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Audi A4 2005+



  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,640
    Don't feel bad. There are probably tons of markets and customers where MSRP is a common expected ballpark. I used to live in Tallahassee and have seen dealer seriously offering Ford Focus by MSRP. Other time I saw Mazda 626 4-cyl in last year of production with dealer ADP sticker (they called it something like market adjustment or other junk term) of $2500 :mad:
    Just ridiculous, but hey if a 19-yr old college boy/girl or fresh foreign PhD starting his professor job thinks it is a good deal, why not at least try?

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • ADP is a TLA for Additional Dealer Profit.
  • I found a really beautiful 2005 A4 1.8 convertible that the dealer is offering at a good year end price. But the horror stories that I have read in this forum and the stories that I have heard from local Audi owners gives me pause. It seems that about 1 in 10 Audis is a lemon and that Audi tries to get out of honoring its warranty. Any advise that would encourage me to take the chance and buy this car?
  • There are two potentially serious issues with the 1.8t engine:

    1) Gotta change that oil every 5000 miles with high quality synthetic. Since Audi covers the 10 k changes that means that you must pay for every other change. The oil sludge issue seems to occur when the changes are only every 10 k with non-synthetic oil and the engine is subjected to short trips, freezing temps, and/or dusty conditions.

    2) I think that the A4 manual states that the timing belt needs to be changed every 105,000 miles. Based on what I've read here and elsewhere, this should be done no later than 60k miles (along with the water pump).

    Additionally, the dealer is a critical variable in the equation. I live in NE Ohio and am currently on my third A4 from the same dealer, who also performs all my car's service. This dealer is a key reason why I recently bought another A4. My previous '02 Avant suffered a burned out light bulb over my four year relationship. Just luck?... maybe :)

    BTW, if the A4 you are considering is an automatic, make sure that you drive it and that you are okay with the power to weight ratio.


    Oh yeah, if it's a CVT transmission, I might just skip it.

    Hey, good luck!

  • Byron thanks for your response. At this point I am leaning against buying the Audi. But am having trouble walking away from the deal because the car is so beautifle. It is a 2005 model that has been on the dealer's lot for over a year. It has 730 test drive miles on it. I negotiated a price well below invoice. But am concerned about buying a car that I have no idea how it was driven for its crucial break in miles. When I asked the salesman about this he said it really did not require a break in period - as long as it was not driven at a constant high speed for several miles. I have asked some local Audi owners about this dealer and found that they have a really bad reputation for trying to get out of doing warranty work. I really love the design of the car but dependability is my first priority. My current car is a Toyota that I bought new 12 years ago. It has 105,000 miles and I have spent about $200 on repairs other than routine maintenance plus a timing belt and new struts. Why would you skip it if if has a CVT? Is it due to performance or realiablity.?
  • Hi onkloud9,

    Can you tell me how the Bluetooth works exactly? The dealership here has no idea since they don't have a car w/ the tech pkg on the lot - very frustrating. Do you just have to have the phone on you, or does it have to be plugged into something? Is there a screen that tells you who or the phone number if it is not a programmed number is calling? Can you dial outbound by pressing a button and telling the car to dial "Home", etc.? Is it worth the cost?? Thanks so much for the help!
  • "Oh yeah, if it's a CVT transmission, I might just skip it."
    I quite like my CVT. I've had to do some adjusting driving in San Francisco, but other than uphill from a stop, it's great. Extremely smooth driving.
  • Yeah, the car is soooo beautiful... but what's she/he going to look like in the morning a year from now? As for those 730 test drive miles... well, that pretty much tells you all you need to know. My hunch is that more than a few of those "test drives" were probably suitable for "Cops... Need For Speed Special Edition".

    Another poster mentioned that they have had a very good experience with the CVT tranny but my limited understanding is that the CVT is Audi's least reliable transmission. But I could be blowing smoke on that :P

    Since you sound as if you intend to keep your car for a long time you might want to go topless with an offering from the Far East. The Honda 2000 and new Mazda MX5 (?) might fill the bill.

    But I'm really pleased with my new A4 Quattro with the 2.0t engine. About 2 1/2 weeks and the car is an absolute dream.

  • Audi had problems with the CVT in the 2002 models and It was mostly a software issue that has been resolved. Audi historically has not had tranny problems. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a new vehicle with 750 test drive miles. Less break in period. The risks are minimal in comparison with the sweet deal this person is getting. Also if the car has been on the lot for that long inquire about them selling it as a CPO and get a 100k mile warranty and not sacrifice any of the maintinence services. It will increase the price but you will get a better trade in value down the road or selling price because it is transferrable. Much less expensive and more coverages than an extended warranty contract.......
  • I just signed the docs on my new 2005.5 A4 3.2 Quattro. I pick up the car tomorrow and wanted to find out how to use the mp3 system using the memory card. Anyhow here have it and use it? What memory card do I need? Does it use the same type as the digital cameras?
  • Reasonable counter point. Thanks for the additional info on the CVT. I was under the impression that it was a hardware problem. Glad to hear that's not the case. My only concern with those 750 test drive miles is whether that engine has been over-revved but that might not be an issue with the CVT (versus a manual). I also think that the CPO coverage is an excellent idea... assuming that the price is not excessive.

  • Well I'm over 1,000 test miles so far and the only problem with my CVT is the trash that continually piles up on the front passenger seat. :-> I don't blame that on Audi.
  • It's pretty tough to over-rev a CVT. I don't think I've managed to get it much over 4k, and that's with hard acceleration. I can cruise along at 70 doing a bit over 2k.
  • I test drove an A4 2.0 and while the rumble was exciting, it was simply too much noise for me. I believe this was a 2005, although unfortunately, I am not sure. Rumors are the 2006 models have less noise. Anyone have any experience and impressions of noise with driving and comparing both model years?

    BTW, my impressions are on the comparo thread for A4, TL, S60, Passat. I think the 2.0 is vastly superior to the 1.8.
  • I have 5 years and 82,000 miles into my A6 and this is what was needed besides normal maintenance:

    1.) driver's window mechanism repair
    2.) front passenger window mechanism repair
    3.) one air conditioning pipe fitting replacement
    4.) front brake rotors (4 times)
    5.) electric fan motor
    6.) turn signal electrical module
    7.) front driver's door lock mechanism
    8.) heater motor blower
    9.) climate control module
    10.) valve cover gaskets
    11.) cam chain cover gasket
    13.) front tie rod replacement struts

    On my 1998 TOYOTA camry with the same amount of miles, besides normal stuff like oil, tires, brakes, filters, wipers,only number 12---battery has been replaced.

    I still like driving the Audi tons more than the TOY! Just drive it until 49,999 miles or get a durable extended service contract.
  • I was trying to decide between the 2005.5 and 2006 A4 models. I went to 3 different Audi dealers, spoke with the Audi Certified salesman and I was rest assured that there was no difference with the engine/sound absorbortion. I drove both at each lot and I could not find a difference. I was hoping the 2006 A4 came standard with the LCD screen like the A6 does now. I bought the 2005.5 3.2 A4. Paid a bit below invoice and got a great rate for financing. My suggestion is take a 2005.5 if you can still find one.
  • This is one of the best posts ever! I grow weary of the posts that discuss the problems without adequate expression relating to the "gets."

    I want my Audis to be ever more reliable.

    I do not want to sacrifice the joy of driving, however.

    When some manufacturer actually does imitate perfectly Audi or BMW and the Lexus reliability and packages them into one brand, they will have a winner.

    In the mean time, the Audi Advantage and the BMW program provide sufficient protection from breathtaking expenses for 50,000 miles. Extended or CPO certification takes you to 100,000.

    Get the one that is a pleasure to drive not the one that although reliable is boring.

    Thus far, only Infiniti, even comes close to being the best of both worlds. Even so, it was my second choice.
  • I can not answer my own question and I work for AUDI. :cry:

    Why Why Why Has not Audi capitalized on the fact that we make an 2.0 FSI that can get up to 34 MPG with 200 hp? I know us Audi people are elitetists :blush: but 3.00 a gallon stabs even the A8 drivers in the gut. Audi makes the best car for the money hands down in the luxury lines and we have best fuel efficiency for the power and nobody knows other than Audi owners..........

    Just had to vent.
  • Believe me, the A4 is very quite while cruising at roughly mach 0.114.

  • Is bluetooth standard on the 2005.5 A4s?
  • I don't believe bluetooth is an option on the 2005.5 but it's available as on option on the 06.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 561
    Does the A4 2.0T really get that kind of mileage? Is that with manual?

    I can see the A3 2.0T getting that kind of mileage since it should be lighter.

    The mileage on the A4 3.2 is really poor, especially compared to a high-profile competitor like the 330i. Talk about high gas prices hitting you where you live.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I don't think you can qualify 26-27 highway mpg as "poor" for an all wheel drive vehicle w/ a 255 hp V6 engine. The 2.0 Turbo gets 30-32 on the highway.
  • Since you work for AUDI, could you please get me a discount on the $440.00 airbag control module part needed to turn the "AIRBAG LIGHT" off on the dash of my '00 A6? Or how about something off the $400 3 hours labor needed to install? Anything to help with this $840.00 problem would be much appreciated!
  • kjm04,

    I have a Treo 650. With any Bluetooth phone, you can turn the BT on and set it on "discovery mode." When I initially picked up my car, the dealer turned this on on my Treo, while sitting in the car, and the car picked up the signal. From there, any incoming calls would turn the music down automatically, make a ringing sound, and the number (or name) would appear on the information console in the middle of the instrument cluster. The phone doesnt have to be plugged into anything, just on your self. You can make an outgoing call by pressing the call button on the steering wheel and saying the name or number of the person. Unfortunately, the BT on the Treo 650 isn't "fully functional", which means I can dial out using Voice activated dialing by saying the number manually, but not by the name :( . I know for a fact that Motorola BT phones peer with the BT in the A4 perfectly and can use name based dialing. Its a great feature if you happen to talk on your cell phone often in the car, without using a BT headset. Worth $500 bucks? I'm constantly on my phone and I hate those headsets, so yea, it is worth it.
  • Bluetooth is only available on the Technology Package w/ Bluetooth. It costs ~$500 more than the regular Tech Package.
  • Please let me hear from others regarding your predictions about new Audi dependability. I am a former 1999 A4 owner, currently leasing a 2003 Saab. Lease is due to expire in November and I am trying to decide on a replacement. Considering 2006 A4, 2006 BMW 325i, or Acura TL (or maybe even a TSX).
    In April 2005, Consumer Reports said they can again recommend the A4 because dependability has improved. My personal experience with the 1999, was not too bad, but certain items failed before they should have, IMHO. My current Saab 9-3 has been terrible, also consistent with Consumer Reports.
    I'm once again tempted by the quattro and the favorable lease rates.
    Please let me know what you think.
  • I have bought a new A4 and when the air con is on and the vehicle is moving fast, the center vents push out a lot of cold air regardless of the temp setting. :cry: . If I shut the vents the wind noise in the cabin becomes very noisy, like having the windows partly open.
    The dealership cannot fix it...
    Does anyone else have the problem?
  • Certified Pre Owned :-)
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