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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
Have you recently purchased or do you plan on purchasing an XC90? What did you pay? How did you negotiate?


  • jp666jp666 Member Posts: 15
    I paid $ 1500 under MSRP. I went to a PA dealer on the last day of the month and within one hour of closing and told them I would order a car immediately if he met my price...They did and I am happy. I have to wait 10 weeks but I only ordered the options I wanted...
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    We ordered our '04 XC90 in February. It arrived July 3. We paid MSRP, due to the popularity of the vehicle in our area (Louisville, KY) Though I have only seen 1 or 2 on the road in our area, quite a few people were on the waiting list for pre-ordered XC90's.
    The buying experience was relatively quick and the salesman at Volvo of Louisville was extremely knowledgeable about the car, particularly with regards to performance and handling. He was somewhat curious about the subwoofer and asked us to bring some high bass cd's with us when we picked it up. Evidently we were the first to order the XC90 with the subwoofer from that dealership.
    Depending on the area you live in, purchasing an XC90 below MSRP is possible, if it's from dealer stock. But if you are ordering a vehicle with specific color and option combinations, be prepared to pay sticker. They know you want it bad, or you wouldn't be ordering it.
  • max63max63 Member Posts: 76
    Will be picking up the new ride soon and paid MSRP. I live in SoCal and thought getting under sticker would be possible. After Emailing many dealerships, all told me sticker. Also went in person and was told by the salesman sticker. I agree with the last poster, if there is something on the lot that has not sold they might cut you a small break. Anyone who is leasing the XC90, the number I got was .00179 on the money factor and 49% residual after 4 years and 15k allowed per year. If you want to have some choice in color/options, see whats coming into the dealership and pick up one of those. This way your not waiting too long for it to come in. Good luck!
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    We purchased black with black (charcoal?) leather interior `04 XC90 with AWD, 2.5T engine configuration and the following option packages:
    Premium package
    Climate package
    17-inch wheels (free upgrade on `04 models)
    Premium sound

    $41,095 pre-tax.
  • 96volvo85096volvo850 Member Posts: 2
    Just ordered a 04 xc90 - all options except nav, xenon, security for $1,500.00 under MSRP from Columbus, OH dealership (due in Oct). I could not deal with Louisville or Lexington, KY at that amount. Nor, with Charleston, WV. All those dealers were stuck on MSRP firm. Good luck to all and check the high volume dealers - that's where the deals are.
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    That's a great price! I may have considered a high volume dealer, but didn't want to travel 4 plus hours to take a chance on being strung along.

    What are the details of your purchase, i.e. T-6 or 2.5, color, options listed and final price?

    My experience was the dealerships were a little more flexible with what was in dealer stock. If you ordered, on the other hand, we paid msrp.

    I had the same experience (to a lesser degree) when we talked to GMC about ordering an Envoy. Anything on the lot they were willing to go 0% financing or cash back. But if you didn't want what they had in stock, they were less flexible.
  • 96volvo85096volvo850 Member Posts: 2
    It is a T6 white w/taupe; versatility, premium, climate, wood steering wheel, reverse warning, leather knob for $44,070.00 (price paid) - $45,570.00 (MSRP). Good luck to all. With what I saved, I hope to have a Ent. System put in it by the dealer in Oct/Nov.
  • sbub78sbub78 Member Posts: 1
    Message for jp666:

    Could you tell me the name of the dealership in PA where you were able to negotiate $1500.00 off sticker price?

  • jp666jp666 Member Posts: 15
    They did not want me to tell anyone about their willingness to negotiate. I will let you know the name once I get it delivered and that I am hopefully happy....but shop in Montgomery County......
  • jesstjesst Member Posts: 8
    Has anyone found any below MSRP prices in Northern California? I heard that there will be price increases happening soon...Base +$400, Navigation +$100, other packages +$50. Is this true????? Looking for the XC90 T6.
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34

    When will your new car arrive? I am interested in knowing the exact dealership you bought your car in montgomery county. Keep us posted.
  • jp666jp666 Member Posts: 15
    I expect my xc90 t6 to arrive late sept - early oct. We are excited and hope all the problems folks have been writing about don't occur on mine.

    I also ordered the silver inlay so I should be able to comment on that as well.
  • dunmicdunmic Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone hear this news "Volvo will have price increases across the board for all 2004 models"?

    My volvo agent called me this past weekend told me this news and in order to honor my deal, I have to sign a fixed price agreement which saying I have to pay the msrp, no negotiation. I have recently ordered XC90 T5

  • rollierollie Member Posts: 337
    Hmmmm...I don't know. I think now that the factory is going again I suspect supply and demand are starting to equal out. Volvo just released a small number of XC90s for discount under the Overseas Delivery program. That of course doesn't preclude the possibility of a price hike of course (and the only mention I've seen so far has been a 2% hike for 2005 XC90s so far.)

    Contact me offline and I'll point you to some places that might be able to provide some more insight.


    [email protected]
  • jesstjesst Member Posts: 8
    I have been hearing there was going to be a price increase. I have been checking the web site and as of 9/1 the prices HAVE gone up. You can get the full details by building your car w/ the options that you want. I priced the T6 and the base MSRP was $40565 prior to 9/1 and it is now $40965.

    Price increases were to happen on everything with the exception of the XC70. (I've only looked into the XC90 though.)
  • zelda3zelda3 Member Posts: 4
    We are located in Raleigh, NC, and are trying to buy an 2004 XC-90. We have been informed at the local dealership that they are not negotiating off the MSRP and that we will probably going to have to order what we want (to deliver in late November). I have several concerns, the first being that the prices seem to be going up very rapidly. We are looking at around $45k for an AWD 2.5T vs $47k for a T6 (both loaded.) These prices seem to be much more than those posted by other purchasers on the message boards. Has anyone had luck getting a dealer to take less than sticker and, if so, can you recommend a dealership? Also, can anyone give us concrete advice on which engine is truly the better choice? We are weighing gas mileage vs. performance and are reading and hearing mixed reviews. Finally, are there any long-term Volvo owners that can comment on depreciation, resale, reliability, and maintenance costs? We have driven Acura and Toyota products for many years and wonder if we're in for a good or bad experience as compared to the Japanese makes.
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189

    The price increase affects the 2004 models and should be considered THE price by now. We ordered our XC90 on February 1, 2003 and were told then that our order was going to be processed in the middle of the model 03' and 04'. The sales rep told us that we could end up with an 04' and he would let us know for sure in a month or so. He also stated that if it was an 04' that the price would go up by approx. $500 dollars, but Volvo would be offering free scheduled maintenance for the first three years, I believe (I will need to verify that from my records). By late March-early April he contacted us and confirmed the 04' model and the price increase. We received July 3, 2003.
    Our vehicle configuration and price is as follows:
    Black 04' XC90 2.5T AWD
    Premium package
    Climate package
    Dolby surround stereo
    17" Neptune wheels (standard on 04' with premium pckg)
    Total pre-tax was $41,095 (from memory-could be off a few dollars)
    Dealer would not consider negotiating below sticker due to popularity of the vehicle and waiting list of orders, but this was early in the year. Once the hype dies down, you may find a dealer willing to negotiate on dealer stock.

    We have been pleased with the performance and capabilities of the 2.5T. 4 adults, luggage and 2 sets of golf clubs on trip to Destin, FL from Louisville, KY was great. Engine performed great with the weight on all grades on the highways. Passing ability was not a concern.
    Gas mileage was 23 mpg.
    Thus far we have 4400 miles on it and couldn't be happier.

    Good luck on whatever you decide to purchase.
  • matwagsmatwags Member Posts: 21
    I put down my deposit today on a 2.5T AWD w/ versatility, climate, premium, xenons, and premium audio. Deal was for $500 below MSRP and added winter mats and additional child booster for free. No haggling. Delivery date 11/18/03. The price has increased from last year, but this now includes 17 inch wheels and free service for 3 years or 30K miles. So it evens out.

    I have looked at every mid sized SUV out there and I kept coming back to the Volvo. The safety features and the ride won me over. There are no seven seaters with this great a ride. The car is more expensive than some of the competition, but in the end I had to go with what appears to be the safest SUV on the planet.

    Thanks to all who posted messages. I will keep you updated.
  • simbp215simbp215 Member Posts: 1
    Not sure if everyone is aware but Volvo recently put the XC-90 on the ford X-Plan. So far X-Plan prices beat all of the deals people have posted. The only hurdle is working for a company that offers the X-Plan (or knowing someone who does).
    As an example a T6 with the prmium package, climate package, versatility package, wood steering wheel and a leather gear shifter would MSRP for $45,170 but you could get it under the X-Plan for $43,055 with no negotiating.
    Here are all the current X-Plan prices:

    XC90 PRICES: MSRP X Plan Price
    Base Car
    XC90 2.5T $34,440 $33,058
    XC90 T6 Automatic $40,565 $38,930
    Destination Charge $685 $685

    Premium Package T6 AWD $1,300 $1,141
    Premium Package 2.5T $3,825 $3,354
    Climate Package $595 $522
    Versatility Package $1,675 $1,469
    Security Package $675 $592

    Stand Alone Options
    Metallic paint $450 $395
    All Wheel Drive $1,750 $1,535
    Center Booster Cushion $150 $132
    Rear Audio Head Phone $100 $88
    Navigational System $1,895 $1,662
    Premium Sound System $750 $658
    Cargo Net $300 $264
    Subwoofer $300 $264
    Reverse Warning System $400 $351
    Bi-xenon Headlamps $500 $439
    Wood Steering Wheels $300 $264
    Leather Gear Shift Knob $50 $44
    Aluminum 18" Alloy Wheels $750 $658
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    how do you find out if you work for a company that offers the X-Plan?
  • eschuteschut Member Posts: 5
    Gotta thank simbp215 for the tip! Purchased a 2004 ruby red AWD XC 90 with Premium Package, Versatility Package, Climate Package, Wood steering wheel, Back-up warning indicator and Xenon headlight package for 41K even last week using X-plan numbers as a starting point for negotiating. The dealer even gave me a pretty good trade-in on our 2000 Forester. If anyone is looking for a good place to deal in the MD area I would recommend this dealership. It was about an hour and 15 minute drive for us but definitely worth it.

  • keithwandkeithwand Member Posts: 23
    What is a good lease price with 0 down, 36 months term and 12,000 annual miles for:

    XC90 T6
    Wood Wheel

    Quoted $600.00 a month inc. tax and aq. fee.
    Up front money is for 1st month, title and transfer.
    Car not in stock and told them to call when a car like it becomes available.

    How much extra if Versitility, Xenon and Reverse Warning added to the above?
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34
    $1200 rebate on all XC90 cars purchased or ordered from Dec 5 thru Dec 15.
  • beemergirlbeemergirl Member Posts: 10
    Where do you find the information on the 1200 dollar rebate on the XC90? I have checked several sights and can't seem to find any specials on the vehicle.
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34
    The head of internet sales at Red Bank Volvo in Red Bank, New Jersey told me about this promotion.
  • beemergirlbeemergirl Member Posts: 10
    Thanks xraymanrr. I live in Seattle I will check some of the dealerships.
  • mmpmmp Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm interested in an XC90 and am eligible for X Plan pricing. Can anyone recommend any Central NJ dealerships that accept the plan?

    Thanks in advance!
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34
    I E-mailed all dealers and told them I was interested in ordering a 2.5T XC90 AWD with metallic paint, premium package, versatility package, & navigation system. I told them I was interested in Ford X-Plan prices or better.

    Dealers in Eastern Pa and Delaware were asking for MSRP to $1000 off. Most New Jersey dealers were giving the same price. However, I found several Central Jersey dealers more willing to deal. Smythe Volvo in Summit, NJ asked for $1900 off MSRP. South Shore Volvo, Marmoa, NJ asked for $2000 off MSRP. Red Bank Volvo, Red Bank, NJ gave me a quote lower than Ford X-Plan prices at $2500 off MSRP. I ordered my car this week at Garden State Volvo, Manasquan, NJ and they gave me a lot more off. They even thru in a climate package to close the deal. After I ordered my car, Red Bank Volvo came back with a quote of $3700 off MSPR(they claim there is a $1200 Volvo rebate included in this price). I told them I already ordereded a car at a lower price. I will let everyone know what I paid when it arrives in approximately 7 weeks.

    If this post is beneficial to anyone, please post your deal. I would like to know that I was helpful.

    mmp: I listed four dealerships above. If you contact them negotiate for prices below Ford X-Plan prices. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.
  • beemergirlbeemergirl Member Posts: 10
    It sounds like the East Coast has the deals and the rebate right now. Anyone know if Washington State dealerships have the rebate or are giving any deals off the Msrp? I have checked with a couple dealerships in the Seattle area and they were not aware of any rebates nor are they dealing.
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34
    I contacted Volvo national head quarters and they told me there is no national rebate on the XC90. They told me there could be a regional rebate that they do not know about. Red Bank Volvo, Red Bank, New Jersey E-mailed me that they were giving a $1200 rebate from Dec 5 thru Dec 15 in addition to their extremely low prices(see previous posts). Since other dealers that I contacted in the area do not know about this rebate, I suppose Red Bank Volvo must be trying to move cars this time of the year because of a holiday slow down in sales. It sounds like a good time to buy a car in Central, New Jersey. I live in the suburbs of Phila and I drove a little more than an hour into New Jersey to get an incredible deal.
  • hoyasaxa99hoyasaxa99 Member Posts: 4
    Appreciate the heads up on Central Jersey dealerships! I'm in Delaware and no one nearby was willing to deal. In fact I have X-Plan through my employer and one nearby dealer started by saying they weren't offering X-Plan prices for the XC90 at all! I worked with Red Bank Volvo and Garden State Volvo, initially via email and eventually over the phone. Here's the breakdown of the negotiating for a 2004 XC90 AWD, Versatility, Climate, Premium, Rear Parking Assist. MSRP (inc. destination) $43000, X-Plan list $40680, Invoice $39893
    1)Called Red Bank, asked about their 1200 rebate off of X-Plan, they offered $39640 right off the bat. I told them to look at the X-Plan sheet and call me back, b/c the offer was for $1040 below X-Plan, not $1200.
    2)Called Garden State, asked for better than 1200 off X-Plan, they offered $40495. I referenced Red bank Quote and they said they'd call back.
    3)Garden State returned with a $39495 offer. I said I'd get back to them.
    4)My local Delaware guy where I did the test drive called up, I told his there were some loonies in Central NJ selling at invoice, he said Mazel Tov and good luck cause there's no way he's gonna match that! ;-)
    4)Red Bank called back with a $39390 offer, but after talking through the extra fees (Doc prep and out of state temp tag), the difference was only $75.
    5)Called back Garden State, they threw in floor mats and I did the deal. I probably could have saved an extra 50-100 in a final grind, but I'm not a negotiator by nature and already was feeling 'guilty' at this point about the whole thing (I know, no reason the feel guilty...)

    So in the end I scored a new XC90 for below invoice (3500 below MSRP), and I can pick it up anytime (probably next week, they're about 100 miles away from me.) I'm really psyched to surprise my wife with this one! (It'll be her car, she has no idea)

    Anyway, thanks for the tip, it saved me over three grand!!!
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34

    Congradulations on your new car purchase. I negotiated a deal very similar to your deal at Garden State Volvo, Manasquan, NJ. The XC90 that I ordered had a higher MSRP of $44,595. In return, I also got a little more off on the car( $4068 off MSRP ).
  • xc90fan03xc90fan03 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone been able to use the X-Plan prices as a negotiating point even though they themselves are not eligible to participate in the X-Plan?
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    Has anyone been able to use the X-Plan prices as a negotiating point even though they themselves are not eligible to participate in the X-Plan?


    How would one do that, exactly?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,702
    ever play poker? :) i don't think it would really work though. it's pretty easy to find out.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • mdandgmdandg Member Posts: 11
    It is my plan to negotiate using XPlan pricing even though I cannot participate. I will let you know how it works.

    Also if I remember correctly there was a posting not long ago where this was attempted and the buyer got $1500 off the MSRP. I recall it was in PA that this happened.
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34
    To actually make a deal with Ford X-Plan prices you need a pin number. The dealers use this pin number to get a rebate from Ford to maintain their profit margin. Without this pin number you will not be able to close the deal.
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    ever play poker? :) i don't think it would really work though. it's pretty easy to find out.

    My sentiments exactly! I'm an avid poker player and it would be akin to playing 3-card bluff with all your cards showing. Or like Russian roulette with all six chambers loaded. :›
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,702
    if this were another card game, we'd have to say 'go fish'. :)
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • eschuteschut Member Posts: 5
    I kind of did what you are suggesting. After hearing about the great deal you could get with an X-plan, I called Ford to see if I could enroll my company (we are an indirect supplier). They said no we weren't large enough. I then did a google search on X-plan and found a 4X4 discussion group that was talking a lot about it. One of the debates was if "friends" were eligible for x-plan. A Ford employee said that they were and also said he was willing to sponsor anyone that e-mailed him. I took him up on his offer and he got me a pin number. I took that pin number to Village Volvo in MD and we started our negotiations from there.

    Actually I would have been quite happy with X-plan pricing but they couldn't find the car I wanted. Since the ruby red AWD car they found had a couple other bells and whistles on it, they threw those in for free. Now I think the wood steering wheel, reverse warning and Xenon headlights are some of the best things on the car. For an even 41K I got an '04 ruby red, AWD, 2.5, Xenon lights, Climate package, Premium sound, third row seating, wood steering wheel, reverse warning, floor mats and Volvo roadside assistance.

    I was pretty happy with the deal.

  • mdandgmdandg Member Posts: 11

    Any chance you can provide more information concerning how to connect with the person who provided you with the Pin number? Or maybe how to connect with you more directly for the details. Thanks
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    We'd prefer that you not give commercial contact information. Also, you can make your email address visible in your user profile which is preferable to posting your address directly in a posting.

    tidester, host
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,702
    sounds like your persistence paid off, although there isn't really a lot of room on the invoice vs the msrp. congrats.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • dhwongdhwong Member Posts: 1
    I have just ordered my 2004 2.5T XC90 AWD with Versatility, Climate, Premium, Rear Parking Assist. MSRP (inc. destination) $43000, Invoice $39893. My dealer gave me $40393 (inc. destination). The salesman said he gave me invoice price plus $1500. But from the data I have I only pay 500 over the invoice. So I don't konw if the base price has been reduced or the dealers have some kind of rebate from Volvo. The salesman even said I can get another 500 back for each car if we (my brother and I) buy two.

    I live in central Jersey.
  • esaculesacul Member Posts: 11
    OK.I am new to this. So, please help me out you X Plan experts. Let us say I negotiate down to $2k off the MSRP and let us assume that, this is the best offer this dealer will make. Can I then pull out my X Plan number and say give me this additional discount too? Assuming the whole Xplan rebate amount is paid to the dealer by Ford/Volvo, there should not be any problem because the dealer is not losing anything. But I want to make sure that indeed is the case. THESE NUMBERS ARE ONLY A SCENARIO THAT I BUILT UP, I AM YET TO GO TO THE DEALER. Thanks for any help from you expert negotiators.
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34

    Dealers get a rebate from Ford on the X-Plan if you have a pin number. Therefore, you should ask for an additional discount to close the deal . This would be off your best possible price.
  • rodc1rodc1 Member Posts: 36
    You only get one price, no negotiation. The Xplan price is a certain percentage above invoice. You present your pin number and you are shown the invoice and the amount over invoice that you pay. If you decide to negotiate a price without mentioning xplan, great that's your price.
    If after negotiating you decide to bring up xplan, first you'll piss off the salesman who will think you're playing games(ask me how i know), then just tell you what your xplan price will be. So if you want to see if your negotiating skills are good go to a dealer and ask for xplan pricing on a vehicle that is equipped the way you want. Then go to another dealer and try to see if you can beat your own already well defined price. There is no "additional xplan rebate' as has been implied.
  • esaculesacul Member Posts: 11
    Answer 51 & 52 are contradicting each other and I am confused now. But I thank you both of you for giving the opinion.
  • rodc1rodc1 Member Posts: 36
    If you are not clear about xplan at this point you may want to ask about it in the"Any questions for a car dealer" forum. There are several ford dealers who are regulars in that forum.
  • hoyasaxa99hoyasaxa99 Member Posts: 4
    X-Plan is a pricing program, not a rebate program. X-Plan prices (which come out to 96% of MSRP for the base model, and 88% of MSRP for all factory installed options) are accepted by the dealer without hassle or negotiation, and in return the dealer gets an extra payment (I think $150) from Volvo for participating. This X-Plan "rebate" is similar to dealer holdback, it's a set amount that the dealer gets from Volvo, but it's not an advertised "rebate" that the dealer will pass on to the customer. So you can't go in and ask for an X-Plan rebate, as no such rebate exists. Additionally, X-Plan documentation states that you must identify yourself immediately as a X-Plan participant to get the X-Plan pricing.

    But, if you're trying to negotiate down below X-Plan prices, the fact that you're an X-Plan member may help you get a few final dollars off, since the dealership will consider that they get a hundred or two extra from Volvo by submitting your X-Plan Pin with the sales paperwork. The strategy I found most effective was to contact the dealership and let them know you are an X-Plan participant but are looking for deals better than the X-Plan pricing (since you can get X-Plan prices just about anywhere, they must come up with a better deal to win your business.) That way you save both yourself and the dealer time if they're not willing to deal below those prices, plus you establish a pretty low bar to begin negotiations (since the lower X-Plan is the starting point, not MSRP)

    Happy hunting!
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