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Toyota Tundra VS Ford F-150



  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    5.4 vs 4.7, I mean you have DOHC so why not? You want to compare a lighter truck to a heavier one, how is that fair? As for seeing the mechanic I can guarantee those toyota parts will be at least 5 times as much as Ford parts.
  • xspechtxspecht Posts: 27
    It is a 31 pound difference in weight on the 4.6 vs. the 4.7. Does that make for a 1,000 lb. difference in towing and over a second in 0-60? I think not. As far as parts goes, the only part you have to buy on a Toyota is an oil filter, and they aren't more than $9.99. The only other thing would be tires, and those are all the same, so I don't see your point on the parts thing.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    I meant weight of the trucks. And a $10 oil filter? A GM one is $2.00 dont know about the Ford but I'm sure its about the same. Look at the price of alternators, last time I did $700 for an import less than $100 for the American one. My point was the toyota weighs less (or should as a midsize) and has DOHC.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    Your quality and reliability issues with Toyota are false.There are more problems posted at your own site in the last 20 days by only 600 or so members than I have seen at any Ford ,Dodge or Chevy site. Your Tundra you are comparing 4.7 vs 4.8 is probably 6 to 10 grand more.I'll keep the cash and feel proud that I am supporting my own Country. Good Luck on this one.
  • dbhulldbhull Posts: 150
    What I say is fair, would be to compare the largest powerplant each class has to offer. That means the wimpy 4.7l Tundra against Fords 5.4l, Chevy's 5.3l, and Dodges 5.9l.

    Why not? Toyota thinks it has a full size 1/2 ton, so lets put the biggest each has to offer and see who beats who. I think anyone with any sense knows that the Tundra would finish dead last in all catagories, even reliability.
  • jambojambo Posts: 28
    On paper the ford or chev should be faster but in real life it is not the case. I have had both the ford and dodge in the past four years. The 5.9 dodge was slow and chewed up front tires because of bad front to back balance design. The ford was a nice truck but not as quick and a gas hog. Tundra is just faster at 4.7 . All were and are 4x4.
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    Open your eyes on this one. Go to if you want to see what problems are. 6 to 10 grand more? So you can get a big 3 truck for $17,000? I think not.

    Lets compare the Tundra's 4.7L to the Big 3's biggest motors then. The fact is: if any one of the Big 3 have a higher rear end ratio, the Tundra will take it in acceleration. If you gear them down, they will most likely eat up the Tundra, but yet eat up more gas.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I got this from the May '00 issue of Motor
    Trend. They did a comparison of "full size"
    pickups. They rated the biggest, baddest Chevy
    Silverado 1500 with the 5.3 L V8 and the 4.1
    gears(which by the way is only rated to tow
    8000lbs). They also rated the biggest F150 with the 5.4L V8 and the Dodge 1500 with 5.9L against the Tundra Access Cab V8.

    You would think that this would be a mismatch.
    The Silverado does have that barcolounger rear
    seat. The Big3 engines are much bigger.

    Here is the conclusion of the Motor Trend article:

    "And the winner is... Which to Pick? In terms of
    overall performance and sophistication - on road
    and off - we have to say Tundra."

    Now this sounds like Tundra brought a gun to a gun fight - and won. The Silverado just got its [non-permissible content removed] kicked.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Grab hold of that magazine that you love quoting and read the fine print. Check out things like curb weight and rear end ratios. If you read the vehicle specs thru, the tet results make a lot of sense. They could've written the conclusion first then gone and picked out the trucks to match what they wanted the results to show.

    The tundra may or may not be an excellent truck. You won't find out from reading that comparison. It would be great if one of the magazines out there would do a fair comparison. Even consumer reports did the same thing when they picked their trucks. They e-mailed the specs to me when I requested as they didn't print all the specs.
  • jaijayjaijay Posts: 162
    On the consumer reports article, what was the rear ends used in the those trucks? I read the article and noticed that they did not say what they used or when towing do they use the Tow/haul mode in the Chevy.
  • rotorrayrotorray Posts: 42
    I live in "rodeo country". Farms and cattle ranches abound and the annual rodeo was this weekend. I've been debating on a "big 3" truck or a Tundra. I've been at the "big 3" dealers on Monday mornings monitoring the service departments and customer's vehicle complaints and I'm not impressed. I don't want to know my mechanic by his first name but that seems to be the "Big 3's" mission.

    In looking around the Tundra is making big inroads on the so called "big 3's" sales. they are EVERYWHERE in my area so Toyota must be doing SOMETHING right. They're hauling horse trailers and farm implements, and soccer moms. People will buy what suits their needs. The Trundra is sized right. If you want a bigger truck go for it. That's what makes America great!! Some post that Ford, Chevy, etc, build 800,000 plus, blah, blah, blah. Quantity never has been interpreted as "quality", but that seems to be what most Tundra bashers are trying to imply. The last GM product I drove the dash fell apart when I went over a bump. The Ford Crown Vic from work blew the engine because Ford changed the oil pressure relief valve and the thing stuck blowing out all the oil. So much for "quality". A local police dept has changed 17 Ford Crown Vic engines for the same reason. nuff said.
  • dbhulldbhull Posts: 150
    Bama, the responses you got are enough said. You keep telling yourself that those magazine articles arent biased and do fair tests. Tell yourself over and over again that the Tundra is more capable and a better truck. You may just get over that buyers remorse yet.

    You're still crying the blues. How sad.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    You can get a 2000 F150 Supercab 4x4 4 door with the 4.6 and auto for $19000,How much for a 4x4 supercab auto Tundra?Also there are 7000 members on F150 online compared to 600 on the Tundra site I think there are more complaints per member on the Tundra than the Ford.Ford is Fixing any of there problems for free even out of warranty.

    Roterray you've been sniffing to much Cow Dung,The Tundra isn't effecting any of the big3 sales check out it lists monthly sales and up to date sales,The Tundra is 10th and last even outsold by the Frontier maybe you should consider the Frontier since you live on one.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The Tundra is 10th in sales. So what? It sold 100,000 vehicles in its first year. Can any of the Big3 claim this?

    The Honda Accord was laughed at as being a compact car in the 70's. The domestic auto makers did not consider it to be serious competition. Now the Accord is one of the best selling vehicles of all time. Do you see a pattern here?
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    yes the big 3 can claim this and no I don't see a pattern.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Toy factory make a "full size" one, and call it that t100. But it aint really "full size", only yuppies be buyin em, they tire of that fad, and that factory stops makin em.

    Toy factory make a "full size" one, and call it that tundra. But it aint really "full size", only yuppies be buyin em, they tire of that fad...

    Any folks be seein a pattern on this one? Good luck on this one now!
  • dogsterdogster Posts: 94
    Was watching the news tonight and a consumer group rated companies by the number of lemons produced and responsiveness by the company. I thought for sure Dodge would be the worst manufacturer since they almost war barred from selling cars in CA for dumping untagged lemon law vehicles on dealer lots in CA. But to my amazement Ford was the worst. Validates the dealer service experience I had with my GT Mustang. Also made me glad I bought a Toyota.
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    It depends on the dealer. For an SR5 4x4 Accesscab Tundra you can get one for less than $27,000.

    That's Ford's problem if they sell more and have more problems because of it. Will they cut production? Hell no!
  • I knew this comparison would come up so i'm ready for common senses.
    When did the T100 come out?
    Ans: Right after F150 new body already came out.
    When did Tundra come out?
    Ans: Right after when they killed T100 and Ford introduced V10 and thinking about putting it in F150.
    I dont understand why people are trying to compare Ford F150 and Ford trucks vs. others specifically Tundra......There's no comparison.
    Have you checked out truck section on Edmunds?
    Click on Ford and U will see.
    Sure, Tundra is nice but it's not the best. Tundra is a new truck so U cant argue about long term reliability.

    Another thing. Unlike passenger cars, trucks are designed to HAUL and PULL and CARRY stuff, that's why eventhough they only have beds yet they are so heavy. The weights are from strengthened chasis. F150 is heavier because it probably has higher maximun payload.

    I was on a bus with Ford new V10. What an engine! The bus had 35 people on board yet it snapped my head every time the driver steps on the gas.
  • jambojambo Posts: 28
    The 4.7 engine is not new or untested. It is the lexus flagship and well tested with a long record a lot longer then the ford v10. Lexus gets its power from high tech not gas drinking size. Big trucks (18 wheelers) dont need v10s they do it with gears. Ford has high tech engines they just dont put them in their trucks.
  • jaijayjaijay Posts: 162
    Interesting. I have read the article a while back and if I recall the Chevy pulled better than the Ford and Dodge was equal to the Toyota full and empty. So what is all the brew ha ha with the motor trend article and the differences they got?
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    A truck needs torque. Torque comes from cubic inches (there is no substitute). You can wind up a 4.7 all you want to make hp. But it will never make as much torque as a larger displacement engine. Funny, whatever the Toy doesn't have is rationalized by saying "you don't need it". LOL with all the other V10 owners!
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    For the record, the Tundra 4.7L V8 makes far more torque than the 4.6 L V8 Ford and made the same as the larger displacement 1999 Chevy 5.3 L V8 (315 Ft-lbs) and the Toyota made it at a lower RPM than the Chevy. For the 2000 model, Chevy upped the torque to 325 ft-lbs. They couldn't let that little Toyota engine out do their biggest available engine in the 1/2 ton class pickup. I will give credit to the Ford 5.4 L V8 for impressive torque numbers though.
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    Ready for common senses???? Where did you get your info on the T100 coming out after the new F150? If I remember correctly, the Toyota T100 was introduced in 1993. The new F150 came out in 1997. And if you look closely, the new F150 copied the grill from the T100. The Tundra then copied it again, but flipped it over.

    And what were you talking about a V10 in the F150? What sense would this make? Ford already has the highest torque engine (5.4L) in the 1/2 ton class. That big V10 needs a bigger chassis under it than the F150.

    It's funny when we start making comparisons between 1/2 ton pickups and the first thing Ford and Chevy guys want to do is try to compare the Tundra to the 3/4 ton domestics. It ain't designed to compete in that class. Besides, the money and the volume is in the 1/2 ton class. If we stick to 1/2 ton class pickups there ain't alot of difference between the trucks except for quality, fit and finish, and smoothness, which the Tundra wins hands down.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Ya said this on that limited "truck" engine:

    It is in the lexus flagship and well tested with a long record a lot longer then the ford v10.

    Must be makin all them yuppies feel good that them engines was "well tested" by them lexus "flagship" cars now. Bet they was "workin" that engine hard now. Yuppies, they just aint gettin it. Sure be glad when this fad be over and them yuppies be off chasin that next one now! Good luck on this one now!
  • fordsrmefordsrme Posts: 22
    I chuckle when I see another Full Size truck on the road when I'm driving my F-150. I look down at Chevy's and Dodge's, and I have to use a telescope to see them Tundra's there riding on the ground.
    I was parked next to that thereTundra the other day and the owner couldn't find his pickup there cause my truck was so much bigger it blocked the whole truck. He looked at my F-150 and said to me "Shi# damn, I wish I would of bought that nice looking Ford that is much bigger than my little Tundra". I said "Too bad sucker, better luck next time."
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    Good one, it's probably goes more like this:

    You: "Sorry for blocking your view."

    Tundra owner: "No problem, don't feel sorry for that, feel sorry for having to drive a Ford."
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Chevy and Tundra are bound to end up with better numbers if they are tested with a faster rear end than ford or dodge. Also note that the weight of the vehicle will affect the performance of the truck.
  • jambojambo Posts: 28
    In the half ton world Tundra is it. You want to talk big then go to 3/4 +. All you f150's should have spent the money on 3/4+ so you can talk it. By the way Trucksrme if not for the yup fad trucks would still be butt ugly with the same old power plants of yesteryear. I need some help on the torque issue. More size? how come 5.9 diesel has a lot more torque than 6.8 v10??
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I've got a 99 F250 light duty 4x4 4dr supercab with 5.4 and 3.73 ls auto.Paid $26000 out the door.The Tundra rules the 1/8 ton world a little ahead of the Yugo Diplomat.
    I heard they were gonna have a show " Who wants to be a Tundranaire" Regis was going to ask Tundra owners why they think there trucks are fullsize, and then the audience was gonna laugh at them,and then Batman comes out and hits everyone with Haymakers and then the show ends.
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