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2001 Dodge Ram

dbc3dbc3 Posts: 1
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Why is Dodge releasing the 2001 model Rams in
January of 2000?


  • It looks like a mini 18 wheeler
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    I've been posting on the 2000 Ram topic about once a week, but since my truck now appears will be a 2001 I am switching topics. After 15 weeks I am on another material hold. But the 800 number cann't tell me what it is this time except its not the paint or allocation. Still no build date. Why do I feel like a fool? They tell me I probably have price protection since it was ordered 9/14 but I will need to talk to the dealer about that. Since I have not had the dealer call me once since ordering the truck and feel like I've got the runaround the couple of times I called them, I think thats a waste right now. So much for a 5 star dealer. .... Rich
  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    I ordered my truck the 26th of Nov,and as of this AM it is in trim status. Should ship this week, it will be a 2001 and you can still use your Farm beura rebate. I have not been told by my dealer of any price increse and was told I had a hard and fast price. The truck is a 2500 QC 4X4 cummins tow,camper,4.10,auto.

  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    It Is in arrived at dealer, hope to pick up tonight.

  • You posted a couple of days ago that your truck was in trim status and its at the dealer 3 days later. Please tell me thats accurate cause that means mine will be in next week. I'll give the boys in shipping an "Attaboy" for that.
  • Can someone tell me how you find the status of your Dodge truck. I know I got a way to go, I only ordered it Dec. 28 99 but I'd still like to follow It's progress.
    Can any one tell me what the normal waiting time is the dealer told me 6to8 weeks but I know how that goes. I ordered 3500 4X4 deisel auto and more
  • west3west3 Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me exactly what's new on the 2001 2500 QC turbo diesel? Want the ETH, 6 speed, camper trailer,and snow plow options, if I can.
    Have heard that present 2001 are exactly same as 2000 with only ecm upgrades. Real 2001 begin prod. in july will feature larger pistons fuel pump,diff turbo etc.
  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    Thats real easy the info from the 800 number was not up to date. The day it shiped it was still in trim status on there computer. The only info I got that was right was the est ship date of Jan 11. I have the truck now and love it so does the wife. Just hang in there and good luck.

  • I know this has been addressed before but after spending an hour going back to all the postings I figured I would ask the question. Does any one know the codes for the status when your truck is in production? As soon as I get my VIN # I want to try tracking my truck.
  • sorry about the anonymous posting. DJfire07.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Is there a certain percentage or dollar amount for this? Anyone not paid it? Technically, ad fees are in with the 3% holdback amount.
  • I contacted DC yesterday to find out the status of my truck (2000 that rolled over to a 2001, built 1/13/00) I was told it's in KZA status. I don't see that code on my list so I asked what does KZA mean and he said that my truck was pulled from the line for a Quality Control check. Is this good or bad? I guess I can take it both ways. Anyone have any experience like this?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  • checked on my 2001 this morning and now my truck is back on "paint" status (don't recall code) This puppy is moving backwards! I querried the DC rep on the phone, how can I get different codes each time I call and she was speachless. I called back again and got another person that said he would have to call me back due to a problem with my truck..Not good.

    Hey you 2001 awaitees we better keep this site going or they are going to freeze it.

  • jerryg5jerryg5 Posts: 29
    Has anyone ever used the Farm Bureau $500 rebate for the purchase of a new Ram truck? Both the FB and Dodge websites mention it but niether give any details. Any help would be appretiated.
  • wiz1wiz1 Posts: 18
    KZA not on my list. KZ is built, ready to be shipped.My vehicle also went through the quality check..Thats good news since it should arrive with zero problems. They will also place a sticker, on the window, indicating your vehicle has been quality checked. Estimated time from KZ to the dealer, 13 days.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    19 weeks 2 days since I ordered my Ram. Wondering now if it will be a 2001, the 800 number couldn't tell me. Still on hold like last week for engine. I'm loosing interest. Our trip to Phoenix Jan 15 was posponed to March 1 and now I think we will cancel in the next few days as my new Ram 2500 is incapable of pulling even my modest 5th wheel. Anyone out there with a V10 order? How is your luck? .. Rich
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I ordered my 2K V10 on 7/27 and received it on 9/30. 4x4 QC LB AT. I never ran across any engine holds. Is yours a 5 spd.?
  • How do you figure your Ram 2500 is incapable of pulling your "modest" 5th wheel? I assume you have the Cummins on order?


    2001,QC,2500,LB,Cummins,SLT+,White w'sport package,4.10,LS...you name it! on order (ordered on 11/17/99) I'm the guy in so called KZA status.
  • I just called DC to check once again on my KZA? status 2001 and now they tell me my truck was CANCELLED BY THE DEALER! Yikes! I started this process last September (second truck on order due to problem with the first). You can be I will be burning up the phone lines.

    I'll let you know. That Ford PowerStroke is looking better all the time!

  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    just being a little sarcastic. You cann't pull with what you don't have. Just saw Wheels.com showing 8 week delevery and no holds on the V10. So what does that mean? I have the 2500 quad, V10, auto, 4x4, 4.10 rear, limited slip, SLT+ and a few other things. I think only thing not ordered was the cummins and sport package. ... Rich
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    There must be something screwy with your whole deal. I've been following these ram-associated topics since April '98, and nobody's truck took this long. Do I remember a post of yours some time ago saying that you got a pretty good deal? Maybe the dealer screwed up in your favor with his numbers, and he's hoping you'll get frustrated and cancel the deal. Somebody can't be telling you the truth about something. I've seen other postings stating that they've received their truck, and they ordered one similar to yours. I just think five months is completely out of line to wait for a truck to build. They build houses faster than they do your truck.

  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    I had that thought sometime ago. This deal was $2500 better than another dealer in this area. But my truck is worth less now if I go somewhere else since its older and more miles. I don't see an easy solution for me. I know the dealer didn't give me an alocation right away, that took till December to get a special allocation for the regioal sales office. As of 12/24 I supposedly have priority if an engine shows up. ... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    Since I have a web site I've thought of creating a web page for Dodge dealers I've known and not loved(G). ... Rich
  • Get this guys! I got a call from DC regarding my "cancelled" truck and now they say they have spoke with the plant manager and he said the previous truck they built for me was yanked from the production line and scraped due to QC problems. Yikes! They are now giving me a new VIN and tell me it's scheduled to ship 02/02/00.

    The saga continues...I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    I used the rebate on my 2001 2500 Qcab 4X4 SB. What you need to do is get intouch with your state Farm Bureau. www.fb.com is the national site you can find your state site from there. Have them send you the paper work to join, cost is 28.00 per year. You must be a member for 30 days to get the rebate.

  • I ordered mine on 1/10/00. as of 1/26 the truck is in D1 status with an estimated build date of 2/9. It will be coming from St. Louis to here in Detroit.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    Please keep me posted on your order. I ordered mine 9/14 and as of Friday was on hold for the engine (v10) and has been on hold for at least 1 1/2 weeks for that particular hold. What transmission did you order, mines tobe an auto. Transmission can effect engine setup. I'm also a 2500 4x4 quad. ... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    Well its still waiting on an v10 engine. I sure would like to know how your order is going COMPTIME. I was assured the problem is the engine and no dealer delay, although there was initially a dealer allocation problem. I would like to hear from anyone else who has a v10 on order. This engine hold has been for about 2 weeks. I've got other post on other list on this but switched when I thought my order would be switched from a 2000 to a 2001. ... Rich
  • Today DC told me it was built on Monday and Tuesday! They don't know where it is, though. Their elaborate tracking system isn't too up to date, I'm afraid. It's either on it's way or waiting for a ride.
    Mike, I wonder if ours are on a truck together right now. I get the feeling it's on it's way. My dealer said about 3 weeks ago that he thought I'd be driving it by the 20th. He seems to be pretty accurate so far. This morning (before I talked to DC) he didn't say anything about knowing that it was built. He probably hadn't checked at that point. I sometimes wonder if he knows more than he lets on to keep me from getting too anxious. I don't bug him much anyway (except with that 3.54 LSD thing!).
    Rich, I wondered about that same thing of getting the dealer number for Cassens without calling the dealer. You must like to avoid bugging your dealer as much as me. Although, for $32K+ we're entitled to bug them as much as we want! I bet your truck is built already too, the system just doesn't show it yet. Mike, you, and I seem to be living the same lives right now, although you certainly win the prize for suffering the longest!
    Cody: Your dealer can give you the VIN. Congrats on a record fast build.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    IS the ETH a myth ?? Anyone have one parked in their driveway ??
  • I ordered a (now) 2001 2500 Ram reg. cab, 4wd, 5 speed, V-10 with some goodies on Dec. 17, 1999. To date its in a BGL restricted status for who knows why. Dealer says he cannot get a straight answer, I can't get an answer from Dodge, so I wrote a letter to Detroit asking if they can give me a straight response as to what is the problem. I wrote them to say if they don't want to build the truck, I'll just buy a truck from Ford.
    Detroit says I have to get my info from the Dealer. I believe the dealer doesn't know, since I can wait, I just want to know when. Anybody out there try to write to Detroit to see if executive management approves of the "I don't know" answers?
    Thanks, Tiger
  • I was at the Dealer Monday night to have my trade appraised and my salesman told me to expect my truck later next week.(ship date of the 9th). He only heard of a restriction on the diesel and limited slip diff. I hope hes right because I'm closing on my loan for the truck on Sat.....
    As soon as its in I will let you all know....He did explain a little about the allocation problem some dealers experience. Its always better to order a truck from a dealer which moves alot of similiar trucks you ordered... If you want a diesel order from a dealer which sells alot of diesels. My dealer is a big truck seller so I'm hoping thats why everything is on schedule....Or boy am I in for a big surprise............................
  • I am a newbie, but I just got the word that my truck(2001,2500,QC,4x4,Cummins,6 spd,all but leather and snowplow,Garnett) ordered 1/18, is d1 status, and will be out of the factory 2/9/00. Hot damn!! Have no idea when delivery will be (Ft. Worth,TX), but I am READY!
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    Called the Dodge 800 number this morning and they were going to do some checking and get back. Ordered 9/14/99. 5:25 and still no call. Truck is 2500 SLT+ Quad 4x4 V10 Auto 4.10 and a few other things. Dealer is Don Schmit Dodge of Wichita Ks who had no allocation and did not tell me (I should have asked but I thought Chevy dealer were the only ones with allocation problems.) About 12/1 I found out from the 800 number the truck had no allocation. After that the dealer called the regional sales office and got me a special allocation. This took another 2 weeks. Then a hold for lack of paint (pearl forest green). We tried to change but no luck. Then a short hold for 4x4. Then the plant shut down for the holidays. Now for the last three weeks I am told its on hold because of the engine but no one can tell me why the engine is on hold.
  • The Cummins site has added the following

    "The H.O. Turbo Diesel churns out 505 lb-ft of
    torque, for a gross towing capacity in excess of 7
    1/2 tons (15,150 lb to be exact). That's more than
    Ford with a PowerStroke or Chevy/GMC Silverado."

    For a glimps at the 2002 Ram:


  • wiz1wiz1 Posts: 18
    Pick up my new 2001 4x4 6 speed tomorrow. It was ordered 12/20 and arrived at the dealer 2/9. It's INTENSE blue, with agate interior. If I can pry myself out of it next week, I may post more info.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    What was the mrsp on your truck ?
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    A low, low price of.............$39,475.
    Priced with all options in the previous post.

  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    So how do you like owning Rich's truck? :) sorry Rich. Congrats on your new ride. I'm sure Dodge engineers and marketing staffers just love their digital overhead console referred to as the "travel gadget". That's great!

    -busy this Sunday. Go #6!
  • wiz1wiz1 Posts: 18
    Well I don;t have the full breakdown in front of me, but I ll get ya real close:

    TRUCK 2001 2500 Regular Cab, SLT 4x4, DEE, ETH, Trailer tow mirrors, power seat, trailer tow pack, camper special pack, snow plow prep pack, cab clearance lights, on/off road tires ( M&S), 4:10, anti-spin,sliding rear window, dest charge $650.

    Sticker was 33k + , got the truck out the door for $31,640, which included a 5.5% Ohio sales tax.
    Dealer claimed it was $200 over invoice, and I also used the Farm Bureau to bring that figure down to $31,140. I'm a shopper, and didn't find anyone to beat that price in my area. One dealer was close, but this is the 3rd truck I've purchased from the dealership. I picked it up last Saturday, and it's great!. The only thing Dodge should do different is to make the new GPD trailer tow mirrors power, and heated. Suprised they didn't. I had the window sticker laminated, so if you need the EXACT figures, let me know, but everythings real close....
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I needed bars on my V10 4x4 also. I can highly recommend the Smittybilt SureSteps in stainless steel. They have the non-slip step inserts, mount without drilling in about an hour, and look great.
    Congrats on your new truck.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    I think it's time for me to work on plans "B" and "C". "C" involves theft. Since yours is the only recent V10 on the board you better hope "B" works(G). Hope your enjoying your(my) truck. ... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 412
    Got a vin number and in "D" status! Yea! Supposed to have a build date by middle of next week. Am I dreaming? Guess I'll put plans "B" and "C" on hold. ... Rich
  • Well, my truck is sitting in mexico waiting for a train. Does anyone know what rail road DC uses to ship from mexico to N.J. I would like to trace it
    Thanks Mike
  • Buy the way it's a 2001 3500 std cab 4X4 cummins deisel, slt, auto, trailer, tow, sliding rear window, anti slip Diff, remote keyless entry, am/fm stereo with CD, on/off road tires under coated and rust proofing . Ordered it 12/28/99 out the door $30,880 plus sales tax
  • Union Pacific brought my truck to Jacksonville Fl, then a semi brought it to the south.
    myuprr.com is the address if you have the VIN.
    It took them 24 days to send it from Mexico to the dealer. Will pick it up Monday and will let you know what I find, can't wait!
  • Mike use the following address with out the WWW
    then put your vin in the box provided and thats it.
    If it doesn't find the truck then, call the DC number that gives the updates on production and they should have a rail car number that you can put in, in place of the vin.
    Good luck.
  • I have good news and bad news the good news is deisel went down $1.79 from $2.20 two weeks ago in N.J. the bad news is that the gas prices are going up, just in time for the summer. we should raise the food prices so they can eat sand and drink oil
    By the way does any body know were I can see a 3500 with a standard cab. Or am I the only one in the country with one? (soon) except for tow trucks. I've been all over the net and can't find a pic of a standard cab duelly. Didn't want an extended cab because it's only me and my wife and I need an eight foot bed for my slide in and the extended with 8ft makes it hard in them 7-11's I know they must be great but never had one won't miss it.
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