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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i just bought an o7 se with the v6 loaded brand new yesterday for a little over 24K and there was a 1500 rebate plus my extra 500 hyundai loyalty with my 06 elantra in trade.
  • they will ship.or fly in and drive home
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    Took delivery on: '07 SE, 4WD, nautical blue. No other options w/dealer installed mud flaps, pin stripes, "interior & exterior" protection (didn't pay for those items as they were not detailed on the invoice!)

    Dealer: Parkway Hyundai/Mitsubishi (formerly Wilmington Hyundai/Mitsubishi) in Wilmington, NC.

    Out the door price:

    $21507.80 Purchase Price
    $22114.78 Total
    INCLUDES: $379 DOC fee (pretty much the same all over ILM), $448.97 tax (3% in NC, figured after deducting trade-in [$6542] from purchase), $62 tag/transfer, $6259.01 trade pay-off
    $1500 Rebate (did not do Hyundai financing so could not use additional $500, nor military)
    W/ $1000 down
    Out the door price: $19614.78

    Due to Step Father working at HMMA in Montgomery, AL was able to use Hyundai Associate Purchase Program (invoice minus ad fee ($150 in SE NC), minus shipping, minus 2% MSRP [w/shipping], minus applicable rebates, plus shipping.) It felt like buying a Saturn. No haggling no "let me see what we can do" or "we aren't making any money on this deal" (they still get holdback and any factory-dealer incentives.) It was great not having to go through the stupid four square and other games.

    They even worked with me on my trade ('03 Chevy Tracker base 4dr, 4X4, w/all options available in '03 except V6.) Average trade-in (based on Edmunds, KBB, NADA) was about $7200. Actual market trade-in (got quotes from several new and used dealers in town) was hitting about $6500.

    A tip that I have found to work somewhat in my favor: when the salesman/woman leaves you to go to the sales manager:

    1st: make sure you have your car keys and license.
    2nd: follow him/her to the "tower of power" it's harder for them to work their 'magic' when you are standing right there, questioning everything they do and looking over their shoulder. They don't like it. If they ask you to leave and wait at their desk siimply ask them what they have to hide? If they can't answer then leave. If possible try not to let them appraise your trade w/out you being there. They can come back and say that "it drove funny" or somethiing like that and may have never even cranked the car up.
    3rd: question the invoice they show you. Make sure it is for the vehicle you want and that everything matches up.

    Finally, check with your family and friends. Find out if any of them have some sort of connection to HMA (Hyundai Motors America) be it directly or indirectly (finance partners, suppliers, advertising, etc) if you have friends or family like this you can participate in the HAPP too.

    Hyundai Associate Purchase Program

    Be careful of the internet prices that are really low. They may include rebates that you do not qualify for. Also, all rebates that were in effect last month are still in effect. Nothing new, yet.
  • sue34sue34 Posts: 1
    We purchased our '07 AWD Limited Tucson last month in NJ. We did not get the upgraded radio nor moonroof, but it had everything else.

    Our out the door price was $18,600
    This included 7% NJ tax, tags and fees
    $1000 Hyundai rebate
    $500 loyalty rebate
    $2900 for our 10 year old car

    Was this a good price? We are very happy with the Tuscon.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    That sounds like a great price. Please tell us the name of the dealership and location in NJ.
  • I'm Jeff. And used to work (as a matter of fact) at a Hyundai Dealership. I agree with most of your tips regarding purchasing a vehicle. I would make a few tweaks to your argument though. Now I know it may be relative to each dealership, but at the "tower of power" I would frequent, it contained no "magic". To tell people to look over the shoulder of a salesperson at the tower, is not the best of ideas for a few reasons. When a customer is purchasing a car, he/she is offered a price (usually sticker price). Honestly, it IS in the best interest to reply with a number, your counter-offer. This is when the salesperson goes to the sales tower. 9 times out of 10, the topic of discussion is "how can both parties come away from this deal successfully." Me and my associates were not trying to "stick it to the customer," we were trying to find a happy medium. I know that sounds like a typical salesperson response, but it's not 1975, and cars (at least Hyundai's) aren't marked up a whole lot anymore. It's not terrible that a customer see this at a decent establishment, it's a negotiation. It may tend to put people on the spot though. But, in the event you approach them and they have something to hide, that's when you leave. That's the 1 out of 10. You should leave now, your getting ripped off. The main reason to not go to the tower is legal. 10 times out of 10, there are social security numbers, credit information, a lot of confidential information to see. This is what makes people uneasy, b/c if you were to see this and take advantage of it, the business could be held liable. I do like the idea of being there while your vehicle is appraised though. Also, from a salespersons' point of view. Be completely honest with him/her. If you have a down payment in mind, tell them. If you want "x" amount of money for your car, don't hide it. All this information will come up eventually, do not prolong the process, it just means you will be waiting longer and getting more upset. Oh, one last qualm I had about car sales. If you are trading in a vehicle, look up a realistic value of it as a "TRADE-IN." I don't know how many times customers had unrealistic values of their cars because they went on kelly crap book and found the "suggested retail price" and wanted this number as a trade in value. If someone wants this amount, "RETAIL" it, sell it to your neighbor, don't "TRADE." Thanks for reading. Hope I could help.
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    If the sales manager and others at the Tower have social security numbers/ credit apps out that are very easy to see... You shouldn't be at that dealership becaise they have shoddy administrative proceedures. The Tower is out in the open and they should remember that when dealing with your personal information. Anyone waliking by could see that info. Most towers are either near one of the doors (to try to stop you from walking) or in the middle.

    Most people, myself included, use the "trade-in" value. Most dealerships use the black book and crony method of appraising your trade. They have access to weekly auction results across the region and country. These results compile every bit of info you can think of. They will also call other dealers around and ask what they would pay... They go with the lower price. I have never, ever received the KBB trade-in (it's always too high.) I have usually gotten within range of the Edmond's trade-in value (usually on the low range.)
  • chinlocchinloc Posts: 5
    Talk about unprofessional. The Sales Manager was unbelieveable. I have bought a lot of cars but this manager was rude. Long story, but establishment tried to sell a "loaner" car as a new car (980 miles). Dealer said agreed price was based on rebates. Told them I wanted to pay cash, therefore they said I didn't qualify for rebate. Told them I would split the difference, but manager started getting rude. Unfortunately, I got rude back. Will never ever go to that dealership again. Hyundai should be embarassed of this sales manager. Salesman was very nice though, feel sorry for him as he has such a bad manager.
  • The Sales Manager was very professional and did all he could to get me the exact car I needed. I would reccommend this dealer.They also sell high end cars, like Ferraris.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Has anyone ever purchased thru the above dealer?It seems they offer below invoice prices on the Hyundai Tuscon. What kind of deal do they offer on the "trade-in" as it seems their prices are "too good to be true"! Do they try and low ball the trade to make it up??? And yet I have read in some of the other posts that other dealers "beat" their deals. Their "black book" values are not anywhere near KBB, NADA and Edmunds. Any replies would be appreciated.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all,

    I have a 2006 Leftover Nordic White Tucson V6 FWD(brand new with 200 miles)for $17,500 plus TT&L as a final offer. Is this a good price? MSRP is around $21,830, and it has roof rack crossbars, carpeted matts, and cargo tray as only option. I think I could do better by another $1,000...I know there are no incentives or rebates out for leftover '06, but with new '08s arriving soon, can i get a better deal?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I don't know where you live, but in the USA right now there is a $1500.00 rebate and another $500.00 incentive for financing thru HMFC for a grand total of $2000.00 off any Tuscon (until Sept.3rd) and at almost any Hyundai dealer you can get a Tuscon right now for INVOICE or below.. less the $2000.00 incentives. I don't know whay your INVOICE price is on the leftover 2006...but...perhaps you can get a 2007 for the same price????? or near that $17,500.00 figure. Go to the Edmunds pricing site and find out what the invoice price really is before you make the plunge.
  • eselfeself Posts: 1
    Im talking to a local salesman with a new leftover 06 tucson 4wd 6 cyl with sunroof and all the extras so he says .He gave me a price of 21.000 out the door Any suggestions on what i can really get this baby blue beauty for? I HAVENT even been in yet he says his prices are firm for an 06?? who knows?? thanks in advance for any suggestions
  • Hyundai 2007 Tucson $16215+ttl
    (rebated and destination fee included).

    Is this a good price in Dallas area ?

  • My husband and I have test-driven the 2007 Hyundai Tucson GLS (4 cy) but not the SE (6 cy). No serious discussion with a sales person yet. Before we go back to a dealer, we need help understanding what "hidden" costs there may be and if any of these can be negotiated. MSRP for GLS is $19,445 (one option added); SE is $20,995. We would take the 72-month free financing offer instead of the rebate. What should be our bottom line? We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Would we better off with 6 cyl. (we don't tow anything) as far as longevity of the engine? We have not bought a NEW car in 20 years so we want to be as well-informed as possible. We have a '96 Honda Accord with 140,000 miles as a trade-in. Is this to our advantage or would we be better off donating it? Anything else we should know?
  • bucobuco Posts: 49
    This site is really beneficial; I depended upon years ago and saved $5,000 from the sticker price.

    Everything about the Tucson seems appropriate for my needs, but when I read the problems with the batteries, etc. and the lack of Hyundai's solving them, I'm put off.

    Has this lack of reliable customer service been corrected; my experience with Dodge over 10 years has been dreadful based on our minivan ... ex: 4 AC compressors, a evaporator, and the AC fan replaced... and the list goes on.

    What are your recent experiences for the Tucson 2008 model 2.7 v6 AT?

    If today Hyundai has better quality control in manufacturing and customer service, where are you finding the lowest prices for the 2008 2.7 v6 Tucson Front wheel drive?
  • songbird54songbird54 Central NJPosts: 41
    Purchased last month

    $1,461.81 tax
    $354.00 title and reg
    $289.00 doc fee (whatever)
    $19.00 credit inquiry
    $7.50 tire tax
    $22,995 OTD
    ZERO percent finance for 72 months (cant be beat!!)
    plus a portable navigation unit

    I purchased at Global Auto Mall in N Plainfield, NJ and had a great experience there. The people were fantastic through the whole process.

    I know the Tucson is not as popular as the Santa Fe, but it is really fun to drive, I love the V6 and the height plus all the safety features.
    I hope the MPG improves. I expected 22-23 for my mixed driving, but so far I am getting 19.4.
  • I purchased a limited FWD on Dec. 18 from Fitz Auto Mall. The color was Alpine Frost. It had the folowing options: Carpeted Floor Mats, Roof Rack Cross rails, Cupholder Insert. I did not take rebates and opted for 0% financing.

    Price: $21,800
    6% Sales Tax: $1308
    Dealer Processing Fee: $99
    Tags: $115
    Tire Recycling Fee$4
    Out the Door Cost was $23,326
  • I believe the battery problem was due to a defective radio. I do not believe it is a problem for 07's or 08's. My experience is Fitz auto mall has best prices without lots of hassle. You can pay to have car shipped to you on flatbed. I would at least go to their website and use it as basis for negotiation with local dealer.
  • I just bought a used 2007 SE V6 Tuscon with 13,000 miles. OTD $18068. Is that a good price
  • jsutton121jsutton121 Posts: 1
    I got what I think was the best deal picking up a 2007 Limited still on the lot at my local dealer (Dutch Miller in Huntington, WV). It was a higher level vehicle than what I was originally looking for, but with the 2009 models starting to hit the lot, I thought I'd take a chance, and really shoot low.

    $23,845 - MSRP
    $1,300 - Premium Package (sunroof, upgraded stereo)
    $150.00 - Carpeted Floor Mats
    $110.00 - All Weather Floor Mats (my request to have both)
    $15.00 - Front Cut Holder Insert
    $75.00 - Mudguards
    $100.00 - Sunroof Wind Deflector
    $660.00 - Inland Freight & Handling

    $26,255.00 Total MSRP

    There was also a $1,500 rebatre from Hyundai at the time of purchase, driving down the price to $24,755. I offered, and stuck to $21,000, stated I wanted KBB for my 2000 Corolla ($3,500), and put down $1,000 cash, and paid tax, title and license outside of financing.

    The dealership was great, and at first came back with $22,800, but I stated I was not trying to get to a specific monthly payment, and wanted $21,500, or I'd leave. They made a call to the owner to get approval, and came back saying it was mine.

    I think I made a pretty good deal based on what I've read online, and if anyone else is out there looking, and can find an older model still new on the lot, hopefully you can get a deal like this or better.

    Lovin' my new Tucson, and glad it purchased it over a 2008 Nissan Rogue or 2008 Honda Element.
  • that was a real grate price for what you got Nice to find a left over on the lot rair find you got lucky I no you will love it grate truck the Roge and that other one you said are good also you like what you like and what soots you best thanks for reading.
  • mrbestmrbest Posts: 1
    Bentley Hyundai in Huntsville, al
    31 miles when brought
    $20200 drive out the door
    very happy with the deal :) unhappy with gas mileage :mad:
  • tyac77tyac77 Posts: 2
    Anyone in the New Haven CT area find a Hyundai dealership that they would recommend? Currently have a Tuscon and love it but need to locate a reputable dealership
  • nice nice grate car I am shore you will love it yes the gas milage might not be not what you expectadecd it to be or what ever grate truck good luck with it thankyou for reading.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Hyundai vehicle recently (within the past four months) because of the Hyundai Assurance Program. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Friday, June 5, 2009.

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  • I recently purchased a Tucson GLS with the Popular Equipment Package in Southern California for $23,100 out the door including tax, tag, title and freight charges. Tax in Los Angeles is 9.25%. The Price of the car was about $20,500 without all the goods. I got 2.9% financing and that required 0 down. I did put a little down. The finacing rate was good for 24-60 month loans.
  • would like to see some posts of msrp of your 2010 and then what you actually paid etc
  • seems like an awesone deal what dealership did you use? best price ive received so far is MSRP 25,240 for $23,149 and the limited with prem package and carpets MSRP $28,090 for $25,547
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