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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,345
    IMO, just the mileage difference would be worth $4K.. Throw the Mazda vs. Toyota thing in there, and the Sienna wins hands down... even with the lower trim level..

    102K vs. 50K? No contest..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    The '00 MPV had a 2.5L V6 which produced somewhere in the neighborhood of 160hp or so. '02+ gets the 3.0L V6 with 200hp.

    Mileage is one thing. Which do you feel more comfortable in? Have you driven both in similar drives?

  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    he states he can get us a price about 3000 lower...He want $900,plus 1-300 for auction fees.

    He probably means he can get it for $3,000 less...assuming you are a horrible negotiator and know nothing about buying cars. There is a low demand for MPV's...that is why they have high discounts/rebates.

    I would save my money and pass on the broker. Read these boards on Edmunds (MPV prices paid, Purchasing Strategies etc) Find a van you like and write back here...we'll help you out on the price. You should be able to get rock bottom price on a MPV whether you use a broker or not. I would be cautious as well about buying a vehicle at auction.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    Agree with kyfdx, jade. If you have narrowed it down between these two vans, I would take the 50k Sienna. The 100k mile marker is usually the one where parts "can" start to wear out.
  • rgb2rgb2 Posts: 31
    Also agree that broker is not worth it in the particular case of MPV.

    Check out Mazda USA website. You can search for the new car dealer inventory in your area (and you can specify 2005 model!). Then contact them over the web or fax.

    FYI, I got my leftover '04 MPV ES in Jan of '05 for over $8K under MSRP with no stress in negotiations.
  • lpraszlprasz Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 MPV ES 4-door Leather. I bought it brand new in Oct 1999. ( it has 82k right now)I have had nothing but problems with it. I'd like to be clear that I am a soccer mom who takes excellent care of her vehicle. Every oil change on time at the dealer. Every recommended maintenance from the manual done on time at the dealer. It looks like new. It runs like something else. I needed a new transmission at 18k. Then my front suspension Rod snapped at 66K. My power windows went out at 65K. New oil pan at 75K. I needed new plugs and wires at 51K. 2 years later, my car needs them AGAIN. At this very moment, my car is at the dealer with a cracked radiator, leaking water pump, leaking wide pipe, all which have to be replaced. That is in addition to the new plugs and wires. Total bill ready for me this afternoon...$2700. That doesn't include the regular maintenance I am on my 3rd set of brakes and tires. Buy the Toyota!!!!!
  • Mazda stopped posting them at the end of February. At that time they were $3000 + $1000 for financing through MAC. Around here (Louisville, Ky) two of the three dealers have offered $8000 off MSRP as well. The MPV seems to be a great value. I am guessing it won't be to long before the '06 go $7 to $8k off MSRP as it is the last model year for the MPV in the US. Mazda Knoxville already has them at 6.5k off. My only hesitation with the MPV is the recent poor rating in side impact crash testing.
  • rgb2rgb2 Posts: 31
    While the lack of airbags for 2nd and 3rd rows is certainly regrettable, it's not as much of a problem as it seems.
    1) NHTSA gave MPV 5 stars.
    2) Looking closely at the IIHS results for side impact crash testing, where MPV got POOR rating for side impact, they tested LX model without front seat side airbags. That front seat was the one that got poor results, the 2nd row actually got a G,G,A for head,torso, pelvis respectively. Had they tested a model with 1st row side airbags, the overall results would've been much better, IMHO.
  • gat135gat135 Posts: 7
    Just purchased the MPV and wanted to say thanks to all the informative postings.
    Purchased a left over 2005 MPV LX Plus with moonroof, which I found on the Mazdausa inventory search. The MSRP was $27,590 and paid $19,125 with Mazda finance to get full rebate. Negotiated over the phone but still the dealer wanted to do one more round of negotiations when I went in to sign the paperwork. Here are some tips.
    Negotiate price of vehicle first, all your comparative pricing is on the web.
    Next negotiate final "out the door price". This includes all fees such as tax, title, documentation fees and anything else the dealer can dream up.
    Next get it in writing, have it e-mail/fax. I didn't have this so when I went in they wanted to negotiate again, after much time, they got an additional $250 from a starting point of $1,100 which they claim was a misunderstanding regarding the "out the door price" and the fees that it included. Hope this helps and good luck to all. Final word, you can't always get the bottom line price but you can try. :)
  • diaahilldiaahill Posts: 1
    Was the $19,125 you paid out the door?
  • gat135gat135 Posts: 7
    No. just the cost of the vehicle. The second half of the negotiation was the out the door price. Since this was by telephone, I was prepared to counter their offer with a total out the door price once we had agreed to the vehicle price. So the second part of the negotiation was to agree to a total "out the door price". This was my attempt to eliminate the inflated fees to pay to have the vehicle titled. Early on I found their standard fees for documentation and title service was $500. What I offered them in my out the door prices was the fix cost, sales tax and state registration cost. The dealer would have to absorb any other fees.
    Hope this helps and so far we are very happy with the money we saved and what the MPV offers for the money. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I just bought a 2002 MPV LX yesterday, $10,950. Got it from a dealer who specializes in late-model used cars that are in exceptional condition. I got it because my wife was having minivan withdrawal after 2 years apart from her Grand Caravan. I've always had my eye on the MPV, going back to 2002, but never pulled the trigger for one reason or another. I always liked its size, handling, styling, and build quality. But the timing was right, and I think the price was right. The van is Midnight Blue with grey interior, and except for a couple of small dings and a few light scratches, is in like-new condition. The interior is perfect, like it was never driven. It was a one-owner, traded on a Tahoe by a local lady who wanted a bigger vehicle. Has 44,500 miles. My wife likes it a lot--easier to maneuver than the Grand Caravan, but still plenty of room and a fold-into-the-floor rear seat too.

    The original price was $12k, and Edmunds TMV (for "Good" condition, although this van really is "Excellent") was about $11.5k so I am happy with the deal I got.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    Congrats on your new for you minivan backy. Sounds like you got a very good deal on a clean one owner. Keep us updated periodically on how its doing if you will.
  • daddioof4daddioof4 Posts: 50
    Okay, our 2000 MPV had 147k miles on it and my wife decided it was time to get a new van. I on the other hand wanted to wait at least a year until my 03 Elantra was paid off. The MPV was running great and we never had a problem with it. Then the driver side front window switch died ($285 dealer part, $100 from junk yard). Wife had a flat and AAA put the spare on and screwed up the cable that holds the spare when they wound it back up ($300 dealer repair), then Check engine light came on. I didn't have any of these repaired. Then the alternator died ($404 independent repair, had to have this done. So I started looking. My four kids are bigger now then in 2000 when we bought the MPV (ages 17, 16, 13 and 10). So I decided to go bigger. After checking all Minivans, if price wasn't an issue, my choices in descending order was the Honda, Toyota and Kia followed by Mazda and Nissan. The first three had no compromises. The next two did. They were size, no split fold rear seat and no side curtain for back seats for MPV. No rolled down windows in second row and the ugliest dashboard ever conceived in the Nissan. Unfortunately, price IS an issue. The only mfg over good discounts were Mazda and Nissan. Well, after almost two months, we got another MPV, a new 2005 discounted beyond believe. It is an LX listed for $22940,
    with compass/homelink autodim mirror $300,
    rear step plate $50,
    4 seasons pkg $425,
    side airbag/traction control $400,
    Plus pkg $1505,
    roofrack $250,
    destination/delivery $545,
    grand total came to $26415. On March 31, I got it for $18266. Got $3700 trade in on my 2000 with 147k. Came home with it for $14566.00 nothing out of pocket. Man, what a deal. It was all done via email, with me only using the phone one time, to see what the catch was. As it ended, there was no catch. The improvements over the 2000 are all subtle but good. Bigger engine, 5 spd vs. 4 spd, bigger tires, 4-wheel disc, radio controls on steering wheel. Wife is happy!
  • This is my first post on Edmunds. Just want to share my experience to thank you all for the information I got here in this forum.

    Our previous car was a 1994 Mazda Protege DX, which we bought five years ago for $2000. Mazda won our confidence and trust with this little vehicle. For five years, the only problem we had with this Protege was a leaking water pump at about 100K miles. With the birth of our baby boy, we needed a bigger vehicle with more safety features. After comparing the features and price of a variety of cars from different manufactures, and reading almost all the posts in this discussion group, :D we decided go with a MPV.

    The first MPV we tested was a 2005 ES. A local dealership ran an ads of this ES in newpaper for more than 10k off MSRP, and the out of door price would be under 20k. After the driving test, I felt the car was fine, plus it had all the luxury features, like leather seats, power seats, power sliding door, etc. But wife felt noisy when seating on the second row seats. We asked if we can try another MPV to see if all MPV are noisy, or just this one. the saleman declined to give us another MPV to test. The day was April 2nd. Probably he was not eager to sell a car in the begining of the month, or there was something wrong with this ES. Of course, we went home with our little Protege.

    On the next Sunday, April 9th, another local dealership ran ads on newspaper. For a 2006 Lx-SV, besides the $2500 Mazda discount, $500 Mazda finance discount, the dealership would give $4185 discount. The total price for a new 2006 LX-SV was 15490, if financed with Mazda. After checking the inventory on, we didn't find a MPV with our desired color and options in the inventory of this dealership. However, we did see two MPV LX in the inventory of dealership that 20 miles away from our home.

    We brought the newpaper with us, and drove 20 miles to the dealership, which is in Vancouver, WA. We tested a 2006 ES, and wife still felt noisy when sitting in back seats. Seems there's no chemistry between an ES and us. :D As we walked through the Mazda cars on the parking lot, we saw our 2006 MPV LX. It was brand new. Some wrapping material was still on car. The seats are still covered with plastic wraps. The odometer reading was eight miles. The color was sunlight silver metallic. With all the options, LX plus package (MSRP$1505), side airbags & traction control (MSRP$400), all weather floor mats (MSRP$120), and roof rack (MSRP$250), the MSRP was $25785.

    The first price we were asked was the MSRP. The salesman worked with us also told us they put so-called "theft marks" on several parts of the car. Basically, they were some stickers with a number. The saleman claimed if the car was stolen and even being dismembered, we can still get them back with the numbers. We told him we thought the "theft marks" are useless, we wouldn't pay a penny for them. Then the salesman asked how much we want to pay for the car. We told him it's INTERNET times now, we had read EDMUNDS for a long time before we came in. We understand that they have to make money, so we don't want to look for a deal of the month, or a deal of the year. All we want is a fair price. To save our time, we showed him the newspaper ads and asked if he could match the discounts. He said he had to ask his supervisor for such a deep discount. We said OK, but told him not to play those old tricks (we know their tricks from websites, like EDMUNDS). We told him if he wasn't back in ten minutes, we would leave.

    Long story in short, after about thirty minutes of negotiation, the final price was $18900. At first they told me my old protege was worth now more than $100. But eventually, we agreed to trade it in for $600. For a 1994 Protege with >140K miles, we think the trade in price was fair. Since we are Oregon residents, we don't have to pay tax.
    So the total price was
    $18900 ($6885 off MSRP)
    -$600 for trade in
    +$223 for title & registration & document processing fee
    = $18523.

    We know if we wait until summer or even winter, we could probably get a greater deal, at least another $1000. We still think it was a fair deal, especially with the color and options that wife liked. The whole process of purchasing was not haggling-free, but we were happy with it. The only problem was that, after one week of driving the new car, we found out the optional all-weather mats were not in the car when we drove out of the dealership. after several phone calls and emails, they pulled one set of the mats from another MPV ES for us. With the packages and options of our MPV, we should have two sets of mats or carpet. The one is the all-weather mats, another one is the carpets inclded in the Plus package.

    To get the $500 rebate, we financed with Mazda. The APR was 9.35%. we re-financed it with our credit union ten days after the purchasing. MazdaUsa Credit sent us a check to refund some of our pay off money. The conclusion: no need to wait 90 days or two payments before paying off the loan.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The conclusion: no need to wait 90 days or two payments before paying off the loan

    I'm sure your dealer will be thrilled about the chargeback they will be charged for the early payoff.
  • theflushtheflush Posts: 100
    Are there any good lease deals on the leftover 2005 MPVs? From this forum, it looks like you can get an LX for under $19K +TTL, which seems decent. Are there any lease incentives to help move these 05s? It looks like my closest dealer with 05s in stock is in Columbus, Ohio.
  • jlcorpusjlcorpus Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what days of the week are best to look for these ads and what section to look in?

  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    Saturdays and Sundays are the days dealerships usually advertsise the most in newspapers. Classified, or the sections with "Automotive" printed in large bold print on the front page are best places to look, if I understood your question correctly.
  • lfh3lfh3 Posts: 2
    Last Thursday, 6/8/206, I joined the ranks of MPV owners. I bought a 2004 LX with the following options:

    LX Plus Package (incl. privacy glass, fog lamps)
    dual power sliding doors
    side airbags
    traction control
    roof rack

    The most compelling aspect about this minivan (to me) was the fact that it had only 4563 miles. Yes, you read that correctly. This two-year-old minivan had less than 5000 miles.

    I made first contact with the Internet Department at the dealership and on a phone call, I made an offer of $13,500 out the door (including my trade-in). The dealer ended up giving me $4000 for my 1997 Chevy Tahoe (112k miles) trade-in and we eventually closed the deal at a $13,600 OTD price.

    I was pleased with the deal and was satisfied with my buying experience at the dealership.

    So, sparkert, you are not insane to expect to get out the door under $15k for late model MPV.
  • maxsmommaxsmom Posts: 1
    I went to the dealer searching for a good deal on an '05. However, the selection was limited and had none of the options I wanted. So, started looking at the LX '06. Final offer from dealer:

    $18,500 (LX with rear air, roof rack, running rail,etc)
    $586 (Virginia taxes @ 3.17%)
    $560 (freight)
    $299 (processing)

    What do you guys think? Should I try to go negotiate even more or do you think this is as good as gets?
  • jlcorpusjlcorpus Posts: 2
    Did you get the cash incentive off the price?
    What about asking for invoice minus the cash incentive and then asking to see the invoice?

    We got to see the invoice because my husband's company gets the "S" plan. I got a 2006 LX- loaded, for 22,300.00 after I bargained to get the dealer incentive.
    They gave me a good price for my trade-in also. I think Mazda is giving them some extra incentive we don't know about to unload the rest of these- because they really didn't haggle with me at all. They are probably getting some kind of kick-back.

    The MPV is not a "hot" item. Crossover vehicles seem to be the thing now. Plus I just read that there is some type of driving safety mechanism they are putting in alot of cars that might become required in the near future. I forget what it is called- something about stabilizing steering that is supposed to have a VERY large positive impact on avoiding the most deadly car accidents.

    My guess is they will put this feature on the MPV before they bring it back to the US. Apparently car makers have been quietly putting it on some of their vehicles. But is seems like they are trying to avoid attention to this because it will bring up productions costs?

    Anyway, I think my MPV was a good investment. I got a great deal and I think I will be ahead of the game when I trade it in. I think the crossover vehicles are a fad. Unless you can transport cargo as easily as with a mini-van, I think consumers will try them and then want to move back to mini-vans. Afterall, crossovers tend to look alot like station wagons... they will go out of style also.
  • theflushtheflush Posts: 100
    Check out this deal on Ebay.

    2006 MPV-LX Buy it now for $16,800

    It's very tempting, but still more than I want to spend, so I'm looking used. There is also a new 05 LX on ebay with no buy it now and a current bid of $12,200 that is still under the reserve. I think you will see deals like this at most dealers at the end of the summer.
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    299$ processing is bad any day/ any model.

    Although I myself own a MPV, but you gotta check out the honda odyssey too. It is a leader in it's class and now a days it is selling for as low as 1.5 k below invoice (lol - i bought my mpv at invoice, not considering the dealer/customer incentives). You should be able to get a odyssey lx model for 22-22.5 k.

    Remember mpv - although a good van, is not as good as odyssey. If i were u, i would rather buy oddy, although my mpv is currently ruuning good with about 6k miles on it.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    is not as good as odyssey

    Depends on what mom's wants and needs in a minivan. To my family the MPV is not as good as the is better.

    That said, the Ody LX is a nice van loaded with standard features, at a very good price if going 1.5 below invoice.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    One dealer here has 7 '05 es mpv's (around 30,500msrp)for 10k off painted on the windows. (about 20500) If he advertises that from the road god only knows what kinda deal one could work out.

    Also has 6 of the lot hound 05 mazda 3 hatchbacks with no advert but probably flexible.

    Saw 3 05 mazda Tribute AWD around 26-27k msrp advertised (on the windows) for 7k off list.

  • tj4tj4 Posts: 3
    Got a new 2006 MPV LX with All Sport & LX Plus packages, roof rack, trac control, side airbags MSRP $26,730
    for $20,000 even before fees & tax in St. Louis area at Bommorito Ellisville. We were initially not looking for van but liked the size and sportyness of the MPV
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    Looking at a 2006 LX-SV with Roof rack, and rear air for $15,995 before tax and tags. Good price?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    yes, if that is a new car price.
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    It is new. 1 mile on the odometer.
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