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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • Highroller - I was confused on your post. What was the MSRP (manuf. suggested retail price) total and what was the agreed price you paid (before tax, tag, and title)? It is hard to judge a differential without knowing how much the added warantee, etc was.
  • Sorry for the confusion..

    Actually looking back to my receipt for the vehicle i didnt really state how i got to $31,079.68 to be exact.

    Ok, here's the extended in-depth hopefully easier to understand breakdown of the total price of my 4x2 06 SE Crew Cab Titan w/ only 5 miles at the time.

    Sale sticker said $30,040.00 but they were selling cash price of the vehicle for = 28055.85
    Manufacture rebate = $1000.00

    So actually the MSRP(without all the fees, all the taxes, and other charges like warranties and plans) was= $27055.85

    The total for fees and taxes (but not warranties and other plans that i bought optional) was = $1890.32(sales tax alone was $1690.99)

    The total for optional plans, warranties, and the documentation fee was = $2133.51 (I had the 5yr/75k warranty and 2yr/30k maintenance plan)

    Total charges,fees,taxes = $4023.83

    Amount financed or total MSRP with optionals and fees, etc. is = $31079.68

    i got a good deal for the APR(annual percentage rate) at 5.94% The finance charge was $4919.72

    After downpayment, the total of payments(amount i will have paid after i have made all payments as scheduled) will be = $35999.40.

    Again, here's the accessories i have in detail:
    Step-rails were installed for free
    wheel locks and bedliner

    SE Popular Package includes the following only:
    rear sonar system(watch out for the kids behind!)
    homelink universal transcevier
    auto-dim rear view mirror
    steering wheel audio control
    extended overhead console with compass and outside temperature display
    Floor mats

    Here is the standard equipment that is available for crew cab models:
    Tow mode switch
    18' wheels alloy
    dual power heated outside mirrors
    rail caps for bedside
    mp3/am/fm cd audio system with 8(not 6) speakers and 6disc in dash cd changer
    all power controls
    remote keyless entry
    cruise control
    dual 12 volt dc power outlets
    electronic brake force distribution
    tire pressure monitoring system!!
    LATCH system(lower anchors and tethers for Children)
    vehicle security and immobilizer system
    Rear privacy glass
    Power sliding captain's chair
    all windows tinted

    let me know what you think
    High :)
  • The only problem i have had with the truck is that the gas cap cover is easily accessible to any gas thieves. I dont know if all brands of pickup trucks are designed this way but im looking into buying/installing a lock. Nissan wont do it becuase they said that people who installed them kept gettin check engine light and therefore showed the egr system being malfunctioned on the computer.
  • Highroller:

    So in the end it looks like you got $2985 off the MSRP which is about 9.9%.

    I recommend that you go to CARMAX site ( look at MSRP and No Haggle price on similar model to yours for comparison. I think you will find they are discounting in the range of 13-14% on 06's.

    You did OK but could have done better and I have no idea what the warrentee's are valued at.??

  • Looking at their website, it doesn't have any 06 titan in all the cities in Texas. It only had the 04's. My question is that does carmax include any warranty or plans that go along with the MSRP total amount? My total MSRP was only $31079. I dont care about how much people are saving, i just know that i got the truck with the above amount when i walked out of the dealership including all the warranties and plans. It seems like i got a really good deal. And, im not trying to beat up on you dmarkh, but optional plans and warranties are very important along with the MSRP :)

    For the warranty: its 5yr/75k bumber to bumper warranty.

    Maintenance plan is 2yr/30k that includes free oil changes, replace incabin filter,fuel filter,free tire rotation/balance, air filters, and free roadside assistance. At 30k, will replace the major service like timing belts, transmission, etc.

    I also got the GAP insurance policy, if my car is stolen or destroyed within that 5yrs, itll pay up to 25,000 (without being charged for anything else) to replace a new one.

  • I have 52,000 on the '04 Titan LE King Cab, the brakes are no longer a problem with the latest fix (3 sets of front rotors,1 set of rears), the dash squeaks have diminished but not gone away. I just had a leaky axle seal replaced with a new bearing and seal on the left rear axle and new tires at 40K. mi. Now I am thinking about trading in for the '06 or should I opt for a fire sale on an '05, anyone know if there are any significant changes between the 2 years? I did notice that the '06 has dual zone heat and AC. One more thing, thanks to the loaners I used when my truck was being worked on, Ford, Dodge and last week an '06 Silverado, I could not buy anything but the Nissan, the ride, engine, transmission response, fit and finish is superior by far. I did like the lightness of the Ford tailgate. Any one heard about a New larger Toyota Tundra for '06? What value should I get for my 4x4 LE King Cab Titan with 52K and a few minor bruises?
  • I test drove the 06 and the tailgate is solid (heavy) as you know from your 04, but they added a hydraulic assist for both opening and closing. It is easy to open and shut with one hand - even the middle aged saleswoman that was showing me the truck had no problem doing it with one hand. I think the 05 has this feature also - but I wasn't looking at 05s so I don't know for sure.
  • I have a 2005 SE CC, build date April, 2005. Now has 5K miles. Have had no mechanical problems, no squeaks. My only complaint is that the arm rest of the captain seat has sagged. Haven't tried getting it fixed, yet. 2005 vs 2006 - it would depend on just how much you're saving. For me, saving $3K would be worth it and less than that wouldn't be. Good luck.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I agree with dmarkh. The only thing an outsider can begin to give you decent info on is msrp, invoice, and rebates. In that regard, I do think that if you look at similar MSRPs and discounts at carmax (or other such site), you CAN make fairly valid comparisons. Of course I can only speak for the carmax in my area, and I believe carmax in Maryland is the only new nissan dealership in their company. They have an 06 at 4200 off msrp.

    This aftermarket stuff you've opted for -- there's no way for us to know what a good price is for that in your area. Personally, I'm not a big fan of these warranties -- seems to me that most of that is covered by the factory anyway, up to 3 yrs/36K, no? Gap ins, ok. Did you price all this after-market stuff elsewhere outside of where you bought, or did you check your credit union? If you MUST have these items, you can definitely shop around for them before you buy to see if the dealer is competitive in his prices. These topics are covered elsewhere ad nauseum in the Town Hall; just search around and you'll find them.

    But, too, it doesn't really matter what we think, does it? You sound extremely happy with your purchase and that's all that matters.
  • Yes i agree with you, as long as people are happy. I would like to buy the 06 at carmax because it does seem to have a good deal on the msrp. But unfortunately in TX carmax dont have the 06 here. As for the warranties, plans, apr rates, etc, i also agree that its difficult to compare. Some people need the opts and some dont.
    Overall, i would say i got a good deal but not the best. So, i regret saying i got the best deal or what not... =)
    If we're just comparing msrp, i would say that people who got their 06 at carmax or other places which are cheaper, they are really getting a good deal. For the people who needs the piece of mind of getting opts, than i must say that i would like to see some comparisons PLEASE.

    High :)
  • The Nissan dealers in my area seem to have a surplus of '05 Titans sitting around. Has anyone had any luck getting a really great deal on one of these '05 models? I just can't help wondering why there are so many left. Are the dealers holding out for some reason? Should I hold out until first of the new year? Thanks for the help! -Bill
  • I am new to this board, but I was hoping that some of you have some advice for me.
    I am looking for a '04 or '05 Titan with low to no miles on it. I am curious about when to buy, the dealers seem to be having good deals on the 05's trying to get them out the door right now. But should I wait until after the new year? Is there an advantage to this?
    Anyway, just wondering when the best time to buy would be. Thanks.
  • I always try to buy near the end of the year, the dealers want to move out the old inventory. I would recommend looking at Carmax website, White Marsh, MD is a Carmax with a Nissan Franchise. The price of their trucks is posted and not negotiable any further. I just copied their price of the truck I wanted to buy and let my local dealers match it or not, then I let them match or beat the trade value. Fortunately for me my local dealer did match the Carmax price then beat the trade value. There is a $2,000 rebate on the '06, there was a $3000. rebate on the '05 before Dec. 1, I don't know what it is now. This is a great way to cut the bull out of the dealing. (One of the dealers I worked with could not match the Carmax price,$1,300 higher, so I know it is darn close to as good of a deal available at the time that I was going to get). So far I am very pleased with the improvements of the '06 LE 4x4 Titan over the '04 Titan that I traded. I especially love the new hydraulic assisted tailgate.
  • Did you get a good deal on a leftover '05 Titan? I'm looking at picking up an '05 Titan Crew SE and hoping to get a great deal. I don't NEED it but would love to get one and trade in my '01 Pathfinder if I can get the right deal. Thanks - Tom
  • I've gotten 4 quotes for a 2006 SE King Cab with Tow and Traction Package (and the ubiquitous SE "Popular" Package). They range from 19.3% to 22.6% off MSRP. Basically invoice to invoice-$300 less current rebate of $2750.

    Houston, TX
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    FWIW, last Sept. I got my 05 KC LE for around $85xx off msrp, which I thought was a very generous deal at the time. Good 'ol non-negotiable CARMAX was only offering around $7200 off MSRP at the time, and no other Nissan dealer would get close to that price for this truck. Maybe I got lucky. Who knows? I don't have the numbers in front of me, and I'm old, so I can't exactly recall what they were, but if memory serves, that was very close to 23-24% off MSRP. I think the MSRP was $36xxx, give or take.. So I would say that I think you're getting a pretty good deal with what you already have....but

    Know what I'd do for grins if I were in your shoes? Since I love playing "the game", I'd take your best deal and take it to another dealer and ask for some additional silly amount off -- say an extra $500 or so. That's what I did and I was amazed that I got a bite. Don't be "pushy"; rather, just ask! Of course, it depends on all those other car buying 'factors' but it never hurts to ask.

    Good luck. It would be great to hear how your hunt turns out. I'm not a dealer or anything, just a curious Titan lover. Thanks! dave
  • jkangjkang Posts: 2
    Thanks to everyone who provided great information. I just bought a 2006 Titan crew cab SE 4x2 silver/graphite.
    The MSRP total on my truck was $30,523.00 but I bought it for $23,200.00 plus TTL.

    2006 Nissan Titan SE 4dr Crew Cab SB (5.6L 8cyl 5A)

    Base Price $28,050.00 $25,355.00

    Bedliner $340.00 $200.00
    Non sliding bed extender $260.00 $188.00
    Under Seat Storage Bin $150.00 $111.00
    Floor Mats $120.00 $90.00

    Destination $705.00 $705.00
    Total w/ Options $29,625.00 $26,649.00

    Dealer Add Ons
    Paint Protection Package $499.00 $350.00
    Window Tint $399.00 $280.00

    Total w/ Options $30,523.00 $27,279.00
    Rebate $2,250.00 $2,250.00

    Total $28,273.00 $25,029.00

    I'd been working with the sales rep since back in November 05. I was relocating to AZ so I told him i'd give him last chance to beat any offers once I got to Phoenix.

    Anyways, we agreed on a 06 Titan Crew Cab 4x2 in Majestic Blue with bench seats, bedliner, and mats only for $23,000.00

    I got to the dealership and they didn't have that vehicle. (Funny thing was on my way there, a different sales rep from another dealer called to say his best offer was $23,458 for an XE with preferred pkg. I told him about the $23k offer for an SE and he laughed and said they would do a switch when I got there.)

    Both the first sales rep and his manager showed on their computer how the vehicle was still available but they could not find it on the lot.

    Well long story short, they asked if we could find another vehicle. Sure it took me an extra hour to locate a similarly optioned vehicle. There was one in Smoke but since i'm down here in the valley of the sun, I figured i'd go with a lighter color and opted for the silver with additional options of bed extender, underseat storage. We never even discussed the tint and clearcoat paint protection until AFTER the vehicle had been detailed for drive off.

    We settled for $23,200.00 which still seemed a pretty good deal. I had to go to IKEA while they did a dealer exchange with another dealer but I got my truck out the door with 25miles only!

    Sale Price $25,450.00 ///($23,200.00)// w/ rebate.
    Tax $1,879.20
    Tire Tax $5.00
    Doc Fees $369.00
    License Fee $444.00
    Title Fee $4.00

    SUBTOTAL $28,151.20

    Down (incl Rebate) $12,250.00

    Finance $15,901.20 @ 5.99%

    If you are in the Phoenix area and would like a great deal, I will be more than glad to refer to sales person and dealership. Mine was $7,323.00 off MSRP or 24% discount!

    BTW, the silver color was my main color choice until recently so I can't complain about the color. Driving this one which has the captain's chairs is awesome. I'm glad I didn't get the Blue with bench seats now.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,730
    "If you are in the Phoenix area and would like a great deal, I will be more than glad to refer to sales person and dealership."

    You can go ahead and name the dealership... but please.. no salesperson information.. Refer to the message in red printed below.

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jkangjkang Posts: 2
    Props to Power Nissan here in Tempe, AZ. Southeast of Phoenix off I-10 on Auto row. (Seriously, there are like 16 different car make dealerships on this little loop.) :shades:
  • busheybushey Posts: 3
    The reason you are seeing lots of '05 Titans around in comparison to the '06 models is b/c of the similarity in incentives. I think it's only a $250 dollar difference between models. Who wouldn't go with the newer at that point
  • Hello,

    I am wondering if it is a good idea to buy/lease a 06 titan? Has Nissan fixed any of the problems from 03-05 models? I would really like to get some feed back.
  • nvbrohoenvbrohoe Posts: 2
    HELL NO...!!!
    I have an 06 titan - SE 4x4 - worst vehicle i have ever owned...horrible gas mileage - about 10-12 mpg at best - crappy interior materials - basic features for a not basic price - depending on how much you drive, gas can cost you a ton - i'm using about $180 PER WEEK - OUTRAGEOUS...!!!
    I will never again buy another Nissan anything - their vehicles are just cheap in quality and overpriced in comparison to Honda & Toyota. I'm heading to the Toyota dealership next...
    good luck :mad:
  • brads1brads1 Posts: 7
    Well, I must say that I have an 05 LE Crew Cab and I LOVE it! It is loaded. After researching this site and all the previous post before purchasing mine, I found that "Supposedly" all the Brake problems were resolved. I specifically looked for an 05 that was built "Later" in the year to ensure the kinks were resolved. As of now, I have 5700 miles on it and "knock on wood" I have had no problems. I get around 14-16 miles a gallon depending on what type of driving I am doing but I remember reading a post on this site prior to purchsing my vehicle and it just hit to the bone. It read something like "Well we all know that a big full size truck either this one or another model is going to burn gas prior to puchasing it, so there is no reason to complain about it after the fact like its a big surpise" That's what trucks do and we should expect it. I use mine mostly for weekend cruising and just plain "Looking Good :)" Now, if you plan to use it as a truck to go back and fourth to work and you work 20 miles or so one way or its your primary "do everything" vehicle..Well, expect to spend a lot for gas. I can only speak for myself and my experience thus far and it mine has been very pleasant. I bought mine, by the way, becuase I don't really buy new vehicles every other year. I will probably keep this one forever and if after 10 years or so I plan to get another I would just give this one to my Dad. Good Luck! Hopes this helps some.
  • giraldogiraldo Posts: 16
    I worked on a deal for a 06 Titan SE 4x4, no extras. Sticker is like 29,500. i can get it for 24,000 even. Is it a pretty good deal, it's not exactly the color i wanted but i can compromise.
  • dustmandustman Posts: 3
    Only option on this baby was some floor mats. I figured I could add a lot of stuff as after market parts (if I need them). I mainly just wanted a basic pick up truck. Previously I had looked at the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Pontiac Vibe, and even the Honda Element. I couldn't pass up the all around package on the Titan though, plus to get a v-8 at this price level is amazing. Speaking of price I got the XE with the floor mats for $18062 +TTL. That is over $6000 off the sticker price with the destination charge included. I bought at Continental Nissan in Coutryside, IL (just outside of Chicago). The experience was wonderful plus they have a car wash on site and offer lifetime free car washes. Not too bad IMO, not I'm going to add a Line-x spray on bed liner as my first aftermarket add on.
  • 0353usmc0353usmc Posts: 1
    I'm looking for the same truck. Where in Phoenix did you get your deal?
    Bob Lindgren
  • I've been offered a price on a 06 Titan SE (Popular, Trac, Tow Pkgs) for about $2000 below invoice, including rebates. I'm pretty sure I can get that price much lower. There are several dealerships that have very similar vehicles in stock so I should be able to get into an apples-to-apples bidding competition. Having said that, I wanted to wait until the 2007 models come out and then make a purchase on a 2006. Would I be able to get a significantly better deal waiting until the end of summer or am I only looking at a couple of hundred dollars difference and limited inventory at that time?

    Thanks for your help.
  • rvriderrvrider Posts: 1
    It all depends on what you need to accomplish with a truck. For towing, you can't beat it for the price. It's great for hauling a family of five. It's fun to drive and gets a lot of compliments for its' appearance.

    As any intelligent consumer would know, the Titan's fuel consumption is high - as it will be for any heavy-hauler. You can't get a lot of power without paying for it. If you don't need power and/or room, consider a smaller (wind cross-section), lighter, weaker (6-banger) truck. That said, the Titan fits my needs perfectly! I'm happy because it does what I want, it's fun to drive, and I can afford to fill the tank.

    Comments about the interior quality not being good are subjective and silly from my perspective. Our other car is a loaded Volvo XC. These two vehicles should not be compared. From my perspective, trucks shouldn't be luxurious. If that's what you want, you should ask yourself why you're buying a truck. Trucks are meant for utility, to be kicked around. I considered the $40K to $50K trucks with the fancy interiors, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was for the ego-trip types or contractors who live in their trucks and can pay for it with pre-tax income.
  • tezzztezzz Posts: 15
    2006 Nissan Titan Crew SE

    Total MSRP† $34,925.00
    Model: Crew SE

    Exterior: Radiant Silver
    Interior: Graphite/Titanium
    Drivetrain: 4x4

    Packages and Options
    Popular Package with Power Bucket Seat
    Tow Package
    Utility Bed Package
    Floor Mats
    Under Seat Storage Bin

    Base MSRP $31,250.00
    Total Packages, Options, & Accessories $2,970.00
    Destination & Handling $705.00

    Total MSRP† $34,925.00

    $28925($2250 Rebate+Dealer discount)+TTL

    let me know what u guys think

  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    FWIW, Carmax will take $6,500 off MSRP for a truck that is comparable to yours. I checked another "no haggle low price" dealer in my area and they offered $5,700 off MSRP on their web site. Last Sept. when I bought my 05 KC LE, I was able to get a fantastic deal, but I think CCs are not discounted as much as KCs are, but I don't know that for a fact. Another low price dealer here lists a truck similar to yours for around $29,282, or about $5,650 off MSRP. indicates that, in this area, $29,245 or about $5,680 off MSRP, is a reasonable price. So you gotta believe that if Carmax will quote their price with no haggling, the others would obviously match it pretty easily.

    These prices are, of course, plus TTL and fees.

    When I bought last year I found dealers willing to go a good bit below what they advertised in the paper or on the net. I was convinced there were hidden incentives for them to move the 05 models to clear the way for the 06s (in some cases, pretty hefty incentives). For example, my truck MSRP'ed for just over 36, and I was OTD for 28,5. Go figure.

    Good luck. These are great trucks. I'm still on my honeymoon.
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