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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • Put ya a connectin pipe between them duals now. That connectin pipe should be restorin that lost torque and be boostin that mileage back again. Good luck on this one now!
  • I live in Vancouver, BC and purchased 2000 Tundra Access Cab (4x4 with V8) in August. Now has 16,000 kil. (10,000 miles) on it.
    I am happy, happy.

    On a work use basis:
    I am part owner of commercial general contracting company. Spend my day mostly driving empty between job sites but regularly haul tool boxes, material and garbage. I do not think it is possible to overload the short box version of access cab (biggest scale weighed load at garbage dump was 874 kil. (1,923pounds) and I moved it 15 miles down freeway with ease.
    Previous work truck was 1987 Toyota extra cab p/u - gave to one of the guys on crew(still going strong with 320,000 kil.). We have also regularly had use of various 3/4 ton chevy vans, ford & chevy p/u's, etc. In my opinion this is the best truck of the bunch - bar none.

    On a personal use basis:
    Taken truck offroading in local mountain forestry access & logging roads and found it excellent. Winter snow test was the same.
    I also use the truck going to my teenage sons baseball & hockey games. Easily hauls four 16 year old boys and all their gear to games in style.

    I could keep going....
  • I was wondering how the truck would hold up pulling between a 26-28ft 5th wheel with the v8. I have heard from one person that it had some frame twist, but thats just going on hear say. Any advice or comments would be appreciated thanks.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Check the Tundra owners manual - you will be limited to 45 MPH when towing, you also need aftermarket sway bars to tow more the 2,000 pounds. It doesn't look like (to me anyway) Toyota wants the Tundra used to tow anything heavier that a jet ski.
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    What exactly are you towing?
  • Thank you for your comments. I shall do more research as suggested.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Don't pay too much attention to Z71Billy. He got stuck with a '99 Lemonado. Since then, he posts his sour grapes to Tundra owners newsgroups. The Tundra tows as well as any 1/2 ton pickup and it won't break down on a daily basis like billy's lemon. If you want real info and not more of Billy's lies - go to
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Most Dependable 1996 Models by Category

    Compact Car Toyota Tercel
    Entry Midsize Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
    Premium Midsize Honda Accord
    Sporty Car Mazda MX-5 Miata
    Sports Car Porsche 911
    Entry Luxury Car Lexus ES 300
    Premium Luxury Car Lexus LS 400
    Compact Pickup Toyota Tacoma
    Full-size Pickup Toyota T100
    Mini SUV Toyota RAV4
    Compact SUV Toyota 4 Runner
    Full-size SUV Toyota Land Cruiser
    Luxury SUV Lexus LX 450
    Compact Van Honda Odyssey
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    Purchased a 2wd SR5 V-8 in October 99. tw0-tone green/gray w/ 265/70-16 tire/wheels and basically "loaded"(bedliner, tow pkg, conv pkg, CD/cassette, foglamps, two-tone paint, buckets) for $25,000 driveout. (about $400 over invoice, a great deal at the time)

    Zero problems requiring warranty service. I did have a slight tire vibration that was remedied with a rebalance of the front tires. $15 at a local shop.

    Pros: Great power, smooth ride, relatively quiet for a truck, reliable, great cupholders/console setup, decent stereo for the cheap price of the upgrade, good interior ergonomics, 4 door convenience

    Cons: door indents aren't sufficient to hold them open on inclines, a little too much body roll for my tastes, I would prefer a 100% full sized model for more leg room, large blind spot due to door pillars and safety belts, safety belt doesn't always retract completely due to design, and finally, seat fabric could be a little more hefty.

    Not perfect, but better than my other options(all of which I have owned, btw) . I picked the Tundra because I was tired of having to sell a vehicle when it started getting older. I use it for business and cannot afford trips to the shop, even if under warranty.

    Silverado: unreliable, and a bit too large a wheelbase for easy maneuvering with a trailer, but otherwise stellar.
    F-150: I found the seats unbearably uncomfortable, but otherwise, a nice truck. Mine was 100% reliable in 2 years of hard use.
    Dodge Ram: mine wasn't very reliable, and the dealers were incompetent. It also handles and brakes like a pig compared to the more modern designs. Interior and looks were awesome, though. If updated, it could be the best of them all.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    My Z-71 is running fine. Tell us Bamma what does it say in your Tundra's owners manual about towing? Is there a warning about sway control if you plan to tow more than 2,000 pounds? Does it say to limit your speed to 45 MPH when towing? Answer these questions and then we will see who is a liar. I give the Tundra credit for what it is - a mid-size looking truck that has the tow capabilities of a compact truck.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Your always bragging about towing heavy loads with your Silverado. Well....a picture is worth a thousand words. Lets see it in action and please no picture-ripoff stunts like Libbey.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Isn't the '99 Silverado already rated a used vehicle to avoid by Consumer Reports? I guess you are one of the lucky ones if you have not had any problems. Good luck trying to sell that expensive junk though.

    You said that the Tundra cannot tow over 45mph - that is a lie. You said that the Tundra needs swaybars to tow over 2000 lbs. That is also a lie. The Tundra is rated to tow 7200lbs and there is no speed rating. This is in my owners manual

    The items you are referring to in the Tundra manual are recommendations. I bought a blow drier which had a recommendation not to use it while in the shower. A chain saw manufacturer recommends not to stop the chain with your hands or your groin. These are safety warnings which are typical on any product you buy to avoid product liability lawsuits.

    The Tundra has better brakes and more low end torque than the Shakerado. It also has a much beefier standard supension.

    If the Tundra is limited to 2000lbs and 45mph, then the Chevy must be 1000 and 25.

    Face it - the Chevy was designed for soccer moms to haul kids and a couple of bags of groceries. The Tundra is the heaviest duty 1/2 ton pickup.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    better brakes???

    As Jim carrey would say

    "Alrighty then"

  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    Your carpoint post of the most reliable models was actually a J.D. powers 5-year reliability study. It just happened to be posted over on carpoint. Toyota (Lexus included) cleaned house with a #1 rating in 9 of a total 14 categories including best full-size truck (i'm gonna hear it on this even though EPA sets the standards and J.D. just follows), compact truck, mini-suv, compact suv, large suv, luxury suv, full-size suv, compact car, and more.

    But in case anyone doesn't like 5-year reliability studies, here is a 2000 model year reliability study. You'll notice that neither of the Big 2 placed in the top 20 (Ford was 21), and DaimlerChrysler's only saving grace was Mercedes, which came in at #7. Lexus placed first for 6th straight year followed by porsche, infiniti, and Toyota, respectively. Ford at #21 had 48% more problems per 100 vehicles compared to Toyota.

    Here's the link:
  • Has anyone put a super charger on their Tundra. If so... did you change the exhaust etc.... How do you like it?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Just drop an 8.1 in that truck.....NA is the best way to go.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Sorry no digital camera. Seeing a pic of my Silverado towing a trailer stacked high with 2x6x12's or pulling a 29 foot travel trailer (with the bed also fully loaded with gear) would not really prove anything anyway.

    Bamma - your chain saw example made me laugh out loud. But you are missing the whole point, your examples warn the consumer of obvious things that no one with a brain would do. Using your logic that would mean only a complete fool would tow more than 45 MPH with a Tundra. You just helped me prove my point.

    You better read over your post again - maybe you want to change it!!.

    Bamma says
    The items you are referring to in the Tundra manual are recommendations. I bought a blow drier which had a recommendation not to use it while in the shower. A chain saw manufacturer recommends not to stop the chain with your hands or your groin. These are safety warnings which are typical on any product you buy to avoid product liability lawsuits.

    Please pay special attention to the part of Bamma's post which points out "these are safety warnings" (Again this proves my point)I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt trying to tow with a Tundra.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    The TRD supercharger is being released for retail this spring. The I-force produces 330 hp and 400 lbs of torque with the 5 psi boost from the supercharger
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    You claim your silverado can tow 8000lbs yet the chevy manual warns to use special springs over 5000 lbs and an optional trannie cooler must be purchased to tow any weight at all. How many times does Bama have to show you the trailer towing article discribing how the Tundra pulled, handled and stopped without a problem.
    In real life the Silverado brakes can barely stop itself without producing gasps of smoke and much longer than normal stopping distances. I choose to live in reality, unlike the silverado owners. They choose to ignore the harsh realities of objective ratings and focus solely on GM literature about how great their truck is "SUPPOSE" to be. Ignorance is bliss!!!!

    Guess you need to show them again Bama!!!!!!!!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Rwell funny you say ignorance is bliss you sure must know that pretty good
  • Will the drive train, front and rear ends be able to withstand that amount of power?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    There is already a supercharger available for the V6. It is the same one a available for the Tacoma.

    The Supercharger for the V8 will be available from TRD this Spring. Since it is a bolt-on accessory, it will fit any Tundra V8. TRD parts installed by the dealer will have the same warranty as the rest of the truck. Obviously Toyota is not worried about their bulletproof drivetrain.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Do you REALLY think that a safety warning in a Toyota owner's manual magically increases the tow capacity of your Shakerado? Can you really be that naive? - Oh, yeah , you bought a Chevy.

    Chevy puts a note in fine print at the bottom of their tow ratings in their brochure. They say that the tow rating is reduced by the weignt of an extended cab and any options you install. That's funny - Toyota doesn't say this. Could Chevy be inflating the tow ratings on their wimpy truck?

    My point is that some safety warnings are absurd. If this is the point you were trying to make - I'm glad that we agree. The fact is that Toyota is rated to tow 7200 lbs. It says this in the owmer's manual. Can you please take your sour grapes elsewhere?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    How bout we all use something called common sense when towing. We all know what all our particular trucks can tow and haul correct? Ok well leave it at that.

    You guys are worse than a bunch of 2 yr olds arguing over a toy.

    Funny how all the foreign vehicles put superchargers in their vehicles. Why is that? Im just curious seriously does anyone know

  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Just the facts Maam. The Ford Lightning is a foreign vehicle?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    The ford lightning is 1 vehicle. I dont consider that your everyday run of the mill vehicle. I still to this day have only seen 3 of them. Oh wait i can add another pontiac hmmm grand prix also has a factory option supercharger one of my uncles friends has one.

    I am talking about like the tacoma, the tundra is supposed to offer one, and there are numerous foreign cars. Why do so many foreign automakers offer superchargers and not so many american automakers?

  • I realize it's easy to sometimes veer off topic, but for the benefit of all the Tundra owners that came here to discuss their trucks, let's please try to stick with the subject of this title: Toyota Tundra OWNERS: Rate Your Truck!

    We do have other forums to discuss other makes/models.... Okay? Thanks for your participation. ;-)

    Pickups Message Board
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Base Silverado trucks are rated at 5,000 pounds - no options required. To go over 5K you need the tranny cooler and heavy duty shocks. You keep talking about replacing the suspension - it is really just a shock upgrade. Both of these items came on my truck from the factory.
    The safety warning in the Tundra (you know the 45 MPH limit when towing) proves the Tundra is not a full size truck. Even Toyota recognizes the Tundra as a wimpy tow vehicle. Don't argue with me about it - you should be upset with Toyota for selling you a full size truck that has the tow capabilities of a V6 mini van. (well actually less capabilities)

    Take it from Bamma - Towing with a Tundra is like putting a chain saw in your groin.
  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114
    that is great...

    Take it from Bamma - Towing with a Tundra is like putting a chain saw in your groin.

    This Bamma guy is great...if music was BS, he would be a one man symphony!
  • You can put your TRUST in Bama. He's the one using the blow dryer in the shower! (LOL!)
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