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Honda Insight



  • tlhjtlhj Posts: 1
    I've been searching for several days for a 2005, standard transmission , Honda Insight . Calling dealers all around northeastern USA . Can anyone tell me where I might find one . I know it's out there . Many Thanks
  • Something to consider before buying a Honda Insight: The rear wheel skirts are attached with two quarter-turn screws that evidently are prone to release. I just lost a wheel skirt on the freeway this past week after having my tires rotated. Thankfully, the airborne skirt did not strike another car, but it was totally destroyed. Cost to replace the skirt and the two bolts: $275. This event totally wiped out my savings on gasoline for the past six months. I read in the Edmund's road test review of the Insight back in 2000 that the team experienced the loss of a wheel skirt during their 15,000 mile test.
    Also of note: I bought the car used and wanted to replace the cabin air filter. The dealer had to order the filter and it took a week to arrive. I was expecting the skirt and bolts take at least as long. Oddly, the wheel skirt and the bolts ($15 each) were in stock in the local warehouse. That's seems peculiar for a car with such a limited production run.
    I'd like to get some feedback from Honda Insight owners who have had the same experience, to see how extensive this problem may be.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I would hit up the tire people for sloppy workmanship. You may get something from your insurance on Comprehensive. May not be worth the hassle.
  • Is it still possible to order a new Honda Insight through the dealer or are they completely gone?? What is the MSRP if they are still available?? Thanks...
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Honda sold 80 of them in August, so they are still around....
  • I was wondering if anyone on here has purchased a new Insight recently and what price they have paid? Im going to stat looking and wanted to get an idea what i would expect.

    thanksin advance!

  • I was quoted MSRP( Baytown ) with $1,000 deposit to special order a 5-speed manual. The automatics did not seel weel here and at least one car dealer has three sitting on their lot; I think one of each color. ( Gillman Houston)

    However, I really don't think you can order a 2005; production has stopped. Probably could order a 2006, but the wait migth be 3-6 months.


    P.S.- I drove a used 5-speed, but apparently it wasn't very well maintiained. When it started up the was a lot of valve clatter; either the oil was now low or it had become low in the past. I passed on buying.

    P.S.S. - I think the insight is awesome in mileage, features and styling. My wife said I would not be happy with the performance though; she is usually right!
  • One of my wheel skirts flew off at about 70mph. (unrecovered)
    Two things can cause this: 1) turning too sharp and running over a curb will loosen the structure. 2) Service techs do not care about the cars they work on and when rotating tires fail to tighted bolts.
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 428
    Are they going to manufacture 2006 model Insights.
    Will it sell with the 2nd gen Civic Hybrid boasting 50 MPG and costing the same amount of money.
  • I really want a 2006 Insight. As they are order only I cannot test drive it. Also, there are no used ones in the tristate area, my dealer searched last night. I want to know if it is too small of a car. I have a 2dr civic now and love it. I have never put anyone in the back seat, maybe threw a sweatshirt back there, but that is about it. My husband has a pickup truck, so if i get the Insight we will both have cars that cannot fit more than 2 people. (opposites attract, his car gets 12mpg on a good day!) But we have no children or dogs. The price difference between the Insight and the Civic hybrid are pretty darn close, but the civic only comes in 4 door and is really plain looking. Basically, what I want to know is if anyone feels that their Insight is too small? I need to get my order in ASAP and cannot make a decision.
  • Does anyone know if Honda is intending to redesign the Insight, or come out with an all new hybrid-specific model? IMO, Honda needs to do this in order to compete with Toyota in the hybrid market. The current Insight (if you can even get one) has 6+ year-old technology and needs a facelift. The new Civic Hybrid makes no economic sense to me when compared to the Civic LX (only 11 mpg better in highway mileage). The Prius on the other hand is a good car, but too big for my needs.

    What would make sense is an all new Insight capable of EPA mileage of at least 75 to 80 mpg. It would be the perfect commuter car. Are you listening Honda??? :confuse:
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    quote civicex05-"The new Civic Hybrid makes no economic sense to me when compared to the Civic LX (only 11 mpg better in highway mileage)."-end quote

    Well, the HCH is more comparable to the auto tranny EX, considering the creature comforts, and that puts the 2006 HCH at 15 MPG better than the EX, which means you can recover the so-called 'hybrid premium" in 5-6 years.

    But yes, a 75-80 MPG Insight would be nice. I have neither heard nor read anything about any new model redesign plans for the Insight, alas.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Both 2006 Civic LX and EX autos get 40MPG on the highway. Still an 11 mpg difference either way. Most likely the real world mileage will be even less of a difference. Hard to justify by cost alone - especially if the regular civics are at invoice or so by the time the new HCH hits the streets at MSRP or above.
  • Well, the HCH is more comparable to the auto tranny EX, considering the creature comforts, and that puts the 2006 HCH at 15 MPG better than the EX, which means you can recover the so-called 'hybrid premium" in 5-6 years.

    The Civic EX and LX with automatic have an EPA highway estimate of 40 mpg. The HCH only gets 51 mpg highway, which is an 11 mpg difference. I compared the highway mpg numbers because the majority of my commute is freeway miles. I purchased a 2005 Civic EX earlier this year and have been extremely pleased with it, especially considering that I have been averaging about 39.5 mpg on the freeway. I would love to eventually replace my wife's Camry with a car capable of 80 mpg. I would hope something like that will be available in a few years.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    You are correct on the 40 versus 51 mpg numbers, BUT:

    Unless you LIVE beside the freeway and your workplace is one exit off the freeway, you will have a MIX of driving styles every tank. I'd bet with an HCH you'd probably get 52-55 MPG, and with education and effort could probably pull a little higher number. Water under the bridge, however......:D

    The first 75-80 MPG 5-passenger sedan will likely be a diesel/electric hybrid, and will hit the streets probably by 2012-2014 is my guess. I will buy that car in a heartbeat !!!
  • The current Insight only has a 1 liter 3 cylinder engine and weighs 1800. It is about as close to the limit on weight as you can get the 5-speed is rated at 60/66.

    It has some features that are nices : remote lock, power windows, power mirrors, rear defost, ABS, auto climate. These could be removed to save weight , but then it is already very light now with stressed Aluminum.

    The power is around the Prius range ( 10.5- 11.3) for 0-60 mph. If you gat any slower than that then you limit the usablity significantly on highways.

    About the only way you could get the 75-80 mpg you are looking for would be a lightweight hybrid diesel similar to the Insight. Honda's older HF CRX approached 50 mpg hifhghway with a 1.5 engine.

    I don't see the insight changing much. It is alredy a very low volume niche car, mainly to display Honda's technoogy and keep the claims of first US hybrid and highest mpg car.



    Seriously thinking about ordering a 5-speed Insight w/AC for a commuter car. 90days to order, $500 off MSRP, still a little expensive at $20,580
  • I've made some visual modifications to my Insight like tinted windows, sunroof, and stripes along the sides. I've tried to no avail to get rims for it. Is there any other modifications that I can make that would be visually enhancing.
  • There was one guy that was selling a lime green Insight with updated rims. I believe they were Korgi. They looked awesome. If you search the Edmunds forumms you can probalby find the rims. The sale was on eBay about a year ago.
  • merigayle - have you tried or sites?
    I was lead to them by a post in insightcentral, as I was looking to see if I even fit - as I am 6'3" Tall, ~220 Lbs!
    Found one so far - awfull day for a test drive around the block - but I fit just fine!
  • Hi I have a 2000 insight I am 6'1" and I really like my insight. It is fun.
  • davem7davem7 Posts: 35
    Does anyone have familiarity with either an '05 or '06 Insight with respect to the Auto Stop function?

    Having owned a '05 HCH and currently an '06 Honda Civic Hybrid I noticed a major improvement in the auto stop on the '06, it engages at a lower speed and can be usually be reengaged without resuming the pevious speed when crawling in traffic, also with the '06 the auto stop functions much of the time with the heater or fan running whereas the '05 did neither.

    I'm curious as to Insight owners' experience with the auto stop.
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  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    I feel the same way... would really like to sit in the car and test drive it before placing a deposit. I can't believe the delaers don't stock ANY! Keep at least ONE in stock, guys! What do you have to lose?? With gas prices climbing again, someone will buy it!

    (Of course, then there remains the problem of the ugly interior color, which I would also need to see in person to see if I could live with. You'd think they could have at least produced two interior colors (grey? black?) during a 7-year run!)

    For example, I'd like to see first-hand just how much storage space there is behind the seats (the images on the website don't show it well). I'd like to know if the seats recline at all (from the images, there doesn't appear to be room to recline at all).

    Seems to me they are not really interested in selling this car...
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Seems to me they are not really interested in selling this car

    It is a big money loser for Honda. The only reason they keep it is to maintain the highest mileage vehicle on the EPA list. I have not seen one on a dealers lot here in San Diego for several years. Honda is not pushing the hybrids very hard. I am surprised they are supplying so many Civic hybrids. No 2006 Accord hybrids as of yet.
  • they still make the insight. go to link title yo can order one and everything. sadly it no longer is offered in neon green like it was 3 years ago.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    Will the hybrid FIT replace the insight ? Who knows?
  • rbojackrbojack Posts: 3
    I have both an Insight and a Civic Hybrid. Both are great cars. The Insight has great head turning styling and gets better MPG. Try Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, CA. Contact Robert Camp for "internet sales" at great price at They are a high volume dealer and Mr. Camp will treat you right.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national finance magazine is looking to interview current hybrid owners who purchased a hybrid within the past year or two. The reporter is wanting to know if you have been satisfied or not with the gas savings you’ve been receiving. Please send an e-mail to no later than Saturday, June 10, 2006 by 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and the make and model of your hybrid vehicle.


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  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    andersondirect does not have any Insights and can not get any LOL!
  • slanislani Posts: 5
    Well, but I do have mint 2002. Insight on sale...
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