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BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • txwmtxwm Posts: 1
    Jilly3 - I have a 2005 Z4 and I would have to say your price looks really good to me. How did you find out about the dealer incentive? My 4 yr svc coverage is up next year and I want to upgrade next fall. As I recall, the new models come out late fall, early winter, and the incentives are geared towards getting rid of last year's models. Did you order your car, or was it already out there somewhere? I am trying to make sure I am prepared in time, in advance to get the best deal I can next year.

  • dvp16dvp16 Posts: 15
    I recently inquired about trading my 03 Z4 with 27K miles at a BMW dealer (Voss BMW). The delaler offered me 14,200 for the Z on another BMW. Needless to say that figure is about 5-6K less than what it should have been. Remember BMW dealers are just like everyother dealer...they are there to make money.....not make a good deal.
  • whittonmwhittonm Posts: 30
    Just bought a Z4 3.0 si coupe:

    premium pkg
    steptronic auto
    heated seats
    extended leather
    metallic paint

    $41,500 delivered, but taxes and tags extra

    I think its a good deal
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Is it new? MSRP?


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  • joasavjoasav Posts: 2
    This is the first time I am leasing a car and I am almost come to my end in getting my Z4 3.0si but wanted to see if this deal was great or could do better?
    I figure they want to wrap everything by tomorrow June 30th so they close their quarter and I may be able to negotiate further. I also figure I would go with 12k miles.

    Any help on reducing the money factor or anything else to lower the monthly payment would be appreciated.


    South Florida - BMW Fort Lauderdale
    TERM : 24 MONTHS
    MONEY FACTOR : .00215
    MILES : 10,000 PER YEAR

    LEASE PAYMENT : $359.00
    TAXES 6% $21.54

    DOWN PAYMENT $2,500
    BANK FEES $625
    SALES TAXES $700
    TAG $250
    1ST PAYMENT $399
  • How far below invoice can I get a Z4 M 2008? I live in California. I figure since the car industry is doing bad, I may be able to get a deal better then invoice. Invoice seems to be about 46k-48k. Any thoughts on how hard up they are? I was thinking maybe I can get one for maybe 30-35k, would that be reasonable?? Anybody have an idea how far they go down?

  • Ok here is what the Dealer is offering.

    09 BMW Z4 sDr35i 3.0 Roadster, premium package, exclusive ivory white extended leather, 18" wheels with run flat, 7 speed double clutch auto transmission, deep sea blue metallic paint. 1100 miles, new.

    MSRP $60,025.00
    sell price $52,552.00
    rebate $3000.00
    net cap cost $50,474.62
    Residual $39,016.25
    mileage 12,000
    Residual 65%
    Money factor .00135
    Total OTD payment $2000.00
    Monthly payment $515.93
    Term 29 months

    Can I get an opinion on this as soon as possible??? We have the car to use for Sunday but need to make a decision on Monday.
  • z4luvz4luv Posts: 2
    Finally found the deal I was looking for (searched for a couple months).
    2004 3.0 manual
    Sport and Premium package.
    BMW cover and a few extras.
    Pristine condition.
    13,000 miles.
    Paid $18,000
    Flew from Portland to Idaho and drove the Z all the way home!
    Problem: after second CD, the player (dash) will not eject the CD. Radio and CD still work, but will not eject CD. Any ideas?
  • erdoranerdoran Posts: 41
    I have a quote on a leftover Z4s35i that amounts to $4000 UNDER invoice (invoice + $1k, minus the $5k past incentive) for a punched car with inservice date of 3/1/10. For $2500 more I could get a 2010 of course ($5000 incentive on 2009 vs $2500 on 2010) or I could go European delivery on 2011 and end up, after expenses, probably about the same price as a locally-delivered 2010. (I'm thinking in the abstract, obvious optioning affects things, and the 2009 has almost $3k in options I wouldn't order, but are nice to have.

    If it were properly priced I'd seriously consider the '09 but it seems to me that it should really be further reduced because of the depreciation it must have, being two model years behind. What is a REASONABLE amount to deduct from the equation for depreciation?

    Or, if you want specifics, MSRP is $61,345 and the car has Cold weather pkg, premium, sport, auto tranny, satellite radio, and IPOD.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    You can use depreciation to figure what a car is worth to you... but, the dealer has a cost structure.... You already know what that is... So, unless you know of another source for almost brand-new '09 Z4s, then you'll have to pay their price...

    Given the parameters you've listed, I'd say a '10 model without the $3K in options that you don't need, would be the better buy.. Over $50K for an '09 seems like a lot.. (but, I'm cheap.. lol)



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  • I am considering purchasing a new 2009 Z4 35i. Car is completely loaded and sticker @ $64,900. Dealer is offering $52,000 with 4.75% purchase, but no lease option. Sounds like a great deal to me, but after reading all the incentives offered on the 09's, not sure this is the best I can do. Any advice?
  • erdoranerdoran Posts: 41
    I just bought a 2009 Z4 30i completely loaded for $39,995, MSRP $57,695 in CT. Lease was available but very unattractive. I had to finance thru bmwfs to avoid disposition fee, 6.99%/24 mo but I financed the min and will pay it off as soon as they let me! Figure there is a 7% markup on these cars and calculate invoice, then add in a $5k incentive from early 2010. Chances are the car was "punched" which means the clock is running on the warranty & free maintenance. Specifically ask about the punch date!

    Mine was about a deal of a lifetime! I would have grabbed yours if I had known about it, but would have offered about $45k or so (pulling a number out of a hat).
  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Hello all. Need some guidance. I'm about a month away from the end of my 36-month, 12K mile per year lease. I've kept the car in great condition, and have put 39K miles on it so far. Haven't found anything for 2010/2011 that I'm in love with, plus, I'm having withdrawal symptoms from the thought of giving up "my" car, so I thought I'd buy it.

    So, residual per my contract is $33K++
    Edmunds has appraised my car, with all options and mileage as follows:

    Trade in: $22,632
    Private Party $25,227
    Dealer Retail $27,526
    Certified Used Vehicle $29,153

    My dealer offered to sell me my leased car for $28,325, and he said that if I call BMW Financial services, they'll quote me the residual, and no lower.

    Also, to upgrade my no-cost maintenance another 2 years (after 4-year original warranty) or 100K miles (whichev comes first) will cost another $2500

    Question 1: What price of the Edmunds' quotes should I be negotiating toward? I thought that the "trade-in" price, was basically the wholesale value of the vehicle to the dealer, such that I should be negotiating closer to $22K, and not $28K

    Question 2: Should extending my original warranty REALLY cost $2500? That's $1250 a year -- would I be spending THAT MUCH on maintenance/upkeep from year 4 onwards?

    Any help on either question, or any insight on this post is much appreciated!
  • erdoranerdoran Posts: 41
    Personally, if the dealer will CPO your car for that price I'd grab it. You could look at other similar cpos for the same year just for comparison, but factor in the mileage penalty you will have to pay. It doesn't hurt to try to get the price reduced further by quoting the cpo price of similar vehicles and prices as well as your valuation, but personally I don't think that's a terrible price (but I'm just a Z4 owner, not a pro)

    As for the maintenance contract you are being ripped off. Dealer cost is $1395 and msrp is $1895. If you want to buy the car first work out the deal on the car itself and don't discuss the maintenance contract. AFTER that is finalized and in writing, then negotiate the maintenance contract. I think what they are doing is using extra markup on the maintenance contract to offset a decent deal on the car. Keep in mind that BMWFS charges the dealer a "loyalty adder" if the original lesee buys out his lease.

    One caution is I'm not sure whether you can buy extended maintenance after you buy out the lease. Call BMWFS and ask them (I'm sure the dealer will say you can't) because it might be a "first owner only" deal-I'm not certain.

    and remember you can do your lease buyout with ANY dealer, not just the one you leased through, so go see a couple more and see what you are offered. Good luck!
  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Thanks, Doran.

    So my plan is to buy my car out first, and keep it for the next year. BMWFS was the one who sent me an email allowing me to extend my original maintenance plan.

    I believe you said that if the dealer is willing to sell me my car (CPO included), at $28,325, it's a good price. Unfortunately, the $28,325 was just to buy out the car, I'd need to pay extra for the maintenance upgrade or to CPO.

    Now, you're saying I can buy my leased car from another dealer? I didn't know that -- literally, I thought since I am leasing my car from Pacific BMW/BMWFS, they are the only ones who can give me a final offer on the buy-out price.

    That said, I hope someone out there can help with Question #1.

    Question 1: What price of the Edmunds' quotes should I be negotiating toward? I
    thought that the "trade-in" price, was basically the wholesale value of the vehicle
    to the dealer, such that I should be negotiating closer to $22K, and not $28K.

  • Found a 2005 with 33,000 miles on it. I understand there was a facelift in 06? Not sure what the how significant that upgrade was. But the dealer has come down to 15,500 on the car. I'm feeling more room, that he'll move to 14, 900. It's a stick. Wasn't sure if I wanted a stick in this model till I drove it. I actually like it. I drove a new mazda mx 5 and it was a PITA with the six speed.

    This one is sand color and a similar colored top. Not exactly the color I wanted. Has new run flats, brakes and a battery. It's got a power top and runs well. Any input on this at this price? Looks like I'm at about the private party price for it. I'd say it's between good and excellent condition. Should I go for it or is the 06 so much better to wait on? There is no warranty with this one. i kinda wanted to find an 06 CPO in the 16 or 17 range.

    2 owners on this one. Seems like a lot of owner for such low miles and needing a battery, brakes and tires so soon? I've read about the tires being short lived, but....
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Some observations...

    1) 6 years old.. not too surprised about the battery...brakes vary on BMWs, but anywhere between 30K-60K is not too surprising.. Tires, as well.. Higher performance tires.. 30K is about it...

    2) Two owners in six years... A lot of BMWs are leased.. and, a lot of people buy a convertible that haven't had one before... and it just isn't for them.. that wouldn't put me off.

    3) It's hard to find a CPO '06 model, because most of them would already be 5 years old...with only a year left on warranty... A dealer won't market an '06 as CPO, but you might find a private party that bought their's as CPO.

    4) Without an option list, it's hard to be sure on the price, but that's pretty low miles for an '05... Price seems decent from a dealer (BMW dealer?).


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  • snowallergysnowallergy Posts: 134
    edited January 2011
    Thanks for the response. I just checked edmunds TMV on the vehicle. I didn't know the 2.5 was so much less than the 3.0 in this year.
    Trade-in $12,464
    Private Party Sale $13,817
    Dealer Retail $14,949

    Just buying one as a toy. So given what I see here, I'm down to the private party price considering the color. I looked at the colors in that year for that car and there is no sand color. I guess it's possible the site just missed all the colors on that model? It looks like original paint. And the car fax is clean. Nice stereos in these cars.

    The only added option I see is the power top that gives the proverbial thud when it hits the windshield. I understand that at least a TSB on this car. Really doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't damage anything.

    This 2006 on ebay looks to be a CPO. Either that or they're trying to give the impression it is..? eName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Sure looks like CPO... the tipoff is the expiration date.... June, 2012.. If they were sellling some sort of third party warranty, it wouldn't expire in 17 months...

    17 months of warranty goes by pretty fast... It adds some value, but not sure how much.... Of course, it gives you 17 months to decide if you have a problematic car that you might want to get rid of...

    If the car is a toy.... then, I vote with going cheaper on the front end... rather than paying up for bigger engine, more warranty, etc, etc.


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Not sure what it's called.. . maybe bronze or Kalahari beige, or something like that..


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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is interested in talking with roadster fans who would like or dislike the idea of a smaller engine in the new BMW Z4. If you care to share your comments, please send an email, including your daytime contact info, to no later than 5:00pm Pacific on Friday, August 12, 2011.


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