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Volvo C70 Convertible - 2006 and Newer



  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    O.K., I admit it I'm not Volvomax, I am the owner of a 2003 SAAB 9-3 convertible that I will be trading in on a C70. My current SAAB has been fun to drive and very reliable, I've driven the new SAAB convertible with the 250 h.p. engine and it's a vast improvement over previous SAAB's. What I really want to tell you is never, never buy a SAAB, the depreciation is atrocious. If you decide on a SAAB LEASE it.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    thanks for your insights... however I have to tell you I have a 99 s-80 which I was thinking of trading in... the depreciation I would guess is no better than the SAAB, its bad...

    Any other insights on the SAAB convertible, noise, comfort, driving appeal. Does SAAB give you a loaner as Volvo does?

    By the way I understand the 2007 SAAB interior is completely updated.

    Still deciding... :shades:
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    The SAAB warranty is better than Volvo as it includes free scheduled maintanence for 3yrs. or 36,000 miles, a loaner was never a problem and the actual warranty is the same 48 mos. or 50,000 miles. With the top up you'll notice more wind noise than in a hardtop. The problems I experienced with my SAAB (over 4 yrs. of ownership were: a leak in the hydraulic mechanism for the top - major, separation of insulated liner from top - minor, electrical for the dashboard readouts - minor, and a defective 6 cd changer which was replaced. Getting parts for the SAAB was never easy, I don't know if I had bad luck or if this is a common problem, nor do I know if getting parts for a Volvo is any easier. By the way if you have never owned a convertible, the backseat when the top is down, should be reserved for people you don't like.

    I enjoy driving my SAAB, I've never noticed much body shimmy(a common complaint about all SAAB and Volvo convertibles before 2005). I have some turbo lag but it seems really minor to me, and I thought the ride was extremely smooth for a small car, the new SAAB seemed to have even less turbo lag than mine. The seats are comfortable, but I think the C70 seats are more comfortable.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    As others have alluded to, the biggest problem w/ the SAAB is the depreciation.
    SAAB as a company is in dire straits, and they simply can't compete head to head with the best of the European cars.
    As for the SAAB vs the C70, I think the C70 is better looking, although that is subjective.
    The folding hardtop makes the C70 unique. You get better visibility, increased safety, a quieter ride and better longevity w/ the folding hardtop.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Do you or does anyone know the projected introduction date of the BMW and the Lexus IS hard top convertibles? I may want to wait, but would like to get an idea of how long the wait might be.

    The BMW hardtop is close to a year away, and the Lexus is further than that.
    Haven't even seen a protoype for the Lexus.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    reliability of he c70 versus the saab 93 volvo max can you comment :lemon:
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I am probably not the best person to ask, since my evidence about the SAAB is anecdotal.
    We supply Corporate Cars to a number of companies, quite a few of whom have had SAAB 9-3 sedans. I always ask people how they like their previous car, and in the case of the SAAB most people weren't happy with it.
    We rarely see any 9-3 convertibles here so I don't have any first hand knowledge of that car.

    The new C70 is barely out, so its impossible to speak of its reliability yet. THE old car was virtually bulletproof after 2002, and we haven't seen any problem w/ the 2 new C70's we have.
  • stanwictstanwict Posts: 60
    First, I'm really sorry that you are having these delays. I think if you were to switch to an '07 you will again experience delivery issues. They are making 12,000 cars a year and orders are filling fast for the '07s because you have people like me that didn't want to put an order in until they saw the car in person. Do you have a convertible now? I do so I don't care much about delays. If you have the means to buy a C70, go pick yourself up a use Miata to drive around this summer as a second car. :)

    The only thing I've told my dealer is if the car comes in between December 1 2006 and February 28 2007 they will either have to sit on the car until March 1st, pay my payments for three months or I walk and they give me my down payment back.
  • millenrmillenr Posts: 28
    I'm not sure how many different people read this site, but I do every day as I anxiously await my new C70. Basically, I keep reading for information and hopefully, confirmation from people who are satisfied or delighted with their new C70. The new C70's are here and in fact, I guess that most of the 2006 models will be sold by the end of July or mid-August. Therefore, there must be a lot of people out there with either first hand experience or know of someone with the new C70. Mine is still a week away.

    What is your experience so far; good and bad; satisfied or not; worth the wait?
  • pf57pf57 Posts: 5
    Worth the wait as far as I'm concerned. Took delivery of mine a week and a half ago and am loving it! (My 16 and 20 year old sons love it even more than I do!) So far, the only problem that I've experienced is two spots (stains) on the cover behind the back seats. They are round and are from two rubber bumpers located under the trunk that rest on this cover when the roof is up. My dealer says that all of the C70s have this and it's from the petroleum in the rubber. They are replacing my cover and bumpers this week. New bumpers will have a foam pad to protect the cover. Otherwise, the car is beautiful and fun to drive! It's responsive and handles well. I've driven Volvos for 16 years and this is by far the best ride (and most fun). I am definitely not sorry that I waited for this car!
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    For folks who waited for the 2007 models, what delivery dates have you been given, what options did you select. regards :)
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I've been told the end of Oct., for whatever that's worth. Bought all 3 packages(premium, dynaudio, climate) + rear park assist. 6 speed, flint grey exterior, the light grey interior(I think they call it quartz and refer to it as tan - but it sure looks grey to me).

    I originally ordered a 2006, was told April/ May delivery, then June, then July - at that point I cancelled. I think I'm the only one on this board to care about the depreciation difference between the 06 and 07 come trade in time. By the time they missed most of my convertible weather (Wisconsin) I didn't see the point in not waiting another 3 mos. or so for the 07. If the 07 gets delayed I have no interest in taking delivery in Dec.-Feb. I'll then wait and see what's happenning with the BMW hardtop convertible and choose between that and Volvo. This hasn't been fun, I like the dealership, but if we get to Dec. because of delays I'm looking around.
  • cdk2cdk2 Posts: 19
    I wonder how many people out there are in exactly your situation. I really think Volvo missed the boat, big time. Sure, they will sell out their 2006 allotment, and probably 2007. But, they could have done so much better. And I do believe that once someone drives the C70 that it will be worth it (at least based on my limited experience), but how many won't wait for delivery because of delay after delay after delay, and go to purchase another model..?? Basically, Volvo has lost that customer, possibly for life.
  • stanwictstanwict Posts: 60
    >Basically, Volvo has lost that customer, possibly for life.

    The C70 is a low volume vehicle, period. I'm sure they are concern but when they are selling out all they can build I think they are only loosing sleep over how to build more for the next person in line. Also, the C70 will bring people who would have never thought of buying a Volvo in the showroom which will expose these people to the other models offered.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 912
    True, in a way. I had been waiting to test drive the C70 for a year, and then decided it wasn't for me after one drive, so I bought something else very different.

    But when it comes time to replace our sedan, I might stop by the Volvo dealers and look at what they have. The dealership treated me very courteously and professionally, and while the C70 wasn't for me, I wouldn't rule out all Volvos. Prior to considering the C70, Volvo hadn't really been on my radar very much.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    >Basically, Volvo has lost that customer, possibly for life.

    I don't know, customer loyalty and emnity isn't what it used to be.
    However, Volvo could have and should have done a better job in communicating their issues and timeframes. Some of it is corporate's fault, some of it is the dealer's fault.
    The C70 is a low volume car, and Volvo really can't make anymore than they are making so lost sales really don't come into play.
    For those of you waiting, take it from me your patience will be rewarded. Yes, you can go get a Mercedes or bimmer instead but you will spend more money and not necessarily get more car.

    FWIW, Volvo has come up with a new launch protocol which will take effect for the S80 launch.
  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    I received the OSD packet yesterday. They even included a little diecast model of a red C70, it's very cute. Our pickup date is October 9.
  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    We're picking up OSD October 9. I ordered magic blue/black leather, 6M, premium, climate, dynaudio, xenons, sat radio. I was wavering on adding the park assist, but they wont let me change my order now anyway. I'm looking forward to it now.
  • jeepwmnzjeepwmnz Posts: 12
    I've had my C70 for about 2 weeks and I absolutely LOVE this car. I had a 2004 C70 for a year that I traded in and its like night and day. The new one was one that the dealer had on the lot for less than 24 hours because someone ordered it for a lease and decided not to proceed with the $899 payment a month so they called me and I got it. I negotiated that the dealer install an iPod adapter and without the upgraded sound system, it sounds awesome. I love this car. Of course, the only thing that I don't like but I knew about it before I purchased the vehicle, is that there is almost no trunk space when the roof is down. Mine has a full size spare. I've found that I put some small things in the trunk, put the roof down and then must put the roof back up to get the stuff out of the trunk. However, this is a minor gripe. This is a truly awesome car and I love when people ask to see how the roof works! I read on the other C70 forum that someone went to Sweden to tour the Volvo plant and he said that the C70's are almost all built by hand thus the long wait for them. However, it is so worth the wait. Enjoy!!
  • millenrmillenr Posts: 28
    thanks for the update - I was beginning to wonder if anyone else actually had purchased a C70. On the iPod adapter - is this a Volvo adapter or was it a generic, off the shelf type; does it work through fm channel or hard-wired to radio system?

    Mine is supposed to be delivered this week, it has arrived in port and I assume has some upgrade work before shipping to dealer.
  • I'm very curious about the iPod adapter "jeepwmnz" had installed as well.

    My car arrived in port last week and I expect it should be delivered to dealer later this week or next week sometime. I can't wait.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    the ipod adaptor is a generic ont that Volvo has adopted.
    It is powered directly by the car, and sits on the left side of the dash. It uses an fm transmitter to communicate w/ the radio.
  • It sits on the left side of the dash... is it mounted? Is is discreetly placed or is it a cumbersome addition to the sleek dash. Does it have to be on the left side or even the right... could it be placed in the center console or in the area behind the center control panel?
  • cdk2cdk2 Posts: 19
    Reportedly, my C70 is on the boat and expected in to the Port of Baltimore in 2-3 weeks. It may be late July and not extend into August, which would be the first good news I have gotten so far. Hopefully, the 80 mile trip north from Baltimore won't take long....
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    It pretty much sticks out of the dash.
    There isn't any place in the center console to mount it, and I don't think it would fit in the center storage area.
    No way to securely mount it at least.
  • jeepwmnzjeepwmnz Posts: 12
    The iPod adapter is mounted beneath the vent on the left side of the dashboard. I haven't encountered any problems with it; much better than the i trip I had in my other car that you had to install into the cigarette lighter! Anyway, I was wondering how the alarm system works as far as the car being parked when the top is down? I thought that if someone reached into it with the top down that the alarm would go off?? :confuse:
  • I was wondering if anyone else with the new C70 has seen a problem with the top rubbing the edge of the plastic near the back passenger window. I just noticed last weekend that is apparently rubbing and creating an indentation not sure if rubbing when going up or down - but definitely an issue - i will be taking in to the shop ASAP, but curious if this is a problem that anyone else has encountered.
  • pf57pf57 Posts: 5
    Do you mean two ring-shaped indentations and stains on the cover? Mine has these and it's a defect with the rubber bumpers (petroleum-based) under the trunk lid. My dealer is replacing the cover and the bumpers as soon as the parts arrive. Other than that, I haven't experienced any rubbing or other problems.
  • millenrmillenr Posts: 28
    should a dealer be able to track and know where a car is? Supposedly, my car has been shipped and received, but still not at dealer. When I ask the dealer where it is - still at port, in inspection, being repaired, etc.; he is not able to say where - only that we have a VIN. Shouldn't this be like FedEx, the car is tracked from one point to another. It sounds like he will only know when the car is to arrive at dealer, when the truck pulls into the parking lot. I know that asking these questions won't get the car to dealer any quicker, and just because I know the status won't get me into car any sooner - I just want to know.
  • If it might help - in my case (OSD purchase) a car was ceased by US Customs in port on arrival for random inspection, and no information was released neither to shipping broker nor to the dealer for 2 weeks. Otherwise, I think there is a web site where you can track car shipment by VIN
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