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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mfwmfw Posts: 14
    Sorry, I don't know what is the right price. But let's start a new topic with more detail on the spec, and leave the TTL out since it is different for every state.

    2007 S40 2.4i
    Base : $24,240
    styling : $1675 (leather seat)
    Select pkg : $1823
    Sport pkg : $875
    Delivery : $745
    Total MSRP : 29358

    What should be a reasonable price (before TTL)? $23000? $22500? I don't think it should be more than that.

    Let me share a little bit of my S60 buying experience. The exact spec is a little vague now. But, it was a 2006 S60 (purchased in march 2006 in Texas) With premium package, sport package, I think MSRP was in the 35 to 36k range. Final price was $28,800 + TTL. = $31k plus change. At the time the premium package was a factor incentive, so maybe without the incentive one should expect to pay $1500 more? The point is that Volvo dealers seem to have a lot of room for haggle.
  • Okay, so I'm in the market for a new 2007 S40. I went to the dealership yesterday to test drive one. I was going for a 2008 but then the dealer told me that the new 2008 S40 T5 didn't come in a manual! How stupid! So he started telling me that IF I could find a 2007 they'd give me a better price for it because they would want rid of it.
    I am wondering what I should pay for a NEW 2007 S40 T5 AWD, loaded up, I mean EVERYTHING navi and all! It seems the MSRP is around $36,000.
    Thanks for any replies!
  • Post #611

    Okay - '07 S40 T5 AWD. Climate & BiXenon Headlamps Package, Premium Package, Audio Package, 17" SAGITTA Alloy Wheels, Sirius, Bluetooth and Wind Deflector (both to be installed) Black (non premium paint).

    Price of vehicle: $30228.95

    (I think I did well). Opinions?
  • mfwmfw Posts: 14
    I would think you did pretty well. What is the total MSRP? and I am assuming $30228.95 is before TTL?
    Did the sale person mention any factory rebate? Thank you.
  • TTL - is that Tax, Tags and L?

    Anyway 30228.95 is what I paid after rebates. Take my trade in, subtract that from 30228.95, and pay tax on the difference. Tags I transferred. Not sure what L is.

    No additional rebates, I don't recall the MSRP - you can get that by building a similar vehicle on if you really need to ...
  • mfwmfw Posts: 14

    TTL is tax, title and license.
    By "30228.95 is what I paid after rebates", you mean the dealer discount? I don't see any official rebates from Volvo. All the "offers" are on lease, not purchase.

  • I bought the car in April so you can't compare current offers. My price is a bottom line price - it's what I paid in April: for those options and that car I paid $30228.95
  • Got quoted 2007 volvo s40 2.4i with
    select package
    auto transmission
    sirius radio
    climate package
    $24,900 + tax, license

    MSRP is $30,300

    What do you guys think?
  • Do you have any other dealer's offers to compare this to?
  • I was told by a salesman that there should be new incentives on the S40's starting October 1st. Sales of the 2008's have been dismal and he is expecting some kind of incentive. Since there are only about $500 in incentives now, he advised to wait until October 1st.
  • Ok, I went to a dealer today and test drive an 07 S40. The car is good given it's the entry level of Volvo sedan. But I was hoping to get a good deal on this. However, the dealer wanted to rip me off and thought I was a dumb in car purchase.

    2007 s40 2.4i w/
    select package
    auto transmission
    sport package
    body styling package
    sirius radio
    MSRP: $30,355
    Invoice: 28,870

    I asked for $24000 for the car. But the dealer won't go below $26500. Did I ask for too much for the car? Anybody recently purchased a 07 s40?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Saw a new '08 model today and really liked the tweaks they did to the front and rear facias. Bet the price has actually gone up though. Doubt that one could buy a base auto 2.4 for $21,000. Maybe a leftover '07 maybe.
    Any thoughts?

    The Sandman :)
  • I snoozed on the hot deal of $21,400 as I had to travel out of the country. When I returned the incentives were no longer available. The best I have gotten now for the same specs (2008, 2.5i, automatic, metallic silver) is $23,400.

    I can get a 2007, same specs for approx $22,000.
  • jon70jon70 Posts: 1
    The wife and I are looking at the following car and trying to determine what the fair market price is for the next 45 to 60 days, if this is possible:
    S40, T5,
    Passion Red
    Premium Package
    Climate Package

    MSRP is 32980 (I believe)
    I have enjoyed reading the posts on edmunds and I am hoping you folks can help me.
  • I have found a used '07 S40 2.4i at a local dealer. It has 8500 miles on it, auto transmission, sunroof, silver exterior, black cloth interior. It is a former rental. According to carfax, no problems. It's been on the dealer lot for about two months. The asking price is $19,995. This seems like an excellent price to me based on what I've seen at other lots and at carmax (maybe too good???), perhaps because it's been on the lot for two months and it's a former rental. (I don't have a problem with buying a former rental.) Thoughts? Is this as a good a deal as I think? Would it be reasonable of me to offer $17,000? Or would they consider that too low to even bother with me, considering the price is already rather low? (I'm hoping to get it for $18000.)

    Thank you for any insights you care to share!
  • I went thru the internet dept I paid out the door 24,500 with select package minus sirus... black and t tec off black.
  • For the last month or so I've been out bottom fishing for a 2007 S40 2.4i hoping to get a good deal. I wanted the leather, premium package and auto transmission. Finally made a deal last night, but looking over this forum, I'm feeling a little iffy on whether I got a good deal. :confuse:

    Here are the specs:

    2007 2.4i w/ auto/geartronic trans
    Ice White (non-prem) paint
    Premium Package
    MSRP: $29,360

    Part of the deal was free maintenance for 30,000 miles (this includes oil chages, alignments, etc). Supposedly this incentive was worth $822. I'm kicking myself for not having made them throw in free tint as well.

    Out the door price (TTL, everything) was $25,943.

    Opinions on this deal?
  • fiorenza,

    That seems like a pretty good deal but it's difficult to tell if you include TTL because every state is different in that regard. Could you please provide the price before TTL for comparison?

    Also, did you get the sense that dealers were more willing than usual to make a deal to move some cars? The Volvo manufacturer-to-customer rebate isn't that high right now but I'm wondering if dealers have some secret Volvo cash to play with because sales reportedly are down.
  • Price before TTL, dealer fees, etc, was $23,820. Really didn't sense a whole lot of motivation to move the '07's which is surprising given that it's the end of the year. I went to a few other dealers prior to this one & they refused to do anything more than knock $2500 off invoice. I got about $3700 below invoice...

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I just picked up a 2006 S40 for my daughter, silver (metallic paint), automatic and leather with 30000 miles on it for $17500+++

    There were four in town with about the same miles and specs, ie no roof, no premium etc. Two dealers would not take this deal and two would. We took the silver one. Asking prices ranged from $19000 to $20000. Nice car. Not an especially good deal, but fair, considering the car has over two years factory warrantee left and is absolutely spotless. I spent far too much time over the past month shopping for it. Almost went with a Saab 93, but glad I went for this one instead. I drove a few pretty loose 2-year old Saabs, but all of the Volvos were solid and drove about the same.
  • Hi Everyone,

    So, I think I have a deal on my hands that I should do, regardless of whether or not my wife really wants the car - a 2005 S40 2.4i, base model, no options but "replica" 2.5T, 37,000 miles (60,000kms) for $13K Cdn (about the same in USD right now).

    It's a friend's lease buyout - they take immaculate care of their cars, but want a benz now.

    Anyone concur?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    If your wife doesn't want the car, it won't be a good deal, even if they give it to you... :surprise:


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • That's so true...ironically, she wants a Mazda3...which of course shares the same platform. I'm pretty sure I can wear her down...if not, we'll just sell it, likely for more than we paid :)
  • April 07 S40 2.4i, 8100 Miles. Base Model with these upgrades: 17" Alloy Wheels, Moon Roof, Premium Audio. Metalic Silver with Black Tec interior. Was their Loaner last year. MSRP $27630

    Listed at $21250, I offered $18500, got worn out and
    Closed Deal at $19900 (Total 21518)

    MAJOR OMISSIONS: Trip Computer (I am hoping to have this installed, I found the parts for 100, but wonder what Volvo will charge to program the computer)

    Minor Omission: Power Seats

    Anyone have thoughts?
  • Carman, or whoever may be able to help,
    I'm looking to lease a car and i'm thinking about leasing a 2008 volvo s40 T5. I was wondering if anyone knows the current incentives/rebates that Volvo is offering. Also does anyone know what the current residual rate/money factor would be for a 24 month lease at 12,000 miles? The MSRP on the model i want is $33,900. says i should pay around $31, 052 for that. Does that include any rebates volvo will offer, or is that the number i should aim to get them down to prior to including any rebates on top?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.
  • fogarty,

    You should get them to sell/lease you the car at the invoice price minus the incentives, give or take a couple of hundred. I just negotiated an "invoice minus incentives" lease deal on a T5 - the dealer readily agreed. My T5 had no options and the capitalized cost was less than $22k after incentives.

    Use Edmunds's invoice number for the specific model and options you want. Then subtract the current incentives of $1500 if you're buying it or $6000 if you're leasing it ($7,000 if its an AWD version). The incentives are given to the dealer but should be passed along to you. These specific incentives were from the program in effect a couple of weeks ago - the program is expiring soon (if it hasn't already) but it undoubtedly will be renewed or go up a little bit. Ask your dealer to tell you the current numbers - it shouldn't be a secret.

    The Edmunds true market value price is just a general guide as to what some people are paying - I'm not sure whether it's an average including people who blindly pay sticker price or not, but in any event it usually is overstated except on cars that are in very high demand. Use invoice price as your guide, and then subtract the incentives.
  • thanks for the advice. I talked with the dealer and got him down a little. The MSRP is 33,000. They dropped it to 31,000 (invoice is 30,800). Then they took off the $6000 incentive so it comes down to 25,000 (but you have to have $995 in volvo/bank fees so the Net Cap is 25995). As for a net cap i think that is a very good deal. However, to get the $6000 off i have to go through volvo's outside lender who screws me with the residual and the money factor. the residual rate is 43% and the money factor is .00202 (or 4.92%). when you calculate it out, at $0 down, it comes to about $408 a month pre-tax and 429 with 5% sales tax (MA) for a 36 month lease at 12,000 miles.

    MSRP- 33,014 x .43= 14196
    25995 - 14196= 11, 798
    11, 798/36= 327.95
    25995 + 14196= 40191 x .00202= 81

    327 + 81= 408

    408 x .05 = 20 in tax a month

    408 + 20= 429 a month with tax with $0 money down

    this seems like a decent deal to me, any opinions?
  • fogarty,

    Why do you think the outside lender screwed you on the residual value and money factor? I never asked about Volvo's residual/money factor compared to outside banks - do you know what the Volvo numbers were?

    Your deal is similar to mine. I would have insisted on an invoice deal but the extra couple of hundred bucks is minimal. My cap cost was less b/c I took less options ($21958). My money factor was .00168 and residual was .44 on a 36 month lease with 12K miles a year, so I guess the money factor was the only real semi-significant difference.

    I'm paying $305/mo with payment of bank fees and state sales tax upfront in my state.
  • according to the guy who runs this forum (car man ) volvo Finance's current lease money factor for a 36 month lease of a 2008 S40 T5 AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00099 and 52%. That's why i was saying they screwed me on the residual, but if you go through Volvo finance then you dont get the $6,000 off. so in the end it pretty much comes out the same either way.
  • jb911jb911 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the current lease deals or incentives available for 2007 s40? My local Volvo dealership has 9 in stock and I'm sure they are very willing to get rid of them. My ideal lease would be 36 months at 12,000 miles per year. What would be the money factor and residual? Are there any manufacturer incentives available?


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