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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • phy2cphy2c Posts: 1
    Hello All,

    I just purchased a 2010 Mini Cooper S Automatic in Horizon Blue paint scheme in SoCal. I went with the base with no options except for the automatic. My price before tax+title was $22,750, putting my OTD price at almost exactly $25,000.
    It's been a blast to drive so far.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    Now during our Motoring Madness Event, you can lease a 2010 MINI Cooper Hardtop or MINI Cooper Clubman for just $249 per month for 36 months*. Stop by, or give us a call to learn more about this and any other limited time Motoring Madness specials.
    2016 BMW 340i
  • emmamoonemmamoon Posts: 1
    We went the Portland Oregon Mini dealer yesterday. We couldn't find a Clubman S to our specifications so it was take one that wasn't exactly what we wanted and be able to take advantage of the option discount of $1575 OR order what we want without a discount. We are deciding on what to do. We were told there is really no negotiating on Minis especially on a special order. Anyone have any experience with this or any input? Based on what I've read here, it sounds like others have paid just over invoice. What's the trick?
  • mini222mini222 Posts: 4
    Hi! I am considering both Mini Cooper Clubman and Clubman S. As I think base Clubman is under power. Any comments?

    I am in NYC area. Appreciate if you can share your price paid.

    My preference is Pepper White, Automatic Transmission, Premium Package and Xenon. Do you think dealer can make a deal with invoice plus $300-$500??

    Thanks in advance for your advise.
  • lola225lola225 Posts: 20
    Anyone know MINI's current lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease on a 2010 Cooper S with 10,000 miles per year for top credit tier ?

  • lola225lola225 Posts: 20
    How difficult is it to obtain the dealer's LEASE WORKSHEET ? I assume it's different than the Spec sheet? When I ask for it, I get the spec sheet and separate numbers for tax etc typed into an email. What does the Lease Worksheet contain and why do dealers seem reluctant to provide one?

  • Just got this amazing job and I'll be making alot more $ and decided I'd like to buy a Mini. I currently have a Dodge Neon-nice little car, good on gas had it for 7yrs and 140,000 later its slowly starting to fall apart. Its been faithful but its time for a new 1. I'm the type of person that wants to save my pennies and buy with my hard earned cash. I'd like to keep a car as long as possible it just has to keep
    I'm hoping to save over the next 6mths-1yr and sell my car and buy a Cooper.
    I was also looking into a Toyota Yaris or Pruis due to similarities of mileage and style but their cheaper.

    I'd really like to buy a mini, any thoughts?
    here is my stats:
    I live in we got snow
    Looking for a 2007 or newer.
    Knows how to drive a Manual but not the best at it? Manual or Auto?
    Is Maintenance a killer?
    Should I buy privately or a dealership?

  • docroxdocrox Posts: 12
    I would steer away from the stick shift. I have a new 2010 S with 3,600 miles and the clutch and flywheel went out. They told me it was "improper driving". I know how to drive a stick and after doing research now realize that others have been told the same thing.
    Mine handles fine in the snow.
    The clutch isn't under warranty as it is "driver error"! $3165 to fix but I am fighting it.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,574
    I would totally fight that. 3600 miles is not normal for a clutch & flywheel to burn out. Keep fighting. You'll win eventually.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Wow. What gets me isn't that it wore out. It is that you actually paid that much to replace a $300 clutch. 190-1.html

    $300 and that's a racing clutch replacement that's much tougher than the original. Installing it is 300-400 in labor, tops. You were had if you actually paid that much.
  • dougwolfdougwolf Posts: 2
    What should I expect to pay for a 2010 Mini S that has a retail sticker of 32,000 but is a dealer demo with 15,000 miles on it? I'm in Southern California.
  • stepkingstepking Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I am ready to buy a 2010 Mini S Convertible in the Atlanta area. Can anybody give me some buying tips for this area? What can I expect to pay? Thanks.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    edited July 2010 - - e=false

    Pasadena, CA. Cars Direct. You should pay around 22.5K *new* with no options, so unless that used Mini is gold plated. I'd skip the option packages and get individual items instead. Ignore the idiocy and stick to get the parts that improve handling and mechanical functionality.

    But not everything is there - so let's go to the Mini Site:

    What you want/don't want:
    + Color. $500. Any decent color seems to cost extra. So be it. I chose Horizon blue. :)
    + Chrome line exterior makes it look classy. $250.
    + White turn signals do as well. $100
    + Center armrest.
    + Heated Seats
    - skip the "leather" - it's not much better than the stock leatherette, to be honest. For $1800 I could get real leather put in at a local uphlolstery shop (I know of two - one in Glendale and one in Pasadena)
    + Color to match exterior/etc. If not an option, just get piano black as it goes well with the gray. ($0 with my color)

    Option groups. Skip all of them.
    1 - Cold Weather - who needs folding side mirrors? Get the heated seats separately.
    2 - Convenience - Just get the ones you want individually.
    3 - Sport - skip entirely. Only the Traction Control is actually going to make a difference. The stock wheels are also already far in excess of what a car like this requires. 17 inch run-flat tires also are miserably expensive and rough-riding. In fact, I'd swap the run-flats out from day one for all-seasons.
    4 - Premium - I'd honestly get the climate control and premium sound by themselves and save a couple hundred dollars. The dual-pane is basically a terrarium and from the driver's seat you can't see out of it anyways unless you turn your head sideways. I'd say it was great for the passengers, but you can't expect anyone to actually use the rear seats on a Mini. If you want the real deal, just get a convertible instead.
    5 - Mayfair and Camden - 4K in useless bling.

    Performance. Now onto the real important areas:
    + Manual. The automatic is horrendously expensive to fix and not very reliable, either. In a car this small and light, the manual is almost arcade-game easy and light. If I had to chose a car to learn/have as my first manual, this would be in the top 5.

    **edit** No, really. Resale value also drops for automatics as enthusiasts want a sport-upgraded manual and the automatic is almost **5000** to fix when, not IF it breaks.

    ++ Traction Control and Sport suspension. This alone doubles the handling compared to tires alone. Best $700 you can spend on a Mini. This also makes it into a very desirable basic sport-tuner type car for resale value. ie - nobody who is serious about the car for tuning used will settle for one that doesn't have these options as a starting point. Even if it is ten years from now. The general rule is to always either buy max performance or absolute minimum to save pennnies. Rental stripper or highway punisher. Since you got the S, this is a no-brainer upgrade.

    + Rear fog light is a good addition.
    + Auto -dimming mirror is also nice.
    - Xenon/HID. Standard lights are just fine and blind other drivers on high a LOT less. And there is a less expensive and better option (see below)

    ++The HK Premium Audio is a must.
    + Universal remote is also great to have in a car this small.
    - Bluetooth/USB is nice, but it's also horrendously and I mean idiotically expensive when you can get an aftermarket one for $150. (I get a whopping $850 for this and the handsfree phone prep!) That's more than the sport suspension and traction control!
    - Auto climate control. It's expensive, and in a car that's so small that you can touch the passenger window while driving, kind of silly.

    + Driving Lights. Very nice to have and TONS better than the HID lights.
    + Rubber floor mats for front, rear, and boot.
    + Map light (nice to have, IMO

    +++ JCW Strut brace - Get this as well - nice handling improvement. If you want to upgrade the brakes(highly recommended!), DIY with some nice aftermarket Brembo or similar multi-piston calipers. This also is a fantastic improvement as OEM brakes are almost always merely adequate.

    I get $27,413 in this example.

    Going over to cars direct gets you about 27K - about a 1K savings.(roughly $27000 but that includes delivery of 700)
  • Don't waste your time or money. I bought a brand new S in 2005, and a worthless 100,000 mile ext. warrenty. Ft. end parts worn out 55,000 mi. (not covered), A/C compressor 65,000 mi. (not covered) 2 cooling fan motors first one covered under 3yr. 36000 mi warrenty, 2nd one 400+ bucks. 93,000 mi clutch covered but they want to bang me 800.00 for a flywheel, I can buy 4 on line for that much. Stock run flat tires lucky to get 20,000 mi. Not covered unless you pound a nail into them, 325.00 ea. I was so happy when I bought that car, and I'll be so glad to get rid of it. It's just a hole to throw money into. Oh ya the battery blew up also, scared hell outta me, Same evening after having service, seems no one added water.
  • bennfinebennfine Posts: 10
    What a great informative post! Thanks so much!

    I am in the market for a new mini hardtop and have some additional questions if you don't mind.

    Basically, can one order any mini they want? I'm in Boston and the dealers have souped up minis on the lot. I simply want a bare bones mini hardtop with automatic; there appears to be a free automatic transmission deal going until the end of august. So can i go into a mini dealer and factory order my basic car, or do I need to suffer with whatever options the dealer has on his lot?

    Regarding the automatic transmission problems, anyone interested in a used automatic mini should google about it; there are some very sad stories from mini owners from 2002-2006.

  • larvid1larvid1 Posts: 3
    Yes you can order the mini any way you want. I ordered mine, and it took about 3 1/2 weeks from time of order to time of delivery. Mini is such a customizeable car, i couldnt imagine just taking one from dealer stock, as half the fun is ordering the car to ones specification. I was able to negotiate $900 off list for a hardtop S. got the free transmission. car has been a lot of fun, and i highly recomend it. My car has a hot start stalling problem. On occassion, the car will stall when it it restarted after the engine has been warmed. for example if i drive somewhere, then come home, then go out again 10 mins later, the engine tends to stumble upon restart for about 1 sec, then runs smoothly. the dealer is working on a fix. I purchased mine from Habberstad, Long Island, NY. very happy with the dealership, and service department is superb! Other then that one minor problem, which im sure will be fixed soon, the cars suspension is very stiff on the highway. almost bone jarring over rough roads. I like a stiff suspension, but this car is seriously harsh. not so bad on local roads but at highway feel it. It would not dissuade me from buying the car, as the firm ride translates to excellent handling. I purchased checkered roof decals and checkered side view mirrors. I highly recomend to all that you customize the look of your mini. its a real head turner with the decals. To all..enjoy the ride!
  • I guess we have been lucky so far. We had a 2006 Cooper S Automatic and never had a single problem with transmission. Just came off lease and we replaced it with a 2010 Cooper S Mayfair Edition - yes lots of bells and whistles but it is a very, very nice ride and a major upgrade from our last one, which was pretty loaded. This one rides quite a bit smoother; would be smoother still if we replaced the run flats with regular inflatables, but probably won't. We took advantage of the April special which got us $1750 off the sticker + the dealer sold it to us at $500 over invoice - all told went from $33,500 to well under $30k + 3.9% financing. Took about 5 weeks from ordering to delivery. Try contacting dealers via internet and they are far more likely to give you a better price than a walk in. We dealt with Mini of the Woodlands near Houston and had an excellent experience. David
  • bennfinebennfine Posts: 10
    Thanks to the above two helpful posts! Might actually order one this week.

    One more question-an alarm is a $500 option; is it worth it or better to go aftermarket?

  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    My wife and I have a 2009 Civic we were considering trading in for a Mini because of the fun-to-drive factor. We drove a convertible and a clubman S. I agree that they both handled better than the Civic and the engine (especially the turbo) are more fun. The problem was with the controls. Not even the salesperson could figure out how to use the radio. The turn signals, window switches and almost everything else were very distracting from the driving experience - and the felt cheap, even compared to my Civic. Room was very cramped. Even the clubman was more cramped than my Civic.

    While the car was fun to drive, it felt cheap and I could tell it would not be fun to live with. I can see why it rates so low with JD Powers surveys.
  • Enjoy your Civic then.

    Me, I'm loving my 2009 Mini Cooper S.

    First, I think you had a terrible sales person. Not knowing how to use the radio is very bad. The controls are actually not difficult at all. I don't know how window switches can be distracting to a driving experience, but to each their own.

    The turn signals work a little differently, but they are the same logic used by BMW, and take a day at most to master.

    I've had my car for almost two years, and it still puts a smile on my face every time I get in.

  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    You're right. The salesperson was incompetent. The entire sales experience was a bad experience. After promising a great price, they offered me MSRP + a processing fee + $200 for nitrogen in the tires which they said they could not take out!

    For those still willing to buy a Mini, they are dealing because they are stuck with too many 2009s. But, be careful and negotiate (unless you have nothing better to do with your money).

    My experience is to expect $2000 - $2500 off MSRP (they still make a big profit) if you are willing to shop around
  • I bought a 2010 Mini Convertible from Global Mini in the Atlanta area and couldnt have had a better experience. I received $3000 off of retail and my salesperson was wonderful. Have 1500 miles and love this car. First car I have loved in a long time. Great fun to drive.
  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    This is a great time to buy a convertible! Mini of Alexandria in VA had 47 in stock last I checked.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Indeed! We have 40 here in Virginia Beach.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    If anyone is still looking for a 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible, you should be able to get $6300 off retail. I was quoted this from 2 different dealers in the area.

    Best of luck!
  • Scott, yes we are, where were you seeing the 6300? We are only at about 4800 here in Washington state for a 2010 Cooper S convertible. Out the door at 29000.
  • My wife just got a 2011 S Convertible from East Bay Mini in Pleasanton, CA at the end of October. We were initially looking for a 2010 model but it was impossible to find the color/options combo that she wanted.

    East Bay had exactly what we were looking for: Eclipse Gray, Auto, Heated Seats and Bluetooth for an MSRP of $31,300. We made an offer of 29k and after one counter by the dealer, we stood firm and they accepted. Paid about $700 over invoice, and I felt that we probably could have gotten a little more off, but the whole process was so pressure and hassle free that it wasn't worth it to us to grind it out for a few hundred dollars more. All in all, it was the most, if not only, enjoyable car buying experience we've ever had.

    On the few 2010's they had left they were discounting around $4,500 right off the bat.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Several dealers here in the Washington DC metro area
  • We're buying a 2011 Cooper Hardtop. I see the extended warranty online at MiniUSA for $1375 and the dealer is telling me it's ~$1600, that the $1375 is only available if you order it with the car. That doesn't make sense. Anyone have similar experience? Thanks
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