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Volkswagen Jetta 2006+



  • ksmith3ksmith3 Posts: 2
    I own an '06 2.0 Turbo - looking for info on changing the oil myself. Where is the housing for the oil filter cartridge located? What wrenches do I need to remove the oil filter?
  • I have a 2006 Jetta 2.5L, Blue Graphite, with Package 2, which I am totally in love with! But I have some questions:

    When the outside temperature is below 40 degrees, the temperature display flashes and makes the 'ding' sound. Do any of you know why it does this?

    The manual says to check the oil after every refuel. Is this really necessary? I've never done this on any car I've owned before and never had any oil trouble. But then I've never owned a VW before...

    Do any of you know where the audio amplifier is in the car? I have the 10 speaker, cd changer, serius sat., non-navigation version.

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Most VW’s & Audi’s (think BMW’s have this as well) I’ve driven have the snowflake (and ding sound) when the temperature gets close to freezing…just as a warning that let’s you know to be careful.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    When the outside temperature is below 40 degrees, the temperature display flashes and makes the 'ding' sound. Do any of you know why it does this?

    The snowflake will appear when the outside temp is between 23 and 39 degrees - that's when black ice can form.
  • kyledsgkyledsg Posts: 1

    just brought a 2006 GLI, love it, wanna married it but:

    * How does that Bi xenon washer works?
    * I cannot seem to turn on lights else then the xenon headlights and fog lights, if i go high beams, xenon headlights become lighter but the headlights towarding center still not on...
    * reading thru blog, really worried that VW's reliablity now, I was gonna buy TSX ... But this mexican Jetta is just too fun to drive :-)

    * when Fast Forward on MP3 folders, it won't jump to next folder, it will go to the beginning. But if you finish the last song in the folder, it will go to next folder.
    * Do u guys recommend install turbo timer for GLI? It's 2006 already, turdo technology should advance by now ... will it void warranty if install it?

  • ksmith3ksmith3 Posts: 2
    david - Were the oil change instructions you rec'd from Bobr5 for a 2006 2.0T Jetta - if yes, please forward them to me.
  • Wow ..I own one too, and feel pretty much the same with you on this one...responsive at time, but when psuhed it struggles and drinks gas like crazy...i was on this site looking for options too...if ya find something let me know
  • markdfwmarkdfw Posts: 1
    Does anyone see a change in fan rpm or other change in pushing the recycle air button, on THE AC my ac went out and i thought the fan use to rev up when i hit that button now i doon't see any change, i don't feel a change either, withit on or off? is that normal? I can't remember it i am thinking of another car or not lol

    second thing i have a rattle in the door by the light door lock from the stereo and my vents in the center console click or rattle on bumps or when it is cooling of from the cold ac???

    Any feedback? car is fun to drive for me!
  • allhorizonallhorizon Posts: 483

    You can find most of the information you are looking for in the manual. I don't own one, but I know it states in the manual at what intervals the headlight washers come on (automatically) when using the windshield washer, or similar.

    You have an extra set of light bulbs that is used as the "flasher=get out of my way" light, I believe when the DRLs are on, rather then when the main lights are on.

    Turbo timers are not necessary; virtually all modern turbos are cooled even after you shut off the engine. After extremely hard driving (that 10-mile mountain pass where you felt like passing all those non-turbo vehicles at 75mph fully loaded) you may want to take it easy for a couple of minutes before shutting things down (even if your passengers have to visit the rest room ;) ) --- driving gently for a brief period is better than letting it sit idle w/o air circulation.
  • The automatic transmission is rated for 0-60 at 9.1 seconds. Since the manual transmission time was nowhere available, I tested it myself with a stop-clock. First, I tested an automatic 2.5 and got exactly 9.1 seconds. Confident in my experimental procedure, I tested my manual. I did 0-60 in 8.1 seconds (I'm originally from Germany, so I know a few tricks when it comes to make the most out of a manual). Even more, since I had to shift to third at around 58 mph (rev limiter), I tested my 0-58 mph and got 7.7 seconds. Imagine if the rev limiter were set just a little higher... Bottom line: With a manual this car (2.5) is actually zippy!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Thanks for the info on your test results.

    Please do not post the same exact thing in the various threads on this site.
  • danxpdanxp Posts: 47
    is it possible to get homelink as a dealer-installed option on any jetta?

    i don't think i wanna pay for package#3 just to get that...

    also, it's not even offered on the gli or base/2.5...
  • mapplinmapplin Posts: 1
    I am a first time owner of a 2006 Jetta 2.5. Is there any way that I can turn of the beep when locking the car using the remote key device? I would prefer just to have the lights flash as an indication that the car is locked.
  • There should be. If you own any model higher then the value edition you should have access to this feature through your trip computer (check your hand-book). From there go through the menus until you see "ATA confirm" or something like that. Turn it off. That should od it.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Yes, it is plenty fast enough for us (we have automatic). I just don't get what the expectations are of those who think it is too slow.

    Ours also does not "drink gas" we just got 31 mpg in 2000 miles of mostly freeway driving at 75-80 mph. In regular daily driving we have gotten 24-27 mpg. So it is right in line with the 22/30 EPA rating.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I had two VW Golfs, both with stick shift, a 2001 and a 2004. Despite fairly mediocre city mileage EPA ratings, they actually gave me good commute mileage - 30 for the earlier one, and 32 for the second (I wondered if the change to electronic throttle helped). Later I saw a study by the Auto Club that confirmed that VW's match their EPA ratings much better than some other cars. So I think VW doesn't try to "game" the driving cycle with gearing etc., just goes for a good driving experience, and real world numbers turn out good for mileage. Glad to hear you are getting 31 mpg on the freeway, that is super.
  • I just found out on the VW web page just how many features they STOLE form the 2005.5 2.5 model. The features that got deleted for 2006 are:
    -dual climate
    -trip computer
    -heated seats
    -rain sensor
    -light sensor
    -automatic rear mirror
    -coming/leaving home
    -maybe even more
    These were the luxury features that made the 2.5 special. I admit that I was lucky enough to get my 2.5 before they stripped them. I do understand VW strategy though. Most car reviews of a new model are done within the first half year of that model (that is a guess) and are in the books now. All reviews praised the incredible standard feature content so that the car was a shining star in that regard. Smart but disappointing.
    The 2005.5 was a great deal. The 2006 is only mediocre in comparison (I am still a Jetta lover though). If I had to choose today, I might upgrade to a 2.0T, but back then the lower price + luxury features won out.
  • jeauxsrjeauxsr Posts: 9
    :sick: :confuse: :blush: :lemon: :shades:
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I drove a 1995 Golf rated 24/31 - a car that consistantly delivered 35mpg highway, and 25 city (consistantly over 100K miles that I owned it.)

    Is the mid-20s/low 30s MPG range that I've read here common for a 2.5/5 spd combo? I think I've talked myself into another VW, looking at Jetta or Rabbit. Is anyone seeing better than 25/31??
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Dude, these things have gotten a lot heavier and more powerful over the past few years. For the mileage you want, you need a Polo - which of course isn't sold here. At least the current generation aces the crash tests.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    25/31 is about where we have been. In 2000 mi of mostly freeway travel at typically ~75 mph, we got 31 mpg.

    In normal suburban cummuting got 27 in warmer weather and 24 in winter. This is on non-congested roads.

    CR measured 33 highway (I think they do this at 65 mph), 17 city. Note that their city mileage is pretty much worst case and Jetta actually did slightly better than some cars that are rated higher. For example, Accord is rated at 24 city by EPA, but CR measured 16, IIRC.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    Motorweek, testing a Jetta 2.5/Auto, claimed 30 MPG on their test loop. If you look at other test cars' mileage on the same loop, that 30 MPG was very good (our only evaluation, since we don't know what makes up that loop.)
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26

    I am in GA and I was offered 21K for a white Jetta 2.5 with no additional package.
    Tax, Tag & Title not included.
    Is it a good buy?
    How much did you pay for yours?
  • chronochrono Posts: 149

    I'd personally wait a few months for a 2007 model. VW just dropped pricing dramatically on the 2.5 Jetta's for 2007. I would almost say the 2006 models will lose some value. Here's the pricing ..

    Jetta 2.5L(Value edition) 150 HP
    5-speed manual $ 16,490
    Tiptronic $ 17,565
    Jetta 2.5 2.5L 150 HP
    5-speed manual $ 17,900
    Tiptronic $ 18,975
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Presumably there will be some de-contenting with the lower prices??? If so, the better deal may depend on what you want on the car.
  • frogger2frogger2 Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm considering buying a new 2006 jetta. Since I'll be driving mostly in New England, I was wondering how the new Jetta drives in the snow. Do I need to buy different tires than the ones that already come with the car?

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    My wife was very happy with her 1995.5 Jetta last winter in wisconsin. We have just the standard tires and it is equipped with ESP.

    ESP is standard on all but value edition (which is what we bought). VE has traction control standard, ESP is about $250. If you get the value edition I recommend ESP...we got the ESP primarily because of the added safety, the winter perfomance is an added bonus.
  • ebart1ebart1 Posts: 12
    I am interested to know from the owners of the current series (Mark V) what, if any, issues there are with the 2.5 cars---i.e. anything electrical, electronic---i.e. sensors--- brakes-wise, structural, strange noises, vibrations, rattles, engine peculiarities etc.
    As I am aware of VW's missteps in QC over the past several years, their atrocious ranking with CR and JD Power---I'm wondering---
    Having owned a '79 Rabbit for 11 years, and a '90 gas Jetta for 12 years (that cost me a 'bundle' to keep on the road)---I nevertheless enjoyed the drive and the ride of both---so I'm looking ahead!
    Any and all responses are welcome and appreciated.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We had some rough shifting with the automatic transmission. They replaced the valve body and it is great again now. This seems to be an unusual problem...on another much busier VW forum, I did not find anyone else who has had a transmission problem.

    Other than that we had some minor stuff taken care of when it was brand new. Oh, and our drivers side mirror started whistling a little recently, a new mirror cap has been ordered but not yet installed. We also had a day or two where one of the remotes would unlock only the driver's door, this went away on its not sure what was going on.

    Ours is a year old with only about 11,000 miles on it.
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