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Jeep Commander



  • I have a 2006 Jeep commander, electrical probs-the dash lights- on off at random, wont start, click sounds, blowers shut off, transmission gets stuck in3rd gear. it has been back for transmission recall. Same probs. Called Crown dealership in Dublin Ohio, talked to garage, told him the probs, first thing that came out of his mouth was " Ignition switch", I didnt even have to ask what was wrong, he knew.
    I called Jeep today, the company, started a claim because I refuse to pay for something Jeep knows about.Its stuck in 3rd again, and it wouldnt start again this weekend, then it decided to get stuck in 3rd gear today. Complete BS, Jeep said they would process the claim , send it to a manager for approval and research?
    Really, they need to RESEARCH problems with the JEEP COMMANDER?
  • Hi, Yes, they need to "research" on how to approach a customer on what to say and where the problem is. As I had mentioned in my latest blog that not even the manufacturer can resolve the "Jeep thing", how much more for the Jeep dealers. When my '08 V6 Commander started to stall for the 8th time, I traded it in without hesitation, bringing the Jeep to the new dealer 'coz it won't start. They have to tow it away. I was sorry that the salesman was fired for accepting the trade-in w/o looking at the Jeep. The Jeep...err the junk is still in their lot after 9 months. So what are you waiting for? Scout a replacement to relieve you of the "stucked fishbone on your throat". Take it easy now and be cool to your dealer, they need to make a RESEARCH of course!
  • Hi Buddy, DO NOT EVER THINK ABOUT IT. Forewarned is forearmed or you may repent for it. Saved your $10 grand and the mustang and don't ever dream of owning a junk. If you do, please mark my words. Good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you live in or near DC and have had fuel spitback issues with your car, please email before Monday, February 28, 2011 to be interviewed by a reporter. Please include your daytime contact information and the year, make and model of your car.
  • jpfizzlejpfizzle Posts: 7
    A follow up on the piece of junk:
    After the ignition switch was fixed, it shortly after wouldn't start.
    Had the delicate little tank towed to a mechanics, on the way , via the tow,
    the "sheep" or jeep, got stuck in gear.
    Literally, was in neutral towed onto flatbed, when we took it off, it was stuck in gear, even in neutral, it was locked up. So we still put a new starter on, thinking, this might be an electrical thing, once we start the engine, maybe the electrical system would kick the gear back down.
    Now the transmission ( rear differential) is locked up!!
    Its an unsafe vehicle to drive!!
  • sstaddiesstaddie Posts: 5
    Just wanted to update. After a year of no one being able to figure out the on and off light problem. I called Jeep direct. So through them I had to make another appt. THIS time I got the problem on Video! yay me! Then it hit me and I can't believe I am that stupid I didn't figure it out before, THEN how can the mechanics not figure it out and they are supposedly knowing what they are doing. I thought it HAD to be the light switch. The service manager said that since the dash and headlights and parking lights were going out that they aren't connected anywhere for one thing to be causing it....well DUH they are all connected in the switch. Well at least after having Jeep contact them, I was top priority. When they were done and called, the guy said good news! And I was the SWITCH and you replaced it right? And he said how did you know?? lol YEahhhhhh took them a YEAR to figure out that one! So no other problems as of yet with my 06' Commander. Corporate was actually very nice and followed up with me and the dealer repeatedly. I have noticed in the past, the engine would rev funny or seem to not going into gear at the right time. Been awhile since it did it. We are driving from Alaska to Seattle area in July...hopefully the Jeep keeps on ticking!

    Hope this helped someone that had the same problem I did!
  • ron189ron189 Posts: 6
    I just had to replace the right rear axle seal in my 07 Commander. Mine is high mileage, so other Commander owners might not have experienced this yet, but I was told "all" Jeeps eventually have this problem. Can anyone shed light on that? Also how much it cost?
  • Ive owned a 2006 keep commander for a bit over a year now bought with one previous owner very very low mileage, I've put on a bit of miles but let me tell you the cost to get thing going!!! So far I have replaced transmission sensor replaced 1000 dollars, wheel bearings twice bad sensors 800 dollars, two batteries 250 dollars, now the starter is gone seriously JEEP!!! You should be standing behind the vehicles you make not dumping lemons onto people this vehicle should be recalled listen to your consumers!!! These vehicles have been nothing but problems on your customers take back your junk! Make better commanders or stop making them all together of they can't be made to last more than 30 seconds!!!!!!! Time jeep should have to pay for their poor make of a vehicle take your lemons back!!!
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    2010 was the last US production year of the Jeep Commander.
  • so they have done one thing right so far by stopping the manufacturing of these... However that does not fix the problems for the dopes like me who bought the ones already made!
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Yeah it seems like a lot of people had some pretty significant issues with their Commanders. I have a 2010 Commander Sport that I purchased new in January 2011 with the 3.7 V6 and no sunroof. I've put 40k on it in 18 months and it has been flawless. It delivers 17 mpg in town and 20-22 mpg highway. It's no powerhouse for sure and it's a base model with no fancy technology but I think that's a good thing. But the 3.7 is a pretty reliable motor and it has a Mercedes transmission different from the V8 models. :)
  • aja1957aja1957 Posts: 1
    I just bought this used 2006 Commander and when I left the dealer the radio/navigation was on and I thought it was working, this morning the GPS is completely black, can’t change any radio stations, stuck on AM, no one of buttons seems to do anything, no GPS, CDs or DVD, any thoughts?
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