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Chevrolet Silverado Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vly1vly1 Posts: 7
    I made a deal on this GMC. For your information.
    The MSRP was bump up $1000 a few days after I brought it.
    Greaat... They bump the MSRP and give you an extra $1,000 rebate. Good Game.

    2009 GMC Sierra SLE (2wd ext. cab) 4.8 liter basic truck no package.
    MSRP - $29,200

    Dealer discount about $3500
    Rebates - $5500 ($5000 rebate and $500 for waiving the 60 day return)

    Price OTD include tax 8.75% and licenses - $22,000 (should had been $21,000 OTD)

    Location - Louisiana

    I didn't want to negotiate and told them in the beginning I'll buy it for $22,000 OTD with tax included. They wanted $23,800 OTD and called me called me back in when I was getting into my car to leave agreeing on $22,000 Drive Out. You should never rush to buy even though I thought $23,800 was a reasonable deal. I guess I really wanted it like impulse buying.

    I got about $ 9000 discount off msrp. (I should of waited a little longer and got a $10,000 usual discount. So my deal was about average )

    I just got ripped by $1,000.

    After driving for a week, I would have prefer a Toyota Tundra double cab with many other things standard on the truck. I know it would cost a few thousand more, but in the end, it would be worth it.

    I feel like I'm driving a $15,000 outdated truck.
  • Hello,

    Looking for your thoughts. I have been working with a local dealer on the above truck. MSRP $43,000. Options include:
    6.0L Engine, 6speed Trans, Max Trailer Package, Exterior Plus, Safety Package, Interior Plus, Trailer Brake, Bose, and Dual automatic seats. Working with the Dealer for 2 weeks and they are offering $39K out the door (tax rate is 8.75% plus 1500 license). Is this a good deal? Your thoughts?
  • make that 150 for license.
  • Is that $39k before rebates? If so, that's a bit over 10%, which is excellent. If it's after rebates, not good. The rebates are anywhere between $3500 and $5k.
    If it's $39k then rebates and some GM point or the topoff you're at $10k+ off.

    I'm still annoyied about not getting the topoff. I don't qualify for it because I have $5K+ in points. So I have a lower redemption allowance than someone who got the topoff. makes alot of sense.
  • That is $39k with the 0percent financing. After doing the math and calculating the interest, it seemed that I would be saving with the 0 percent vs. taking the rebates over the life of the loan. I am new to this and only bought one other car. In which case, I did everything that I was not suppose to do and got hosed.
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    I paid $39k for an '09 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab, long wheel base 2WD, Duramax, LT1 with all the usual goodies. It has the towing packages, 17" all terrain tires, aluminum wheels, Bluetooth, etc.

    The price was after a $3,500 rebate back in early July.
  • The offer from the dealership for the truck in question brakes down like this:
    MSRP with Destination Charge=$36705
    Rebates=$4000 ($2000 rebate, $1000 Bonus, $1000 Old Age(? older inventory)
    The quote from the dealer= $30176 + Tax, Title License

    Invoice $33038-Factory Holback $1071.3-rebates $4000= $27966.7+$995= $28961.7
    Delear profit would be $1214.3 or roughly 4%

    The deal seems really to good to be true. should I even offer less than the quote? I am not going to finance through the dealer and I am not sure if they will try and pull the advertising, dealer prep, vin# etching, and dealer floor plan assistance scams but I hate to not make a lower counter offer.
  • cochbrcochbr Posts: 13
    edited March 2010
    Not much activity going on here, but I thought I'd post my purchase info:
    MSRP: 32,465 (Base price + Texas Edition + Seat Adjuster-Driver Side + Dest)
    Negotiated: $29,000
    Cash Rebate: -$4000
    GMAC Financing: -$1000
    Sale Price: $24,000
    + had dealer throw in matching front windows tint AND chrome sidesteps.

    Joe/Jason at Mac Haik Houston were tough negotiators, but cordial the entire process. Negative reviews on Google, but my experience was all positive.
  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72
    Excellent deal, thats better than 10% off. Good work.
  • skipnsbskipnsb Posts: 12
    Can you recommend a dealer in the Central Florida/Jacksonville/Melbourne area who are willing to give the kinds of deals I see on this board? Skip
  • rsmith8rsmith8 Posts: 47
    I am supposed to see dealer tomorrow AM to check out a 2010 Silverado 1500 LT 2WD Extended Cab with Texas Edition and Black Granite exterior color option (MSRP $32,385, quoting $23,548 +TTL, based on owning a qualifying Toyota). Or, $8,837 off the sticker. This one was delivered in May 2010, so it isn't an "aged" unit. I guess it will depend if he will give me fair market value for my '04 4Runner. I do expect to see some deals over Memorial Day weekend, so I don't want to be too anxious.

    What do you think?
  • cochbrcochbr Posts: 13
    Good price, I think. I got the nerf bars and window tint thrown in, so I'd figure that to be worth around $4-600, which if you subtract that from my price, it'd be right around yours. Of course, if you trade-in your Toyota, then they will make up some $ there. But, you'll know you're getting the best price when you lowball them, get to the point of walking out the door, and see what their counter-offer is or match to your offer. I'd also venture to say you'd have a more flexible salesperson on May 31... last day of month.
  • rsmith8rsmith8 Posts: 47
    When I got to Wiesner Inc. Huntsville, TX this morning he had the exact truck and the exact price we had discussed. I drove it and liked it. However, this dealer sells GMC as well as Chevrolet and he also had a fresh (May 2010) GMC Sierra Texas Edition, Pure Silver Metallic with MSRP of $32,660 (including destination and -$1000 Texas Edition discount). The GMC is slightly different. I drove it and liked it better. I preferred the design of the GMC's 20" wheels and front bumper better. Also, the GMC's 6 speed automatic has a "manual" mode which I think I'll like better than the Chevy's when on the freeway in slight hills. I can simply select 6th gear and it will not downshift. The dealer gave me what I thought was a fair price, $12,000, for my 4Runner (78,000 miles) and took my American Express green card for all but $7,500 of the balance. I had to finance a minimum of $7,500 with GM to qualify for $1,000 of the rebates. However, I can pay off the balance after 120 days if I choose.
  • Bought a 2006 Silverado 1 year ago, took it back shortly after buying it,because transmission shifted hard, had transmission flushed and went on my way ( didn't make a difference) shortly after that, had to take it back in for a bad hub assembly......looked under the truck to find the transmission lines they remove to flush the system were fixed hub and replaced lines......two month later.......check engine light came on took back to dealer they replaced the canister for it's been 2 weeks and now it's going back in for the ABS system (no light).....I needed this truck because I'm in the fire service, (had a trailblazer ,but was to small,also had high mileage)moved up 2 years and was happy to finally get a pick-up,,,,,,wife not happy ( "you wanted that damn truck") can't afford to keep taking back week after week, and can't get my money back out of it to trade it keep's having :sick: problems and the dealer is repairing them, but shouldn't have to keep taking it back so much.....but now I have no were to turn........
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    This is my first post on here so i hope i'm doing this right. I have been driving chevys for over 30 year's now and have alway's been a believer in GM but recently i just bought a 2006 Silverado. 2 day's after having it the engine light came on, since it needed an emission test for certification i thought it was pretty strange, instead of calling the dealership where i made the purchase i brought it to my own personal mechanic, PO455 was the code otherwise a large leak was somewhere in the system. After getting that new's i called the dealership and complained, they said no problem and i made the 110 mile drive and left the truck with them for 4 day's. Again 2 day's after i got back home the engine light came on again so im guessing they just reset the code to make me go away. After all of that my real ? is i was told they can do a smoke test to determine where the leak is, i'm wondering how acurate a test like that can be to find the leak so i can get the problem corrected.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Crusin57,
    I apologize that you have been experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Please keep me informed on how the test goes at the dealership. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    Hello Mariah @ GM customer service.

    I will say my purchase was from a dealership but not a GM Dealership. I have alway's had great service from GM over the year's. I'm just frustrated with the other place of purchase and believed that they would stand behind a new sale, I will keep you posted on the test and result's.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Cruzin57,
    Thank you for keeping me posted. :)
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    Well my truck was in the shop for 4 hrs, it had a smoke test done and a new canister and solinoid was installed, i had po455 code showing up before the repair, i watch the entire process being done and the hrs the mechanic worked in it so i know he's telling the truth. After that po455 was gone, wow i was happy, the very next day my engine light comes back on, now the code say's po496,

    This is the biggest POS i have ever owned from GM, everyday it seems like a new problem, never again will i buy a truck from GM.

    So now it's heading back to the shop again, i have dumped over 600 in repairs and i have only had it 5 weeks. out of that 5 weeks its been in the shop for 10 days total. totally frustrated
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Crusin57,
    I would like to have an agent look at your concerns further. In order to do this I will need you to email me contact information, dealership, VIN, current mileage and best time to contact you. You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    Had the EVAP purge valve replaced today, at 74 bucks for the part and labour install. So far the engine light is still off, i really hope this was the last emission issue i have at least for a long time

    Guess i'll find out soon enough, hopefully now i can concentrate on the other crap that is wrong with the truck.
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    edited August 2010
    Well it has been 5 day's and my engine light is still off. Guess the purge valve was the final part iin my emission and engine light frustration. Now i just found that the transfer case has a oil leak where the left front axle comes out. somehow i'm not even surprised, back to my mechanic on Fri to see what's involved with fixing that problem.
  • hello Mariah..I was reading some of the post here on Edmunds and wondered if you were an employee of GM with their customer service division ? I have had air conditioner problems with my Chevy Malibu since the first year of ownership. I have had the control unit the condenser and the compressor ( I paid for ) replaced by the dealer and the AC still does not work. I also had the throttle cable and pedal assembly replaced ( I paid for ) even though there was a recall for that problem. why hasn't a recall been issued on the AC problem which is systemic throughout the model years ? why can't the dealer fix the problem ? I have had the car into the dealership and had to pay for rental cars I'd say 6 or more times. can you help ? frustrated doesn't come close to my feelings about the issues.
  • 2010 silverado 1500 2wd WT/LB
    upgrade tires
    HD suspension
    Locking Diff
    Cruise contol
    sticker $23500
    trade: 1997 Isuzu Hombre 2wd PU w/93k miles(rusted body)
    $13500 with trade. No money out of pocket.
  • We are looking to buy a 2011 Silverado 1500 ext cab with the 4.8 v8. With the factory incentives and GM employee discount, the best the dealership was willing to do on a LS was 24k out the door? What are your thoughts on this?

    Over at GM the best we could get on a 2010 GMC Sierra SLE 1500 ext. cab with the 4.8L v8 was $23k out the door.

    Are these fair prices with the Employee discount and factory incentives? Should we spend the extra grand and get the 2011 Silverado?

    Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • I got a 2010 Silverado Ext cab, LT with the 5.3 for for 21K out the door. Military price (similiar to employee price), 5K rebate from GM, $750 rebate from USAA. I think you should push for 22-23K OTD. The Sierra and Silverado are the same except for some body styling differences on the grill and tailgate badging. usually the GMC's are slightly more. Good luck.
  • nibsnibs Posts: 65
    I figure I received a 28% discount on my new truck. Granted, it was a dealer owner demo w/9k KMs on it. Nothing that could hurt it. Truck is absolutely loaded except a DVD screen and Nav. But Nav is available through Onstar.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • dsabldveterandsabldveteran Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I bought a brand new Chevy. The vehicle cost 44,000 dollars. After a break in the auto body company discovered the vehicle had been in two accidents and repainted on both sides of vehicle. The auto body company had to remove the previous work because it was done so poorly the paint was failing and in some areas they painted over dirt. Dealership denied any repair work and even looked at me like I was trying to pull a fast one. I called GM and they had information of repair to the brand new vehicle. I told dealership one and they then told me (OK) it has been involved in two accidents one month apart from each other that involved body and repaint to each side of vehicle. This vehicle was a dealer trade and dealership one claims they did not know it was damaged when they sold it they claim dealership two did not disclose this information to them. The vehicle was in the shop for 33 days while the dealerships worked on who was going to pay the extra to remove the poor very poor work that was done so my body guy could finish his work. The vehicle is still not fixed on the other side of the vehicle. The dealership who sold me the vehicle sold his franchise and left me holding the bag. I went to dealership two who shipped this vehicle across state line without disclosing these issues and ask for all repair work form or information they had on this vehicle. They gave me two work orders that confirm the repair work but they claim the customer was dealership one when dealership one did not receive ownership until two months after the repairs were done. Why have they changed names on work order documents and continue to hide this issue of disclosure. I have the documents now in hand that claim the selling dealership was the customer during repairs when in fact they did not even have position of the vehicle during the time of repairs and by the way this dealership is no longer in business but the dealership who has changed documents and was the owner of the vehicle when repaired with faulty work and sent it across state lines with out disclosure? GM and the AG from two states are working this and I have a question before I sue. The dealership wants to make it right now and I am not sure what would be right for their intentional scam to rip me off. What would be fair to settle out of court? Will they make an offer or just a low ball car detail and repaint the vehicle again thing. I will not take a low ball offer. I was scammed and tired of being treated like an idiot who thought he was buying a brand new vehicle and was duped.
  • My husband and i are looking to buy a new 2011 crew cab 1500.

    He currently has a 2005 Chevy Silverado with 55k miles on it. We still owe $15k on it.

    Has anyone bought a 2011 crew cab recently? if so would you mind sharing your deal? what are your monthly payments? etc?
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