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Suzuki Verona



  • Evergreen ? Where in Bend did you get your engine done? Hear is our story

    We bought a Suzuki Verona 2004 used from a car dealership in madras Oregon in Feb 2008. The car was sold as is. We were told by the salesman that the car was serviced regularly and that it had never showed any mechanical issues. His pitch included that Suzuki offered a 7 year 100,000 mile power train warranty and that goes with the car regardless of how many owners it was to have.(this is also stated on their website @
    A fully transferable, zero-dollar deductible 100,000-mile/7-year power train limited warranty on all new vehicles sold after August 1, 2002.
    •Duration - Suzuki's power train limited warranty covers 100,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first.
    •Transferable - The power train warranty can be transferred from owner to owner, adding value at the time of resale or trade-in.
    •Deductible - There is no deductible, so Suzuki owners won't have an out-of-pocket expense.
    Their pitch was very convincing. We put $1000.00 down and rolled over our 2004 dodge intrepid..... Which was serviced regularly and had absolutely nothing wrong. We simply wanted a car with premium preferred features that would lower our payments. The dealership assisted us by getting us refinanced in the Suzuki. To this day they have yet to give all the paperwork that we signed, although we have call them several times. We received some. With in a short time I would say about a month the check engine light would come on and we returned to the dealership and they reset the light. In May of 2008 the car died and protesting with the dealership they sent a tow truck to tow the truck to the dealership. Their dealership where their mechanics looked at the car. They returned the car to us with in 24 or so hours the car was having problems again, we took the car over to the dealership again this time they gave us a courtesy car and transferred the car to a bigger dealership in bend Oregon where the car had prior to us had all its service done at. They looked over the car and changed the battery and returned the car to us. We moved from central Oregon to Beaver ton in August. In about a month or so of living here we started having problems again we called the dealership again they told us to take it to the closes Suzuki dealership. We did that dealership we bought the car from refused to help any more after Suzuki dealership told them amount the car may cost. We had car serviced twice at the glad stone Suzuki in Milwaukee Oregon. Over this last year we have been in contact several times in connection to the problems we are having with this car. Oct 24th 2009 the car became completely undriveable. The car while driving on the hwy 217 went from 58 miles down to 20 miles per hour with no power and unable to be driven any longer. We drove the car with flashers on and our entire family in the vehicle to shoulder of the road. My husband being a tow truck driver was able to get it tow to their lot and their mechanic ran a diagnoses and after reading original codes changed the plugs, clean throttle body and changed out upstream O2 sensor and checked the coils. He checked the oil, coolant for traces for carbon. He them tried to test drive the vehicle , same situation occurred no power. We called the Gladstone Suzuki dealership and spoke to them several time throughout week discussing situation with them. My husband work mechanic said do to the codes being thrown he suggested that Suzuki look at the vehicle. We called on Wednesday again Speaking to the shop manager again about this car. He said that if we can get the car there he have the mechanics look at it again. On Thursday morning my husband towed the car to Gladstone Suzuki. Later that day we called to see if they had been able to look at the car, in fact they did it wasn't good they felt the engine was bad and had a call into the Suzuki corp back east to find out about replacing engine on power train warranty. They would not hear anything back until Friday from Suzuki. We called on Friday afternoon about 2 pm to find out if they had heard back. Suzuki is telling them to drop oil pan and pull valve cover to inspect for sludge any traces void warranty and charge us for all service rendered and to come....Our problem not theirs. This will happen on Monday. We have spoken to three mechanics about this and about the situation with the car. They have advised us to contact a lawyer that the likely hood due to the cars mechanical issues that we have been pleading with the dealership (S) about might have caused something beyond what our servicing the vehicle would of caused. Suzuki is looking for a reason. On Monday they will be dropping the pan and pulling the valve cover we have told them that my husband will be present at this time and will be taking pictures. We will have pictures reviewed by several professionals mechanics..... pending the outcome of what they do or say on Monday....
  • Sorry to hear about all your problems. No matter what kind of car you drive, finding an honest and reputable dealer is the key to happiness. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of good dealers. I guess I was just lucky. I actually bought my 04 Verona in Oct. 03, from Timberline Dodge/Suzuki on NE Sandy Blvd. We moved to Bend in May of 04 and I have had all my service done at Smolich Suzuki here in Bend. They have been extremely professional in all my dealings with them. Actually, I never have had any problems with the Verona but, when doing routine servicing, the Smolich mechanics have found issues that they thought could develop into a more serious problem. Susequently, they replaced the head on the engine the first time and then they decided to replace the engine a few months later. Then they decided the new engine wasn't working right so they put in another new motor. They always have to get approval from Suzuki Headquarters but that has never been a problem. They always give me a rental car and none of this has cost me a penney. There is a whole lot to like about the car and every time I test drive a new car, like a Camry, Mercury Milan, etc., I always come away feeling like it would be a step down. We will end up buying a Rav4 one of these days just because of the snow we get in Bend but, when we do, I know there will be times when I will long for my Verona.

    That said, some folks have had serious problems with their Veronas. Many haven't been happy with their dealer's response and that is unfortunate. Suzuki has even bought back some cars from unhappy owners but they might not be doing that anymore because of the age of the cars. I doubt if any lemon laws would apply to a 5 year old car, either. My suggestion would be to keep applying pressure on the Suzuki dealer and even Suzuki headquarters if necessary. The dealer in Madras is not a Suzuki dealer so there is nothing he can do, but any Suzuki dealer should be willing to do warranty work. I used to live in Milwaukie and Oregon City but I have never had any dealings with the Suzuki dealer there. Just keep the heat on them and good luck. Post an update when things get settled.
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    Be cautious in believing the individual claiming that "Suzuki is telling them to drop oil pan and pull valve cover to inspect for sludge any traces void warranty and charge us for all service rendered and to come."

    Ask to see the email and, if necessary send your own email to Suzuki USA asking for clarification. I would be surprised to find any any after a few thousand miles with zero trace of sludge. Sludge can build up easily under some conditions of short-trip driving, and especially in cold weather months. You may recall that Toyota had a major sludge problem with some of its Camry engines just a few years ago. After initially trying to blame owners, it conceded that the engine design might be a contributing factor and later announced that it had made engine modifications. The Verona may be more prone than most engines to sludge because it has an abnormally larger oil capacity relative to the engine displacement. Larger oil capacity require more time to warm up, thus increasing the percentage of operating time during which the oil is below normal operating temperatures.
  • Evergreen, I haven't been on this in a long time. I don't know a lot of the terminology of the mechanics however I believe that my cylinders are misfiring. We took it to the dealer and this is what they have told me. If we have them do the work the repair bill is $8500.00. It isn't covered under warantee anymore because I was driving far for work and racked up the miles. And the DM (district manager) in our area saw the mileage and wasn't willin gto help. So my car sits in the driveway dead. I was hoping that I could find more people that have had these issues. I know that it is a problem with the engine, however I don't know how to prove it.
  • Mickeysgal....I think that Suziki isn't going to bend over backwards to help fix a problem if the car is out of waranty. A good lawyer might be able to get them to provide a little help but, because these cars just aren't worth very much any more, the lawyer might be more expensive than the repair work. I hope the $8500 quote you received was for a whole new engine. I was rear ended a few months ago and the other driver's insurance company told me if they decided to total the car, they would give me $7600 and then sell it back to me, If I wanted it, for $800. I thought that was a very fair deal for an 04 Verona. Unfortunately, they decided to fix it. They even took care of some dings on the side that were there before the accident. With my latest motor, which only has 20k miles on it, and the back end looking like new, I am a happy camper. I have one more year on the warranty and will probably have to make a decision then whether or not to keep it or sell it. If I were in your shoes, though, I don't think I would spend $8500 to get a new motor. Some folks have had transmission problems as well as motor problems so it could start getting expensive to keep it running correctly.
  • mickeysgalmickeysgal Posts: 11
    edited August 2011
    Eevergreen....I don't think that I expect them to bend over backwards. I was actually hoping at the time that they would just cover a portion of it. The $8500 was to replace the cylinders. I am not a person that expects to get stuff for free. The more that I read on the posts the more and more I read that the engine has trouble. These cars aren't worth ****. I like the way it looks and the features that are on the car. I also think that an engine should last more then 103,000 miles. And yes I did take care of my car doing proper oil changes and tune ups, etc. I am just at a loss.
  • mickeysgal......I guess what I was trying to say was that a whole new motor costs less than $8500. Maybe it would be worth it if you planned to drive the car another 100,000 miles. Chances are your transmission would need to be replaced before then so you might be better off getting a different car.

    Also, the cylinders are not something you replace. Cylinders are just holes in the block that provide a space for the pistons to travel. In a major overhaul, those holes would be re-bored and you would need a lot of other new parts to make it all run again. So the question you need to ask yourself is whether it is better to spend $8500 to get the motor overhauled or something less to get an entirely new engine. A new engine should last longer than an overhauled engine, too.
  • mickeysgalmickeysgal Posts: 11
    edited August 2011
    Evergreen, funny thing is that I wouldn't trust that car no matter what was done to it. Like I said before, I expect an engine to last longer then it did. You do the scheduled maintenance on the vehicle, why? What for? And it isn't like that car is cheap to maintain. Sorry I don't mean to seem bitter, but this car is a sore subject. I would love to put it in the middle of a corn field and blow it up. Just for kicks! But I would be the one to get arrested since it isn't my field.
    The part that really got me is the customer sevice center in california and the dealer had two different stories as to why my car was being rejected and they wouldn't help us.
    We have recently found a used engine (see I asked about a new engine that was $10,500) to put in the vehilce for a hell of a lot less money then that. We are thinking about doing that and selling it. But how do I not feel guilty of selling the ****? I don't know. It is kind of a catch 22.
  • my 2004 suzuki verona have 93,0000 mils, and i want to change the oil whats oil is the best for this milleage 10w-30 , 10w-40 , 5w-30 or 20-50 .?.
  • 93,000 miles and time to change the oil. You would think a car could go at least 100,000 miles before changing the oil. I would suggest the 5w-30. I think that is what Suzuki put in it when they built it and I don't think that engine likes other weights.
  • I brought my Verona 05 brand new and I had nothing but problems. My engine light is on and it flashes indictating there is a misfire. The last thing I changed was the wiring harnest and the fuel filter and then it became worst the calatyst conventer started to turn orange and was shaking really bad and it would turn off. I do not want to take it to the same dealer I brought the car from they will try to rip me off. I'm so dissapointed with the Verona I will never buy in a Suzuki again. I am going to take it to a different Suzuki dealer mabye I'll be lucky and actually get treated with respect and honesty. No wonder why the automobile corporations lost such much money because instead of being honest most dealers are always trying to take advantage of hard working people.
  • I did just that when I had my Verona. In my case I was told to take my car to Mitsubishi dealer to have fixed. Turned out people from Suzuki and Mitsubishi dealers were related. Any how I was tired of the bull, I was getting. So I took to Suzuki dealer. Absolutely nothing was done. I was pissed. All this person did was refered me back to Mitsubishi dealer. He said by the time I drove there he would have talked to, at this point I didnt care to hear anymore. I went home. Good Luck I hope you have a better experience, than I did. Before I got my Suzuki. I had bought a used car from Golden State Motors right. I had problems w/them vowed I will never ever deal w/them again. Well I ended up buying my 04 Verona from a Mazda dealer. Not long after I had problems w/Verona. Under the warranty I was told to take to Suzuki. Well Golden State Motors was Golden State Suzuki. Years later turns out the same people I dealt with, had given me problems, were still there. Make a long story short. I filed a Lemon Law Claim, and Suzuki bought car back. I was like glad I dont have to deal with them people again. Yeah right, I ended up going to another place, thats where I got my 04 Linc LS, Auto Shopper. Well the name on the contract was yes you guessed it. Golden State Suzuki. I swear, just my luck. Again more trouble. It turns out these people were connected one way shape or form. I really loved my verona when I had it. But it wasnt worth all the problems I had. So I ended up getting Lincoln LS. Which cost double the price. Well good luck. :confuse:
  • Was a true solution ever found for your Suzuki Verona intermittent Hard Brake Pedal? Thanks!
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    After six years with my Verona, I am buying a new car, and it is time for a Verona recap. I liked the car when I bought it and still do. The styling has held up, for me at least, better than its other 2004 competitors. After 62,000 miles, the engine remains silky smooth on acceleration and high speed. Cornering is great for this non-racer, and the leather remains flawless. Fuel economy was never great--about 19 in my mostly urban driving, but much better on the highway. Power remains unimpressive. Reliability was good until about 55,000 miles, after which repetitive check engine lights proved expensive and difficult to correct. As I write, the check engine light has again comes on during driving. Dealer service has been good, after the mediocre original dealer sold his business to a better dealer.

    The new car I ordered, not a Suzuki, lacks the folding mirrors, excellent styling, and probably a few other features. In return, it is a fresh design with more headroom and should serve me well for several years. I will enjoy having local servicing unlike the Verona, which required an 80 mile round trip on each service visit.

    The new car had to be factory ordered, so I will still be driving the Verona for a few months before putting it up for sale. The Verona stands out in my mind as a car that would have responded very well to better corporate management from General Motors. The current updated version sold overseas has six speed auto, better quality control, and freshened style. Too bad it never made it here. The transversely located six cylinder inline engine had excellent potential to carve out a market niche for itself, much as Porsche and Subaru have done with their boxer engines. My thanks to all the Verona owners who posted on this forum. I wish you the very best with your Veronas.
  • I have an '05 Verona that I have had for 2 1/2 years and it has been a huge problem from the time I brought it home from CarMax (CarMax was frist mistake, Verona was 2nd!) Anyway, I have managed to have a pretty problem free last 20k miles - it now has 84k on it. About a week ago, I noticed a little noise from the engine area. I checked the oil and found it a little bit low. I was relieved until I noticed the sound getting a little louder. Now it is a lot louder. The frequency of the knocking sounds corresponds with the increase in acceleration. Does anyone have any ideas of what it might be before I go in to the dealership to have it checked out? Also, is this the kind of thing that I would need the Suzuki service people doing, or could it be done by any reliable mechanic? I am a single mom with about NO money, so any suggestions in how I can save a few dollars would be hugly appreciated!
  • gaelyn....I would immediately head for your nearest Suzuki dealer. The bad news is, you may need a new engine. The good new is, you are still protected by the 7 year drivetrain warranty and, if you need a new engine, it shouldn't cost you a penney. In fact, they should provide you with a rental car while they are fixing your car. It has happened to me twice with my 04 Verona and none of it has cost me a penney. If you take it to a non-Suzuki mechanic, it could cost you thousands of dollars. Good luck and keep us informed.
  • OMG, thank you so much. You have given me so much hope! Now I can go to the dealership with less trepidation. I will definitely keep you posted! Thanks! Gaelyn
  • It sucks to be me right now. I took my car to the Suzuki dealership. What I was told is that there is evidence of sludge (under fill cap, even though there was no evidence on the dip stick). I was told that even with maintenance records, I would have to pay $1800 for the tech to find out what the issue was and then there would be no guarantee that the problem would be covered under the warranty. Can't do it unfortunately. Don't have a spare $1800 lying around. The oil pressure check was good. I told the guy that the maintenance has been good and he said that it could have been the oil that had been used (paraffin based??) and it could have been a problem that was caused by the person who owned the car before I did. Whatever the cause, I think I am hosed.
  • I am no mechanic but it sounds like the dealer is the one doing the hosing. Charging $1800 to figure out some problem sounds like a real hose job to me. I don't know what to say except try to get a second opinion from another Suzuki dealer, if possible. If not, perhaps you know a reputable mechanic who could diagnose your problem for a very small fee. Think about it. Diagnosing a problem is just a matter of time and not parts. If they charge $100/hr for labor, they are saying it will take 18 hours to diagnose the problem. They could take the motor apart and rebuild it in 18 hours. Sound to me like they are just trying to rip you off.
  • I totally agree. But I am a single (but definitely older) woman in the Las Vegas Valley and their scam alert probably sounds before I even get close to the service bay. I guess I can ask my co-workers if they know a reputable mechanic. I just read the post a couple of pages back that talked about how sludge can be present especially in winter months. Not only is it cold when I drive in the mornings, but all of my trips are very short. Five miles to work and back, at the most. I guess my fear is that even if I spend the money to have the problem diagnosed by someone else, will the Suzuki dealership honor the report when it comes to providing warranty work?

    I am going to see if there are any other dealerships alive in Vegas.
  • Gaelyn......I am not sure if you can do this and I completely understand because for the first 13 years of my sons life I was a single mom. If you can, please I encourage you to trade that POS in. Yes your engine should be covered, but they find every reason not to stand behind their products. Our Verona still sits in the driveway, it will be two years in June, from us needing a new engine.
    In the long run it will be worth it. If you can't find anyone in vegas, please let me know and ill ask my cousins who live there if they know of anyone as well. Again I am very sorry about the car.
  • Thanks, Jennifer, for your encouragement. I would totally trade in that POS, but I am definitely not in the position to do so financially. I am pretty much in a Catch 22 right now. I know it would be way better to to have a different car, but I still owe a couple of years of payments on this one and it isn't worth anything. No car dealer in their right mind is going to sell me a car right now. Possibly in six months I will be in a better position. I am definitely going to change the oil several times in the next few months to see if It helps at all. I am probably just going to have to drive it until the engine just dies. :sick:
  • theres a website i hink its try there
  • rich155rich155 Posts: 1
    Dear Reader's

    I inherated a huge problem so I thought an 05 Verona. It had the bucking and Stalling and "transmission issues" (so I thought) and of course the clanking motor.


    A vacuum hose on the back side of the intake manifold gets too hot and decays and breaks.. Before it breaks it casues intermet vacuum leaks and POOOOOOR running stalling and bucking . I replaced the hose and it runs very good;

    As for the Motor clanking I have just changed the oil 30 times in about a year (no filter) and that is in effect a motor over haul in a can of oil. Now that the motor is clean inside it runs perfect and is qiet and smooth. I can even drive it cold now with no issues.

    I think I now have the Suzuki Verona they tried for and it is a hoot to drive and it is QUICK! I often get looks and gestures from other Verona owners suffering their fate. They just gasp at my oil change explanation but yet when they hear it idle and have to look to see the motor run it means something.

    Good Luck to everyone..... By the Way the Oil Filter only gets the rocks the really fine dirt that messes with your motor is never touched with by the filter.

  • esalazaresalazar Posts: 21
    Well good for you. At the time I had my verona, it still had warranty. So when anything came up, I'd take it in. Let them deal with it, while under warranty. It seemed like they didnt want to bother with it after taking it in so many times. I ended up filing for lemon law. Suzuki, didnt even bother challenging it. Once the warranty is over on any of my cars, thats when I take over and do whats got to be done. Now you mentioned 30 oil changes in one year. Well that would of been nice to know, when I had my 04 verona. I would of done something like that to my car. I remember a comment someone made one time when I took my car to the shop. She said no wonder I hardly see any veronas on the road they are all in here. Even to this day, I see one from time to time. I mean a good while. Well thanks for sharing that. I am not going to run out and by one. But if I see one for the price. :shades:
  • I tried to start my Suzuki Forenza 2004 and was hard to start and when finally started the hold button light was on and blinked on the dash, I pressed the hold button to turn it off but didn't work, the hold light was still on in the dash I tried to drive the car and the car was running terrible and making noise, I drove like two blocks away from my house and I decide to park and turn the car off , I waited like 3 minutes and turn the car on again and finally the hold light shut off and the car went back to run normal. It will be nice, if someone would have a solution for this problem. Please help. Good luck Suzuki Forenza owners.
  • Suzuki dealerships suck. One place told me he shouldn't even give me the keys back unless I removed the sludge from my car becuase it's bound to blow up. (the engine blew 5 years later becuase I ran with the oil pump light on) another place said its under recall, did the work and sent me on my way un fixed. the other place wouldn't even answer my questions on the phone about servie and parts because they said I would have to show you. HUH?
  • welingtonwelington Posts: 16
    hi suzuki verona owners i havent wrothe a post in a while about my 2004 verona im very happy with this car i brougt the car with 72,000 milleage four years ago now have 110,000 milleages i travel to work from brooklyn ny to inwood long island ny around 30 milleage a day was no problem into i decided to change the spark plugs when the mechanic pull out the old spark plugs one spark plug was wet with motor oil and he told me i nedd to buy the valve cover gasket and the intake gasket set cost me 57 dollars for both gasket and he char me 150,00 for labor cause was to much work he told me and it was a lot of work he have to take out the whole head of the engine to get to the problem and change the gasket and now the problem is solve i know the car have a tone of issues but we have to deal with it about the engine stalling and transmission shiffing inapropiate im used to that thankls verona owners good luck to all.
  • Just checking back to see how everyone is faring with their Veonas. My Sonata has been trouble free and it's now 4 years old. I did have to replace the battery this summer as it started leaking acid. Other than that no issues. No Stalling, check engine lights, clicking, rattling, etc. Like the Verona. I now have 40,000 miles on it. I traded the Verona when it had 38,000 miles on it. Wish things had been better with it, but I just couldn't go on any longer. Good luck to those still holding on!!!!
  • NOt sure if you're still on here, you may have purchased a new car. But my boyfriend just bought a used 2005 Verona and is having the same issue with the car only taking 2 gallons at a time. Did you ever solve your issue? Has anyone else reading this had the same issue? If so, what was it and was it expensive to fix? Overall are you happy with the Verona or was it a nightmare. He just bought this and we are not concerned that maybe it wasn't such a good car?
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