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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid



  • - Does anyone know if the VIP warranties are fixed prices or negotiable? I'm looking for details for one on a 2006 V70 2.4

    - What prices have people paid out there? I'm looking at a 6 or 7yr 100k version. I've been quoted 1500-2200 for the 6yr, 1800-2600 for the 7 yr.

    - Does the price go up if you buy it before driving off the lot vs buying it at 47 months/49k miles?

  • Found some of the answers myself on another message board - swedespeed

    VIP warranties are subject to negotiation - significant dealer margin to play with.

    Yes, the price of the warranty goes up ~215-250, it sounds like, if you're over 15k miles (and/or a certain age - 15 months, I think). I don't know if it goes up further at other mile steps. Plus, it requires that you bring the vehicle into the dealership selling the warranty for an oil change - I assume that is also so the dealership can take a gander at the vehicle's overall condition.
  • The offer I have in front of me is

    XC70 with
    Sat Prep

    $2400 down and $483 per month. This is all costs
    Is this a good deal?
  • kabillkabill Posts: 35
    I've heard that the best deal possible on any Volvo is to fly to Sweden, buy your vehicle there and arrange shipping yourself to the US. My understanding, from someone who bought an XC90 this way, was that they beat any stateside deal by thousands of dollars, including the money they spent on their Swedish vacation/ business trip. I realize this doesn't do much for the US economy, but has anybody here done this or looked into it?
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    Yes you can but I still think you arrange this through your dealer - check the Volvo website for more info. I think you get a factory tour when picking up your Volvo some hotel reservations and tour parts of Europe a bit back to the docks, put your Volvo on the boat and fly back.

    Check the insurance though, you don't want any boating incidents in the English Channel once you have taken delivery ;)
  • ak47ak47 Posts: 1
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to know if anyone has recommendations as to a dealership to work with to procure a V70R. If you already bought one, I'm also interested in the "out-the-door" price you negotiated. Thanks.
  • shows a $500 manufacturer-dealer inentive on the XC70. shows $4500. Does anyone know which of these is correct?
  • Going through Volvo Overseas Delivery (OSD), you can get a pretty good deal, plus you can order the car with specific options not usually available stateside (because of packages designed for a certain market).

    Go to or do a Google search for "Volvo OSD" plus your city/state. You can also do such a search with "Price list" and find a few places that publish the prices, which are fixed.

    The price includes r/t tix to Sweden (for 2, I think) and a factory tour, plus shipment (and insurance) back to the US. Other options for tours are available, or you can plan a N. Europe tour on your own and drop it off in Sweden or other places and they'll ship it back (details on the website).

    For us overseas mil types, there's a similar deal, but the cost is about $1500 cheaper (and no plane tix).

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, BMW and Saab are the only other European manufacturers to offer similar programs.
  • ldtmldtm Posts: 8
    We are thinking about putting in a factory order for an '06 manual V70 2.4 with
    3rd row
    roof rails
    no metallic paint and we want the manual trans. f/o only b/c we cannot find this exact car on a lot. Is 29,500 a fair price? I keep reading sales are down and am starting to wonder if this is the car we should be purchasing (have waited a long time to make this purchase after incredibly reliable 92 accord). Anyone know when they stop doing f/o for the year in case we decide to wait until later in the year? Also if there is someone out there who can report on 2.4 manual (no turbo) would appreciate it. Thanks.
  • drelbdrelb Posts: 2
    We bought exactly the same car in the 2005 model, except with Titanium grey metallic. Paid 29K

    We love it--no problems at all thus far. It gets 30-32 mpg on the highway, which was a pleasant surprise.

    It handles and corners surprisingly well, and the pickup with the manual (even with the non-turbo 2.4) is really pretty good: at lights, my boring wagon regularly smokes those turkeys in 'sport sedans' with automatic transmissions.

  • ldtmldtm Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info! and I am glad to hear it handles so well - it was my hope to hear just that. I'm curious, was your car a factory order?
  • drelbdrelb Posts: 2
    No, it was a new car in my dealer's on site inventory. I had earlier e-mailed around requesting a manual 2.4 V70, and only a couple of dealers here (DC area) had them in stock. I picked the dealer who, at the time, appeared more ready to negotiate. Almost nobody wants a stick (the fools don't know what they're missing!), so we had some leverage in the negotiation.

    The roof rails and 3rd row seat were installed at the dealer, as was the cargo net, etc.

  • ldtmldtm Posts: 8
    Thanks for the details - you are right there are not too many around and they are so fun to drive! I can't imagine driving an automatic even with my 2 kids in tow! I think I'll do some more hunting around even if I have to drive a little bit to see if I can find one on a lot. Obviously factory order takes away that ability to help clear the inventory.
  • $33995 with 15000 miles on it and i was told it used to be a rental. You have to admit that was funny. Do you think I'm getting a fair deal?
  • musrhmusrh Posts: 5
    Just put a deposit down on a 2006 XC70 with the following equipment:

    Lava Sand Met. Paint, Taupe leather interior
    Sat Prep
    Booster Seats
    Xenon Headlights
    Xenia Wheels

    Total price: $37,492 plus tax, title, and tags

    I paid a few bucks more for some rubber floormats and mud flaps.

    Any comments on the deal???

    Got it at Motorcars Volvo in Bedford, OH
  • musrhmusrh Posts: 5
    Volvo has 3500-4500 cash back on 2006 might be better off getting a new one...33,995 seems high to me.
  • klikli Posts: 3
    they have a 2006 XC 70 service loaner for $34995. it has only 6200 miles on it. this is from the Volvo dealer in bedford OH.

    I don't think what you mentioned was a good deal at all.
  • klikli Posts: 3
    is the $3500 to $4500 manufacturer to dealer rebate still valid?
  • musrhmusrh Posts: 5
    I think told me it was through the end of March.
  • konkarkonkar Posts: 1
    Is $32,000 for 06-V70 2.5 T with Premium pkg + Convenience pkg + Climate pkg in metalic color ( including all incentives) is a good deal ?
    Need to make a quick decision. Thanks
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    A poster in the High End Luxury Models forum posted the ALG residual values list last week. It makes for interesting reading and is worth printing out.

    The XC90, naturally, has great resale. It is the latest and the best. Couples "making it" just have to have one in their three car garage. The resale on the XC70 is one category lower. Hmm. This lower resale percentage makes a used XC an attractive proposition. Afterall, it can do everything an XC90 can do and is a lot less money.
  • ctwestiectwestie Posts: 2
    I have a quote from a dealer for a XC70 Premium pkg, climate pkg, paint & convenience pkg for $34,972. This looks 2k high to me. Or is the $34.9 the proper pricing? Any thoughts?
  • klikli Posts: 3
    what dealer did you get that quote? seems very good to me.

    Cleveland Ohio area is about 38000, the best I heard.
  • ctwestiectwestie Posts: 2
    It is from Milford, CT. The price is around the same at other dealerships.
  • collins5collins5 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 XC70 last week in Fairfax, VV for $32,700 (plus $695 freight). Premium, climate, booster seats and metallic paint. Maybe they can match this price. I found it online at Fairfax Volvo. I love it so far.
  • collins5collins5 Posts: 2
    I meant to type VA, not VV.
  • dukie2dukie2 Posts: 1
    We are considering buying one of these 2 vehicles. This would be the first Volvo for us. Can any of you "seasoned" Volvo owners offer any advice on which one would be the best buy? We live in NC and don't really need the AWD of the XC70 but we like the sportier look. The current Volvo dealer incentives would make the XC70 the better buy because the incentives are higher than that for the V70. We are a bit concerned about reports of "sluggish acceleration" and "heavier steering" on the XC70. I assume the resale value on the XC70 would be higher than the V70?
    Is there any obvious differences between the two that would make our decision easier? We are being quoted $33340 for a 2006 XC70 w/Premium & Climate packages, and about $32500 for the V70 with the same packages. We are also being quoted $30100 for a V70 service loaner with 4200 miles on the clock.
    Also we are considering a 2007 VW Passat Wagon 2.0T, any thoughts on that vehicle?
    Any help would be most apprciated, we plan to buy very soon.
  • musrhmusrh Posts: 5
    Both the XC70 and the V70 are great cars. I recently purchased a fully loaded (prem, climate, convenience, xenon, wheels, etc.) 2006 XC in Cleveland for $37,492. That is about $7k under sticker, $3500 under invoice. Now, I love driving the XC. The XC has plenty of engine and handles very well. My brother has the V70...he wishes he could have the XC.

    Finally, stay away from VW. The reason that I got a new car was becuase I won a 2-year lawsuit against VW for my Touareg lemon. Having been in the service dept. 20 times, I heard a lot of horror stories from other VW owners. Cars look great, drive fine, but they fall apart and the brains of the car are totally unreliable. My two cents.

    I would go ahead and pull the trigger on the won't be dissapointed.
  • cruxdynocruxdyno Posts: 3
    I found myself a 2006 XC70 owned just for a few months by a senior couple. It turned out that the wife didn't like the feel of a wagon and decided to sell it for a 2007 Jaguar instead. I'm getting it for $29,900 which I think is a good deal. The accelleration was impressive. I'll write more of a review when I drive it more.
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