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Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Any idea what a 2009 RTL w/ Nav is going for in Boston area?
  • kraygkrayg Posts: 5
    30,500 + freight/tax/tag/doc fees. 32,400 OTD
  • Just purchased 2009RTL White w/dealer installed tonneau cover. $31,9542OTD w/ 4 yr registration plus free lifetime oil changes Pick it up after tonneau cover arrives
  • Wow that's a heck of a deal. I'm looking to buy a 2010 silver with grey interior RTL without Nav but there are only 2 available in all of California.
    It doesn't look like I'm going to swing much of a deal with that much choice.
  • Yeah I got lucky.I went to start looking at the 2010's and found out there was a $3K rebate on the 9's so I took the last one off the lot.
  • I am about to do the same thing on a rtl with navigation and outfitted pretty nicely, may i ask the deal you received so i have an idea how far i can go with the 3K rebate, thanks?
  • I used the TMV guide through Edmunds and got it at approx.$500 under invoice.
  • Thank you i will try the same, and am presently deciding between a 2009 RTL with navi 8000 miles for 30,500 with all the honda required roof rack and steps and so forth on it, and a 2009 RTL without navi 80 miles leftover for 28,400, and finally a 2010 RTL without navi for 31700, what would you say?
  • 28,400 was the same price I got on the 09.So that's the best you're going to get.if driving an 09 is not a problem as opposed to a 2010 I would take the 09.They are identical.
    I also had the possibilty of a black 09 w/nav approx 5300 mi. but that dealer was trying to get most of the savings back b/c it also had all the accessories.I would only do that if they ate all of the installion charges on the extras.Just price out the extras individually from the Honda site and add it on to the base price.Also be sure it can be sold as new and not used being it has 8K on it.
  • Thank you very much for your help, the RTL navi with the 8000 miles has many accessories and they aren't charging the installation but that dealer is quoting me at an interest rate in the 7's as opposed to 5.29 for the other and the monthly price difference is somewhat significant, the non navi no miles vehicle is 432/month to finance it, and the loaded out 8000 mile vehicle is 472/month to finance it. This is my dilemma do i allow the dealership to give me a bogus interest rate when my FICO score is nearly 800 or do i go with the straight up guys who have me at 5.29, even though the deals look neck and neck?
  • Yeah that's still quite a bit higher.Unless the nav. is a must have I think I would go with the other.The exterior accessories can always be added later.To me 8k miles is like buying a used vehicle.Your already past the first oil change and tire rotation.
    Good luck
  • I appreciate you taking the time to help me through this process, and i truly hope you enjoy your Ridgeline for many years to come!! I will post my final choice.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Ask Honda to match the rate, with your score I think they would do it.
  • Thank You so much again i really appreciate your help, that seems like a great idea!
  • I ended up buying the 2009 demo it is titled as a new vehicle, silver RTL with navigation and all the extras listed above for $30500 I had to finance it from a credit bureau and got 4.25% but also called honda financing to see why i was quoted at such a high finance rate. The truck is beautiful, best of luck with yours and thanks again.
  • Good luck with it.Sounds like you got the truck you wanted.
  • andy1993andy1993 Posts: 26
    Looking for new 2010 rtl with navigation. how much to pay. live in alabama.
    thanks for any advice and info.
  • I would think $34500 would be best possible deal.depending on buying situation/trade in/cash etc.if you are buying from a good financial platform you will get a better deal.The finance guy at my dealer actually showed me how to save money by putting less down than I wanted as long as I was willing to put that money back into the loan as an additional payment.I wanted a 3 year loan but he advised me to take a five year loan and pay it off early,avoiding the higher payments (incase something came up) and beating the interest rate if I did pay it early.Now I can walk away frm a 5yr loan in about 2 3/4 years instead of paying full payments on a 3 year loan.I realize not everyone can do this,but for me it works
  • I have been doing some research and am getting ready to pull the trigger on either an 08 RTX or an 09 RT. One place is asking 23,680 for the 08 RTX which I think is rather high. I am seeing online a 2010 RT retail for 26,990.

    I am thinking of offering 19,600 for the 08 RTX it has 30,300 miles. I also have a trade of a 2005 maxima SE with the DRivers Preferred package which I was already offered 11k in trade from the place with the 09 RT. The 09 RT they were asking 24,995 and he told me that was his best price. This car had just under 17k miles. I could spend a little more and get a brand new car.

    Does 19,600 seem like a resonable offer for the 08?
  • donchardonchar Posts: 35
    Hi- Anyone have the most current lease program data and which finance co/bank it is through?

    Thank you!
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Honda has announced the 2011 Ridgeline. There are no changes from the 2010 model.

    When will Honda redesign the Ridgeline? Its been 5 years since this truck was introduced.
  • Can anyone share their "deals" on the 2010 leftovers? What are you all paying for 2010's vs. msrp? I'm about to go shopping and wondering what everyone else is paying. thanks in advance.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I read somewhere on Edmunds that 2012 was going to be the last year for the Ridgeline. I've not seen that in any of my car magazines.

    Ridgelines have never sold well. I bought my 2006 well under invoice in Dec 2005.
  • don51don51 Posts: 10
    I have been quoted $26250, this includes destination but not taxes, title and paperwork. This is for a 2010 RT. PLus .9 % financing. Also offered $26950 on an '11, but not the finance deal. This is in Columbus Ohio. Let me know what you find.
  • Thanks Don. Can you advise actual msrp on truck you were quoted on? I could then determine how much they came down both dollar wise and as a percentage. I'm still looking. I would prefer a private sale of an 08 or 09 but i'll tell you, there are only a few around and they are not within 200 miles of my zip. I probably would prefer an upgraded trim line line the rtl. thanks for the info. d
  • b2rb2r Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2010 RTL without Navi for $32,187. I didn't even just typed the purchase price into the online application (I was prepped to haggle for $32,186 based on Edmunds sale price..but he hit the number without even telling me...told him what Kelly Blue book said my trade was worth..and he gave me that price, based on inspection. I didn't even I feel like haggling about something! The dealer seemed to want to move the vehicle, without wasting his time (or mine). Thing is, they didn't have any RTL's withotu Navi so they have to swap for one from another I got price without taking something from their lot. I may be fooling self, but I think I got a great deal with no effort. Out of dealership in hour and 40 mins was spent test driving it!
  • don51don51 Posts: 10
    I had the quote emailed so I did not see MSRP, I assume it is as listed on Edmunds. I have looked for an 07 or 08 but with what they are charging for used I would rather get a base level new RT. My current car has leather and all the fancy options and I never use them, so I would rather save the money. Leaning towards the '11 RT - even though I can get the .9% financing and save $700 on a '10, the finance saving equals about $1700+$700 price diff = $2400, depreciation between years seems to be almost $3000.
  • thanks don. the msrp is on the site and i agree. i'm looking for a late model used with low mileage but based upon the cost you might as well buy new. doug
  • marcamomarcamo Posts: 9
    All I would say is that I was deciding between 2 leftovers, 1 was an RT 09 brand new no mileage, and the other was an RTL with all the extras but 8000 miles, btw the roof rack makes the truck, but in all honestly if you are buying this truck you are buying it for its build quality and its versatility. I was quite surprised to find how tech savvy it was with the bluetooth and navigation system that rocks (now you know i went with the RTL) !! I would really consider the RTL as the extra tech equipment makes the truck complete IMHO.
  • don51don51 Posts: 10
    Good points, but I really don't travel so have no need for GPS - when we do travel it is with the family in the mini-van. HAve had leather for the past 7 years on my car and not a big deal. I can barely figure out my cell phone - so no where close to blue tooth! That being said if I could find one with 8000 miles and they were about the same price I would buy the one with 8000 miles over an RT just for resale value. Problem is the best I can find is an '08 with 35000 miles and it is the same price as an '11 RT. Have looked at a few lots and it is a similar story. The advantage I have is I am patient! Just need something to do some towing, handles well and gets me around town comfortably. Really wanted a Sport Trac - but a dealer talked me into driving a Ridgeline (used) he had and I loved it! The one I drove had 95,000 miles and was still $20,000 (GPS, loaded, 2007) and that is when I started looking at new ones.
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