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Honda Insight



  • I was mystified after I bought one in January, I thought something was wrong since the autostop didn't work. Now it works fine. Sometimes I get stuck in first gear with the cluth (all the way) down and no engine running. A nice feature that saves gas in town.
  • flash4085flash4085 Posts: 2
    I am paying about 380 dollars a year with 500 dollar deductibles.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter with a large local newspaper is hoping to talk to model year 2000- 2002 Honda Insight owners and discuss how the vehicle (and battery) is performing. Please reply to no later than Wednesday, September 26, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

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  • amsafiamsafi Posts: 1
    Any luck finding the bike rack? I'm looking for the same for my 2000 Honda Insight.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    The new Global hybrid will probably retain the insight name. Less mileage but will have room for 4 doors and a back seat. Uses a hatchback configuration. Power is by a version of the current Civic Hybrid's engine. Not much more info but should come out by 2009 as an 2010 model. They may change the name though.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    This hybrid should be smaller than the prius and should have Outstanding mileage. Larger than the current insight but has a back seat and should have better performance. Honda has found a way to make their hybrid system cheaper, lighter, and smaller which helps drive this hybrid's costs down. It will start at under 20K. Not too many options. Maybe a leather model, a tech package that includes navigation, bluetooth etc, and maybe thats about it. Info is still scarce but it's coming out anyways.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Until they finalize the name it won't be called Insight. I hope a host realizes this and changes the name to 2010 Honda Global Small Hybrid. Any response would be great.
  • Any real world mileage data? How large does it look; more Civic size than Fit size.
    And styling styling styling?
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I traded in my 2009 Honda Fit Sport w/Navi on a 2010 Insight, it arrived today. It's been pouring for 3 days here in western NC but I had to take a little drive in the Insight. I loved my Fit, I hope I love the Insight. The Fit was getting 34 m.p.g. and the Insight shows 39.5 m.p.g. after being driven from SC on major highways to be delivered. I expected higher m.p.g. on the Insight to be honest but like everything I have to say, no hasty judgments. The Insight hasn't been with me even 24 hours. The Insight is (to me) a nicer looking vehicle than the Fit which I thought was fine looking. No audio controls on the steering wheel on the Insight EX as there were on the Fit and I already miss that. The Fit had no bad manners, handled well, and was fairly zippy. The Insight is sluggish (w/ECON on), the engine seems to "tremble" a bit when stopped at a light (seems like it's going to stall), the steering is "sloppier" than the Fit's excellent feeling steering, and stopping with regenerative braking is, to be honest, weird. More later as I get used to the Insight. My brother emailed me tonight that Fits are selling for dealer cost. Please remember these are very early opinions.
  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    Look on Insightcentral. There are a few threads on the topic.
  • sobeg6sobeg6 Posts: 50
    Thinking of purchasing and wanted some feed back from any of you whom purchased. pros cons etc....
  • Responding first to rv65 that the Honda will not be called Insight = Whoops :P -------------------------------------------------------------

    Responding to sobeq6...

    EX Model-Fog lights-No Nav


    1. Body style was the overriding reason for the Insight over the Prius. Both cars are nice, but for me, the front end of the Insight is more to my liking.

    2. Center dash area. Another main reason for this over the Prius's far right of drivers side dash control which has never been my taste but to others its OK. Did like however, the center Nav system for the Prius.

    3. Slightly less money for the EX Insight over the 2010 Prius version III.


    1. Center Nav system that seems to look as if it was an afterthought with that plastic black border around it.

    2. Center Radio system seems to be a little cheap looking as well, but used to it now, but not as bad looking as the Nav system installed. My opinion only

    3. Center dash and controls seem too busy for me. Should be cleaned up a bit. This is similar to the Honda Fit dash.

    4. Back seat area is a little tight for taller passengers but you can adjust the front seating a bit to make it do-able for short rides with grown ups

    5. Rear split window is somewhat bothersome, but the Prius is the same way. Blind spots for both cars and one must be very careful when changing lanes.

    6. Wish the rear window wiper blade would cover more of the glass, and not just on the driver side.

    7. Needs a tad more sound proofing, but I have a 09 Civic Automatic and both seem harsh as you throttle up fast. Other then that, it is not loud at all and just so slightly better then the Civic

    Overall mileage:

    Gas top off on first full day with vehicle, the Econ Mode was turned on, very early morning hours, being very careful, no traffic for three mile drive flat road, and obtained a computer reading of 54 mpg. That will change when I do my first calculations by hand and not the often times somewhat off computer reading.

    Normal daily driving only 1/2 mile to and 1/2 mile back from store or bank, no Econ Mode used, very early morning drive, not nearly enough time to warm up the car, and computer reading showed between 34 and 36 miles per gallon over a few days.

    Some 5 to 6 mile drives, city only, no hills, warm weather and no air conditioner on, and obtained about 43 mpg read. Few stop lights.

    My 2009 Civic EX automatic (None Hybrid), leather, Nav system and drove both a 12 mile round trip and some of those 1/2 mile one way then back as I have done with the Insight and got 24/25 mpg with the 12 mile trip, then 17 mpg with the 1/2 mile drive, so as you can clearly see, without the vehicle warmed up and only a very short drive and some long traffic lights, you will suffer with the gas mileage over a longer drive with the car warmed up.

    Overall, I am pleased with both the looks and operation of the vehicle but one must get used to the Idle engine turn off at stop lights and a new way to drive a hybrid over a standard gas vehicle.
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 428
    In Apr-2009, 2096 Insights were sold in USA, decent amount in its 1st month of sales.

    Expect more in the next few months.
    But still, its $5K more than Civic and that will keep many people behind.

    I hope Insight will catchup with Prius (both Gen-II & Gen-III).
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    On weekend, we went to a local Honda dealer to test drive the 2010 Insight (we picked a base model). After driving it a few blocks, both myself & my wife came to the same conclusion about the following 2 annoying things about this latest Insight:

    (1) First, when engaging & releasing gas pedal from standing still, there was a brief sub-second moment when the engine would vibrate like its spark plugs were misfiring, a symptom that one would only see in high-mileage cars. I can't say for sure if it is just an isolated incidence or a common problem across all Insights due to rough transitioning between gas & electric motors.

    (2) Second, we really don't like the 2 blind spots on both sides in the rear which make us feel uncomfortable in changing lanes or backing out.

    We would like to find if there are others who may share the same concern about the new Insight.
  • galileo5galileo5 Posts: 10

    1. The gas shuts off whenever you come to a stop to preserve fuel. It also turns back on when you release the brake. That's the noise you're hearing. It's not an isolated incident. It will happen all the time you have the Econ mode on.

    2. I work this out by spinning within my seat instead of trying to look in between the driver and passenger seats. I move my body forward and turn my head so that I can see out both sides of the driver's seat head-rest to give me better peripheral vision when backing out.
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    Interesting, I wonder if Prius has the same issue with these 2 annoyances I observed on Insight since they are similar in body style and also use hybrid technology albeit with different design.
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 428
    In May-2009, 2700 + Insights were sold. Thats nowhere near Honda's target of 8,000 units / month.

    But in Japan, its one of the best selling vehicles. Whats wrong with US sales, are they overpricing it, or they dont bring enough units here.

    Please write to Honda if possible to ensure that more units are allocated to US and prices are made affordable.
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    I had the chance to test drive & compare both cars in my local dealers last weekend. I must say that with extra 2k+, Prius has much more appealing cabin design. They are roomier with higher quality interior material and have plenty extra std. options than the Insight. This is not to mention that even the base Prius has alloy wheels & rear disk brakes while Insight only comes with rear drum brakes and steel wheels. As for ride quality, Insight seems to be a little more sporty. However when factoring in everything, I think most families would prefer Prius over Insight if they can afford the extra 2k since those who buy hybrid cars would probably care less about the performance but rather more on the mileage per gallon, a definite advantage for Prius. This also explains why our local Toyota dealer sold out their 3 allocated 2010 Prius on the 1st weekend they arrived. According to the Toyota sales person, there are many dozens buyers who have already placed their orders. For the 2nd time, Honda is still playing catch up in this ever more important hybrid market and in my opinion, it still doesn't have what it takes to overtake Toyota.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    I have owned my Insight for 1 week now. Some observations: C pillar has a blind spot, inside mirror quivers, electronic steering is vague. Fairly quiet ride except on acceleration. 2 sets of golf clubs require the back seat to be down. However, first tankful gave 45.5mpg. Second tank has 200 miles and is about the same. Car is nice looking. Not a sports car. Acceleration not great. It is what it is: 45.5mpg.
  • I have several questions concerning the 2010 Honda Insight, but this forum does not clearly distinguish between the new(2010) Insight and the original(two seater)Insight. Why not divide it intotwo categories.
  • jefh1jefh1 Posts: 2
    Hello, greetings from the Netherlands.

    How long does the E-motor assists if climbing a 8% hill ? (time, miles) .normal speed.
    dB noise during assistance?
    dB noise without assistance?

    With regards and thanks, Jefh1
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Hello, greetings from the Netherlands.

    How long does the E-motor assists if climbing a 8% hill ? (time, miles) .normal speed. "

    OK, I can't resist. Where do you find hills in Holland? :surprise:

    But just to help your question, it depends the amount of charge in the battery; I have read some reports of 2 miles, but they didn't mention the grade.

    I don't think than an electric motor generates any noise, so I assume you mean the ICE will be running lower with battery assist. Sorry, I can't help you there.
  • Hello Stevedebi,
    The Netherlands (special the province Holland) lies for a great part below sealevel and is flat. Except a little piece in the south of the province Limburg. About the line Maastricht, Margraten (with its US-war II cemetery and 8301 soldiergraves) and Aachen (Germany).
    Here is the beginning of the Eifel (Germany) and the Ardennes (Belgium). With small hills +/- 0,5 to 2,0 miles and 2 to 5%, some little climbings at 8% ( Valkenburg the Couberg, WC cycling 2012). see and enjoy.
    The Alpes in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria are for the Dutch beloved holidaycountries.
    Regards, jefh1
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "The Netherlands (special the province Holland) lies for a great part below sealevel and is flat. Except a little piece in the south of the province Limburg. About the line Maastricht, Margraten (with its US-war II cemetery and 8301 soldiergraves) and Aachen (Germany).
    Here is the beginning of the Eifel (Germany) and the Ardennes (Belgium). With small hills +/- 0,5 to 2,0 miles and 2 to 5%, some little climbings at 8% ( Valkenburg the Couberg, WC cycling 2012). see and enjoy.

    Thanks. I must comment that your English is excellent! I lived in far western Germany many years ago, at a small air station in the Eifel. My visits to Holland were to the flat part!

    You linked to the Dutch language site. Here is the english site.
  • The brake line to the front left wheel of my garage kept 2000 Insight with 100k mi corroded at a bend in line below the streering gear and almost caused a major accident. Has anyone else had a problem like this with their Insight.
  • Hello Gagrice,
    I have taken insurance policy for my car as well and i have not pay anything extra to my insurance company i.e. I get maximum benefits from my insurance company at reasonable prices. I think its always better to opt for good insurance company which can provide you the best policies for your cars.
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  • I live in US. I am planning to purchase a used Honda insight 2010 or 2011 LX or EX.. I have decided to buy Honda insight, because I found out from a technician in a honda dealership that you can actually drive the car when the hybrid battery is broke. Unlike prius when the car will not start if the hybrid batter is dead, insight supposedly has a component (alternator?) in the engine that powers the 12V battery, which in turn supports all electronics in the car. is that true ? if all the cells of the battery are dead ...can I still drive the car as a conventional gas car ?
    My second questions is about how to check the condition of the battery. I am planning to purchase the car from private party. I will test drive, pull carfax, etc ..but I would like to know if there is a way to actually check the condition of the battery after say 20 minute drive. thanks a lot for all your suggestions
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 428
    Around 4 years ago this time, Honda launched Insight Gen-2 as Prius Fighter. In the 1st year it sold well especially in Japan and from the 2nd year on wards, its sales went down.

    The other 3 hybrids of Honda were moved to Lithium battery and the upcoming Accord Hybrid is going to have Full Hybrid with Lithium battery.

    So what is the future of Insight. I guess MY-2014 will be the same as current MY. Does Honda have any idea of bringing new model at least by 2015, will it have Lithium battery, Full hybrid. These are just the questions.
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