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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    "...the insurance co's, have to pay the claims, we don't."

    This may be true, but remember you have to pay the premium, and the premium will reflect the claim experience for each vehicle model. But with the RAV4, I doubt that the rear mounted spare will make that much of a difference in the total claims paid.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    If any of you have the 2006 RAV4 and have driven it on a windy crosswind day, let me kmow how it handles and tracks n the wind.
    Jim D
  • Is anyone out there 6' 2" or better who can let me know how they fit in the '06 Rav4? Most notably, can the front seat be adjusted low enough so that when looking out the front window, you do not have a huge blindspot in front due to the rear-view mirror? I can not drive my wife's Tacoma for this reason.

    Also, is it really true that even with the new design, they did not redesign the rear window to be able to be opened?

    I'd hate to have to buy another Chevy or Ford just to get a tailgate or a window that I can reach into real quick to get what I need. The Japanese still do not cater to the outdoorsman (hunters and fisherman).
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    jim we drove our in 50 mph winds last Sat night and it handled them very good. Truck tracked straight..

  • I work for a Toyota dealer. There is a rear bumper on the 2006 RAV4. There is also an option for a rear bumper protector.

  • I also wanted the package with side curtain airbags and moonroof and a remote starter and alarm.
  • 6-8 weeks for a V6? Dealers near me wouldn't qoute how long it would take for a V6, just said @ 8 for the V4 (some actually said 12 weeks for a V4 limited).
  • The window did not open on the model I saw (Limited).
  • The rear door and window are all one unit. Even if they were not, I think the spare tire mount physically prevents being able to open the window separately. You can probably see this if you look at the pictures on Toyota's web site. IIRC, most of the similar vehicles I'm looking at (Forester, CRV) all work the same way except some open sideways and some open top to bottom. The one vehicle that has what you want which I looked at was the Honda Element. Actually, that would be an excellent hunter / fisherman vehicle because the entire inside floor and seats can be hosed down.

    I don't think it's a Japanese thing so much as the target audience for the RAV4 is more of the urban driver and not the outdoorsman. Same for most SUVs really, especially smaller ones.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well the rear window does not open for sure. I looked at in detail. Can't advise on the seating except to say I know it goes up pretty high and I could see out well but I am only 5'7' and like to sit high. I was in the Sport which does not have power seats or memory seat but the manual seat works well and has a handle to pump up or lower it. Since I will drive it 99.5% of the time, the memory thing is not a big need.
    Go sit in one, they are at most dealers now. Three local dealers here in NY have at least 4 sitting on the lot for MSRP!
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Ok so when can I expect the V6 Sport to show up for a test drive?
  • This is just my opinion but I think there is a long standing bias against the exterior rear mounted spare that isn't necessarily all that true these days.

    In the past there were vehicles who had rear mounted spare "mechanisms" that could be damaged in a 5mph collision resulting in a $500 fix. The Isuzu Rodeo comes to mind.

    Now it seems that people see the rear mounted spare and think the same thing, even though most are just bolted to the door and there is no "mechanism" anymore. I'm looking at a picture of the RAV4 now and it seems to me that if someone hits my spare tire it's no longer a "fender bender" as it's fairly high up. Also, if they hit me hard enough to damage my rear door, then having that spare there would not make much of a difference - the door would be damaged in any event. It just seems to me that if someone hits the rear door area the presense or absense of a spare is not going to affect all that much beyond you may also need a new spare and cover ALONG with the new door (which doesn't seem like a huge deal to me).

    But that's just my opinion.
  • Ok so when can I expect the V6 Sport to show up for a test drive?

    Toyota says February. My local dealer hopes they get some in February. I'm hoping for February.
  • They should be arriving to dealerships sometime in February. Keep in touch with your local dealer for exact dates.
  • kendfwkendfw Posts: 9
    A local dealer told me that Toyota is going to increase the vehicle price in February. Is that true? I doubt it's true because Toyota just recently raised its vehicle prices.
  • I have not heard anything about that. Obviously, the V6 is going to be more expensive than a 4 Cylinder. As I said, I haven;t heard anything about the prices going up on any of the other RAV4's. I will ask around for you.

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I have been watching the Fritzmall site for two weeks or so. They show 28 RAV4s in or coming in with 10 in stock. Most are pretty well equiped. The prices at the Gaithersburg site would seem reasonable off MSRP
    But some of the ones in stock have been there for a week or more.

    Does this indicate that the sales craziness is cooling?
    Or is this wishful thinking on my part?
    Jim D
  • I saw the pictures on Toyota's web site - I just couldn't believe it.

    The Honda CRV has the rear door spare tire and the window opens without the door being opened.

    I actually thought about the Honda Element. Guy at work has one and I rode in it yesterday. No too bad for a breadbox.
    Don't know if I would want to drive a 4-cylinder (I know, I open up a can of worms with a statement like that).

    So, I guess I need to wait until I can find more details on the 2007 Honda CRV (August 2006) to see if it will offer a 6-cylinder option.

    I plan to test drive the 06 Rav4 4-cylinder in the next few weeks. But, I would plan on buying the 6-cylinder -(Avalon engine).
  • Hi -- I understand your concern, being almost 6-5 myself (though skinny). I just bought a new Limited, and it's really working out fine in that respect. I got one without a sunroof, so headroom is more than adequate. Drivers side legroom is all I need, and - this is important to me - there's a good spot for my left foot; this seemed not so good in the CR-V I drove. With the seat all the way lowered, visibility out the windshield is good - I have to lean forward a bit to look up at a traffic light, but that's not a big problem. Best of all, there's excellent room for my 6-foot (and growing) son in the rear seats, especially with the back reclined.
    The RAV, though will never be as comfortable for me as the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee I'm selling to make room for it!

    rs in boston
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Even if true, there's no way this would apply to the RAV4, whose pricing has only been in effect for several weeks. Likely this is either (a) dealer ignorance, or (b) the dealer's way of trying to get you to buy something off current inventory.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Besides MPG and pricing, is there any other reason you did not consider a Toyota 4Runner...?
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    I don't know how useful a rear window that opens would be in the RAV. Putting in items may be OK. However, getting them out might be a problem (particularly smaller ones). There is big drop from the rear window opening to the back floor on the RAV. It sits very low. That's one benefit it has over other SUV's, loading heavy objects (with the back door open) is very easy. I also would prefer that it have a rear window that opens. Not sure how practical or beneficial it would be.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    I don't have a dog in this fight but here's my 2 cents worth. If (and it sounds plausible) a rear mounted tire will add to the potential damage in an accident by destroying the rear door than you're going to pay for it one way or another. Insurance companies base rates on potential claims. So even if the damage isn't your fault, your rates are going to be higher in the first place.

    I'd like to see Toyo get rid of this design. The tire isn't attractive mounted on the back .. I can only guess that it disrupts air flow and it's an easy target for a thief. It looks to me like without to much effort they could get a full size tire in what is now rear storage area. This wouldn't work for the 7 passenger version but I doubt that is going to be a big seller anyway. At the minimum, a donut would fit. Once the tire is gone, an operable window is a piece of cake. When was the last time you had a flat anyway?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I'm nearly positive that it's a styling reason. The RAV/CR-V have alwaysbeen identified with the rear-mounted spare. If you prefer not to have one it's the Highlander. It's simply two different vehicles for two different segments. Without a rear-mounted spare they look too similar and you have one vehicle for two segments.

    Agreed about the premiums being somewhat higher, possibly, on the vehicles with rear-mounted spares. But IMO the IIHS's 'warning' was directed more to the companies which pay the claims and to Toyota to an extent. There is little or no effect on us. The extra premium might amount to $20 a year maybe?
  • Good question.

    My commute to work is 60 miles round trip per day.
    I only hunt/fish (if I am lucky) 20 days per year.

    So MPG is important.

    I feel that my mix of actualy utility should be higher to really justify purchasing the 4Runner. Meaning, if I needed to go off-road and/or did more sporty things (maybe 60 days out of the year) then maybe it makes more sense.

    However, even with that said, I did see a 4 runner in the parking lot here at work, and I may just take a look at it.

    Oh, by the way...price does matter too - I have been known to be very frugal (others call it cheap).
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    To be frugal with vehicles is good... Btw, I used to own a 1999 4Runner Limited and I felt very secure in it. I did test drive the 2006 Rav4 and it is good, but I did not get the feeling of security that a 4Runner gives, especially the 2006 4Runner which I did test drive it as well. The reason I traded in my 1999 4Runner was I had to replace the front rotors every 5-10k miles and the steering wheel was always shaking when breaking (not a wheel balance issue or alignment)... and came to conclusion as an engineering issue after a co-worker that had an SR5 4Runner had the same issue.

    So far, I have not heard any issues with the 2003 redesigned 4Runner platform and there might be a possibility I get one of these powerful, reliable with quality build 2006 4Runner V8 4WD Limited ... but I am not in a hurry...
  • kendfwkendfw Posts: 9
    I think the dealer is trying to get me buy something off the current inventory and I'm not buying that. Currently, I'm working with another dealer and is very close to invoice price. The other local dealer is trying very hard to compete for the price. I doubt any dealer would go below invoice at this point of time given this is a brand new model. Anyone being priced for invoice at this point of time?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Frugal is the right word for a depreciating asset. I am the same way. Consider a Certified USED vehicle iso a new one if you want to save significant money and get a near new vehicle.

    E.g. an '04 TCUV 4 Runner SR5 4WD will cost you about $26-27K if it has ~20-30K miles on it. But as a TCUV vehicle you get a 7 yr/100K Powertrain Warranty; 7 yr/100K roadside assistance ( which doesnt come with a new 4R ); towing protection; replacement vehicle protection; lodging protection. I normally only buy TCUV's with 40-60K mi on them looking to get them for 40% off original sticker.

    The life of a Toyota is normally 200K+ mi so to me one with 47K still has 175-225K mi of life left.
  • I've gotten a quote that is about 8% off MSRP.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Wow, already?
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