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Land Rover LR3



  • caterocatero Posts: 1
    I am interested. Do you still have it? E-mail me at
  • I have a 2006 LR3-the CD Player isnt playing. Error Code: "CD2"-"CD ERROR"-"Press Eject"-"Checking" then clicks a few times and restarts same code senquence? Any help how to get that fixed without taking it in to nearest service center 2 hours away? email me
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    email me at ***

    Let's keep the discussion here. To do otherwise deprives our members of valuable information and tends to defeat the purpose of forums. :)

    tidester, host
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  • I am, is it still for sale and how much?
  • I'd like to hear from any 2008 or 2009 owners out there about any issues you've had with your LR3. I'm getting ready to finalize negotiations with Chrysler on my '08 Commander to buy me out through lemon law.

    I've settled on the BMW X5 and LR3. (Please, no replies about how different the vehicles are. My only concerns are luxury and how much I like the vehicle as I live in the city don't off-road or tow.) I had an '06 X5 that I loved and never had an issue with but, since the LR3 now has an electric steering wheel adjustment, I'm torn between which one I like better. I get a good deal from BMW because of my relationship with them but one of my best friends runs the LR store just a mile from my office and I know I can get a good deal from him too and if I do have problems, it would be closer than the BMW store, which is about 5 miles away.

    I know everything about both vehicles as far as equipment, drive, capabilities, etc, however I haven't heard much about problems with the '08. I'm a 24 month leaser so I'm not really so worried about problems with 2 or 3 year old vehicles, just wondering if anyone out there has had initial problems, like I've had with my Commander since day one.

    Thanks, :)
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    How about a reply from a very happy 2007 owner?

    I am a prior owner of BMW (although I have only ever demo'd an X5), Jeep and Land Rover products. My 2007 LR3 stands head and shoulders above both Jeep and older LR and RR models. I'm in my 23rd month of trouble-free ownership and couldn't be happier. I won't knock BMW although I don't think making the X5 bigger made it better. Obviously that brand has great build quality and performance. You can't do a heads-up comparison of the X5 against the LR3 because the X5 won't do as much off road, but you will find both to be comparable for the type of driving you say you do.

    I don't think you will regret choosing the green oval this time around.
  • Thanks. I'm not trying to do any kind of comparison between the two vehicles (trust me, I have and know what features I want) othere than reliability. I have my first hand knowledge of the BMW reliability but want to hear of any problems that 2008 (or 2007) owners have had with LR3s.
  • I'm about to sell my 2000 Nissan XTerra which I love but it's time for a change. I would love to have a 2007 LR3. I've heard that everything is great unless you slip up and miss a tune up then the car just starts to fall apart on you. I would never miss a tune up if I could help it but I've also heard that they can be extremely expensive. My XTerra has been some what of a money pit to me and I don't want to get into the same spot again. I just need some advice before I sell my car.
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    the scheduled services are covered till 50K miles; after that you pay
    its more expensive but worth it. I have a 2006 LR3 and we are at 46K. been the best car i have ever had. no problems to date (knock on whatever).
  • I own LR3 2005 with 63000 miles and before that owned Discovery 2000 and 2003.I never miss the service and had 2 since warranty expired on my current vehicle. First at 52500 and another one at 60k 52K service is just oil change and probably does not have to be done at a dealer, but I made sure to take car to a dealer for 60k service, because it includes transmission service as well. If you have more then one LR dealer around I would call to all of them for the price. In my experience service prices are very different from place to place
    I have been pretty lucky with quality of my vehicles and did not have to do any kind of major repair. Saying that, I would also add that with first somewhat major problem, I would dump the car and replace it with newer model. It is expensive to fix, at list in Chicago area and with complexity of the car I will be afraid to take it to mechanic next door Simple maintenance like brake pads you can probably do any ware
  • I bought my '05 LR3 (almost new) in the US and brought to Canada. The thing has been in the garage more than I could ever imagined, suspension front and rear, GPS, brakes, speaker and the list goes on. As incredible as it may sound, I still like the vehicle for may reasons. In spite of the many problems, and the many questions I had, I know the dealer sometime tried to provide me answers, but most time, I found them a bit indifferent.

    Well hear this... this morning I went to my dealer in OTTAWA Ontarion Canada for an oil changes, (34895 miles) as I still do it every 5000 kms... I also had the supspension checked. I have to go back next week, another part to change... Also, I was fully planning on purchasing the extended warranty I had enquired about earlier in the spring. Note that I had also confirm the availability of an extended warranty way back with that same dealer before I purchased the vehicle.

    I remember clearly the person I spoke then was more than willing to sell me the warranty, we had agreed on the cost and all, but I decided to wait until the fall. Today I am told by someone else at the Ottawa dealer that LR cannot and never offered extended warranty for US vehicle. Affter a lengthy converstation, the person I spoke to finally admitted that because of an influx on US vehicle coming into Canada, LR no longer provide extendy warranty.

    I later called an LR dealer in Montreal, and one in the US, both are ready to sell me an extendy warranty covering the same as the manufacture, and repairs will be honored at any dealer in Canada/US. Has anyone experience this with their Canadian dealer? Any thoughts or advice on extended warranty? :mad: :confuse:
  • Hello, can anyone tell me if I can get my 2005 lr3 land rover oil's changed at any local oil changed place? Thanks

    My e-mail is
  • I would be afraid to use “any” place, not because oil change itself is complicated but because of possible repercussions after something done wrong. It might be costly. If person does not know what he/she is doing even simple job might be screwed up. But if you know somebody as a responsible quality mechanic I would not worry about getting oil change not at the dealer
  • I also live in Ottawa and I drive a 2007 LR3 HSE. I am coming up on two years on my lease and I only had a few minor issues with my vehicle. Every time I went to service or sales, I always got great service from everybody. Did you try directly with LR Canada's Head Office. I would go with a warranty purchased in Canada vice US to avoid possible run around. I would hope that if you buy a Warranty from one of the LR dealers in Montreal the dealer in Ottawa would have to honor it! If you go back to them and tell them that one of the Montreal LR dealers is willing to sell you an extended warranty this may sway them if not you can always buy from Montreal. ;)

    Best of luck
  • I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I have expereinced some inconsistencies lately in trying to get an extended warranty as well. I live in Cali and inquired a few months back about a warranty. We established terms and a price for a LR backed extended warranty. When I went back in the last couple weeks to inquire again, they said that LR had dramatically raised prices on their extended warranties to the point that my dealer was now only entertaining warranties from a third party carrier now. They claimed no one will buy an $8,000 warranty. I am thinking now that LR got bought out recently that they are getting out of the extended warranty business perhaps. Not sure if this applies, but I thought it may help explain some things...I also have some hestitancy now even more than before in buying a third party extended warranty....
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    It sounds to me like the third party warranty company offered them a better kickback so they are pushing it. Also, is the 3rd party something local that the dealership's owner may be a part owner in the company? You might want to inquire at another dealer, possibly in another state or city. I phoned my dealer in Seattle where I have bought 3 vehicles from in the last 10 years. He told me their LR extended warranty prices are comparable to the last one I purchased, allowing for inflation of course. But they haven't gone up anything drastic. Just a few $$$ in the last 2 years.

    I would be really, really careful with 3rd party warranties. They aren't worth the paper they are written on. I had one on my 2003 Expedition EB, and I got the best one available. It supposedly covered all the AC components, including the rear AC. Except for the $800 worth of parts and labor that broke on mine. It covered the electric windows, except the part of them that broke on mine. The switches yes, the switch controller module, no. So if a switch went bad, I would have to pay $100 deductible to replace a $20 switch plus labor, which came to $120. The controller is a $350 module, plus labor, and not covered. Get the picture? They make it look really good by having a long list of parts. Most of them with familiar or important sounding names, that are covered, so it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that you are in good hands. But these are the most reliable components, that almost NEVER break.

    A manufacturer's extended warranty is infinitely better, because athough yes, they are pricier, and designed to make a bit of extra $$ on the back end of the sale (The salesman gets no comission, the back office does), they also cover the important components likely to fail during the warranty period to keep the vehicle in good running condition. This keeps the customer happy because as long as you are getting good warranty service, you will probably purchase a new car from them again. And the current vehicle you will probably trade will be in better condition for the resale too. So it saves them $$ again by not having to spend so much reconditioning your car before they put it on the lot, and they can offer you a better deal on the trade.

    3rd party warranty companies don't care as much about repeat business, because they figure if you don't need them, you will never know how little you are actually covered for. This will make you come back to them on your next car because they are cheaper than the Manufacturers. And if you do need them, you will realize what a rip off they are and go with the manufacturer's warranty next time anyway. Hope this helps. :confuse:
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    I purchased the extended warranty through landrover when I bought my LR3 out of the lease in March - it was for 100 K miles with a 200 dollar deductible. I think the quoted price was 4,000 at that time. I was in the dealer for a service check a month or more ago and I saw a third party advertisement for extended warranty and thought that was a bit strange. This is in S California. - When i was talking to a land rover person in the corporate dept at an event in May he made reference to the extended warranty cost of 1500 dollars. That made me think at the time that there was a ton of profit in that ext warranty for the dealer. I dont know if this info helps at all but its good to now what the status is. I will asked and report back as to what i find out about the pricing today.
  • meksmeks Posts: 10
    The voice recognition system in my 2006 LR3 does not work. Does anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this?
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    Have you checked the set up to make certain it is using your language?
  • I got the extended warranty with my new purchase LR3 in Jan 2005. Paid about $2k, I think. All documentation was from Land Rover direct, but beware, this is not serviced by Land Rover directly. Success in getting warranty claims paid for depends highly on where you service your vehicle. I have 102k miles on the truck. I had it serviced at (1) the dealership I purchased from, (2) a local shop that had an excellent reputation and (3) now my dealership in FL where I moved this summer.

    The fun starts when the adjuster from the extended warranty company comes to the dealership or is called by the dealership to approve a claim. At first my purchasing dealer advocated strongly for me and got most claims approved. This changed 180 degrees when they changed management for the service department. I tolerated that crap until I found they busted the dust cover on my gear shifter and tried to hide it by gluing it together with something that look like caulk. (I found it when it fell apart and I took it apart myself).

    After that, it is was off to the local shop, who performed great work and typically got the warranty company to approve most claims, but always seemed to find something else substantial to charge me for.

    My best experience has been with my local dealer in Fort Myers FL. I rolled in with 98k miles and they got the rear wiper controller, motor, etc. all under the extended warranty and I walked with the a bill for the deductible and shop supplies. They have my business from here on out.

    All in all I got my money's worth out of it, but be prepared to [non-permissible content removed] up a storm every time they say "No".
  • We have launched as a result of the consistent problems that we have experienced with our Land Rover Discovery since its purchase, almost 3 years ago. Besides all the problems with the car, what has compounded matters is the bad service and general uninterested and unhelpful attitude of Land Rover Spain, and Land Rover head office in the U.K.

    The car has been unbelievably unreliable, and on 2 occasions whilst travelling abroad we experienced major problems, resulting on both occasions having to leave the car behind and return in a small hire car, thus leaving the trailer we had taken with us, stranded there too. Consequently this has involved another round-trip of having to collect the trailer, all at our own cost, which on both occasions the mileage has been 975km for each trip, so it wasn’t cheap! We also feel that it should be bought to everybody’s attention that Land Rover do not want to honour their warranty obligations, and fabricate lies to avoid paying out for genuine repairs, (please read the article "Battery & Transmission" for further details).

    We just feel that potential customers of Land Rover should be aware of the fact that the Land Rover Discovery is not a reliable car, and after the sale care is non existent and is particularly bad from Head Office. The supplying dealer was a nightmare, (no longer a main Land Rover dealer) However the current servicing dealer Autonautica in Benidorm has been fantastic and always very helpful, the roadside assistance have been terrific too, (invaluable on the Land Rover Discovery) but in the long run it is Head Office that hold the key to providing the long-term solution, and thus it is with them we have the problem.

    Hopefully, this forum will enlighten customers about our bad experiences, and also let other Land Rover Discover owners list there problems and grievances, so that prospective purchases of Land Rover products can see what they could be letting themselves in for, and subsequently that Land Rover realise the discontent of its customers and thus improve the reliability of the cars they manufacture and the after-car they provide for their customers, without whom, they would be out of business.

    We feel that the product is fantastic in theory, but the practicalities of owning the car make the purchase of a Land Rover Discover a really bad and costly mistake, please feel free to comment on current articles, and add your own. We have an extensive Search Engine Optimisation and marketing campaigns and plan to make this website the major forum for all Land Rover models, we look forward to your help in achieving this.
  • I would like to say thank you to all who have responded to my initial concern about ext warranty, I do hope the string of message was of help to create awareness to potential buyers or current owners.

    I would like to update you on my problem with the purchase of the ext warrantly on the LR3. When I was advsised by my local dealer that they could not offer me the ext warranty, I was picking up the truck after being fixed for front suspension problem. It was 2 days later (on a Sunday), the truck broke down again, the suspension was stuck in access. I turned off the engine to reset, then it would go into extended mode which mean it can,t lower because of an obstacle... that was on my paved drive-way.

    I was furious, I took our sports car and drove to the dealer, spoke briefly with the same gent from the ext warranty. When he saw me pulling in a 911 Carrera, and saw the frustrated look on my face, he asked if everything was ok. I told him I would drop the truck off that evening for service to look at it first thing on Monday.

    Monday late morning, I received a call from the dealer, to tell me the truck was fixed, and also advised me they would gladly offer me an ext warrantly, then proceeded to emailed the choices of warranties I had. I bought it 2 weeks later after careful consideration about keeping the truck or not. I am now waiting for the first repair on ext warr to see how that goes. I leave it up to you to judge why the reversal of decision from the dealer to sell me the ext warr. Just lovely and fair isn't it?? :mad: :confuse:
  • I also need help on an Extended Warranty for my 2006 LR3. At almost 50,000 with very few problems so far - my local dealer is offering a 100 mile/72 mo extended warranty. The kicker is that the Contract/Application you sign and submit DOESN'T describe or even mention the Roadside Assistance (Towing, etc) that the Extended Warranty brochure says it does! The dealer says it's covered but since it's not in writing I have some concerns. For those of you who have purchased the Land Rover (not 3rd party) Assumered Protection - do the documents you receive and the actual warranty cards specifically say that Roadside Assistance is covered? Look forward to your response. :confuse:
  • The ext warranty I bought includes, "trip interruption" food - lodging up to $100/day. "Towing" up to $50/day. "Car rental" up to $40/day for six days. It is transferable and renewable. I pay $3200 Cdn and it's only for a mere 20 000 miles extra. My reasoning is, it that thing breaks again, it will likely be for more than that, and I'm not ready to trade the truck yet. Note that the dealer already put over $15 000 under the original manufacture warranty. I bought the ext warranty at the LR dealer and it is called Easy Care.

    100 miles ext warranty is substantial, may I asked how much you paid? :lemon:
  • Mine works but only listens to my wife... :confuse:
  • I know there's loads of 2008s on dealer floors. I'm specifically looking for this as my local dealers have stock at heavy discounts but not what I'm wanting.

    NEW- not a demo or certified - can find those everywhere.
    White SE or

    Will consider an HSE if you're ready to sell like a discounted SE.

    Don't need or care for anything else.
    reply with contact info as I'm buying as soon as I can locate one.
  • macc24macc24 Posts: 20
    I had an exclusionary warranty for my DII which I received way more for in repairs than I paid for - I think it was $4-5000 over what I paid. The company was MBP out of New Mexico, I had bought it through a LR dealer. However, due to all the know LR reliability issues with the DII's they no longer warranty ANY LR model.

    So, first of all you want an exclusionary waranty if you can get one. It will best mimic the original warranty and will list what is not covered (which are only a few things).

    The second thing you want to do is work with a company that is listed with the BBB. You can go to

    With those things said I purchased my extended warranty through a brokerage company called warranty 4 wheels. They will give you several different options (coverages) from several different companies. Their website is
    you can speak to Wayne, he is their CEO. I do not work for this company but you can check on them through the BBB site, I did.

    BTW it is usually cheaper to get better coverage if your vehicle is in it's original warranty period. Hope this helps.
  • I just found a dealer in southern california that has a good stock of LR3 they need to move including a NEW 2007. Any opinions on buying a NEW 2007 at this point, Feb 2009.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    I ask this question periodically and the answer has so far been the same. But with LR under new ownership and both Mercedes and Porsche offering diesels in their SUV's (though the Cayenne is only offered in Europe at present), is this the time for a diesel engine in a Land Rover for the North American market?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The general consensus is that Americans aren't ready for diesel cars.

    Maybe Tata will be willing to ignore the consensus though?

    What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?
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