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Dodge Dakota Crew Cab - III



  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Well....I went to the local hardware store to pick up some 2" x 4" x 8's and some baseboard....was surprised that I could easily fit these 8 foot pieces of wood into the CAB of the Quad. Just open up the driver's side rear door, carefully slide the wood through the space between the front seats above the fold-down console and into the front passenger footwell..
    Voila! Close the rear door, and head for home!
    This is somewhat of a relief, since I opted for the defrost rear window option and have no slider.
    (Still waiting for my bedliner, so didn't want to hang this stuff off the rear of the tailgate...)
    Just another surprise benefit of the volumnuous seating area of the Quad....
    Off to another adventure-
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    You are most welcome sir.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    I'll update you on the Fold-a-Cover ASAP... Hoping it will arrive sooner, since it's made in Michigan and shipped in Michigan.

    I'm certainly not knocking the rolling covers, and the idea of cranking it up into such a neat little package when you need an open bed is appealing! However, I have foggy images of my dad with a roll-up cover (not sure what brand) on his S-10 in the middle of winter, trying to chip the ice off and get the darned thing opened. Suffice to say that he expressed his displeasure with several choice four-letter words.

    On that Marvelous oil... I've used it ONLY during engine break-ins (1 - 2K miles) and ONLY in the fuel. It may be added to the oil as well, with the benefit of preventing sludge, sticking lifters, etc. However, I guess I've changed my oil frequently enough so that such problems have never occurred.

    Personally, I wouldn't add MMO to the crankcase, though others may have differeing views... Just one man's opinion!

    Thanx for the impression of Line-X! It sounds like a solid product! But out of proximity from the supplier, his willingness to apply additional material where I request, and the invitation to monitor the application on my Quad, I'm going to stick with the Rhino... Bed mat goes in over it once it's cured.

    Thanks for the impressions on Rhino and spray liners in general! Belive it or not, I didn't even know spray liners were available until I began shopping for the Quad and pecking around this site! (Is it really true that they have push-button phones these days!?... KIDDING!)

    Glad to hear your initial impression on the truck, and envious that you've been able to put some miles on it! I'm still waiting on some tire-kickers to decide whether they want the Ram or not... In the meantime, I'll satisfy my urges by installing more accessories on the QC!

    Sounds like you're serious about adding a few more suds to your Quad (i.e., Flowmasters)... My only comment would to keep the intake in mind (e.g., K&N)... As I'm SURE you already know, power and efficiency are factors of both how quickly you can get a good air/fuel mix in, and how efficiently it's expelled out the back end.

    I've watched countless Harley riders swap the stock exhaust for drag pipes on the premise that "more noise means more power"... All this noise while never concerning themselves with a high-flow intake and recalibrating the carb. The result? A noticeable drop in low-end torque, and an engine that's starving for fuel at the high end.

    Ah well... That's another story and another topic!

    Just a quick trivia question for ALL:

    Maximum volumetric efficiency is:
    A. 60-70%
    B. 70-85%
    C. 85-100%
    D. 100% or above

    (Couldn't help myself there... Training is what I do for a living!)

    ENJOY your Quads!!!
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Volumetric efficiency (VE) is used to describe the amount of fuel/air in the cylinder in relation to regular atmospheric air. If the cylinder is filled with fuel/air at atmospheric pressure, then the engine is said to have 100% volumetric efficiency. On the other hand, super chargers and turbo chargers increase the pressure entering the cylinder, giving the engine a volumetric efficiency greater than 100%. However, if the cylinder is pulling in a vacuum, then the engine has less than 100% volumetric efficiency. Normally aspirated engines typically run anywhere between 80% and 100% VE. So now, when you read that a certain manifold and cam combination tested out to have a 95% VE, you will know that the higher the number, the more power the engine can produce.
  • bud2you_50bud2you_50 Posts: 2
    Does anyone Know the K&N Website??? it would help alot thanks :-)
  • bjb2bjb2 Posts: 3
    After all the gushing about the Dakota QC, I had to offer this cautionary tale to potential new buyers, especially persons who have been buying Japanese (as I have, for years).

    First - I fell in love with this truck the minute I first saw the commercial (my first mistake) better yet, the accomodations for a family of four made the sell to my wife easy. It was a mere week before I had ordered a 4X4 with the 4.7 and auto trans.

    When I found out the truck would take three months to arrive - I was alarmed (NOTE to Dodge - how about a little research - it isn't rocket science to see why this truck would be popular, so make more). I decided to browse the dealerships and found the perfect truck quite a few miles from home - but I bought it then and there.

    Next day: Truck has 186 miles on it and is broken down in the driveway with (you guessed it) tranny problems. It's still in the shop, no word on when, if ever it will be fixed. Original dealer smiles weakly and says it's my problem. The wife's mad at me, and I'm documenting my experiences for a possible claim under California's lemon laws.

    Final Impressions?

    If you want courteous, attentive sales and service departments, buy Toyota or Honda.

    If you want a car/truck the runs the day after you buy it, buy Toyota or Honda.

    This experience has been a nightmare - but even after all of this, I still do like that truck, I hope it gets fixed. But my innocence has been taken, and my NEXT car or truck will be (you guessed it) a Toyota or Honda.
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119

    bjb2.....I take it the truck you ended up with is an automatic transmission as well. I am sorry to hear about your misfortune, but I must tell you that if a dealer told me that "this was my problem" one day after I purchased the truck I would have been on the phone with the the sales manager of the dealership, followed by the Dodge District Office, the Better Business Bureau and a good local attorney. Sometimes it helps to raise some hell. You may have done all of the above, you didn't say. I am curious as to what events preceeded the transmission failure? A vehicle which is 24 hours old, under full factory warranty which then fails is the problem of Dodge. Is there a part of the puzzle you forget to mention?
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    I'm sure you're disappointed-heck, who wouldn't be?
    Couple questions:
    1) Why would the broken truck be your problem? Warranty will cover it, and you should continue to demand a rental (it works if you're persistent.)
    2) Why instantly condemn all domestic autos-isn't this similar to the "impulse" buy you made?
    3) Why is your wife mad? Are you supposed to have some uncanny ability to know which vehicles are good and which ones will have problems?
    Every foreign car I've ever owned has been unreliable, gutless, and expensive to repair. But I don't automatically dismiss all imports as bad, nor would I limit my options by "never purchasing again"....
    I'm not defending the QC...having spent 250,000 miles in 2 Neons and an Avenger, I'm well aware of the quality issues with DC stuff. Buying any car is a risk, perhaps more so if it's a DC vehicle.
    Luckily, all my DC vehicles have been trouble-free...
    Please post the continuing story behind the tranny and it's repairs.
  • tuckmiddletuckmiddle Posts: 37
    The flowmaster is great. Sound is almost non-existant at 70; other speeds, it's average. Sounds wonderful!!

    About the treatment the gentleman received with his transmission problem. Go rip the mother's head off that talked to you that way. My wife's 95 Cherokee had 413 miles on it when the power steering gizmo exploded 250 miles from home on a Sunday afternoon. Chrysler's 1-800 person couldn't have been better. Rental car, towing to nearest dealer where we were going, everything was fine. the car never had another problem in the 50,000 miles we had it. We do love Hondas though, with 5 kids, all grown now, we had 12 of them. Only one blew up!
    Be careful out there
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    Must say that it's a pleasure to converse with someone who sees an engine for what it is... A PUMP!

    Your explanation was excellent! However, I might add that normally-aspirated engines are now capable of producing well over 100% through such magical contrivances as 2- or 3-stage intake manifold runners (producing a "ram-air effect) in combination with variable valve timing and variable exhaust systems.

    Hate to admit it, but the Eastern/Asian makers are still a step ahead of us on that stuff. Yet, such systems have still to stand the test of time and miles... Remember when turbos became all the rage here? Great power! But unfortunately they had a peculiar tendency to "cook" permaturely!

    Ah well... Interesting subject nonetheless!!!
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Rotondim - I have the 4.7 Auto also. I have found that the transmission tends to lurch when going from park to drive and clunk when going from drive to park. I think the problem going from park to drive is that you have to be sure that the computer has cycled through all it's checks before dropping it into drive or it will sort of lurch into gear prematurely. I now make sure the computer completes it's checks and that I have my foot on the brake before easing it into drive. Seems to help. On the clunk from drive to park, I find that you must make sure that you are stopped completely and not moving at all to drop it into park or it will clunk. It seems more sensitive than the auto in my 91 5.2, but I have adjusted to it. I currently have a gear range sensor on order for my truck, which was found to be defective when hooked up to the computer. I had a problem with the gear selector not dropping completely down into the slot for drive, without manually pressing it down. It would go into drive, but the lever would hang up just above the slot rather than dropping down into it. Hopefully the gear range sensor will help this problem. As far as the ratcheting noise between drive and park, it does seem to be a bit sensitive, but I have reduced the effects by taking a little more time to let the computer catch up. Hope this helps.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    First, let me say that I'm sorry your QC is having problems.

    Second, I agree with quark99. I think it probably is more likely you'll have problems with a DC vehicle than, say, a Toyota.

    But, even though I realized that, I still ordered a QC-- after doing a lot of thinking and research, about six months worth.

    Why? Because of the design. It simply fits my needs better than anything Toyota, Honda or Nissan currently have to offer. I do worry about problems, and I, for one, take Consumer Reports reliability ratings seriously. But reliability was only one factor in my decision.

    Also, in the 10 years I have owned my Camry, I've dealt with precious Toyota few dealers who deserve to be called "courteous" or "attentive".

    In fact, one thing that helped me settle on the QC was my local Dodge dealer. It was the most pleasant purchase I've ever had. I'll have to wait and see what happens when I have problems. (I assume I will; I just hope they're minor.) But my guess is they'll help me solve them.

    I don't really want to encourage another one of those domestic v. foreign pissing matches on this board. There are too many others where this kind of "discussion" has simply turned to white noise, but I had to add my two cents.

    And finally, I wholeheartedly agree with several other posters. If your truck falls apart the day after you drive it off the lot, it's most emphatically NOT your problem. You need to make your dealer understand that. And if the appropriate folks at DC can't or won't help him see the light, you should consider getting a lawyer.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    You have come to the right place. You have had bad luck, but the goods news is that that there are any number of knowledgable posters here available to help, and as the numbers continue to grow on this site, so does the voice.
    Now your post was a little unclear as to whether or not the dealer from whom you bought the vehicle is saying it's not his problem, or is it the local dealer, from whom you didn't buy, that's stalling on a fix?
    Please tell us exactly what the current situation is.
    Once it's understood, you will get sound advise here.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Nice, thoughtful response to bjb2.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    My concerns for your problem as it impacts all of us here to some extent... But just a simple observation on a lighter note:

    As I grew up here in the Motown metro area, I observed so many of the elders saying, "I'm a Ford Man" or "I'm a Chrysler Man" or "I'm a GM Man."

    During the late 70s and through the mid-80s, I began to hear, "I'm a Honda Man" or "I'm a Toyota Man."

    In the late 80s and early 90s, I began to hear the realities... Doesn't matter what badge occupies the hood of the vehicle, it's not going to be perfect. Body rust and design flaws crept up on some foreign models, just as they have in the domestics... We've all had "unfortunate" experiences with vehicles, and I have more than my share of stories to tell about that!

    Point is... Give DC a chance to make things right. If they fall down on that, then you have every right to seek compensation either in the form of a buy-back or through legal means.

    Point is... Talk with your dealer principle, express your concerns, and see what he/she will do to resolve your dissatisfaction first. If it's a good dealership, you just might find that you'll become a PRIORITY customer in no time!

    Good luck... And hope you'll keep the faith!
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Got a call from the dealer 10am today, my Quad arrived last night. Picked it up with 11 mile on it. Kinda neat, the sitcker had a little window saying this truck had been built especially for me. Picked it up this afternoon Lt Driftwood 2wd SLT+ 5spd, 4.7, 3.55lsd, 4w anti lock T/H pkg, towing, fog lamps, travel convenience grp and sliding rear window. Checked it over top to bottom and found "ZERO" defects. Bed aligned, weather stripping stuck etc. Drives like a Caddy and accelerates like an electric motor. Pulls stronger and is much quieter than my 93 Dak CC 5.2 auto. I'll know better once it has a gentle break in and I can "get on it".
    For those waiting, it was built 5/8, shipped 5/9 on Norfolk-Southern RR, passed over to Union Pacific and arrived in Omaha 5/16. Thats pretty good in transit time, the dealer estimated two weeks.

    For bjb2, Sorry to hear of your problem, Statistically a certain percentage of any vehicle be it domestic or foreign will have defects. I had a 4wd Datsun that left me stranded going cross country for 3 days in Normal, Illinois. Once it was fixed I never had another problem till I traded it for a Maxima years later. I just traded off my 93 Dakota Club Cab 5.2 auto with just shy of 70,000 almost trouble free miles, I had to replace an erratic starter at about 55,000. I drove it for 7 years and would still be driving it if I didn't need the additional 2 door to transport elderly parents and in-laws. I hope once you have it fixed that will be the last of your problems. Rick
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    Nice to end the evening with news from a fellow owner!!!

    And good to hear some positive news!

    Let's face it! These Quads aren't the "be-all and end-all" of Automotive News! But it's a remarkable vehicle! Hope you feel the same after some miles on it!
  • engine16cengine16c Posts: 18
    Bookitty - glad you got it. Sorry to hear your putting in a plastic liner. 2 days after getting mine I had a Line-X spray in liner put on. It is GREAT. Have had plastic, never again. Freind has Rhino, chipping off a 99 Ford 250.

    It seems to me someone mentioned a klunk when stopping. I have a 5-sp, and when coming to a stop I sometimes hear and feel a klunk. Any ideas.

    Also my security alrm was not working upon delivery. I have an appointment to have it fixed Friday. Anyone else with this problem or and ideas for when I take it in. I'd like to know as much as possible before hand.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Using plastic (Tuffliner) because it suits my particular needs. Today I cut, notched and fitted 2X10 boards creating three separate compartments running the length of the bed. The liner has the pockets built in, and they are easily removable if
    I need to do so. I'm very pleased with the truck, and the Amber Fire Pearl paint job is a real head-turner.

  • vmanvman Posts: 103
    Darn you, bookitty, and you Amber Fire Pearl! (I wish I could have afforded to wait)

    bjb2: I think you've found that we are all sorry to hear of your experience. Of the previous three trucks I've had (87 Nissan, 89 Mazda, 95 Dakota), the Nissan was THE worst I've had for reliability and quality. The passenger window came off track three times in the first two weeks, and the center bearing on the driveline disintegrated while going down the turnpike at 25,000 miles. The best was the 89 Mazda, but I went through a radiator core job every two years and the air cleaner kept breaking loose from the block. The dakota I had was excellent for 60,000 miles, but it did have A/C work and a CAT done under warranty. The point may (probably will) have problems with whatever you buy; there's a lot of moving parts on a car that can fail.

    You are definitely entitled to have the vehicle fixed by Dodge, but is that where you took it? If it wasn't a Dodge "authorized" facility, maybe they are trying to say you voided the warranty. Also, talk to the service manager if you haven't, the service department is usually like a different business under the same roof. The salesman is done with you....he's off selling more vehicles.

    Finally, it's not a Toyota, but you weren't drawn to it because it was "Toyota-like". Right?
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    I bought the Quad this spring after seriously looking and almost buying a Nissan Crew last fall. I understand your sentiments and caution about trusting American Big Three after years of Japanese domination of Quality. But after 6000+ miles I am very happy with my decision. Caveat emptor. If the Dodge Boys seem to have a transmission problem then don't buy an automatic transmission. I know many posters on this forum would disagree with that thinking and from their comments, I know that they have had excellent results with their auto transmissions. These vehicles are made by human hands and some will have problems. It seems we are ready to quickly condemn problems that occur with new vehicles without attempting to rectify problems that seem unfair after spending $20,000+ on a truck. My dealer would be providing me with a vehicle to drive while he was fixing my new Quad. Surely yours will as well. Before you have a knee-jerk-bad-quality-good-japanese reaction I suggest that you give them a chance to prove that they are capable of providing quality product and service. I understand your frustration but if the purchasing dealer or the local dealer can't handle it I would suggest giving Daimler Chrysler a call. If you have other questions about how to procede with your dilemna I am sure that other posters on this forum will be more than happy to suggest possible remedies. Seems like people on this forum are into solutions and that's why I bother reading and posting here.
  • guannerguanner Posts: 31
    Thanx for your input many posts back. I have been at work for the last couple of days.. called D/C today and my truck is on the build line some where and they still say est.. ship date of 5/20.. thanx again for your input..

  • thesandmanthesandman Posts: 40
    I posted the wrong month as to when I ordered my quad,just needed to get it off my chest.My 83 5 sp. Toy is on it's third trany rebuild @ 190,000 miles.The good news is it only cost $200 including parts for the rebuild.Had it done in El Salvador,thats it's new home.I use it for my surf trips when I go down there in the winter.Sold my 89 auto Camry with 150,000 miles because when the trany goes on that vehicle it will cost $2600 or more to repair.I sold the Camry for $2650 in very good condition.That was the reason I sold the Camry and purchased the quad.The Camry was a great car until 130,000 miles then things started to go wrong.Small things that I could fix.If the dealer were to fix them I'd be broke.Stuff happens to them all sooner,later and in between.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    marellano / lmeyer1 - been there, done that with the wheel switch on the 235X75's (from the 15X7 TO the 15X8's) - trust me, don't do it. Aspect ratio is wrong with the sidewall loading of the stock Goodyears - literally blew out a sidewall during (admittedly) a 'tight, high(er) speed turn.' I finally just got the 17X9's off the net... and now run the 15X7's for the 'nasty field-use stuff.' Speedometer resets are the only real $ issue after the initial $1k purchase. Oh, and chroming can also reduce the strength of wheels, so beware of that also.

    bookitty - I opted for the factory (Mopar) liner, same as Dura to me as mine was really cheap at purchase. But I'm still p/o'd about the double sided tape 'fiasco' on the tailgate! Didn't henne get the blame for that one? :-P My use involves a lot of sliding in & out (don't go there people) of some oilfield type valve equipment and such + moving washer / dryer combos for ex-wives and stuff (just twice). I HATE bed dings when I drop something - no problem with the drop-ins - AND factory warranty. Only caveat is plastic fuel can 'detonation.' I also (now) use the factory gullwing for coverage and it suits my work area 'break-up' and easy liftover height needs quite nicely with the 3 separate openings. Seals well, looks great - factory paint AND warranty - and keeps the road noise down (as does the drop-in liner). I also divided the area with some interesting carpentry, and I have a 5X9 trailer that I bought from Sears 5 years ago (heavy duty 3/4 ton cap.) that will haul most anything I need - added 12" tires from a trailer outfit to help the load and tow-ability a bit. Color also matches the truck (black) as a bonus.

    bjb2 - I've got THREE Acura Legends (each with less than 50k) that you can have if you'd like. They're sitting out behind my shop with 2 locked engines and 1 'unresponsive' auto tranny and some electrical problems that a NASA engineer would be proud of. ALL were used as simple commuters and serviced at near museum stds. These are the ones with the Indy Car based engines. $100k of superior product, folks. Guess what towed em in: an old 85 Dodge Prospector with 225k+ on the clock and NO repairs - ever. And I'm still not a Dodge guy, though that's starting to sound a bit hollow. fft
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Guanner, yesterday my dealer said the T&H was off restrction, so maybe your build date is solid.

    Macguy, thanks for the thoughts on the tire swap. If it's true that the T&H package is off restriction, then I won't need to do it.
  • cmedcmed Posts: 6
    I too am in a similar situation. I took delivery of a new QC, built for me. After 100 miles, 50 of which was just driving it home I crawled underneath to check things out. There was a dent in the subframe. I took it back and they told me I must have done it. Not only was a so mad that I had to walk away a few times, I was thoroughly insulted that they were questioning my honesty. My insurance company is covering the claim and suing my dealership. I can say many good things about my insurance compnay, but none about my dealership. And yes I talked with the sales manager and owner already. The truck was inspected-thats what they said-but when we came to take delivery it had a large scratch on the cab. To me that sounds like something has happened to the truck. If a scratch happened after inspection, wouldn't it seem logical that other damage could have happened as well?

    Anyway, I'm not pleased with my service. I am with the truck and how it was made, but I won't be going back to this dealer. And I would suspect that many of the people I talk to in my small town won't either.
  • gsu1gsu1 Posts: 43
    With all the cars that are being built here in the USA how can you say imports are built better. I agree that all car companies have their problems. Toyota, Nissan, BMW and Mercedes just to name a few. I have heard of all of them having problems. I have always had luck with Dodge products. 1985 Laser had 145,000 miles until I traded it in for a Jeep Wrangler. Had 35,000 miles then it was stolen. 1992 Stealth had 65,000 miles until insurance man said get rid of it or he would get rid of me. Too many speeding tickets. 1996 Ram 85,000 miles traded in to buy my Quad Cab Dakota.

    Sorry for the rambling.

    The point to all of this, don't let the salesman bully you into thinking it is now your problem. I agree with one of the other post go rip his head off. Then call DC and get them involved. They are great in getting problems resolved.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I just read in 'Click & Clack' that with transmissions, the only trade off between automatics and manual is pay more up front or more in clutch replacements. They say both are equally reliable. Assuming they have the stats in support, it boils down to personal preference whether to shift or not.
    As far as the nonsense of asian vs big three, for a while in the 80s this was true. The rule of competition is that you find your opponents weakness and exploit it. This requires manufacturers to continually move the bar up. Is Dodge worst in quality? That is subjective. They still are not top tier in quality, but the quality in the Quads I checked out was better than any vehicle I looked at when I bought my 91 F150. My experience with GM is so horrendous that I would never consider buying a chevy. I even have a sticker that says 'Friends don't let friends drive Chevys'. They may make good vehicles, but I could never feel comfortable owning one. Unfortunately, there is a narrow minded large group that equates 'made in Japan' as THE sign of quality. Interesting, since that same sticker before WWII was commonly considered a sign of low quality. Sorry guys, I sometimes ramble on.
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    I just read your post about the T & H package and immediately picked up the phone and called my dealer, only to get the salesmans voice mail. UGH! I hope your information is sold because I've been phoning around Texas the last few days and trucks that are HARD LOADED are hard to find, and next to impossible with a 5 speed. The dealers love buying the automatics for their inventory and I can appreciate that, they must stock what sells best for them. More to follow.......
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    The above should read "I hope your informaton is solid" LOL Wish we had an edit feature here!
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