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Buick LaCrosse



  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 122
    Nice post. I am confused why this $20k-30k car would use a 4-speed while the much cheaper Saturn S gets the 5-speed auto.

    Where did you get the dimension info? How do you know "the length of the car seems long given the interior dimensions"?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "My comments on this are mostly positive, although I do feel that GM is dropping the ball by not giving current Century owners an option other than to leave Buick."

    I would imagine that GM's main objective is strenthenging the bottom line. In doing so, I'm sure it weighed the pros and cons of losing the Century base. Think about it- I'd imagine a good number of Century buyers will trade up to a LaCrosse CX, which will still offer many of the necessary convenience items this group requires. Assuming that the line on rebates is held, this number of current Century purchasees that upgrade to the LaCrosse will be providing GM with a much higher profit per vehicle. I'd guess that GM expects the differential in profit per vehicle vs. lost sales to the current Century customer base AT LEAST break-even, or they'd be offering a Buick on the Epsilon platform as the article states.

    Factoring into the equation that the current Century base is in their 60s, I dont think GM is concerned about the loss of repeating sales.

    In my opinion, dropping the Century completely is wise.

  • From

    They say Buick is getting a $3 bil. revamp by GM. Great news, the Lacrosse is the first NEW BUICK

    LeSabre replacement will out for 2006, I think this will be a nice car, this is a FULL SIZE sedan, probably competes with more upscale cars

    The RWD sedan will replace Park Avenue, finally PA will disappear, its an ugly car

    And bigger news will come this YEAR, Buick plans to unveil a 4-door convertible concept at the NY Auto Show, don't mind my stupid statement, but I have never heard of a 4 door convertible, it will be RWD!!
    What is a 4door convertible like? Does one exist yet?
  • bretaabretaa Posts: 130
    I agree it's a good idea to drop the lower end Buicks. If Century buyers really want something else in their price range in the GM portfolio, there's more than enough there.

    If I were a Buick dealer, though, I'd be biting my fingernails down to the cuticles seeing there's no LeSabre replacement until '06. I hope, for their sake, that's *early* '06 as the current one is already long in the tooth. I like the sound of their "flagship," though. Quiet, top draw interiors are a good way to go.

    I've never understood the passion about 4 door convertibles. They last existed back in the 60's, correct? I don't see a huge market for this, but I could be wrong. Standard convertibles aren't exactly setting the market on fire right now...

    Overall, though, with LaCrosse and this general plan, they're heading in the right direction.

    - Bret

    PS: A possible look at the "flagship" was at the bottom of this webpage. As you can see, some of this webpage's future car guesses have been wrong (like their 2005 Cobalt), but others have been correct. We'll see!
  • is upon us. And yes, alpha, quite a good, and highly intelligent reply, as always.

    I'm still feeling a bit "lost". If I (read;we) knew if for a fact that Saturn will slot into Olds' vacated spot, I'd agree with not haveing a "Malibu" clone" in the lineup. And yes, the LC CX is an option. We'll see in a few months, but I'll bet that even a reasonably equipped CX will top $25K. "They" won't go for that. So, other than SUVs (ugh, personally), just whom does Buick cater to? Enough for one post. Call it fair, but "leerily critical".
  • is upon us. And yes, alpha, quite a good, and highly intelligent reply, as always.

    I'm still feeling a bit "lost". If I (read;we) knew if for a fact that Saturn will slot into Olds' vacated spot, I'd agree with not haveing a "Malibu" clone" in the lineup. And yes, the LC CX is an option. We'll see in a few months, but I'll bet that even a reasonably equipped CX will top $25K. "They" won't go for that. So, other than SUVs (ugh, personally), just whom does Buick cater to? Enough for one post. Call it fair, but "leerily critical".
  • my sister owns a new buick lesabre limited and she loves it! it rides verry comfortably, has good power, and is so spacious inside with the leather front bench seat. it has excellent reliability and safety ratings, and is the kind of car that i myself wouldn't mind having on a long trip.

    all in all, it's a really nice car, but i keep telling her that if she puts some 18" chrome wheels on it to match the front and rear chrome detailing, it'll look really REALLY nice!

    i think the new lacrosse is a good start for buick, and with such a long and storied history, adding some style and zip to the product line-up should make buick a kool marque in the next few years, cuz everyone loves LUXURY, right?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Didn't Oldsmobile get a multibilion dollar makeover too?

    They can always say, "well, we threw a bunch of money at it and Buick didn't perform so we are killing it".
  • The Alero, Intrigue, Aurora were all relatively new models and they wacked Olds anyway. I'm afraid the same will happen to Buick. These new models are taking too long. While GM fixes up each division one at a time, the others are rusting to death. They saved Caddy, but I fear that Buick will be DOA on the operating table.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    THey aren't going to kill Buick. Buick is getting a new minivan and sedan this year, plus they just introduced the rendevous Ultra with the 3.6. Add to that the Rainer and a new Lesabre next year and you've got a pretty good lineup of vehicles. GM killed Olds so they wouldnt have to kill Buick or Saturn.
  • My BIG problem with Buick, is that Lutz refuses to stop spouting off about moving Buick upmarket. And, if so, it'll crash right into Caddy (which is better left alone; doing just fine, IMO). If they move Caddy further upmarket, well, now that's absurd. LEAVE CADDY ALONE.

    There is a huge gap right now between Pontiac and the "newly upmarket" Buick. Duh?

    Lights are on, but I figure they're sipping a bit too much Merlot. Or worse, martinis.
  • i don't think lutz ever said anything about moving buick upmarket. i believe he meant that buick would be improving buick's upmarket appeal by improving the level of refinement and style within their product lineup, not by repositioning them upwards.

      in any case, buick and cadillac have always traditionally crossed over with certain models in their respective lineups, sharing powerplants and high-end GM technologies such as stabilitrak and so forth.
  • Well, Oldsmobile had a lot of models right before they were given the green to die. LOL

    If I recalle, Oldmobile had the Cutlass, LSS, Ninety-Eight (or something like that and its other variants), Alero, Intrigue, Aurora, and Bravada. Plus, they still introduced more trim levels and a new Aurora and Bravada..but still, they died. I bet that's what's going to happen to Buick too. Setting Lexus as their benchmark probably wasn't a great idea.
  • chavis10chavis10 Posts: 166
    "Huge gap" ??? Have you priced a fully loaded GP GTP or a Bonnie GXP?

    I wonder where some of you conjure up some of these predictions about GM's demise. Are you reading the same articles as I am? I believe Cadillac said they too are moving upmarket with no future vehicles costing less than the current CTS. In fact, they are planning a Maybach type ultraluxury cruise ship. Once again, the double standard is in affect for GM. How is it that BMW has the nerve to sell a stripped 525i with under 190hp STARTING in the mid 40s while you can get a 330i performacne package for about the same price. Benz has the audacity to charge around $70+k for an underpowered S430 whose engine isn't even offered in the lower model E or CLK class. MT has a long term E class that cost about $68k. That babby is steppin all over the toes of the S class.
    I'll tell you what's absurd. Can you say BMW 1 series, or how about Cclass SportCoupe. How is it that you can go to the same dealership and order a Designo SL600 for about $140k and also test drive a $25k C Sport Coupe with a Kompressor 4 banger??? If Cadillac is doing so fine, why have they been trailing in sales? I mean, hopefully that'll change soon.
    I think Lutz is trying to position Buick as a company who makes luxurious sytlish vehicles with an emphasis on comfort as opposed to sport. Cadillac seems to be tackling the Europeans in the areas of driving dynamics and cost no object luxury.
  • All the high end Euro makers have seen sales go up. This is Buick we're talk'n about and sales are in the toilet. Grandpa lost his retirement money on Enron and can't buy a 40K Buick. The people who got it won't be laughed at driving a Buick. No matter how good Caddy gets, there's still a group that are image only driven. Caddy does not equal E class.
  • you gotta have some faith, man.

    it wasn't too long ago that americans were laughing at the crappy 3-wheeled BMW that post war-ravaged germany was building, and then germans and americans were scoffing at the crappy tin Civic that japan started building, then japanese, germans and americans were rolling their eyes at the crappy little Pony koreans started building...

    Buick and Cadillac have a long and storied history of building beautiful powerful stylish cars. i'm sure they can someday recapture that cachet, but it'll take time. If Buick were building a sweet-looking sports sedan today with great handling and power everything, do you really think people would say "yuck, no way, it's a BUICK?" I doubt it.

    It has to do with their product, which is really not bad at all, just lacking in the wow factor. it'll happen with time. And there's no way GM will axe Buick. Oldsmobile went the way of the dodo bird because the nameplate sounded too "old", that's all.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Thanks for the kind words, chevyguy. I had some trouble with the threads this weekend too, hopefully I'll be off the hosts' S List if people continue to be civil around here!

    Joey2brix- Actually, BMW sales FELL in January. Im wondering if it has to do with all the criticism over the redesigned 5-series, the panning of the overpriced X3, and the fear that Chris Bangle is going to slaughter the next 3 series.


    PS- The website has been updated, and includes a link for a contest to win a new, fully loaded 2005 LaCrosse. You can only enter once via the internet. PLEASE NOTE- if you continually trash the La Crosse, please dont enter, so the chances of those who are interested in the vehicle are better! (not serious, folks, just relax......).
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    The Cutlass, LSS, and Ninety-Eight were gone a fair bit before olds was given its death sentence.
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Just got back from the Chicago Auto Show and I must admit the LaCrosse is a very attractive car from the outside. The new (revised) mini-vans look rather strange with their SUV front-ends. Just don't know if they will sell or not. Sat in the new Chevy Equinox and was it ever CHEAP. Also sat in the Malibu and Malibu Maxx and I must say I would never own one of those. Looked at the Pontiac G6 on display and it was pretty ugly looking. Lets hope the LaCrosse is a success or GM is in trouble. Lutz hasn't done very well with the revised GP and I don't think the GTO is going to do much either. My wife wants a Toyota and I can't say I blame her. This GM stuff just doesn't seem to cut it any more. Looks like my $2500 in GM Card savings is going to go to waste.
  • Thanks, alpha for keeping reminding me. I'll enter. After all, I've only owned one non-GM product in my lifetime. If I win, maybe the neighbors will buy it at a "fair" price. ;)

    Well, I guess I grew up on the "other side of the tracks". Once Granddad went over the top with his salary, he finally traded in his loaded Olds 98, for a what? A Sedan deVille. Buick, oh please. Due to health reasons, Dad never made it beyond a Cutlass Supreme Brougham.

    And on the other side of the family, it was (finally) trading in an ancient (one of those folks, like me, that can afford a lot more but want value) Olds Dynamic 88 for a, guess what, Sedan deVille.
  • No, your GM Card Earnings aren't going to go to waste. Mine aren't either. Just buy elsewhere, keep racking up charges, and when you're ready for the next vehicle, let's hope GM has its act better together. You'll still have a ton of Earnings.
  • for BMW. 7 series got many complaints but now I see a ton on the road. Folks with money still want to flaunt it. 5 series sales will come around also. Sorry 6th. Buick's days are numbered. GM couldn't do it with a clean sheet of paper: Saturn. Rehashed minivans and GP's with a little more leather ain't gonna cut it. The 3.6L in the Ultra RDV and LC are last ditch efforts to keep the old models alive. Seven yrs for a LeSabre replacement? Old timers could get 2 or 3 hip replacements in that time. Pull the respirator on Buick.
  • i disagree. i think buick will not only survive, but thrive. oldsmobile didn't have a best-selling car for years and years. but buick? they have only the best selling full size domestic sedan in the US--the le sabre, and excellent consumer ratings in terms of product quality, safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction, something which no oldsmobile product achieved.

    why in the world would GM scuttle that? doesn't make sense to me. GM would be better off ditching Saturn. No legacy, no history, and that Ion steering wheel--Playland wants it back on bumper car no. 26.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Buick has a bright future. LaCrosse in 05, LeSabre replacement (on same platform) for 06, Park Ave. replacement in 2007 on the new RWD Zeta platform, and Rendy replacement (on new Lambda platform) for 2008. The Riviera will probably return sometime within the decade as well, on the same new Zeta platform. And the LaCrosse will eventually be replaced with a shorter version of the same RWD platform.
  • It's just sales took a dive in '03, nothing new in '04 so sales will get worse for regal/century if everyone knows they're dead models. Then in '05 you only get the LC to replace both cars and a rebadged minivan. All the new cars are great, but if you have to wait 4 of 5 years for all these fixes. As said before: money was pumped into Olds right before they shot it......
  • i wholeheartedly agree that the regal and century are just dead weight at GM, and that the LeSabre should be on a tighter renewal schedule, but i have a feeling things will get better at buick soon, now that lutz has removed the bean counters from total control and freed up the design department.

    did you know that before lutz came on board, the design department at GM was a subdivision of the engineering department? that already is a statement in itself, saying that they are not equal partners in the making of a car. how humiliating for the creative people.

    if you examine how an advertising agency works, for example, there is a creative dept (comes up with ideas) a media dept (buys media time and space) and an accounting dept (handles budget). each department has its own particular set of challenges, and its own special kind of expertise in problem-solving. you would never want to put one group of personnel under the umbrella of another because you would end up with a lousy product.

    GM has mishandled its personnel and by extension its product for way too long. the management needed a wake-up call and some fresh blood and we're gonna start seeing the fruits of that change real soon.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    The death of Oldsmobile came under a different management group. Buick will live, it has to and will if they pump out good product. The Allure / Lacrosse is a good start in my opinion.
  • Good news you guys I found out I misread a Buick future product list, I thought Buick was getting a 4-door convertible, which sounded weird.

    INSTEAD, the convertible concept at NY Auto show will be a 4-passenger convertible, LOL

    LOL FUNNY!! Never seen a 4-door convertible before
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    Buick is not going to die. Olds was not flush with new products when it was killed. The aurora was relatively new and the Bravada was about to be launched when the announcement came. The Bravada wasn't a major development hassle for GM because of the Envoy/Trailblazer. The aurora was a unique product and its obvious they didnt know Olds was going to be killed when it was developed. Buick's image isnt as bad as Olds was in the mid to late 90s. All Buick needs is new product. People keep quoting sales figures, but Buick hasn't had a new car since 1999. Don't you think that has something to do with the sales issue? Buick will get a new car every year for the next three years or so and that should make a difference. I really doubt Buick's sales will decrease this year because the century will remain in production until the fall, they will have a full year of Rainier sales, a new Rendevous model, a new minivan and the Lacrosse which is guaranteed to outsell the Regal. You do the math. Buick is basically trying to become a higher volume, more reliable, American based VW. That is the best way to think about Buick. Their prices wont be cheap, but they wont be in MB or BMW territory either. The will make vehicles that offer nicer interiors and more features than comparable Chevys, Pontiacs and Toyotas. VW isnt really a luxury car maker, but their products are generally viewed as more classy than Toyotas and Hondas as well as any American make.


    The lesabre's six year product cycle is normal for GM and most european manufacturers. It will be replaced after 6 years which is better than VW is doing with the Passat and Jetta which have been out since '99 or '00 and wont be replaced until late 2005. The GS400 came out as a '98 model and wont be replaced until the 2006 model year.
  • Any idea what the pricing for the LaCrosse is going to run? From the pics I've seen, it's not a bad looking sedan. Best looking GM midsize interior that I've seen in a long time. The 3.6 liter DOHC engine should be quite fun as well.

    As a former Oldsmobile owner, I can tell you the brand was really negelected near it's death. The mid to late 90s saw some new product(Cutlass, Silhouette, Intrigue, Alero) but then in 99, they started dropping models. Granted the Eighty-Eight didn't fit the new Ols image, but in late 98 the Eighty-Eight was dropped with no immediate replacement(the 01 V6 Aurora was over a year away from being introduced) and then the Cutlass was dropped after 99. In the 2000 MY, Oldsmobile actually only 4 vehicle lines; Intrigue, Alero, Silhouette, and Bravada.
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