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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought a ex 4wd manual transmission for $20100 (+ doc fee 300) from Herb chambers ,Boston.The sales team and the finance manager were excellent.They did 'cheerfully' quote their price on the phone as they promise in the newspaper ads.They did not pressure me into buying accessories or warranties (overtly).They got me the 2.9% finance with out hassle.

    BTW the best quote for a automatic was around $20900 + doc fee $300.This was from Boch Honda but I am guessing that Herbchambers probably will match.

    I am a Newhampshire resident hence didnt have to pay taxes.
  • huangm01huangm01 Posts: 1
    Asked for price quotes from about 6 dealerships in the area Thursday evening. Got quotes from 4 of them the following morning and exchanged some emails to get an idea of inventory and color choices (I also checked online at dealership websites). There were NO 4WD available in the San Diego county at this time, and color options were highly limited (mostly silver, grey, some blue, and one solitary orange). I considered waiting for the 2008 to see if there would be any new upgrades, but it sounds like they are releasing the exact same cars with some possible color changes. Didn't want to wait 'til September to get my car. Hence, Saturday morning, I went out and bought the one and only orange Element available. I asked the dealership to match the lowest quote I had received ($400 less than their quote), and they did. A couple hours after walking in (dang, paperwork takes a long time!), I drove out in my brand new Element!

    Paid $20,738 (not including taxes, fees) for a...
    Tangerine Metallic EX 2WD (automatic) with
    mud guards (included by dealer)
    wheel locks (included by dealer)
    phantom guard (included by dealer)
    roof rack (I added)
    cargo cover (I added)
    cargo net (I added)

    This was a little over $2K off MSRP, and I'm guessing around $700-800 off invoice (invoice for model without any accessories is ~$20,800 for my zip code).

    As far as the accessories, I had written down the prices from the honda website, and then asked the dealership how much they cost with installation. I thought their prices were reasonable. For example, a roof rack (according to costs $299. They charged $318 including installation.

    Dealership: Poway Honda
    Brynda and Kathie were very pleasant...

    I'm lovin' my car!
  • vamuralivamurali Posts: 2

    I saw a used element as in MA. Owner is asking for $17000. It is 2005 Element EX 4WD with 32000 miles on it. He is giving 7 yr/100,000 miles honda warranty (0 deductible) along with the car.

    is this a good offer that I can go for? help me!
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    Got a quote for $19,389 + tax, tag, dealer fee $400.

    Looks like it's time to pull the trigger.

    Any opinions?

  • sathguysathguy Posts: 5
    Looks pretty good to me...we just got a quote on a '07 EX Auto 4WD for $21,045 + TTL

    Any opinions on this?
  • gil9gil9 Posts: 1
    Just signed for the 07 LX 4WD auto for $18695 plus tax, $595 destination and DMV tags ($210) in NYX w/2.9% w/1 grand down
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Made a deal last night for a 2007 Galaxy Grey Metallic AWD A/T. Bought it from Walser Honda in Burnsville MN. Price on the windshield was 21,455 plus TTL. Considering how much of an a-hole all the other dealerships around here are i thought it was a great deal. Most MN dealerships want atleast sticker on all Hondas. This is the third Walser vehical i have bought and every time it has been painless and the service has been incredible.
  • Just bought it over the Labor day weekend at Metro Honda Internet Sales (Montclair, CA)

    2008 LX 2wd, Kiwi, Auto for 19,000 + ttl. I was a pleasant experience. I called the Internet Sales Dept., told them that I wanted the car for 19k. Byron, Internet Sales Manager, send me the confirmation via email. I drove there to sign the papers and drove out in less than 90 mins.
  • I purchased an EX AWD Automatic a few weeks ago. I'm not sure how good a deal I got. I ended up paying 20,700 including trading my 1991 Accord with 284K on it (which I know wasn't worth much). I did manage to get $200 in free accessories. I went with the 2.9 financing. I purchased form Boch in Norwood, MA. I had a mixed experience. I think they are too focused on selling tons of cars. They dropped the ball on a few things. When I came to pick up the vehicle, it wasn't ready, and I had to wait 3 1/2 hours.
  • Do you have the name of the salesman?
  • laf3laf3 Posts: 5
    I just test drove an 03 EX with 40K for $14,900; We are stepping out of a Chrysler LHS and before that, a Taurus I absolutely loved. I am excited about the versitility for our large dogs, garden stuff etc. I loved how comfy it was, and how it handled on the test. I live in MT, and the salesman told me he owned one for 2 years and thought there was nothing better in the snow/ice.
    In perusing the internet on, I see on '06 with 9K for the same price, though it's 1000 miles away. Is there a big difference between the two years besides body style? I would REALLY appreciate any tips and feedback anyone has to give as we look seriously at purchasing an Element. I am concerned a bit about the lack of mpg...and all of the repair messages in this forum!
  • $19,500 + $298 doc fee + tax
    No ext. warranty... no extras

    That's the price I paid back in Sept.
  • dpryordpryor Posts: 1
    2006 Honda Element EX Auto - Certified Honda - 23K miles - Black - Immaculate - Dallas, TX

    $17,250 + fees/taxes
    $411 for the Honda Total Care service plan for 7 years / 100,000 miles, $0 deductible

    Left dealership smiling! Thanks Edmunds!
  • ramohioramohio Irvine CAPosts: 15
    I think you got a good deal...and a trouble-free vehicle. I drive a 2005 Element EX Auto AWD 42K. No problems at all.
  • I've been considering a purchase of a base 2007 SC Automatic, and started getting price quotes from dealers in my area. I've gotten: $21400 and $21763. Both under invoice, with the first being 1k under. These are there last 2007's, so I know they're hot to get them off the lot. I see that there's $1500 cash back to the dealer to them, so they're still making $500-$1000 on the deal. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same pricing or less somewhere less. I'm in Round Rock Texas, by the way.
  • I guess if it is a 2007, you can still go lower. I got an AWD EX Auto (brand new) for $19,500 plus tax and fees. So, there is still room for bargin.

    If I remember correctly, the EX AWD Auto has a similar MSRP as the SC Auto.

    I would love to have a SC but I need the AWD.
  • otpackotpack Posts: 1
    I just purchased an 07 Element SC automatic for $19,994 at westside honda in Knoxville, TN the last 07 on the lot. Dealer wanted to move this one out. This element included the protection package. Hope this helps.
  • My wife and I are looking at the '08 EX AWD Auto transmission Elements (along with the few remaining '07s) and and aren't getting anything near some of the great prices I've seen quoted in this forum; we seem to be hearing a lot of $24k OTD. Granted this is before the dreaded sit-down negotiation at the dealership but I've started to think getting even $23k OTD might be wishful thinking.

    Two questions for the group, then:

    First, anyone care to share a recent Utah buying experience -- your OTD price on an 07 or 08 EX, and who you bought it from?

    Second, where does one find information about incentives/rebates/cash back to the dealer from Honda? In an earlier message yaqui316 wrote "I see that there's $1500 cash back to the dealer to them, so they're still making $500-$1000 on the deal" in describing his experience.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • First, there is very little front-end profit on these cars (only about $1400). On a remaining 2007 model, in the SoCal region, there was a $1000 manufacturer-to-dealer incentive. Since it is now Novemeber, that incentive may have increased, stayed the same, or gone away completly, as incentives change monthly.

    There is an incentives and rebates link on Edmunds home page. Click new cars, then look towards the top of the page and you'll see it. It may take a day or two to update for November promotions.

    The dealer incentive money is different than a customer rebate, as it will simply come straight off the top of your negotiated price. Meaning, if they quoted you invoice on the car and then you told them you were aware of the MFD incentive and were wiling to give it to you, then in essence you've now negotiated a price of $1000 below invoice. There should be no reason that they wouldn't allow you that money. It's only on '07's though.

    Good luck!
  • Just purchased (3 days ago), a Galaxy Gray 2008 EX Auto FWD for $23,100 OTD (20,300 before tax, license, etc). Only "extra" included was splash guards. Of course, they tried to talk me into $5K more in the "finance dept" (aka 'let's try to get as much money as we can' dept). I did not buy dealer car alarm or warranty. Plan on purchasing car alarm through local business and warranty through myhondawarranty (dotcom).

    Only thing I may regret not buying was the package for paint protection (can't remember exactly what they called it... clearcoat?). Not sure if I'll be able to find comparable service outside the dealership. It guaranteed no fading of paint color for 5 years. Any suggestions for a replacement? I live in AZ so sun exposure is a daily occurence.
  • Be glad you didn't purchase the paint sealant. It's a bunch of BS!
  • Moochacha: Which dealer & where gave you the 07 EX AWD for $19,500? I am looking all over to find a good price. Found 07 SC with 32k and certified for $18,999 but would prefer 07 EX-AWD for $19.5. Thanks
  • Just negotiated:

    2008 Honda Element SC

    MSRP: $24,210.00

    Price: $22,377.00 ($400 below invoice) + TTL

    Plus, qualified and took the 4.9% for 5 years.
  • Try Boch Honda in Norwood. I did the deal over the phone/internet department. They may not have any 2007 left.
  • I received a price of $22,301.00 for an EX Auto Element ( $100.00 over invoice) and also, a decent price on my trade. I was wondering, the Element going to be discontinued, or are there plans to keep it in the Honda line? I've researched Element sales over the past two years, and they're not exactly flying off the lots. I ask this because I remember VERY well being told by a Subaru salesman that he really "saw me in a Baja." The Baja, of course, was about to be discontinued. I really like the Element, but do not want to be in a discontinued model. Even Honda resale is not immune to extinction. Thanks
  • trs900trs900 Posts: 19
    Price is total OTD except for sales tax..
  • 07 SC (my 1st choice at first but I changed): I had to prove to this dealer that I had a quote for $1974+$595+$289... he then reduced his price to $19,700+$595+$189 and state tax...etc. After I got there, I did not like the fact that he tried to add options of wheel lock and mud guard to the price... I felt that I drove 200+ miles and was told a lie and did not like the sales person.

    08 EX 4WD (my 2nd choice at first): Best price (out of 6 dealers): $21166+Dst+Proc+Tax... but I will be buying from 2nd best price of $22852 walk out the door ($21215+Dst+Proc+Tax). I like the 2nd one best because of the sales person... No fuss or delay.. within minutes he gave me his best price and left me alone to leave or stay.

    Why I choose EX vs SC:
    1. The dealer's promise of 19700+Dst+Proc+Tax ended up not being true
    2. More importantly, I felt every bump on road with sc because of low profile tire. EX was much easier to ride... this is just a personal thing.. it was a hard decision for me.

    Comments or questions...refer to snowshoe1502 and I will answer.
  • emily23: I do lots of research before buying cars... I just sold my 2005 Ford explorer... and have looked at all Subaru closely as well as RAV4 and others. Subaru used to be a top choice for people in sports (other mini van drivers)... but it is selling less cars because of Element. Many skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bike riders are converting from Subaru to element. Simply because there is no need for roof or rear rack... no worries about someone cutting the chain and stealing your $2000-$4000 MTB or snow gears. They all fit nicely in element... Also, the resale value is amazing... Go to and see how much used cars sell in different categories. Lots of time if you go to Internet division, you can buy their new car for less than used car. Go to or consumer report and see resale value for element..its awesome... Good luck.
  • ilmdilmd Posts: 7
    I would like your opinions.
    I have been offered an on the road price of $23,087 for an 08 automatic 4WD including fees and taxes

    Does anyone have any specific opinions as to the most reputable Honda Dealerships in the Baltimore Area (west, south and east of Baltimore, as far as southern MD)
    Thanks so much
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