience dealing with them so he ended up buying his car at West side Lexus. Go to North side Lexus or West side Lexus if you live in Houston area and are planning to buy a lexus car!
  • patelkpatelk Member Posts: 4
    No Joking
    They are trying to get rid of the 2006 now because of the new change in the 2007 engine.
    I just bought a 2006 RX330 FWD - premium plus with NAVIGATION system, 18 inch wheels, 6 CD changer in Southern California (MSRP $44193) from Lexus MissionViejo for $ 37582.

    Called multiple other dealer internet departments that would match the price of 37582 like Oxnard and Riverside.
    Bev Hills selling for 38152.
    hope this helps
  • abyebyeabyebye Member Posts: 1
    :surprise: WOW! That's a great price.
    When did you buy it? And what was the invoice price of your vehicle?
  • rachellrachell Member Posts: 2
    The sales people at Sterling McCall Lexus will lie to your face and will not stand behind their words, PERIOD. This is my first and also will be last purchase from them!
  • patelkpatelk Member Posts: 4
    I just bought it on 3/15/06
    Invoice was $39082. They are selling for $1500 below invoice. If you get it without the navigation system it is even LOWER! Call Mission Viejo is Southern California, get a qoute via email and Oxnard and Riverside will match that price if they have that car in stock. Beverly Hills will go down to $1000 below invoice.
    Good Luck
  • itsmeehkyleitsmeehkyle Member Posts: 21
    Hmmm it seems like I had the same problem with STerling Mccall Lexus hahha well one I was only 18 when I bought my IS300 but not with them though ... walk in waited 45 mins to get a salesman test drove the car went in the office and try to negotiate the idoit thought I stupid and brought out the ole famous 4 square deal. never took me seriously so Wat did I do? left and went to Lexus of Clear Lake and got myself a sweet ride for college. hahah Pearl White IS300 with BUNS warmer and everything .... REcently bought a RX330 from Clear Lake for $37,500 sticker 42,830... Sweet deals are made at Lexus of Clear Lake in Houston.. but unfortunately I dont live there anymore... Sad and Gray in Seattle. :cry:
  • mnsheamnshea Member Posts: 11
    I'm looking for a 2006 RX330, would you mind sharing the name of your dealership in Brooklyn?
  • rwschillrwschill Member Posts: 7
    I have been driving my 2007 RX350 for about 2 weeks now. The car looks the same as the 2006 except for the 3.5 motor, intergrated sat. radio (sat button already on dash) (receiver backordered) and a new Generation 5 navigation system. The dealer in Las Vegas has a lot of them coming in or already on the lot or rather in the building. It looked like between $1K price increase and a little smaller discount on the 2007 it cost about $3K more than a 2006.
  • koponenkoponen Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2006 RX330 and want to put 20" wheels and tires on it (stock is 18"). Does anyone know if there are any issues in doing so? Everyone I ask says it is ok, that there will be a little stiffer ride but that's about it. Thanks!
  • mcrestonmcreston Member Posts: 10
    what did you pay for yours before tax? also what options other than nav did you get? Look forward to picking one up in the next month or so. Dealers in dallas aren't as anxious to make any near invoice deals on the 07's right now because they are trying to clear the 06's
  • ortiesdad3ortiesdad3 Member Posts: 1
    Just checking to see if anyone had experience purchasing from the only two franchises in the Pittsburgh area....Also, what about leasing under a corporation name? Any advantages and what to expect to pay??

  • rwschillrwschill Member Posts: 7
    The 2007 is a premium Plus pak,Nav pak,18" wheels, heated seats and wiper sensor, towing prep, cargo mat, and wheel locks. MSRP is $46583 and about $3K off including Sat radio which is backordered. I drove a loaner 330 for about 2 weeks until the car came. You will like the extra power. Otherwise not much change 2006 to 2007. I think in another month or two larger discounts will be offered.
    Good luck.
  • hyiuhyiu Member Posts: 18
    I think dealer names can be said here, right ?? Just not the sales person's name, right ??

    If not, admins, plz modify accordingly, since I don't post too often and not sure about all the rules.

    The dealer is Bay Ridge Lexus, Brooklyn, NY.

    2007 should be coming very soon... (maybe already here... donno...) they don't have much 2006 model left already.

    The salesman is not pushy and is pretty upfront with the prices... told me best he can do is $500 over invoice and I didn't really spend any time negoiating before getting there.... (I asked for the calculator and see its below 90% mark... which should be an ok deal.... I'm not really a bargaining person, so I never expects myself to get the best deal...) :)

    but since they didn't have my color/equip combo, they spend 1 wk to look for my car... (I really want NAV...)
    finally, I settled with the sales that I'll also get the rear dvd system (cos that will make their job easier...)
    Retail for that is $1800, I think I got it for $1500... Pretty sure he's making some $$ on it... but I think I get an ok deal, so, didn't hassle too much....

    it took them 1 day to locate a car for me after that, and then I need to talk to the finance guy... surprisingly, he's not too pushy either....

    closing day, the lady is good at explaining the major functions... and such... the car is preped good...

    overall a good experience....

    so far, no problems... (only has like 270 mi) on it...

    good luck !!!
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    Dealership names are fine.... Identifying the salesperson is not..


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  • dealhunt_101dealhunt_101 Member Posts: 40
    guys, i am planning on buying a lexus rx330 awd with the navigation system, prem plus package and 6cd options. could anyone of you please suggest an approximate $$ that would be a good deal? also, could someone please suggest a good lexus dealer in central/north NJ. your help is highly appreciated! thank you so much!
  • pvp3pvp3 Member Posts: 1
    Since you are in Dallas too, did you negotiate any pricing based on invoice. We are looking to get a RX350 with Nav, hetated seats, etc... We were offered around $1,000 over invoice. Is this a good price.
  • mcrestonmcreston Member Posts: 10
    didn't have the time or patience to negotiate, some things came up that week and have kind of put off my plans for a few more weeks.

    where did you get offered $1000 over invoice (and what was the MSRP and invoice on your setup?)

    Look forward to hearing who's moving on these in dallas
  • ranajoranajo Member Posts: 57
    Leased a new 2006 RX330 AWD w/ Navigation system for 36 months/12K annually for $531 per month. Odometer reading 25 miles.

    Money Factor: .1009
    Residual: 57%

    Options Included:

    - Navigation System w/ Rear View Camera
    - 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer
    - 18" Alloy Wheels
    - Heated Seats w/Rain Sensing Wipers
    - Premium Package Plus
    - Towing Package
    - Lexus Personalized Settings
    - Preferred Accessory Package

    MSRP: $45,753

    Capitalized Cost: $40,466
    plus VA tax, tags, acquistion fee $600 and $100 processing fee

    Drive out price was first month lease payment of $531 - all other costs were included in the lease payments.

    There are very few new 2006 Lexus 330 AWD in the DC metro area with the navi system so I was pleased with the deal that I got. All of the negotiations on pricing etc were done by email with the Internet sales manager. After agreement was reached, we went to the dealership and signed the papers in a smooth, flawless transaction.
  • sfla_car_guysfla_car_guy South FloridaMember Posts: 11
    Hi all,

    Here's the skinny on a purchase I made on Friday night (3/24/06). :)
    Your feedback on the deal I struck is welcome.... :D

    Vehicle details:
    2006 Lexus RX-330
    - Breakwater Blue / Gray
    - Premium Plus Pkg. (Leather, sunroof, HID, washers, etc..)
    - Rain Sensing Wipers
    - Heated Seats (a MUST in FL, LOL...)
    - 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer
    - 18" Alloy Wheels
    - Towing Prep PKG.
    - Pref. Acces Pkg. (Cargo mat & wheel locks)

    Lease Details:
    $42,008 MSRP
    3 year (36 month) with 15k miles / year
    Net cap cost = $37,800.
    Residual = .54
    Money Factor = .00109
    $1000 Out-of-pocket
    $505 /mo. (tax in)

    I think this is a pretty good deal....your comments will tell the tail.....

  • chiloverchilover Member Posts: 1
    I have been conducting research on SUVs in the last couple of months. I have looked at the Pilot, FX35, Murano, RX 330 and will be looking at the Saab and MDX this weekend. I think I'm suffering from analysis paralysis. I have read all the discussions about these vehicles and it does not seem that there is one that stands out. They all seem to have problems. I liked the Murano (except for the plastic, but after reading the repeated problems, I decided not to go for it. I very much like the RX330 (interior luxury is important to me), but it too has a lot issue reported.

    I'm willing to spend up to 40K. Is this not enough to get a nice SUV with few reported issues? It certainly sounds like.

    Your feedback is appreciated. :confuse:
  • hbc75hbc75 Member Posts: 37
    I was offered on a 2007 RX350 AWD with Nav an Prem. Plus pkg, $2083 off list of $46583.00. That would bring the vehicle to $44,500. That still seems to steep for me :mad: . Of course there is a $250 administration fee too. I am not sure this is good. Any ideas on what I should be paying? A quick response is appreciated. :confuse: I remember someone posting an equation of taking the sticker and multiplying by .89, is that something someone can verify. Location is in Northern New England.
  • evansaeroevansaero Member Posts: 3
    I'm in Richmond VA and purchased the RX350 '07 AWD with

    PT Premium Plus Package
    NV Navigation System
    HH Heated Front Seats with Rain Sensing Wipers
    FT 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    TO Towing Prep Package
    Wheel Locks
    Cargo Mat

    MSRP $46583
    Paid $43633
    Discount $2950
    Percent 6.34% off MSRP

    I called dealers from MD to NC and 3 would not take anything less than sticker, 1 never replied to my request (Lexus of Richmond), 1 said $2083 off MSRP and the 1 I purchased from Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly.
    I think I made a Fair deal not a great deal but fair. If I wanted to wait a couple more months I might have gotten more off. Being from SoCal it was always easier to get bigger discounts.

    I looked at the RX330 '06 but could not justify paying above invoice (couple 100 over) for a 1 year old car and the dealers would just laugh when I said I want it for below invoice. The RX350 Nav was what sold me.

    The deal was made over the phone and drove 2 hours to Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly they were extremely helpful, polite, and never tried any funny stuff. Spent about 30 min doing paper work and about 45 min going over the RX. Crap there is a lot of stuff!!!
    Total time spent 2 hours w/ 20 min just test driving the RX.

    All I can say about the RX '07 is Perfection
  • hbc75hbc75 Member Posts: 37
    Thank you. The package and MSRP was the same on the one I drove here $46,853. I was told by dealer #1 the same discount $2083 (bringing it to $44,770). Dealer #2 gave me a price of $44,500, but I still feel that is not a deep enough discount. :confuse: I am in no rush to purchase, so maybe waiting a few months is a good thing. There is definite differences in the new engine - smoother shifting, the power is noticeable on quick take offs, and the handle seems a little more refined on turns. Now the important question evansaero, what color did you get? I like the Flint Mica w/ light grey leather. :D
  • breldbreld Member Posts: 5,875
    My mother-in-law is looking to upgrade her 1999 RX300 to a new RX330, to take advantage of the aggressive pricing on the 2006 models.

    I got an e-mail "advertisement" from a local dealer, stating $5,700 off new 06 RX330's. I called to get the details, and this applies to fairly loaded models with navigation, with an MSRP of about $45,700, so the pricing would be right at $40k.

    I'm generally skeptical about any "advertised" price, figuring that they must have more room than what they "throw" out there, but this seems like such a good deal, I'm thinking I would just as soon not negotiate any further, assuming the trade-in on her RX300 is fair.

    Any thoughts on that pricing?

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  • evansaeroevansaero Member Posts: 3
    Now the important question evansaero, what color did you get? I like the Flint Mica w/ light grey leather.

    I went with the Neptune Blue Mica w/ light gray. Exterior looks black at night and black in the shade.

    I liked the Bamboo Pearl,Flint, and Silver. The blue was the one my wife wanted. She also wanted Green and they are not building the RX w/ Green until late summer (per Dealer).

    As far as the interior colors go we really like the Ivory but I just hated the yellow tint wood. The Light Gray has the darker wood and looks real sharp.
  • evansaeroevansaero Member Posts: 3
    That looks to be right at invoice...
    39995 is what I came up on invoice.
    Remember dealer has a hold back of ($727 FWD) and ($755 AWD)

    As far as pricing thoughts it really depends on where you live.

    There are some posts that indicate that Southern Cali is selling RX330 '06 for 1500 below invoice.

    Out on the east coast I found that the dealers would not go below invoice. Being that it is a '06 year car with 20 miles on it still makes it a 1 year old car.

    I looked at it this way

    RX330 $5700 off
    RX350 $2950 off
    Diff $2750 more for the RX350

    I will get half that back when I go to trade it in
    So really It only cost me 1375 for a '07 RX350 with increased performance,Gen 5 NAV (upgraded), better Insulation, and to top it off 5.3% increase in MPG for the city.

    If the mother-in-law wants the RX330 do everything to get below invoice.

    Just My Personal opinion...
  • breldbreld Member Posts: 5,875
    Thanks for the response.

    We're in Denver, so I believe the more aggressive deals seen in Cali and perhaps Texas are better than here.

    So, I was pretty happy with the "invoice" deal, and I'm aware of the holdback but, frankly, I'm not too concerned about "allowing" them to keep that. More power to you if you "dip" into that.

    BTW, the "5.3%" increase in MPG for the RX350 sounds better than saying 1 MPG. ;)

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  • dardson1dardson1 Member Posts: 696
    We traded our 04 RX a little over a month ago. We negotiated an 06 to $900 over invoice over a few days (about as good as I can do living where the nearest Lexus dealer is 100+ miles away). The very day I was about to pull the trigger, 4 new 350's rolled in. Since I trade often, thought it would make sense to get an 07 with 18months of new car life. The dealer offered the 07 for $1400 more ( same options on both). Whether I got a nice deal or not, I figured I'd get all or most of the $1400 back in 2 years.
    Gotta say this 07 looks just like our 04. My wife is the Lexus driver. I always thought her 04 felt like a very pleasant and luxurious but rebadged Toyota. . . a little too loud, buzzy, and harsh for a Lexus. Gotta also say the 07 feels like a Lexus. The additional power is certainly quicker, but what it really does is add to the luxury feel. It's got a quiet authority her old one did not. They've nailed this car. It is quiet and smooth as "butta". God is in he details. Lexus seems to understand that. :)
  • c_lee_100c_lee_100 Member Posts: 2
    I test drove RX 330/350/400h several weeks ago. I personally think the suspension, steering wheel handling, and performance for both 350 and 400h are very close. 330 is a little bit soft to me.
  • moose24moose24 Member Posts: 7
    I also have analysis paralysis. I can't find a New 2WD RX 330/350 anywhere within 400 miles of Wash. DC. I was told from Len Stoler Lexus near Baltimore I can order an 2007 RX 350 2WD with Premium Pkg & Heated Seats for $37,980, or $2800 off MSRP. Sounds like this is a good deal from what I am seeing on these posts for an '07 RX 350.
  • kooliokoolio Member Posts: 10
    Lexus of Cerritos quoted $40,875 + license tax for RX 350 with Prem Plus and Nav system. Is that a good price?
  • mcrestonmcreston Member Posts: 10
    man, thats a pretty nice deal. i wish the dealers in dallas would move like that (hear that dealers, email me and you've got a deal)
  • is95ausis95aus Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased an AWD RX350 w/Premium Plus and Nav for $42230 from Lexus of Rockville. Beautiful car! Glad to be part of the club! :)
  • excarexcar Member Posts: 2
    Is it AWD or FWD? I got an offer $40,037 for RX 350 W/prem plus.
  • hbc75hbc75 Member Posts: 37
    Is yours AWD or FWD at $40K? I can't get below 44,500 here in New England for a 350 AWD prem plus/nav package (I've priced 3 states - MA, ME, NH) :sick: . Are they afraid to discount the new vehicles, they have already depleted their 330 stock :cry:
  • excarexcar Member Posts: 2
    it was AWD w/prem plus, no nav pack. I'm in NJ.
  • justlooking3justlooking3 Member Posts: 2
    I paid 42,300 for AWD with Nav on a RX 350 2007
  • kdowdkdowd Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone help? I am looking for a RX330,premium package with navigation . I am willing to travel in Florida. Anyone have experience with JMLexus ? I hope not to finance and figure that will that help ? I am willing to travel in Florida. Thanks in advance for any recent experience and pricing .
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