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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 1violinist,


    I live in Houston, Texas


    The dealer has about 9 RL's on the lot and most of them were White one. 5 White, 1 Blue, 2 Carbon Gray, 1 Lakeshore w/ Ebony interior. I purchased the Lakeshore which BTW is very hard to find here in my area. I didn't realize this until I decide to buy this car.


    I went by the dealer on Wednesday to check on my parts and they had 8 on the lot. 2 were Meteor Silver, 4 White ones, 1 Blue and 1 carbon gray.


    I think they are moving or trading some RL's from there dealer ship.
  • I just finalized my deal on my new '05 RL. I got the black exterior w/ ebony interior with the wood trimmed steering wheel and destination included for 46,100.00. This was the best deal I could find in my area. It doesn't arrive till next week. I can't wait to go pick it up!
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168


    $46,100 sound like a good price. Where did you get it(dealer and state)? I am pricing RLs and getting quotes between $46K and $47K (NY)
  • I actually bought at the Acura dealer in East Brunswick, NJ. The sales manager there is a good guy. If you are in NYC it's only like an hour drive or so.
  • That's definatelya good deal. Especially since the price is going up. Honda Automobiles just announced a price increase of $200 for the RL. This is in part to the cost increase of steel. Hopefully the RL will increase in price and increase or maintain my RL's value for the year.
  • I have the same, black on black, with the wood steering wheel, you are going to LOVE it!!!
  • I just thought I'd pass along the buying experience of a friend of mine. He's one of those who absolutely refuses to pay MSRP, no matter how much he loves a car. He'd been salivating over my RL ever since I bought it, but laughed at me for paying MSRP. Well, he finally got an RL for about $3,000 under MSRP. He was bragging to me about the deal he got until I pressed him for details. He got about $2,000 less for his trade in than he could have gotten in October. When I pointed that out it took a little wind out of his sails.

    So, I paid full MSRP, got a very good price for my trade in and I've been enjoying (that's an understatement) my RL for almost five months. Plus, I didn't spend countless hours of time researching prices, calling dealerships, haggling, etc. All in all, I think I got the better deal.
  • ivankivank Posts: 3
    Today I headed into the dealership and sat down to go through options and numbers. At the end, I felt as if I was getting a good deal, but honestly, also felt that I could get a better offer. Here's what was offered. I really like the options and so pretty much got almost everything.

    The price before taxes, and fees was 52k.
    The options included were:
    Wheel Locks,
    Splash Guards,
    Trunk Tray,
    Ash Tray,
    Cargo Net,
    18" Wheels,
    Wood Steering Wheel,
    Wood Shifter

    Add yourself about $4,600 for license and fees. Was I fleeced?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,830
    Be prepared for RL (negotiated) prices to come down now that the Infiniti M is on the loose and a 2006 to boot.
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    Just purchased RL on Saturday for $46,800 plus applicable sales taxes incl trunk mat, wheel locks and splash guards. The whole thing was handled over the phone in an exceptionally haggle- free and fair manner. Color oppulent blue exterior with ebony interior.
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    The Infiniti M and the new Lexus GS have made the RL a little easier to purchase though I think by the time you equip the 2 competitors comparably the RL is still the much better purchase. We are delighted with ours purchased 2/26. In Chicago, the Lexus and Infiniti dealers are selling the M and GS at full list plus and they are coming in with every option under the sun resulting in acquisition costs much higher than the RL.
  • Can anyone tell me of their buying experiences in FL (preferably Central FL-not a necessity). Most dealers I've talked are trying to stick close to MSRP. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • dbovadbova Posts: 1
    Sounds like you got a good deal. Does anyone know about remote start and the RL. Does it mess up the electronics? Any advice on this option??
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .. **He was bragging to me about the deal he got until I pressed him for details. He got about $2,000 less for his trade in than he could have gotten in October. When I pointed that out it took a little wind out of his sails** ...

    Yep .. sometimes that "I'll show them" attitude can cost ya some money .. $2grand plus the tax difference -- I hope he doesn't work for H&R Block .................. ;)

  • ivankivank Posts: 3
    When you say the remote mess up any electronics I'm not sure what electronics your are referring to?

    I've gone ahead and linked up my bluetooth phone without issue and so far nothing wacky has gone on.

    The only things I have found weird is that sometimes the Real Time Navigation system seems to be non-functional. This is probably better for another board but I'll explain for this reply.

    When the sales person and I first tested it at 10 AM, we tried to look for an accident and/or freeway slowness but could not find any traffic related slowness for the entire North CA. We thought it's possible so we went to the Los Angeles highways where I know the 405 and 210 always has slowness but also could not find any. The sales rep checked and checked but also found it hard to believe but said he's also seen this working so couldn't explain it. I don't get my car delivered until the end of this week for the options so I'll be watching closely.

    I also went and got quotes for the M35 and 2006 GS300. The GS300 has much different options in my opinion but I do agree, value is much better with RL.

    And the remote start with the GS300 also is a bit less intuitive. This is because you have to press the start/stop button again to turn off where in the RL you just turn the ignition switch to off position. Probably just takes getting used to.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Let's stick to pricing and purchasing experiences here. We've got a great Acura RL discussion where members are talking about the vehicle's features.

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  • Does anyone know the price of just the wood steering wheel and the wood shift knob? Are any dealers adding these things to get a deal?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Where is your dealer located? What part of the country?
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    A stop at Santa Rosa's Acura dealer today found seven on the lot along with promises of "wild & crazy deals". Lexus had a new GS. My one word review of the interior...."tight".
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    There are going to be deals on this car, with the competition in the wings and the car obviously overpriced by about 10%. Consumer Reports, in a capsule review, was not thrilled with the ride and handling of the car, nor with an interior that was no more roomy than the TL, some $15,000 cheaper.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Baldegl, where in Chicago did you buy your RL? Do you recommend the dealership?
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... **Lexus had a new GS. My one word review of the interior...."tight".** ...

    ...... Bud, whats with the no headroom and the blinds spots in the rear..? .. I love Lexus vehicles, but who turned the lots off here ...?

  • Does anyone know the price of the extended warranty? I figure with all the new electronics that it is certainly a must.
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    Libertyville, Illinois (Northern suburb of Chicago about 1/2 hour from O'Hare Airport.
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    Dealership was the easiest to deal with of all I spoke to or emailed. Everything done over the phone with none of the usual "talk to my manager" stuff.
  • gang1gang1 Posts: 1
    I'm about to pick up my 2005 RL with 5 dealer options: floor mats, truck tray, wheel lock, wood selection knob and splash guards. Price: $47,870 including destination charge. I live in Minnesota so AWD is a feature I really want.

    I wanted the new Lexus GS300, and became unsatisfied with it after test drivng it (less power, louder engine sound than RL when accelarates, smaller trunck, especially the opening). Also tested drive the MB E350, not impressed by it at all.
  • I just purchased a premium white pearl with parchment leather, and the following accessories: Splash guards, trunk tray, all weather floor mats, wheel locks, warranted paint and fabric protection and rear deck spoiler, all for $46,900. Spoiler is nice. Purchased at Hubler Acura in Greenwood, IN, which is a few minutes south of Indianapolis. Great dealership for prices--not so sure about repairs and service.
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    You did well. Does the spoiler add much weight to the trunk lid?
  • The spoiler is very small and tasteful and does not add any meaningful weight to the trunk. Initially, it was only going to be available as part of a special performance package, but that has obviously changed. I'm really glad I got it.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Last I heard they run about $1,200 when purchased from the dealer. Do be careful of warranties offered by anyone other than Acura.

    FYI, when I purchased my Nissan Frontier, they cut their price from $1,100 to $500 on the warranty when I kept saying "no thanks". At $500, I said, "yes please".

    The GS300 has a trunk? Where? I saw a small porthole at the rear of the car but never did I guess there was a trunk behind that. Seriously, Lexus' blew it on the GS. Big time.
  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    Boy, do I agree with you on that one Satire. The GS300 trunk design is a disaster. Not as much about the size of the trunk, but the access is ridiculous.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Did you check w/ the Acura dealer on the northside of Indy (Toom Wood?). I live just north of Indy and have not had an Acura since they went to the RL. I had a 1995 Legend GS which had an additional 30HP vs standard model. It was a great car!
  • Thoughts? (NYC area)
    Wood steering wheel / Wood shift knob
    Cargo net / Trunk tray
    Wheel locks / All-weather floor mats
    Splash guards
    7yr / 100K Warranty
    $50,000 (even) + TTL

    Love the car...
  • Yes, Thanks--I just had service performed at Ed Martin Acura on 96th Street. Good advice!
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    I have been internet and telephone price shopping in the Southern California area and have found several dealerships who will eagerly sell the RL -- without add-on accessories -- for below $45,000. When it comes time for the final face to face haggling I think that there is definitely more discounting to be had, though you'll need to be ready to close the deal that day in order to get the extra discount.

    Whether this price reduction is due in part to the launch of the new Infiniti M35/45 (an absolutely awesome car, btw) or the fact that the '05 RL is now about 6 months old, is unclear, but what is clear is that the time for hard bargaining on this car has arrived.

    By the way, a lot of dealerships will tell you that "you have to buy" the splash guards and the wheel locks at the cost of about $500. If you're not crazy about shelling out this kinda dough for a few pieces of rubber and some glorifed lug nuts, you can tell the dealer that you don't want them, or simply deduct $500 or a similar amount from your bottom line offer. In any event, you needn't feel squeezed by this last ditch sales effort to milk more profit out of your deal if you don't want these items or would prefer not to pay top gouge price for them.
  • g35coupe1g35coupe1 Posts: 28
    There are 24 RL's in Indianapolis currently split pretty much evenly between 2 dealers, 20 of them have been sitting in inventory for a month it seems... I suspect by mid summer, invoice + very little will be the deal. Just a guess obviously. I cant remember a time when a car segment has had so many new entries and competition.... good for the consumer that is for sure!
  • yacyac Posts: 3
    Living in N. Scottsdale area. Looking for best recent info on 2005 RL, money factor with 36 mo lease and 12000 miles per year.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    G35coupe1, you are 100% right. There are 24 RL's in Indianapolis. With only 2 Acura dealers in the city, that is allot of inventory. A salesman at one of the dealers (known him for years) was candid. He shared they are not selling the RL anywhere close to forecasts. I bet a bigger pond (City) i.e. Chicago (only 3 hours away) would be even more competitive. My 2 cents is that 1) Competition is stiff (Infiniti M and others) and the car is "nice" looking, not "great" looking. 2) They should have tried to make some sort of styling statement ie when the re-did the Legend sedan. There were no other cars that looked like the Legend sedan (yrs. 1990-1995). They should have made a bolder statement styling wise. I think Infiniti's "M" car styling is more appealing. However, the RL is the better "car" IMHO. Just my 2 cents:)
  • g35coupe1g35coupe1 Posts: 28
    I certainly dont disagree with you... I have narrowed my search down to M(s) or RL, Will be taking a 2nd round of test drives this weekend...
    Took the RL and M45 Sport out two weeks ago, I want to do the RL, M45 reg and M35sport tomorrow.
    I will then do RL again and one of the M's as I narrow it to two overall. The RL is a sweet ride and that is coming from a guy who is 101% satisfied with Infiniti and my G35coupe. Infiniti now is sticking to MSRP and wont be playing that game so timing might factor into the decision as well... Bottom line I consider myself lucky...1. To be able to afford one of these fine machines and 2. Glad to be in the market for a 4-door sedan segment with so much competition. I just hope I can make a decision....I am sure it will be a tough call... power vs awd vs tech vs looks vs value for $...etc. etc....
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Hello everyone,
    There have been many opinions re: the 2005 RL styling. I have shared that Acura should have made a "bolder" styling decision. The did it in 1990 when the changed from the original 1986 Acura (that looked allot like a Honda) to a car that was very distinctive. As shared, I think is is a very nice looking car, but not "distinctive" or "great". I think the #1 problem re: sales in the styling. This is a link from an archive on for the Acura GS (was a limited edition). I owned one and it was fantastic. Here is the link. 8399&dcr_usein=u&tid=edmunds.u.ratings_consumer.content..4.Acura**


  • ppeter58ppeter58 Posts: 4
    After initially thinking I was going to buy a Lexus GS this year, I ended up buying a 2005 RL after comparing the two cars. I got a Celestial Silver with Ebony interior with the wood-like steering wheel, wood shift knob, and all weather floor mats for $46,100 and walked out the door with tax and license for a few hundred under $50k. The dealer accepted my offer so readily, no counter offer of any sort, so I think I probably could have done a few hundred better. Bought it in the Twin Cities. What a car!!
  • mikej1543mikej1543 Posts: 13
    I'm looking for a deal on an RL for lease in a month or two. I see some reference to prices heading down, but my local dealers don't seems to be in tune with that. Any buyers in the New England Area with good news on falling prices on an RL. If so, I'd appreciate knowing where.

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Ppeter58, You shared "" for $46,100 and walked out the door with tax and license for a few hundred under $50k. $46,100 with a 6% sales tax is 47,806 . What other charges did they hit you with (is your sales tax higher than 6%)?

    Mike V
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Mike J,
    You have seen a buyers here getting the car for as low as $45,100. I would print it out (the deals others are getting) and tell them you will take your business elsewhere. RL inventories are rising across the nation at dealerships and as you know it costs $$'s to hold a car on the lot. Best of luck! MikeV
  • getchgetch Posts: 3
    Was browing around found this board. I just purchased my RL in Redwood city, South of San Francisco CA. Price was well below MSRP, mid 40's, very mid. Only have about 150 miles on it at this time but what a great car. Love every bit of it. The technology integraion is amazing and the performance outstanding. I drove the BMW, Lexus(s) and Mercedes, but take it up into the hills and small winding roads and let it rip. You will then see what it's all about, the AWD is the real thing, you will not believe the tracking.... point and shoot. I love everything about this car and I recommend at least a good (winding road) test drive. Good deals are to be had and the color and options that you want.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Mike, isn't $46,100 plus 6% sales tax = $48,866?
  • mikej1543mikej1543 Posts: 13
    So, please tell is, what do you mean by "very mid." Less than $45,000?

  • getchgetch Posts: 3

    Yes, but not much less. The best price I found was 500$ over invoice, invoice is 43.7. Of course the dealers get other incentives that allow them to realistically deal at this level. I actually paid a little more to do a "deal" at my local dealer. I purchased a 1991 legend from them previously and found thier service etc very good. So rather than use a dealer farther away hit them with my best confirmed price and offered them 500 over that to make the deal, they took it. There are very few real options so they can't really get you there I spend perhaps 400 on options that I wanted. One final note, i did all my negotiations by email or phone, never went into the dealership until i had a 1) deal on the price, 2) the located the color options i wanted and 3) they agreed to the price. Did all the paper work over the phone and took a half hour at the dealership. Don't go into the dealership to "deal" they can ply their tricks. This way all the dirty work is done up front and no question. If they deviate from the "deal" walk away. i was going to wait another several months before actually buying but the deal was good so i bought. Hope you find this helpful. I think 45k is about the best you can get, but definately at MSRP or even a premium is not a good deal.
  • mikej1543mikej1543 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply. Just two points for getch or anyone else on this chat list:

    1. My local dealer wants to charge about $590 is "destination charges." Is that common? Is it just another profit center for them.

    2. I'd be interested in knowing what can really be found out about the incentives that the dealers get. We all know that you can't run any retail business selling inventory at $500 over cost. The math just doesn't work out. And these dealers don't seem to be starving. Quit the contrary. Anyone know the "story behind the story" of what they actually get when they sell a car like an RL when you factor in the incentives, etc?

  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    Not sure about lease deals, but I did get an email from Acura of Peabody (MA) the other day, indicating they are willing to sell RL's on the lot for $46,100 (I am pretty sure that was the price). They seemed to have a pretty good selection. The other day I had my TL serviced at Boston Acura, and they indicated that they are willing to go below MSRP. I guess this was bound to happen, with the new M and GS models as competition.
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