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  • michaellnomichaellno Member Posts: 4,120
    2004 Saturn VUE AWD V6 - wife's daily driver
    2003 Ford Focus ZX5 - my daily driver
    2003 Saturn L300 V6 - daughter is driving this; I want it back, but kid can't drive a stick, so I'm stuck with the Focus
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    2005 Cadillac CTS - my daily driver
    2003 GMC Envoy XL - my wifes transport
    mix in a couple motorcycles and that about sums it up
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    why did you pick what you drive?
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    1999 Ram is our business truck, needed a dually 4x4 with a big engine.

    2004 Titan was purchased to tow our travel trailer as well as be our family vehicle, we loved how it drove.......still do in fact.

    2004 ZX3 was a total impulse buy, we wanted something good on gas and bought Zippy.........she's since become my daily driver (164 mile/day commute). Probably the best car I've ever owned and I'm very protective of her. :blush:
  • mark156mark156 Member Posts: 1,915
    what does anyone here own?

    2000 E430 Sport Mercedes
    2002 ML500 Mercedes SUV

    My "E" only has about 30,000 miles and I'll keep that car for a while. My ML is about ready to trade with 44,500 miles. I'm thinking of a 2006 something, probably purchasing around Christmas. My ML should have about 48,000 miles on it by then and the warranty will just about be out.

    The more I read about the contenders that I would consider, I'm just not sure what I want. If I'm offered an extremely low price on my ML (SUV's prices are down), I might just keep it another year. I figure if I buy another SUV, it might be a wash as if my SUV trade price is low, the new one will be lower too. We'll see.

    Alangl..... Congrats on the new job. Your drive time and distance will be much better because Zippy is approaching 100,000 miles WAY too quick!

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    It's in my profile, but:
    2006 BMW 325i
    It's fun and it has four doors. It has the full gamut of safety features as standard equipment. It's not roomy, it has the same image problem as other BMW's, and there will be heck to pay if I still own it when the warranty runs out, but I think I like it (never love anything that can't love you back)!

    I think the Canyon is still in my profile. I borrow it from my parents when I need to haul things. It's notable for its power (uplevel engine in a regular cab, 2wd) and enormous blind spot on the driver's side in the regular cab. It's kind of crude to drive. Longer wheelbase trucks tend to ride better.
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    Akangl..... Congrats on the new job. Your drive time and distance will be much better because Zippy is approaching 100,000 miles WAY too quick!

    Yes she is!! She's 14 months old and just shy of 49k miles. Still the greatest car I've ever owned! Hubby took her to work today since I needed his Dodge so I could do a *grumble* firewood delivery. He hardly ever drives her, so most of those miles are from me. :blush:

    To put her miles in perspective, hubby's 99 Ram has 38k on it and my 04 Titan has 20k on it.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,555
    Hey, maybe you should get one of the new R-class models! Saw my first one tonight - a brand new R500 and wow! It is a lot bigger than the pictures led me to believe. Nice look too. I prefer it to the new ML-class. It is bigger than a Pacifica, has to be bigger even than a Chrysler Town and Country. But they got the proportions just right in the styling.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • boomchekboomchek Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 5,516
    What does anyone here own?

    2005 Honda Civic LX coupe
    1978 Chevy Impala 4 door (when I feel like feeling old and want to listen to AM radio I drive it :P , it's only one year younger than me)

    2016 Audi A7 3.0T S Line, 2021 Subaru WRX

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,253
    Here's my list, and the justification for them all, no matter how off-the-wall it may be! :shades:

    1957 DeSoto Firedome: I got turned on to Forward Look era Mopars by the movie "Christine", which came out when I was 13. Soon thereafter I saw a picture of a '57 DeSoto, and fell in love with it. Found one for sale about an hour and a half away, and bought it back in 1990, when I was still in college. Funny, but I was in college, no job, but seemed like I had more money back then! :cry:
    1968 Dodge Dart 270: I had been driving a '69 Dart GT that was a great all-round car...decent blend of performance/economy with the pre-smog Slant six it had, good interior room up front, huge trunk, reliable. Well, it got totaled, and the next day I found this 270. It was a totally different beast from the GT though, because it had a mildly hopped-up V-8. Much faster, much thirstier, and not nearly as reliable. MUCH higher mileage, though, with around 253,000 miles on it when I bought it, versus around 77,000 on the GT when I totaled it.
    1967 Pontiac Catalina convertible: something I always wanted ever since I was a little kid. Saw one at a used car lot, oddly enough, while cruising around after a Mopar show.
    2000 Dodge Intrepid: Probably got lured in by the 0.9% financing more than anything else, but at the time it was probably the best car out there that fit my needs. An Accord, Camry, and especially an Altima were too small back then. You probably couldn't have paid me to drive a Taurus. And I didn't like the style/interior/comfort of the Impala.
    1979 Chrysler New Yorker 5th Ave: I used to have a '79 Newport that I loved, and, piece of junk that it was, I always missed it after I got rid of it. So when I found this NYer on eBay, I just had to have it
    1985 Silverado: Granddad bought it new, and a few years after he died, Grandmom gave it to my Mom. Mom bought a new F-150 a few years back, and passed it down to me.
    1976 Pontiac Grand LeMans: something else I've always wanted ever since I was a little kid. I think "Smokey and the Bandit" turned me on to these big '76-77 LeManses.

    So, some of my automotive choices haven't exactly been logic-based! :P
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Member Posts: 3,802
    "What does anyone here own?"

    2004 Honda Accord EX-L - bought because we needed a mid-size for the baby and the Accord 5-speed manual is the best in the business (disclaimer: IMO).

    2003 Civic Si - bought because Gee wanted a commuter with good performance and gas mileage. Has lived up to both of those with close to 40,000 miles on it.

    2004 Honda Odyssey - bought because we needed something a little bigger than the Accord for the first few years. It has come in handy and we will miss it when the lease ends in 6 months.

    1994 Lexus LS400 - bought because it was a good deal back in 2001 and Gee wanted to get out of his less than perfect 2000 Silverado. Now we keep it around for the basement spiders to have a place to live.
  • mark156mark156 Member Posts: 1,915
    How is that new garage coming along? You have 6 cars and 1 truck, wow!

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  • mark156mark156 Member Posts: 1,915
    Nippononly, I haven't seen the new Mercedes R-class yet in person, just photo's. Either they are flying off the lot or they are hiding them somewhere. I just had the ML in for a small warranty issue (4wd button fell inside the dash) at a very large Mercedes dealer (I was out of town). This dealer has about 20 service guys working the service drive. This was one interesting operation to watch as I waited about an hour to have the button reattached.

    The contenders to replace the 2002 ML500 if I decide that I want to stay with 6+ passenger seating:

    Mercedes R-class (I was really wanting to go with a different brand this next time)
    Land Rover LR3
    Volvo XC90 SUV
    Volvo wagon
    Cadillac SRX
    Jeep Commander (haven't seen in person yet)
    Lexus GX (but, I don't like the big swing-out gate)
    Lexus LX470 (long in the tooth looks)
    Acura MDX (style changing soon)
    Honda Pilot (style changing soon)

    If I decide to go with 5 passenger seating, there are a huge number of vehicles to pick from:

    BMW X5
    BMW X3
    Mercedes ML
    Mercedes E-wagon
    Lexus RX330/400h

    I guess part of the fun is looking. :P

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,253
    the garage is coming along pretty quickly now, although it's raining, so I know that's going to slow things down. The crew came out on Wednesday afternoon to start erecting it, and by yesterday afternoon all the framing, roof trusses, and roof sheathing were up.

    It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow, and possibly Sunday, so I have a feeling the crew is going to pack up and come back on Monday to try and finish up. So it's getting there! At least it's more than just 18 holes in the ground like it had been for awhile...we were joking that I had a golf course out there!
  • michaellnomichaellno Member Posts: 4,120
    Saturn VUE AWD V6 - wife likes the visibility of an SUV, refuses to be seen in a minivan (and with the kids driving themselves, it's not all that necessary), plus the ground clearance comes in handy during the winter months. Oh, and did I mention that it comes with the 3.5L Honda V6 with 250HP? Vroom! 13K miles currently.

    Ford Focus ZX5 - had a lease on an Explorer; Ford sent us a notice indicating that they would pay off the remainder of the lease if we bought or leased another Ford. Took 4 dealers to find the right car in the right color with the right equipment. Nearly doubled the MPG (from 16 to 30+) and halved the payment (from $580 to $320 per month). Like Jolie, the Focus has done everything we've asked of it and more. Has 32K miles on it.

    Saturn L300 V6 - was looking for a 4 door sedan with a V6, leather, sunroof. Like Andre, I was probably swayed more by the deal rather than the car - in this case, 0% for 60 months. Combined with my GM Supplier discount, the Saturn was anywhere from $2000 to $4000 less than anything else I was looking at (Accord, Altima, Passat). Also got 4 wheel disc brakes, ABS, TC, climate control, advanced audio (subwoofer) - essentially, fully loaded for $24K. Has about 43-45K miles on it (don't know exactly, stepdaughter drives it mostly).
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 55,770
    1998 MB C43 - 55K, in pretty much new condition. Intoxicating exhaust note and speed along with tolerable economy. A very neat little car that makes me look forward to my commute, even the one going to work. Many people think it cost 2 or 3 times what I paid, too.

    1964 MB 220 SE - 247K, in very good original condition, that I have had since I was a teenager. It's a late series injected fintail with dual circuit discs, 4 speed auto, etc. It doesn't have many issues for something its age, and the FI makes it very reliable.

    I also had a 1989 MB 300SE, 182K, a 6cyl S class, that I had to sell when the C43 came along. It was a beautifully maintained car in the best colors, that always got compliments from MB people. I had a buyer lined up even before I was ready to sell.
  • jaserbjaserb Member Posts: 820
    2004 Mazda MPV. 17k miles. It's the perfect size, looks great, drives well, and was cheap as dirt. It was advertised in the paper at $8k under sticker - roughly $1500 under invoice at the time, even once all the rebates were factored in. On top of that we got an overallowance on our trade in - about $2k over what Terry told me to expect, due in part to the UC appraiser assuming it was 4WD when it wasn't. To their credit, they didn't try to unwind the deal - by the time we figured it out the papers were signed. A screaming deal on the perfect vehicle for us - that doesn't happen too often.

    1992 Dodge Ram 50 4x4. 166k miles. Great little beater truck. I bought it for $1500 a little over a year ago with a bad clutch (that I knew about) and a tranny that was about to grenade (that I didn't.) I put in a new clutch and a junkyard tranny in it for about $800 and I've put about 10k miles on it since as my daily driver. Perfect for hauling mountain bikes, mulch, etc. I've thought about replacing it, but I've kind of become attached to the 'lil red beast. The A/C even works!

    1974 Alfa Romeo Spider. In lots of pieces in my garage - by Spring I'll have it put together again. Maybe.

  • scantyscanty Member Posts: 164
    1994 300ZX Convertible, leased new then purchased. 125,000 miles and still looks and runs great. Been tempted to let it go in order to get something newer (S2000, 350Z, G35 Coupe) but I think I'll keep it. Not good CCBA activity, but it's too rare, and too much fun.

    1999.5 Pathfinder, bought used (on ebay from a guy in Brooklyn) in 2002. It's a great truck. Nearly bulletproof. Coming up on 100,000 miles and going strong. 16.5 mpg isn't great, but my commute is less than 5 miles each way. If it headed downhill, I'd probably be looking at '01-'04 Pathfinders and QX4's, or maybe a new CR-V.
  • bumpybumpy Member Posts: 4,425
    I'll just list everything:

    1980 Chevrolet Citation- built in April 1979, V6 automatic, ex-Grandma car. I learned to drive in that old beast in 1993, handed it down to my sister when I went to college, and my brother started to learn to drive it when it popped a seal and dumped out the tranny fluid all over the exhaust around 80k.

    1988 Nissan Sentra- bought it in 1995 with 196k on the clock, learned to drive stick in it, changed the oil once in 1996, got it run into a few times, replaced the entire front suspension in stages, popped the head gasket in 2002, and finally called the junkyard to get it in 2003.

    1991 Isuzu pickup- bought it in 2000 as a backup for the Sentra. Has the old they-made-them-that-late? carburated 2.3L, heavy springs, and a sagging front bumper that my dad attributed to the previous owner's "parking by braille" technique.

    2000 Hyundai Accent- bought it to replace the Sentra in 2002. Drives and handles like the Sentra (since Hyundai basically cloned the B12/13 underpinnings). I did put a short-throw shifter in it last year and splurged on some 14" alloys this summer.

    1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R- bought it last year from an ad in the paper, as I was in the mood to scratch a sport compact performance itch. 228k on the clock and it still pulls like it was new.

    1966 GMC 1500 pickup- my lawnmower doesn't fit in the Isuzu, so I needed a full-size pickup. I didn't want to deal with the byzantine under-hood setups on newer trucks, liked the styling of the early-60s GM trucks, and wanted something different than a regular old small-block V8; so I bought a longbed 3/4-ton (1/2-ton GMCs were model 1000 in those days) pickup with the uncommon close-ratio NP435 4-speed and a 351 c.i. big-block V6 (the motor weighs close to 900 pounds).
  • michaellnomichaellno Member Posts: 4,120
    Could I get your opinion on this:

    Worth a one-way trip to Chicago?

    This is the same engine as your C-class, correct?
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 55,770
    Well, it's fully loaded, and you don't often see ones so red. It looks pretty nice, and it looks to be just at retail for one in nice shape. It looks to have the AMG package, which is a good dress up item. The car has the moonroof, so it should also have the rain sensing wipers, which I think are cool.

    The engine is based on the same as the C43, but the C43 has AMG intake/exhaust/cam/transmission tuning etc. I think it's 30-40 hp up on the normal 4.3. The interior is very similar, I recognize a lot of that car...the steering wheel is even the same design.

    It's a fairly solid unit ...only issues I know of on the C43 are some reports of harmonic balancer problems, which MB has quietly had a recall issue with. So if it fails, you aren't completely out of luck. MB claims/lies about these cars having a lifetime transmission that never needs servicing, but the car should have it serviced anyway by 70K miles. I took mine in for a service and the tech guy scoffed and said it was a lifetime unit - I countered by asking if it was then warranteed for life...he then agreed with my idea of servicing it. Just make sure the car has been maintained and has some kind of records, if you are serious about it.
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    Had to take the Titan in to have the E-brake adjusted (hubby messed it up back in June.........cost me $40.28), so while I was waiting on it I wandered around the used car lot (big mistake). Found a NICE (did I mention it was NICE??) 2001 Ford F-250 CC SB XLT 4x4 V10, probably the cleanest used truck I've ever seen, the bed hasn't been used, its clean under the truck, the engine, interior, still smells new. Definatly not a truck that's ever seen work. Has about 51,600 miles on it (I'd swear it was more like 5100). Drove GREAT, everything works, no problems found. Dealer is asking $24,995 but the GSM immediatly dropped the price to $21,712. He offered $26k for my truck (trade is $26,600).

    Talked it over with hubby and he said to call them back tomorrow and see if they have another $2k or so to play with.......if so then we'll do it. I'm thinking they might just to move the truck (V10 in times of $2.80/gallon gas). Our Dodge V10 averages 9.5 mpg, my Titan averages 13.5 mpg, I think the Ford V10 will fall somewhere between the 2 which is fine with me.

    ARGH, I KNOW better than to wander the used car lot with Jeff (my favorite salesguy). Good thing the Titan rarely breaks anything anymore.

    Also touched bases with my Ford salesguy in Anchorage, he's got a new 04 diesel that he's willing to take a loser deal on to move it. Said he would call me back Monday evening, when he works next to give me the numbers.

    I keep telling myself to wait another year, but everytime I have to overload the Titan I think that I'm better off to cut my losses now and get a bigger truck. This weekend is gonna be rough.........have to do 11 cords of firewood............both the Dodge and Titan must work hard.......along with their owners. :blush:
  • racer63racer63 Member Posts: 83
    Here we go:

    1986 Honda Civic Si. Bought used in 1992 with 97,000 miles on it. Driven as a street and weekend autocross car until 140,000 miles in January 1995, which by then the input shaft bearing had gone bad in the tranny. Taken off the road and reinvented as a race prepared Auto-x car that summer. Now sits as a spare shelf in the garage, but will likely see competition duty again next spring.

    2000 Toyota Celica GT Bought new in March 2000, and currently has 91,000 miles. It replaced a '95 Jetta GLX the day the extended warranty ran out on the VW. Not a coincidence. It was bought for a the same purpose the Honda was in '92. Daily drive and weekend fun car, a mission which in hindsight it has filled well. This particualr vintage Celica does have some well-documented weaknesses, but the only one afflicting me has been tranny woes, of which I am on No. 3, fortunately all covered under powertrain warranty. The current one shifts like a charm, with no crunches, whines, or blocked shifts like the first 2. All in all, this car is kind of like a spouse; a few annoying quirks but worthwhile to keep over the long term. I'm in the market to buy something, but this car will likely stick around.

    2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab The ultimate family truckster. In spring '04 I had a '99 Exploder V8. a '95 29' Motorhome, and an open car trailer, to do regular family of 4 car and weekend duty. The Exploder was costing $500-1000 to fix semi-regularly on stupid quality related stuff. (Ball Joints, Steering Rack, etc.). The RV was making me nervous on having even more expensive things go wrong with it. And the open car trailer was a PIT* to load and unload. So the household CFO gave me pemission to Sell Everything. After the RV went (for almost what I paid for it 3 years prior!), we bought this truck. Since we didn't need or want a third seat, the pick-up does what we need well, and I don't have to worry about dirtying up the back. Just hose it out. It has a 1-ton chassis and running gear, and even with only the 6.0 gas motor, tows my new 8000lb all loaded up enclosed trailer just fine at 70 mph, getting 9-9.5 mpg, which isn't all that bad. Around town, it gets the same as the Exploder. Oh, and 0% for 60 months. Can't beat free money, though I don't want to know how upside down I probably am 15 months into the deal. My wife daily drives this, and loves being the queen of the soccer fields. This one will stay around a while.

    So that leaves me to my next purchase, which currently has me leaning in the direction of am '03-'05 E46 BMW 330i, with the ZHP Performance Package. More hp, higher redline, better suspension, and shorter rear gears. This may be a tugh find, but I like the pre-Bangle cars' looks better. A 2 year old example CPO should be a somewhat reasonable deal too. I plan on having fun looking.
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,806
    The V10 is not the Diesel, right? From what you've said about wanting the Diesel, & what I've read about the Ford Diesel, I'd hold out for that. I think it might pay off even if it costs a few thousand more up-front......just one opinion.
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    Please buy something. We have people posting here who have not bought a car in 3 years. They need someone to set a good example for them.
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,806
    I'm sort of helping a friend shop for a new car for around $20-$25K. Her previous 2 cars were a Mercury Tracer & now a fairly recent Altima. Not a "car person". Has an inclination towards a Prius, & could use the income tax break on that. I like that idea, but she does a lot of highway driving, & I started to think that a 4 cyl. Accord is probably a better, & more "substantial", all-around vehicle . Any thoughts? TIA!
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 47,344
    with the 4 cyl. accord. And if you can still find a leftover '05, quite a good deal can be had.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD , 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Ecoboost FWD.

  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    You can't go wrong with the Accord. She should take a look at the Sonata too. It will keep some money in her pocket, gets good gas mileage (4cyl auto rated at 24 and 33), has all the latest safety equipment and the warranty is always there too.
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    What type of stuff and how many passengers do they need/want to carry? Does she drive a lot in the snow/mountains? Need all wheel drive (AWD) maybe? If she's not going to carry a lot of stuff or passengers or need AWD there are a lot of choices in that range. The Prius still gets good hwy mpg, so that would be a good choice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 213,625
    Ditto.... Accord... for a non-car person, why mess around with anything else?

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  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    Right, the V10 is not the diesel, however, its fuel economy won't be much worse than my Titan so I'm not too worried. I'm still trying to talk the dealer down a bit more, will know Monday if they are going to bite.

    Personally I'm not too into diesels, yeah we might save a little in fuel economy but as frequently as I trade trucks (notice I said *I*) it won't pay off to buy the diesel for me. Hubby will get one when the Dodge needs replacing (yeah like that's going to happen).
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    Please buy something. We have people posting here who have not bought a car in 3 years. They need someone to set a good example for them.

    LOL, I'm working on it!! Even have hubby's blessing this time! We definatly need a bigger truck, my little 1/2 ton is having a hard time keeping up with our 1 ton!
  • geo9geo9 Member Posts: 735
    Your titan is a lease correct? If you trade it you are still responsible for the
    balance of the lease payments right?

    So I guess then you will be rolling all that negative equity into a new vehicle.

    The new truck payments will most likely be a killer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have 16 more payments left on my 04 Chevy 2500 x-cab 4x4.
    Then I can get a new body style GMT-900 in 07 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The gang from Fulton NY sez "Hi" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    Your titan is a lease correct? If you trade it you are still responsible for the
    balance of the lease payments right?

    Yes my Titan is a lease and I am upside down in it. However, I'm putting money down to cover the negative equity. So, we will finance the new truck for 48 months (most likely), our payment will go down and we will own the thing a lot sooner than we would the Titan (providing we bought it out at the end of the lease......which is a probably since I'm already at 21k miles in a year). Our total debt would go down by over $10k also.

    Its not a bad deal, just have to get the dealer to agree to my terms, will work on that tomorrow since my goofy salesguy forgot to call back.........he forgets my name, forgets to call back, lol, good thing I kinda like him. :P
  • geo9geo9 Member Posts: 735
    But then you will have to pay the $$$ for the remaining lease payments
    PLUS the cost of the titan buyout price.......Right?

    Heck, thats gotta be $20k or more right? Then add that on top of the price
    of a newer vehicle?

    Seems like you digging a deeper hole...........
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,806
    I'd at least stick to the $$ #'s Terry laid out--it sounds like the Ford truck is worth more like $15K, not $21.7K.....& don't forget the effect gas prices are having on prices of big SUV's (& I assume, trucks). Also, a few weeks ago you loved the Titan so much you couldn't bear to give it up......& the dealer may be dying to get rid of a V10 truck that gets 10 mpg. All I'm suggesting is, pick a low $$# for the F250 ($15-16ish), at least start there, & don't be "too eager", the dealer may come down a lot more in a week or 2.....good luck!
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Member Posts: 3,802
    it was just a few weeks ago that you were on the verge of parking the Titan. Maybe you should take the disposable cash and tuck it away for another rainy day.

    woody: If your friend wants a highway car then the Accord is a great choice. But depending on her preferences she might want to look at a Camry too. Softer ride if she is on that side of the buying spectrum. If not, the Accord is a sportier alternative to the Camry.
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    We have been discussing for a long time, parking the Titan was mainly due to $$$ at the time, however, that's over with.

    I owe way too much on the Titan (am embarrassed to say, lol), but when it comes down to it I'm about $7k in the hole. I love my truck, but don't want to kill it making it do a bigger truck's job. I'm tossing around the idea of buying an older 1-ton and keeping the Titan.

    I'm going to lowball the dealer tomorrow and see where it gets me, for $1k more than he's asking I can get a newer diesel at the lot across the road from them (just did a search).

    Now another kink in this whole thing is my son is on a *I want a pony* kick. I've located the pony I want to buy him, but its either trade my truck or buy the pony. This kid never asks for anything and he works his butt off.........he's 11 and yesterday was out in the woods with us, he had to split up 5 cords of wood (with our hydralic splitter which isn't all that easy). He's a great kid and I'm inclined to give in this time.

    What to do, what to do........... :confuse:
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,806
    I've gotta think a Diesel (Ford?) is gonna have way better resale value--& save you fuel $$ in the meantime. And just imagine if gas goes to $4-$5.......people may be practically giving away huge gas-engine trucks, as in 1973-74.
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    I went to the dealer today to finalize the numbers and get the deal rolling so we could get the truck tomorrow. Here's what I was met with:

    My salesguy greets me and we go into his little *office*, I ask what the numbers were and where we were at. He said "well, you are going to need a LOT of money down", I said fine, I have that. So I ask again what the numbers are on the truck, he then says "well, we don't have time for this right now, we have a sales meeting" My reply was "huh??" He then says "you'll either have to wait or call me later" He tries to hand me his card, I leave it on the desk and get up. He then says "aren't you going to take my card?" I said no, if you don't have time now then there's other dealerships in Alaska where I can buy a truck. He got pissed and said something (I was walking away), I then hear him yell "BYE" and walk off.

    I was truely stunned, I've bought 2 trucks from this dealer in the past year, but you can bet there won't be a 3rd. :mad:
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Member Posts: 3,802
    the sales guy was a plant to keep you "on the wagon".
  • akanglakangl Member Posts: 3,245
    the sales guy was a plant to keep you "on the wagon".

    LOL, maybe so! :blush:
  • fitguyfitguy Member Posts: 220
    as we have 2 decent, newer vehicles:
    2004 Mazda 6S 5Door
    2005 Explorer XLT V8
    BUT- my wife took the Mazda in for oil change today, saw a new Miata, knew I had been sniffing around for used ones a few weeks back (dreaming, really), and says "Would you like one for your 50th birthday?" She is coming into some cash. I think I should have one, as after age 50 I could "go" at any moment! To be fair, if she hold's this offer I'll shop for a used one. Then she can also take me on a nice vacation this winter. Whuddaya think?
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 47,344
    I think my wife should talk to your wife!

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD , 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Ecoboost FWD.

  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    I think all of our wives need to talk to editor karl's wife.
  • cticti Member Posts: 131
    the sales guy was a plant to keep you "on the wagon".

    Maybe Terry made a few phone calls to make sure you "stay away from the car lots!" ;)
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,806
    Oh man, I like this idea a lot! I'd try to get a recent used one tho that has a lot of the newer upgrades (my Miata knowledge of all the years/options/versions is not complete). Altho I just noticed you can buy a new one for what, $23-26K? And there's a redesign due for '06 models........
  • fitguyfitguy Member Posts: 220
    That re-design does get one thinking........ and I can probably hang around till then, at least! (BTW, I am holding seminars on "How to Convince the Wife of Crazy Things"- last winter, I talked her into letting me remove the dining room set and putting in a pool table! (that one did take about 3 years, however). ;)
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,253
    but finally, I've had some progress on my garage

    I couldn't get these pics to upload in any kind of chronological order, but there it is, in various stages of development. Hopefully the remaining concrete/fill/slab work should be done in the next week or two. Also, notice that a lean-to could be added onto the back of it quite easily, should I feel the need to find more cars to shelter! :shades:
  • mark156mark156 Member Posts: 1,915
    Andre, you have a very nice looking garage! It appears that it will hold 4 cars. Is that right?

    Thanks for showing a small peek of your Pontiac convertible! You have a nice looking property.... you should fill it with cars! Are you looking for a slightly used white Titan by chance? LOL

    I've never seen a garage built before the concrete work was done. I guess in other parts of the country things are done differently.

    Send pictures of your car collection!

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