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Land Rover LR3



  • Hi All,

    My 2005 LR3 HSE is going to hit 100k miles soon and my extended warranty is going to expire. Does any one know of a good service place in Southern Cal(South Orange County)out side LR3 dealership which does a great job at servicing the vehicle? I used to own a BMW in Bay area and there was a place started by folks who worked at BMW dealership which provided exactly the same quality service, but at a cheaper price. I just spent $900 on my front breaks and rotors at the dealership and it is starting to add up. I will appreciate any advice.

    Thank you
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Not sure if they have them in So Cal. But I had the brakes and Rotors on my 2005 LR3 SE done by Les Schwab. They give you a 3 yr/36000 Mi Warranty on them. I use mine to tow a 6000 lb boat and have not worn down the brakes in 2 years. And it definitely did not affect brake performance. Overall what you need to look for is mainstream mechanics that can still service LR. It doesn't really have to be a LR specialist unless it is something that requires them to connect to the LR software. For example an oil change can still be done at Jiffy Lube or Oil Can Henry's. Just tell them to use synthetic. Costs a little more than organic oil, but LR actually uses Castrol Syntec, which is a synthetic blend, and not pure synthetic. Just take your receipt to LR and have them reset the service minder for about $20. after if you don't like keeping track of those things yourself.
  • Hey thanks for all the great information.
  • Anyone know of a quality/reasonable priced service center for Rovers in Scottsdale, Phoenix or surrounding areas?
  • I have primarily owned only Japanese SUVs. I am looking to buy per-owned LR3 2005-06 with around 70-90K miles. I do have mechanic very efficient with typical Japanese made. Of course I will do my through research before buying and have it inspected by mechanic.

    Feedback of existing owners would be great help in anticipating as to what to expect. I have few repair concerns as following:

    - 70-100K life, what maintenance are due that would prevent major break down? if you could share parts/cost
    - Beside overall mechanically soundness , what specific known major issue I should look for during driving test?
    - Research shows tires wears out very quickly on this, any trick to prolong them?
    - While drive testing, I noticed this car has suspension lift. What is expected suspension life and repair cost when wears out?
    - How difficult/expensive are repair on this car relatively to Japanese (Toyota, Nissan) and German made (Benz/Audi/VW)?
    - Are non-oem parts easily available? or owning LR requires monthly dealer visit???

    Anything important I should know beforehand... By knowing what to expect will minimize/remove any buyer remorse.

    Your response will assist me to forecast total cost of ownership and decide whether I should but it. I am looking forward to enjoy owning LR3.

  • gordrgordr Posts: 3
    edited November 2012
    My background similar, so keen to see responses. I love what LR seems to offer and only have recently considered. Used to japanese reliability (owned a 82landcruiser,a 95 Pathfinder and a 02 Xterra). I am looking at two low mileage LR3 models, 2007 and a 2008, each with less than 25,000 miles (at different high end dealerships, but neither are LR dealers). Both are SEs with the V6 so also some concern about power, but will see when I drive.
  • I can only say the word CARFAX check it out off the vin # to assure all past history on any car for that matter but mainly because LR3 is a higher maintence SUV. I love my LR3 2008 but must say it has had two suspension problems one while under warranty which it was covered the second was a minor problem which I highly reccommend you search a good reputable Land Rover mechanic not on Land Rover Dealership prices to have your LR3 checked over by a professional. My V8 rocks on the beach and on the road and can't really give you an idea except from loaner cars from Land Rover that the V6 will not provide the power I have on my V8 test drive both to get a feel of how much power each LR3 has and decide. My V8 gets around 15MPG in comparision to my Chevy Equinox 2012 at a 27MPG another factor to figure into expense. LR3 is a luxury vehicle that is worth the expense in my book.
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