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Volkswagen Jetta 2006+



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...the design, after all, is based on the new-gen Golf, which is a proper hatchback. The car simply looks better without the trunk tacked on, and as far as I'm concerned, that's been true of every Jetta since time began.

    Only in America does the Jetta/Bora outsell the Golf - I have little interest in the sedan, but much greater interest in the wagon and the new Golf. The car I'd like to see here is the new Golf Plus, the high-roof "MPV" just out in Europe, but the US dealer body will no doubt discourage them from importing this car.

    The current Toyota Echo sedan [in the US] is another example of a design that started as a hatch [the Yaris], but was offered in our market only as a sedan - and a real eyesore it is, too...
  • "The car simply looks better without the trunk tacked on, and as far as I'm concerned, that's been true of every Jetta since time began."

    Totally agree, I just don't get America's distaste for the's all about image I guess and most of auto buyers in the U.S. are sheep. It could be a chicken-egg thing. Are the dealers responding to demand or creating it?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Golf Plus does look impressive...other than the anemic engines they offer in Europe.

    Jetta wagon reminds me of an A3 Sportback.

    I even like the Touran, small compact and room for 7.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Some people prefer the look of a sedan. My wife and I have no interest in buying a wagon.

    We already have a minivan. I would guess that most Americans who would otherwise be interested in a wagon buy a minivan or SUV. In Europe they settle for a smaller wagon or hatch because the gas tax is so high.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Plus those itsy bitsy roads (old country) and no parking…
  • This is my informal review of the new (05.5?)Jetta I recently drove. I had a chance to drive a 2.5L Package 1 (sunroof and alloys) w/6-speed auto.

    Like previous VWs, this car exhibits good fit and finish inside and out, especially considering this model was one of the first off the line. However, the interior trim seems ever so slightly less appealing than previous versions. It's still very good though.

    While people have complained about the generic styling, the driving experience will leave no doubt that you are in a German car. The ride is firm and very tightly controlled, almost identical to my 85 Jetta. It is a lot quieter than my car, fortunately. At low speeds, the electronic power steering is fairly light, but it firms up nicely at higher speeds. At 80mph, the car seems fully under control, as any car built to travel the Autobahn should. The 2.5L 5 cylinder engine accelerates responsively, however it is not notable for its refinement.

    The seats have many adjustments, even in the mid trim model. The uplevel model has 12-way power seats, which I did not try out. Back seat passengers will find much more legroom than in the past; two people should be comfortable even on long trips. The MFA (trip computer for you non-VW types) has a new layout, and integrates the clock and odometer into the display. Also new is a compass. The new stereo sounds pretty good during a short listen to pop and rock radio stations. The trunk is spacious, close to the cavernous trunk on my 85 in size. However, it has a small opening, which makes accessing stuff deep in the trunk difficult.

    Overall the car should appeal to VW enthusiasts, as well as people who want to drive a sporty car. As far as the styling goes, my 85 Jetta wasn't noted for its ground breaking styling, but it was still fairly popular in its day. Provided quality (and I mean mechanical quality, not interior quality as VW spokespeople like to dodge the question by discussing the latter) is better, this should be a very good car.
  • Very interesting posts and perspectives written by everyone.

    Hopefully I won't be blasted or labelled "pond scum" as I work in a VW/BMW/Mazda/Jeep dealership in Rhode Island. But, I noticed earlier that Matt aka "Bricknord" wasn't flamed so here's my go.

    The new Jetta will be arriving in limited quatities starting this week. The official launch date is the 14th, when the brunt of them will be arriving in dealerships. Initially the 2.5 and 2.0T sedans will be the only available. The TDI is due later and there is no firm ETA on a wagon version for the time being.

    Having full access to both the '05 and '06 models, the '06 is leaps and bounds better than the outgoing model. The major advantages, as mentioned, are interior space and a larger engine. Although on paper the new engine may not look impressive, the combination of the 6 speed tranny and the 2.5 make for a fairly peppy ride with smooth and torquey acceleration. Although I always enjoyed the driving dynamics of the outgoing Jetta, the new one is vastly improved.

    I agree that the new design is a major departure form traditional VW styling, but if you look closely, the styling ques bear close resemblance to the new A6 (grill) as well as the Phaeton and the '06 Passat due in the fall. You see some of this in the interior appointments as well.

    The major gripe from current Jetta owners and prospective buyers has been the cramped interior, not so much a lack of performance. That has been adressed as dimensionally, the new Jetta has virtually the same amount of room as the Passat. Reason being, the new Passat being launched in the fall will be larger as well. If you've seen photos of the new Passat, it has gone up another level in the luxury department and seems like a cross breed between the Phaeton and the A6.

    I know price has been a major part of this discussion, and to some this argument may be meaningless. However, when doing cross comparisons with other car makers, understand that VW doesn't truly have a "base" model in its product stable. Apples to Apples you need to be comparing the fact that VW always includes STANDARD A/C, cd player, side airbargs, height adjustable seat belts, height adjustable seats, heated mirrors, cruise control, tilt and telescope steering wheel and is one of the few manufacturers that offers heated cloth seats (except Subaru) as an option. The trunk is cavernous and when the 60/40 seats are folded down, you have a full opening and not a partial pass through as found on that Japanese "H" brand. Also, VW has a standard 4 yr./50K bumper to bumper with roadside assistance, 5 yr./60K powertrain and 12 yr./unlimited rust through warranty.

    Regardless of the impressions, Honda (oh I mentioned them) has done quite well with the new Accord which in my opinion does not win the beauty contest either. Where they suceed is on a reputation of quality and the Accord interior is quite nice. So, it goes to show that cars don't sell on looks alone. Not to say that VW blatantly stole Japanese styling, but if sales were down 40% over last year, would you as the manufacturer try to at least make your cars look like other brands known for quality in order to convey a sense of quality to the buyer? VW has the interior covered much in the way Honda does. As a company, quality is a known issue and is being adressed quite seriously. Repairs covered under warranty cost the company as whole. With the high resale of VW's, you at least get a decent warranty and will get decent money back if you are in a position of needing to unload the vehicle.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    thanks for your perspective.

    i'll appreciate it if you would respond to some quibbles i have with the new jetta.

    1) the quality of the carpet on the current jetta isn't terribly high. if you compare it to the passat i think you'll see what i mean. i was hoping the new jetta would remedy this. it hasn't.

    2) one of the nice touches of the current jetta is how well the trunk is furnished/lined. though it as good or better than comparably priced cars i feel the new jetta has regressed in this area.

    3) the plastic covering over the steering column in the current jetta is a high quality flat matte finish plastic. sorry to say that's no longer the case with the new jetta. now it's more of a plastic i associate with ford vehicles - yuk.

    4) initial road tests from the magazines mention high road/wind noises. has this been fixed with final production models?

    i'm leaning strongly towards the A3 now. i like the styling a lot better and i don't see the A3 having the short comings mentioned above. i can get the same drive train combination with the A3 as i would with the jetta 5 (2.0t/DSG).

    i may prefer the suspension tuning of the jetta 5 to the A3 though. it's hard to get everything you want in a car!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Drove the '06 Jetta at the Jetta Roadshow event, a dealer-centric affair (special team-members, but held at various local dealers instead of a fancy venue like Treasure Island etc.).

    The new fifth generation Jetta is great, but from the perspective of a former owner of a '67 Beetle (new in 67!), an '83 Rabbit GTI, mid-80's Golf, 2001 Golf, 2004 Golf...

    Well, in a nutshell, this could easily have been the replacement for the outgoing new Passat, instead of for the outgoing Jetta. It feels that big and luxo, except of course very likely the replacement for the outgoing Passat will be even bigger.

    Since I am short and skinny, this size is really more car than I need, but it's probably a much better car for 90% of Americans, even though it seems like 90% of Jetta owners are female (in a silver Jetta, of course).

    I guess I'll have to wait and see what the Golf is like. Oddly enough, the new Mazda3 is slightly SMALLER than the outgoing Protege, and so is the 2d generation European Focus. So maybe my next purchase will have to be something along the lines of the new (and slightly larger) Yaris => Scion xA, a Mazda3 if they get their act together and incorporate all the safety gear I take for granted on VW's, or (ugh, not another Ford!) the next generation Focus... unless I can get used to more luxury and less tossability.
  • I agree.. it is hard to get everything you want in a car. Just like politicians, you can't please everyone.

    As far as the models we have, only two so far, I have not noticed any obtrusive wind/road noise with the vehicles. I'll keep you posted once I've had a chance to demo some more of them and as I receive customer feedback. As I drive all models from VW on a frequent basis, I try not to be overly judgemental of the differences as there are drastic variances in prices which of course reflect in the materials from model to model. (i.e. Phaeton versus Passat/Passat versus Jetta)

    When the new Passat is launched this fall, there will be a more noticeable difference between Passat/Jetta on all fronts. Passats are in short supply, so the new Jetta needs to be the bread and butter until then.

    As I'm not at work today, I will check into the plastics quality you mention tomorrow, I did not notice this upon initial inspection myself. I will agree that the carpet quality is not to Passat standards as well as the trunk lining, however, I would say that it is on par with the competition. I'm sure to a degree this was a cost cutting measure (trunk lining) on VW's part as not too many people care about the quality of a trunk liner. Interestingly, the lower grade material may attribute to the road noise... I'll have to investigate further. However, knowing VW, regardless of appearance, the materials should be durable. Plus, your "standard" floor mats will cover the carpet.

    We have reps coming from VW mid-March to help launch the product, so I will note these areas and make mention to them as "customer concerns/feedback."

    The new A3 is a great choice as well, and with a luxury nameplate, these are areas that require more attention due to the target market of Audi buyers. Although we're the same family, you notice huge differences in certain areas between top of the line A6's and low-end (if you can call it that) Phaeton's.

    On a side note, I failed to mention that other standard features of VW products are active alarm systems (insurance discount), 4 wheel ABS (insurance discount), full size spare tires, intermittent wipers, pinch protection on all windows and sunroofs, floor mats and fold away mirrors.

    If anyone else has feedback positive/negative, I'll be glad to share it with VW. I won't see them again until the Passat arrives, so speak now or... wait till Fall.
  • Here's a link to the Jetta Roadshows "micweb" mentioned. This is still ongoing, so if you'd like to see it first hand in your area, click here:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Just saw new Jetta at auto show here. I liked the look of it much more in person than in the pictures I had seen. Not that I disliked it in pictures.

    It is one of the few cars with enough depth to the front seat to be comfortable enough to consider buying. I am very fussy about seat comfort and hate cars with stubby seat cushions that don't give enough thigh support. I want to sit not perch! The new Jetta seat is a little deeper than the current passat, which was big enough to be just be okay. I hope that the seats in value edition are the same and just have different material covering them. We would only be considering value edition as we do not want the plastic seating material.

    My wife liked the interior of Volvo S40 over the Jetta and over-all the volvo is her top pick (we are looking for her next car). But we will be driving both of these for further consideration.

    We would never have considered the old Jetta as it was too small. We want to have a back seat that is functional and this new Jetta is adequate in that regard. I like that the Jetta does not have a turbo and can use regular gas.

    I am registered to test drive the Jetta at Road show here on March 16.
  • "The new Jetta will be arriving in limited quatities starting this week. The official launch date is the 14th, when the brunt of them will be arriving in dealerships. Initially the 2.5 and 2.0T sedans will be the only available. The TDI is due later and there is no firm ETA on a wagon version for the time being."

    Do we have any idea how long until TDI is coming? Will dealerships still be getting 05 TDIs in the meantime? I actually would wait for the 06 but I don't really like the way they look and I want the smaller car anyway. I was hoping to make a good deal on an 05 but if my selection will be poor, I better hurry up!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "the design, after all, is based on the new-gen Golf, which is a proper hatchback. The car simply looks better without the trunk tacked on, and as far as I'm concerned, that's been true of every Jetta since time began.

    Never thought about why the styling of at least the new Jetta looks that way, and you know what you're right. That tallish hood/fender/windshield meeting place is ideal for a hatchback because the rear of a hatch can carry the theme all the way to the rear, a sedan cannot. Good call.

    The Echo, yuck.

  • Not a firm ETA, but TDI's are expected Late May, early June on the new model. You're right.. I only have 1 TDI Jetta left on my lot and two TDI Golf's.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Hatchbacks, yuck...wagons, yuck.

    This is just a styling preference, some people like the hatchback look, others like the sedan look. The new Jetta trunk looks fine to me. The Golf, OTOH, is not all attractive to to me...its just a mini station wagon.
  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    A vehicle that offers mmore uutility is not a styling issue to me.If you go to the store and decide to pick up a monitor or TV, many sedans won't except that size box.The hatch would, and the wagon offers the most utility. I like wagons but they do leave your goods exposed.The sedan would be a compromise for me. A subaru 2.5 legacy wagon sarts around 22,00. the Jetta Value edition stars under 19,000.For what you get in the Jetta for less money I would give up the wagon.The larger size and more room for rear passengers is a plus for the jetta. I love the wy the new Jetta sedan looks.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "A subaru 2.5 legacy wagon sarts around 22,00. the Jetta Value edition stars under 19,000.For what you get in the Jetta for less money I would give up the wagon.The larger size and more room for rear passengers is a plus for the jetta."

    Well then why not compare the Jetta Value Edition to the Legacy 2.5i Sedan 5M? The price of that vehicle is $21,295, and it has AWD standard. Are you attempting to compare the Jetta to the Legacy with the comment on rear seat room? Is the Jetta bigger than the Legacy? I havent compared specs.

  • martinimartini Posts: 5
    I buy a car about every 7 years. I've decided firmly - finally - on the Jetta. I can get an '05 GLS 2.0L 4cyl for $200 under invoice, but, it's got 600 miles on it. Dealer says it was driven from MD dealer to southern dealer or something, but who knows... Problem - my brother, who's an engineer car guy, says:
    a) don't buy a car with 600 miles on it;
    b) wait for the 2.5 L engine - it's a better engine and will get better gas mileage - 2.0 is too small and gets too much strain on it.
    But, I think the '05s are cute, and I'll get a killer deal on it and nobody's talking about gas mileage and the 2005 1/2 Jettas from what I can tell. PLEASE HELP!! (Currently drive a jeep which I put 150K on - never had a VW but LOVE the way it drives and looks inside.)
  • lmxlmx Posts: 35
    hey martini,what are your needs in term of cargo space?
    do you have people or kids that are going to sit in the back?

    if you need the back seat for passenger purpose go for the jetta 5,if not get the mk4 witch is lighter and better fuel economy....if you change every 7 years i would strongly look into the tdi version witch is far more advance than the base engine,depending on the millage you do a year the gain of miles per gallons will pay the extra 1000.00$ to 1500.00$ more for the diesel the extra 55 pound-feet of torque you will benefit and a very silent ride on hyway last thing the jetta tdi 2004-2005 with the new p.d. technologie is the exact same engine than the bran new jetta 5 therefore you will benefit from the same engine technologie for a lot less $$$
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I second the TDI reccomendation.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Personally I would cringe when watching a new Jetta pass me by, but I always like the “newer better”…Beetle is also cute…

    Arguably if VW increases (shortens) their model life cycle, you may bypass a whole cycle.

    Meaning…if VW changes the “new” Jetta in 2010 (let’s say) you’ll be driving in 2012 a car that was originally released in 1998 (not to say your car will be that old…just that is when that body/engine/tranny first made its appearance).

    I’ve been touting this on other boards…A 2005 A4 for lease rates under 350 (down to 299 with some $’s down), looks like a steal. And that styling looks like it will LAST. If you look at a 96 A4, they still look good.

    Item a) doesn’t wouldn’t concern me…item b) I agree with
  • lmxlmx Posts: 35
    ivan_99 it does not matter if he drives a 2005 in 2012 he's looking for a good deal...and fuel economy an a4 get's 33 mpg in average a jetta tdi 53.5 mpg in average!!! do the maths
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    If mpg is the only factor...then yes, I'd go for the either 2006 or 2005 Jetta.
  • martinimartini Posts: 5
    1) I bought the '04. Here's my reasoning: I bought a Grand Cherokee Laredo in '98 - the last year of the old model - because I thought it was sportier/stronger lines and liked it better. I never did (still don't) like the new curvier jeep - thought maybe same feelings would hold for Jetta.
    2) I actually started out wanting the TDI but got talked out of it by my brother and others.
    3) Finally - I negotiated for 1100 under Edmunds invoice; 1.9% financing. How'd I do?? (I've never done this by myself before!). I'll keep you posted. Picking her up on Friday.
    Thanks agin!
  • lmxlmx Posts: 35
    so you got the 2.slow engine not the best option...!sometimes price is not the only issue...
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    you given me something to ponder. you wouldn't happen to know how much 2005 A4s are being discounted currently? i've tried leasing and i don't like it.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    The only thing I've seen are lease rates advertised. I’m not sure about purchase prices. I’m not too fond of leases as well, never works out advantageous for “me”, but they do look attractive :)
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    a fairly positive review....

    they had a quibble with the new jetta not offering a V6, never mind that the 2.0T will put the V6's from the mazda6 and pontiac G6 (the cars they were comparing the jetta to) to shame in every way (and i mean every way). they didn't bother to mention that the DSG will be available with the TDI or 2.0T. 733
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    You're talking about the Lienarts, the husband-wife team who are syndicated out of the News. I read their stuff regularly, and they have a curious set of biases and benchmarks. She in particular has an obsession these days about adjustable pedals and lighted vanity mirrors, and they both worry too much about how a potential buyer is "perceived" in the car in question. Every writer and publication has his/her/its peculiar set of filters through which every test drive gets passed, but these two are not where I would start in trying to get a good handle on the car.

    Ultimately, the Consumer Reports test is the one I'm looking forward to, which because of the way they do business, we won't be reading until sometime in the late summer or early fall - after all, they actually have to buy the car, and subject it to their VERY REPEATABLE and consistent testing criteria. If they say it's quiet enough, for instance, it will be good enough for me.

    I read ALL of the car magazines, and the Detroit News, and a dozen other sources - only CU buys their cars and actually uses them in a consistent fashion with testing criteria that are scrupulously applied to every car. Of course, once you read enough different views on every new car, a consensus usually emerges, and it's too early yet for that to have happened with the Jetta - especially since the pre-prod samples that they gave to the press for the intro stories were clearly flawed [excessive wind noise, among other things].

    Anyway, take all of this with some salt, especially the Lienarts...
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