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Volvo C70 Convertible - 2006 and Newer



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Actually, it is not that unusual to see people with convertibles running around with the top down in the summertime here. Day or night.
    Convertibles do sell in the north, they are far easier to sell in the south however.
  • Just wanted to update. I have now had my C70 for 1 1/2 months. I still think it is an incredibly fun car to drive. The gas pedal/brake pedal proximity is still my biggest issue. I also notice a clicking noise while idling (only hear while idling - I think I read somewhere that it has to do with anti-lock brake system, but that could just be my imagination). There are gadgets that I haven't figured out how to work. I would love to go to a class on how to work everything. I still can't get the rain sensor to work. I thought I had heated seats, but haven't seen how to make those work (not that I need them yet, but nice to be prepared). The storage I thought was going to be an issue, but I had to travel out of town for a couple of days last week and was able to put top down and put small suitcase, laptop, and pillow in the back.
  • cdk2cdk2 Posts: 19
    I am sooo jealous. I put in order and deposit in mid-February...still waiting...supposedly pushed all the way back to end of July...we'll see....can't wait...
  • yankees338yankees338 Posts: 28
    Hold out...I was just at my local Volvo dealership (test driving an XC90) and I saw a C70 in the back being washed. I assume it was one coming in that was already sold (not a demo). It was absolutely beautiful. My father is considering a C70 but he's quite busy these days so it won't be until he graduates acupuncture school that he'll consider it. Hopefully they'll be more readily available and offering more discounts by then....I'm jealous hearing ALL these posts!!! I can't even drive yet for another year!
    It'll be worth the wait!!!
  • burghburgh Posts: 17
    I have read many posts from others and I myself believe that the brake pedal is too close to the gas pedal. So let's work to solve the problem.

    Are the brake pedal and the brake pedal arm separate pieces or one? If separate how are they atteched?

    Can the pedal be moved over or can a special part be made to move the pedal over (extension)?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,682
    well, the way we took care of this on an old car of mine was to remove the pedal, heat up the arm with a torch, and bend a little "S" into it to shift it over.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sirius satellite radio will be available on the initial 07 production rather than the October production as previously announced.

    Keyless drive has been dropped from the 07 model and will be offered in 08.

    Expect initial 07's to arrive at dealers in October.
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    Will the 07's that arrive in Oct. include custom orders? Could I reasonably assume that my 07 will arrive in Oct or Nov.? I'm 1st in line for an 07 at my dealership - though it is a small dealership. Do you know if the closeness of the C70 accelerator and brake is similar to the accelerator/brake distance on the Saab 9-3, it is an annoyance on my current car, was thinking maybe that's how Swedish cars are made.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes, the 07's will be custom orders.
    Allocations can be tricky, not every dealer has cars arriving at the same time.
    IF you are first in line for an 07, then an arrival by Nov should be ok.

    As for the pedal issue, I have driven the S40 quite a bit, and the new C70. I am 6'1" and I have no problem with the pedals. The placement is perfectly fine for me.
  • hongchohongcho Posts: 28
    Interesting... I drive a 2001 C70 Conv. and when I first drove my wife's 2003 Audi A6, I thought the accelerator and the brake pedals were too close. When I have sandals (those that tend to be a bit larger than your foot), I've noticed that it can get caught on the brake pedals.

    Is this some German-influenced design decision?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    European car pedals tend to be closer together than American car pedals.
    This is to facilitate heel and toe shifting.( As you brake the car w/ your toe, your heel blips the throttle to raise the rpms for downshifting)
    This pedal placement was somewhat responsible for the "unintended acceleration" claims against Audi and Mercedes in the 80's.
  • laxdadlaxdad Posts: 12
    Last evening I picked up C70 that I ordered in November 05. Worth the wait. Have only driven about 60 miles and have no complaints!
  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    Details! Color? Options? Thoughts on the car?
  • hongchohongcho Posts: 28
    European car pedals tend to be closer together than American car pedals. This is to facilitate heel and toe shifting.( As you brake the car w/ your toe, your heel blips the throttle to raise the rpms for downshifting) This pedal placement was somewhat responsible for the "unintended acceleration" claims against Audi and Mercedes in the 80's.

    Yeah, I thought so. I haven't drive the new C70, so I can't really comment on the gap, but my 2002 C70 has a pretty good gap between the accelerator and the brake. I wonder if the new C70 has them closer.

  • laxdadlaxdad Posts: 12
    Metallic silver, black leather interior, dyna audio, navigation, xenon/climate, tempa spare.

    Friends who have seen it are stunned that it is a volvo. These friends own porsche, audi, BMW, MB, etc. Remarks are that it has a sleek appearance and the interior is very sharp.

    I also have an XC90 T6 and I would say the acceleration is very similar to the C70. It's not a bullet from the start, but it has more than enough power when you need to quickly accelerate for lane changes, etc. The car is very solid, as I would expect from a volvo.

    Looking for me to say something bad about the car? Well, my 2 year old chocolate lab is terrified of the car. Barks at it in the garage! She was spooked by the top opening and closing and still wont get over it! Any help on this volvomax?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Congrats on the car.
    I'd get a new dog though.
  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    No, not looking for anything bad. I ordered one too! I was hoping you'd say it was fabulous.

    I ordered Magic Blue, black leather, all packages, xenon, 6 speed manual, satellite radio. My dealer convinced me to get the fix a flat kit instead of the spare.

    I wanted to buy a new convertible and I think it looks very sharp.

    Sorry to hear your lab isn't quite used to it. My German Shepherds love convertible rides; sometimes I buckle them in doggy seatbelts so they don't jump out, and they love it. We get alot of looks at stop lights.

    Glad to hear you like your car. I wont get mine until October.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    When did your dealer say you would get the car. I understand that sat. radio is only available on the 07s with delivery in the Fall / Winter 2006. Is that what you heard. Were you able to negotiate off the sticker price.

  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    My car is supposed to be built in the end of September, and I was told the Sat. radio would be included. No one has told me it wouldn't, and I just asked that two days ago. There was no negotiating off the sticker price, I tried. I was told the prices were "set in stone". I'm picking mine up OSD in October, and that price is only $300 or so cheaper than US delivery. The OSD prices are set by Volvo, not the dealers. If I waited another year or two, there would probably be an OSD discount, but I was going to buy a new car this year anyway, so waiting another two years just to get a discount wasn't practical for me.
  • yankees338yankees338 Posts: 28
    Congrats on your new ride. What do you think of the navigation system so far? I've heard (even from a Volvo salesman) that they are not the most intuitive systems availbable, and, therefore, are grossly overpriced. He recommended we pick up one from Costco (Magellan for around $500 w/$100 discount). This was when we were looking at the XC90 which we aren't sure we are getting anyway. I assume it is the same for the C70? We saw one at the dealership in the Celestial Blue Metallic. My mom, brother, and I all thought it was extremely, ridiculously, good looking. Good luck with yours.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    have they changed the syustem from whatever Volvo was using in the 04 models? That system is fine - am sure there are better, but I like the one I have in my xc90
  • laxdadlaxdad Posts: 12
    Software appears to be same as my XC90 with a few minor tweaks. Screen seems a little smaller but graphics are better. When you get the hang of the Volvo system it is hands down better than the NAV system on our Yukon Denali. On C70 screen pivots up versus moving up/down on the XC90. It would have been nice if they found a place for the NAV drive other than the glove box.

    I'm not a fan of add on NAV units. Don't like how they look and on a convertible I don't have to worry about the unit being stolen.
  • tradergdtradergd Posts: 1
    This morning I took delivery of my Celestial Blue c70 w/Nav and audio upgrade. I love it. Finally took a break from driving to post this! Interestingly, my dealer was delivering three Celestial Blues today.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274

    Celestial Blue is the number 1 requested color.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    celestial blue

    that's funny - remember when the car first came out and everybody liked the car but hated the color - "too feminine" they all said

    I guess the guys who thought it would look better in red, aren't exactly the key demographic for this car

    another example of why what you read on the internet (particularly in message boards) isn't worth the paper it's printed on

  • In your opinion and from your experience, volvomax, what are the 2nd and 3rd most popular colors and the least popular color? Just curious... I'm still happy with my choice and wouldn't change my mind (even if I could) and looking forward to its arrival at the end of the month.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    From our orders, Celstial Blue, Silver and Pearl White are the most popular colors. Red, Zanzibar Gold and Magic Blue the least popular.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    which blue was the one used in the advance ads? (the blue that was "too feminine")
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Celestial Blue
  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    You're in the south somewhere? I just asked my dealer the same question, and he said people ordered silver, red, magic blue, and flint grey. In Virginia.
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