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Ford Super Duty Continued - VIII



  • Glad to hear you're enjoying the truck. I love mine, too. To answer your question, I think the older automatic OD transmissions would lock up in overdrive, which was a good thing from a mileage standpoint, but a bad thing when they were pulling weight, because they overheated. I dunno if the trans in the superduties is vulnerable to that, but my past practice has always been to run in D3 when pulling heavy or if it's shifting up and down constantly. You pick up a little engine braking, too. With the 5 spd. I only shift for big hills when the tach drops to 1500 or so. That's pulling a big box @ 7000#. Regarding mileage, I was disappointed with mine @ 11-12 in '00 F350 with 5.4/5spd. & 4.10 gears until we hit 14,000. The last two tanks have been 14+ mpg, (no trailer) and I know I could do better with a lighter foot. Happy trails!
  • Hello all. Has anyone out there tried the over head console that is made by steel horse. The deluxe model looks nice but I have concerns about how the visors mount. I had had purchased the standard one for an older ('74) f-150 and could not mount the visors unless I wanted them to hang down at a 45 degree angle. Not to safe.
  • Hello all. I realize that comparing these two truck is kind of like comparing apples and oranges, but I hope you all can help me out. I have decided to purchase a full size Ford, and I want the extra room of a crew cab. I will not be hauling very heavy loads on a regular basis, and I won't be towing anything real heavy, just a car on a trailer from time to time. Sounds like the SuperCrew would be just fine then, right? The thing that is attracting me to the Super Duty is the bigger bed, while still having four full doors. I will be hauling bulky items often, like boxes and furniture. I know you can get a bed extender on the SuperCrew, but this will not always work for me. Another reason I like the Super Duty is that I think it's about the damn nicest looking truck out there! With this information, does the SD seem like real overkill? Has anyone out there made this comparison? Also, does anyone out there have a 250 CC 2wd auto with the 5.4? What is the acceleration like? How about the gas mileage (not expecting it to be great). Also, does anyone know if insurance differs much between the two? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • YOur towing thoughts sound about like what I have been doing and it seems to be working so I'll stick with it. As far as my gas mileage I have been consistently getting 13-14 mpg (no trailer) on country roads with some in town driving. Once I figured out that the A/C was on in most of the vent modes and turned the vent off I improved 1-2 mpg. I still only have 3500 miles on it (it's my secondary vehicle so it's babied.) I can't wait to see what I get once it's broken in!...and forget about that lighter foot thing. It's impossible with these trucks. I still get a smile on my face every time I start mine up, the way it jumps to life!
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    I too was trying to make a choice between and F150 SuperCab (not crew) and F250 SuperCab.. My towing needs are even lighter than yours..
    I went with the 00 F250 SC xlt 4x2 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS

    Acceration is just fine in the F250. Its not as fast as the F150 or the F250 with a V10, but I'm not hold up traffic either.. I'm really happy with the power delivery when accelerating from 40 to 65.. It really runs well..

    Price wise, both trucks were about the same.. (In fact the SD I wanted was less expensive because I wanted a manual tranny which isn't available on the F150 w/5.4L).

    What else did I get? A truck that is: slightly bigger inside and outside, higher, taller, wider, longer that has more carrying capacity and just loooks cool..

    One thing to consider in your case is the F250 CC shortbed is going to be overall longer than the F150 CC.. (In my case the F250 SC is only a tiny bit longer than F150 SC).
  • You will never be satisfied with a supercrew, I have a F250 00 CC 4x4 5.4 4.10LS 265'AT Auto Lariat, I tow very little (1650 crestliner fish hawk)and thats about it. I use it for a Hunting/Fishing/Family vehicle. I get alot of questions on why I need the size. I like it for the room, can carry 5 adults comfortably for long distances (some won't even get out when you open the door). When I ordered it my wife said she wouldn't drive it. Thats history. she loves driving it on the open road, small parking lots are out of the question. It fits in a my 24' garage with a couple of feet to spare and goes under my 7' garage door by about 4" even with cab lights. The antenna hits, but I tried the smaller one from walmart, lost one in a carwash, and the other I couldn't get a radio station on, so back on went the original and a plastic strip went on the garage door. I have no complaints with the 5.4 . it has plenty of power to pass. with cruise on at 70 I get 13-14, at 60- 15-16 mpg. Got any other questions, please feel free to email me at
  • Here in the Northeast I have seen prices for diesel vary from $1.44 to $1.76. No indication that one is premium vs regular (if there is such a thing). I have seen posts recommending to purchase diesel where everyone does but all these stations receive repeat buyers. So the question is why the huge different in price ?

  • Just wanted to thank you two for the helpful information. I did have the opportunity this week to drive a SuperCrew 2wd 4.6 and a 240 2wd CC V10. Both were great trucks, but the only things I liked better about the SuperCrew was its faster off the line (no surprise, since it weighs about 1000 pounds less), and it's more manueverable, since it's shorter. The CC was a blast to drive, and though I have driven large vehicles before, I was expecting it to be a little intimidating to drive. Not so! Speaking of size, garageability isn't really an issue for me in either case. My garage was built in the late '20s, and going by Ford's measurements, even the SuperCrew would be too long to fit. I did an online insurance quote for the both of them, and the 250 was cheaper to insure, but only by about $40/year. Thanks again, and if anyone else has made the comparison between the SuperCrew and a 250CC, any other info would be a great help.
  • I have a 2000 cc 5.4 since February. I've got about 13k miles on it. My A/C didn't seem to be blowing very cold at all. Nothing like my wife's 99 Taurus. I took it to the dealer. They said yep it aint blowing very cold. It was about 70 degrees coming out of the vent(on max). The mechanic said that they received an OASIS message from Ford, ackowledging a problem.(only for the Superduty's) The mechanic said there was a problem with the Texas area hi temp, hi humidity causing the a/c to cycle too much. He put in a pound of freon per the OASIS spec. It helped, he said the air temp was about 48 coming out of the vent. This has been a few weeks, now it is only going down to about 53 or so degrees.
    Does anyone know what the temperature is SUPPOSED to be coming out of the vents????

    Also, has anyone else experienced this problem???


  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I've become interested in the f250 superduty in part because of the favorable comments on this board. I've never posted on this topic, but after a test drive today, I've got to ask where does one put any substantial coffee mug in either the ford or the chevy. I've tested both this week and the standard "drink holder" will not accomodate. I can't be the only coffee guy driving one of these rigs. My cup fits in my dodge 1500 easily and it was just an assumption that it would fit in all of them. How do you guys get aroud this?
  • I have a '00 F350 SD ext cab 4x4 with the PSD and LOVE IT! I would like to add a little power to the lights by switching the 55watt bulbs with 100 watt. Has anyone done this? I am only worried about melting the headlight housing with the added heat. Also, I would like to add some driving lights but hate drilling the bumper. Has anyone found a good way to mount extra lights with out a bush bar?
  • While I don't claim to be any type of expert on auto a/c I do work on central a/c units. The temperature difference (return vs supply) is what you want to look at. If you can get a 22 degree difference you should be able to keep cab area comfortable. If the dealer's check was done with 70 degree air cab temp. and your check was done with 75 degree cab temp. then you are both getting the same drop across the evaporator coil and all should be fine. Keep in mind the more refrigerant added the greater the drop, but an over charged unit works a lot harder and will cause greater damage in the long run.
  • Im taking delivery of my 01 superduty next week in Houston. Is there a breaking in procedure for this engine? Do you want to keep the rpms low, high or inbetween? Does it matter? Should it be babied for a few thousand Miles? Need to know, never owned a diesel before? I'll be driving it home about 350 miles.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    A very complete answer to your question is in a FAQ at There definatly is a breakin procedure for the diesel..
    Your gonna love your truck!
  • Please help if anyone has heard or experienced similiar. I have a 2000 f250sd lariat cc sb 4x4 auto with 5k miles. One day the tranny was shifting hard into 2nd and 3rd and stopped going into od.
    the od "off" light flashed and the check engine light illuminated. Long story longer, it was flat bedded immediatly to the dealer. He has had it nearly a week. He found there are bad sensors and got the tranny working right, but now has to replace others to get the "off" light to stop blinking (indicating some other problem). Anyone know anything about service bulletins on this problem. I really was dissapointed more than anything that I am experiencing problems with this beast.
  • First off you need the bucket seats, if you don't have buckets and the center console. This solution won't work. The little tray on the front of the center console pops out, order the cup holder part
    (Aprox. $12) that is found in the Excursion's center console. It's made for coffee mugs. I guess Ford thinks only Excursion owners drink coffee. You will loose your tray,but gain 2 cup holders. I hardly ever use the one in the dash anymore.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Thanks, I knew there had to be a way out. I wonder what the guys were doing before the excursion came out. I test drove a 250 the other day and its road manners was impressive. I still like Dodge's dash and general appearance, but the ford has payload, brakes and ride.
  • formerchevy, if it helps any, i know that there is
    this tsb on the transmission:

    4R100 auto trans shift flair; 99 F-SuperDuty:
    An intermittent rise in engine RPM's at 2-3 or 3-4
    shifts on certain calibrations may be caused by
    reduced fluid control pressure in the solenoid
    body. There is a new solenoid
    body--F81Z-7G391-CB--and a revised computer
    strategy to correct this. TSB#99-8-1

    Also, there's that new tranny problem for the 2001
    4R100 using the new diode that ford has recalled..
    maybe, though probably not, you possibly could
    have gotten that new tranny if you recently bought
    your truck..?

  • Here is how I see it:
    250 Crewcab:
    1. Big truck(thats the guy in me talking) 2. Huge back seat(I am 6'-2" and with the front all the way back, my knees are not even close) many people have said it is like a limo feeling having all the room back there. 3. Solid front axle and manual hubs (that a plus in my book) 4. Availibility of the stick with the 5.4l(again a plus in my book) 5. Better payloads. 6. Better truck(I percieve the 250 as a better/heavier dutier product and expect that it will last longer (my opinion, I may be full of it!)) 7. personally, I like the looks better. 8. Costs pretty much the same as a 150. 9. Availability of the old fashioned shift 4x4.

    1. Back seat is much smaller(you can carry people comfortablly, just not as much room, my knees hit the seat back) 2. 5.4l engine combined with less weight 3. Cushier, made for the person that wants a ride like a car and the plush ammenitits that go along with it. 4. Shorter length=more manuverability and less payload volume.

    When I look at the list, I can't figure out why anyone would get a supercrew. It seems to me that a 250 is so much more truck for equal money. But that is just my opinion. I want a truck that rides like a truck, manual hubs and all! Plus I like the shifter on the floor for the tranny and the Trans case and you just can't get those on the 150 Supercrew.

    All of it is just my opinion, other people think differently. The things I put above are things for you to think about and see what is important to you. Make your own opinions and do what is right for you. Me? I ordered a 250 crew, 5.4l, 5spd manual, 4x4, captains chairs, tow mirrors, the bigger tires,4.10LS, Sliding window and Privacy glass, Keyless and reciever. I ordered it two years(actually 2 weeks but feels like years) ago and cannot wait. I test drove a 250 SC with the 5.4l and an auto and was pretty impressed with the acceleration and power. I was concerned before I drove it, but after I did drive it there wasn't a question in my mind.

    Good luck!
  • A friend of mine had three teen age daughters at the time of his purchase of a 250 Super Cab. (Not exactly the same, but it may give you some perspective.) He took his family camping over a long holiday weekend. (Wife and two of the three.) When he returned he traded the truck. (Probably less than 15K miles total.)

    My friend put it this way, "Two hours of driving with the two girls chattering six inches behind my head I was ready to stop at a rest area and leave them behind." Perhaps a slight exaggeration but a rather extreme measure.

    I think the CC is great for a family car replacement. The Super Crew might be ok for a commuter and occasionally carry the kids in the back seat. The Super Cab is probably best for occasionally carrying consenting adults for an hour or two in the back seat.

  • I'm confused and the Ford web site is somewhat less than helpful on this.

    F-150: I know for sure F-150s come in regular cab, SuperCab (the extended cab with half rear doors that I have) and the new SuperCrew with 4 full-size doors and the bigger back seat.

    F-250: Apparently the newer F-250s come in both a SuperDuty and not SuperDuty versions. Correct? The non-SuperDuty versions, at least, are now using the F-150 body style (I've actually seen these around for myself) but do these come in all three F-150 cab styles (regular cab, SuperCab and SuperCrew)? Are the F-250 SuperDuty versions in the F-350 (and up) body style or the F-150 body style (I know the suspension/frame is the heavier F-350 type)? Do these SuperDuty F-250 versions have the regular and Crew Cab versions (I assume)?

    And, as long as I'm asking questions, will "" companies finally have to show how they will make money to justify their sky-rocketing stock prices?
  • What is the difference and which models are SuperDuty and which HeavyDuty.

    (I'm ignorant, but curious enough swallow my pride and ask.)
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    I own 99F250,XLT,SC,V-10,4x4.

    Last night I had the pleasure of taking my Mom to get her truck.
    00 F250 Lariat,SC,V10,auto,4x4 on-the-fly, telescoping mirrors,tt w/receiver,off-road pkg, short bed, cab steps, island blue. The price I was able to get was $31,994 drive out. It was $29946 before TTL and stuff.

    Anybody else have price comparison's????
    Not that it matters now, thats the best deal I could get here in Atlanta.

  • I may be mistaken, but I believe the last year of manufacture for the "old" F-250 (that is, same body style as the F-150) was 1999. All F-250s and up are now "Super Duty" trucks, and at least the F-250 and F-350 come in all three cab styles (regular cab, super cab and crew cab). Not sure of the cab options for F-450 and up.

    So, there was one model year (1999) when the F-250 was available in two different boby styles. Some of the older F-250s (those with F-150 body style) were badged as "Heavy Duty". I'm not sure if this for a suspension upgrade package they had, or if it applied to all 3/4 ton trucks that Ford made.

    I hope I didn't further confuse you.

  • What you say makes sense. I can at least labor under the impression that I actually understand now. ;-) It would also explain why the Ford site shows only a Super Duty F-250. It would also explain this photo from an article on about the special edition F-250 celebrating the 1 millionth F-series Super Duty:


    I apparently didn't ask the question correctly when talking to a Ford mechanic at the owner's clinic I attended last week. However, his answer did confirm your assumption that the F-150 body style "Heavy Duty" F-250s were a suspension upgrade (I just didn't ask nor understand that this was for 1999 only).

    Thank you very much for the quick and clear-enough answer....
  • The F-250(non superduty, looked like a 150) was only built the one year. Basically that truck was the same as todays F-150 with the highest payload package, which is today called a F-150 heavy duty. Anything F-250 or up is now a Superduty. Superduties are available in all three cab styles.
  • It has been a while since I visited this post. I have a Y2K F250 Lariat CC PSD 2WD SB. I love this truck. It is so much fun to drive, to say the least. It was my wife's idea to get the CC, and I am glad we did.

    I pull a 35' 5th with it. To boost up the suspension,I installed "Air Ride" bags over the rear axle.(which I can control from the inside) It helps keep my truck level, and it smoothes out the roughness of the over worked truck lanes.

    I also have an electric sliding tonno cover, which secures the box when not pulling my 5th.

    Now I am looking to get exhaust brakes, power chip, 4" exhaust, KN filter and gauges (pyrometer, boost, trans temp) on the pillar.

    Has any one out there got any input regarding any or all the above. Such as brand names, experience, quality ect.

    That PSD is a great sound. If you want to hear it over the internet go to

    Have a good one.
  • gicgic Posts: 9
    jcmdie- If you don't have the bucket seats a cupholder is available that attaches to the console of the 40/20/40 when folded down. I havn't looked at one in a while so I don't know if it will accomodate a handle but it's big enough for the big gulps. has them. If you have the "new style" cupholder (not the rubber flaps) it can be modified to take a bigger cup by cutting/grinding the outer edge to accomodate the radius of the cup. I'm still waiting for my truck to get here but that was one of the first things I checked when the new cupholders came out.

    oneshot- Don't put in higher wattage bulbs. Folks have experienced the socket melting when they did vice the housing. Maybe the connection was bad? Maybe they should have used dialectric grease? I don't know that I'd try it myself, be a guinea pig and splice that nice new wiring harness cause it melted? Some have used the (blue or white?) bulbs of the same wattage with limited improvement.

    wburbank- You've probably spent alot of time there and are here looking for others experiences/brands, but if not try and get ready to read. There's a search function in the forums section which is helpful if you don't want to ask questions which have been asked before. Most have been.
  • gtt1gtt1 Posts: 63
    For your price check referance;
    In Dec of 99 I bought a Y2K F350 V10 auto Lariat CC long bed 4x4 loaded with every thing off the lot. MSRP was 35,825, I paid 31,500 out the door + warranty
    In Sep of 2000(5 days ago) I traded the truck for Y2K F350 PSD CC Lariat long 4x2 6spd. I got 27,150 for the trade and the new truck cost 29,315 MSRP is 35,9XX.
    MPG has gone from 10.5 to 21. :)
    Hope this helps.
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