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Ford Shelby GT500



  • "LOL" all you want. First off, I am a vehicle dealer (not Ford), and there is no way the margin on a $40,000.00 product is only $2000.00, but this is totally beside the point. I am not sure where you get that I said anything about dealer cost, as it is not mentioned in my post. My post says clearly that I will not pay $10,000 over MSRP, which has nothing to do with dealer cost. I agreed over 1 year ago (March 30th, 2005, $10,000 down payment) to buy one of these cars sight unseen at MSRP, and the salesman agreed to this. Now, this salesman has quit, and the deal has changed. Plainly, and simply stated, I will not pay $10,000 over MSRP. I will wait until they are sitting on the lot, or buy one used, just like I did my current 03 Cobra. 03 Cobras also started out with Dealer Added Markup, but cooled off later. The Cobras were discounted, and had large factory incentives at the end of 2004/beginning 2005 model year.
  • On a 2004 GT Convertible that stickered at $31,500 the margin was only $2,000.

    I just looked up a 2006 GT Convertible that stickers at $34,855. Invoice $32,171. That's only a $2,684 margin. I suspect the Shelby won't have much more margin than that.

    As far as waiting until they are sitting on the lots, good luck! This isn't like buying a Cobra. The Cobra was built for many years. The Shelby is only being built for two years with approx. 8000 units per year. Only about 16,000 total units over two years and that is it. The demand is extremely high on this car and most have deposits on them already and have been spoken for. You will not see any sitting on a lot down the road and I doubt you will ever see a rebate on this car like the cobra had.

    And buying a used one will still cost you as much if not more than MSRP. Used 2005 GT Mustangs have selling close to what MSRP was. Resale on these have been high. Partly due to the fact you couldn't get one and a lot of those in 2005 sold for $3k - $5k over MSRP because Ford couldn't meet the demand. Now there are a lot of 2006 GT's around so resale should cool off some on the 2005 used, but they are still getting a good price on them considering what the used 03 and 04's got.

    Since most if not all 2007 Shelby's will be sold out quick, resale will demand a premium. Especially when you have new car dealers offering to pay $20k over for your allocation.

    Over 228 million people over the age of 16 in this county and only 16k units to go around between them all. You do the math. That's ONE unit to every 14,250 people over the driving age in this country. So they only need one person for every 14,250 that is willing to pay whatever price to get this car.

    Of course, that doesn't account for any dealers that plan to keep one for themselves. About 4,000 Ford Dealers in the US. So if only half keep one or sell one to an employee that leaves only 6,000 units to go around to the public.

    And like I said earlier in another post, most dealers will only get ONE of these. Every dealer has to pay Ford $1,500 as an enrollment fee to get one, plus buy special tools at what ever cost that will be, plus buy display materials required to be displayed in the showroom at whatever cost that will be. So a dealer only getting one of these would be lucky to break even if they sold theirs at MSRP! The margin is gone and eaten up in the fees and cost of tools and materials required to enroll in this.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    I'll buy a Vette before I pay anything over $40k for a Mustang.
  • Well fellas tell me something why is the new chevy camaro better than the mustang its better in just just a about all things with the 07 shelby gt 500 dont believe me check it out on chevy web site.
  • Well shelbydude, I just my call from the dealer to place the order, the kids woke me up Yelling Mom (the dealer) is on the phone. Wow I have waited like forever.
    I believe your posts, have read them all, the numbers will be limited and with Mr. Shelby's age, these are THE LAST ORIGINAL SHELBY COBRAS TO BE BUILT AND APPROVED BY THE MAN.!!!!! So with the money Ive had down, now my verbal order is placed, dealer is saying we've bumped you to number 1 on our list, also hearing the same as you said the tools, sending mechanic for certification on the cobra, hearing but not remembering where, svt dismantling due to internal problems, these cars are CHEAP, one only has to watch Barett Jackson auctions to know this statement is true. and with the production of the gt 40's coming to an end, this car will be an instaneous collector's item. Its time to shelf the die cast model and get ready to drive the real thing. By the way Im 50 something and my son is handicapped, How much over MSRP, for my son to ride in that car and see it in the garage, THE PRICE IS REAL CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    You know, as much as I was looking forward to being given the opportunity to buy a brand new Shelby I took my 66 Mustang to work tonight and was quite excited. First drive of the new season is all ways fun. I don't begrudge anyone who has the financial backing to pay the premiums for the new Shelby's. A little jealous, but all the power to the ones who can afford it. What I don't understand is all these posts about buying chevy's or dodge's instead. Once a true Ford man all ways a Ford man. PONI 66
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    ">What does Ford have for us now with the demise of SVT other than the Mustang GT with-in a reasonable cost? At least the SVT Cobra was attainable and a great car for the money. I loved mine and was looking forward to the new Shelby. Now, I just purchased (today) an 06 GTO and it's a monster I'd have to say it would have put my Cobra to bed!
  • Get real dude!!! A GTO??? The resale on that car sucks, BIG TIME! Fast car? Yeah, but it looks like an oversized chevy cavilier. You couldn't GIVE that car me! Now had they nade that car retro to a REAL GTO then they would have made a WINNER! But it's a loser! I'll take a Shelby, Camero and Challenger. Those are NICE cars! The new GTO suchs!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Let's focus on the Shelby Cobra GT500, please!


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  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    Hey dude,
    You may have the loot to spend on a Shelby but alot of us working non dudes don't. If I could get past the Ford dealers and had the money I would gladly take the Shelby, why not it has been my dream to own one of them since 1968. Maybe some day I will luck out like you DUDE! Camero and Challenger in case you haven't been around, these two are not in production as yet and maybe never will be DUDE! Enjoy your $75000 Mustang man, I mean DUDE!
    Sorry for the masked profanity in last posting. I just get so worked up with meatheads!
  • 52tuff52tuff Posts: 4
    I have the option to buy the 2007 Cobra when it first comes out - I'm debating whether to keep the car or sell that option. I find it hard to believe you can get $20,000 additional MSRP for the car. If I can get that much I'll sell it. What do you all think?
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    Possession is nine tenths of that question.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Are these things out yet?

    Because I saw a red w/ black top Convertible with dealer tags, "GT500" side stripes, Shelby rims, and the Shelby grille (no big fog lights but with a small running horse emblem on the driver's side of the front grille).

    Car was in a Texaco service station in Lakeway, Texas. I spotted it as I went by on the street.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Demise of SVT? according to Ford's web site, SVT is still around.

    "Coming summer,2006: The newest Mustang Cobra developed by the Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) in collaboration with legendary performance guru Carroll Shelby..."

    I don't really think Shelby had much to do with the car, Ford already had the power plant, and the body.

    If memory serves me correctly (correct me if I am wrong) Mustang's went to Shelby American to get overhauled into the classic street machine's of the late 60's and early 70's, not built right on the Ford production line., like the 2007 Shelby GT500

    But, hey, it's going to be a sick car, collector's item, and nothing screams muscle car more then "Shelby GT500"

    Other then the Corvette, I don't see an American car that has the nostalgia as the Mustang does, or the constant demand. Not the GTO, not the Charger.
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    I agree with most of what you said but SVT is done.. The Shelby is the last hurrah for that division of Ford. Maybe sometime in the future it will rematerialize. They did do some great things and gave us some excellent performance vehicles didn't they!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Yes they did. I really liked the last Mustang Cobra, 2003-2004. The SVT Lightning was a beauty as well.

    I've been reading a lot here about dealers charging stupid money over MSRP for this car. I am affiliated with a Ford dealer (I work for a Mazda dealer) and I asked the GSM there, and he said they have not set an asking price yet. I'm guessing it will be over sticker, but, not $25,000 like I have been seeing here. But, even if they do get over sticker, it won't last forever. Personally, I would not mind paying 2 or 3 G's over, but not 25.

    They had a 2 Ford GT's in which they got $200K for, that's a bit over sticker, but, then again, it's a GT, not a Mustang.
  • Shelbydude,

    I say these words as a staunch Ford/Mustang/Shelby fan...

    Obviously, you are very excited by the new GT500, and so am I. I put a down payment on one on March 30th, 2005 right after the 2005 New York Auto Show. However, EVERYTHING you have said about this car was also true of the 03/04 supercharged Cobras. They were the most powerful Mustangs ever at the time, only built for 2 years (not "many years"), and in limited numbers, approximately 18-19000 total cars. Sound familiar? These cars also required special tools and training, many dealers bought one for themselves, and they commanded a premium price early on. How do you suppose the people who paid over retail feel now? Anyone with a calculator can divide the numbers, but everything you have said also applied in 2002.

    Mustang GT sales are down to last year, and there are lots of new Mustang GTs on the lots right now. In other words, wait a year, and buy a Mustang GT at a discount.

    I know this new GT500 is a Shelby, and not a Mustang GT, which is why I put money down on one so long ago (back before speculation had driven the price up). However, all of your posted speculations could have been, and were, said in 2002 about the new Cobras. Paying over retail for a car is not good value for my money, Shelby or not.
  • Not sure why I am paying $10000 over MSRP, apparently they are selling for that amount and more, ebay is doing something and it is not for 10000 over. :blush: :surprise:
  • mcnasty1mcnasty1 Posts: 6
    anyone know when the gt 500 will be released? my salesman told me that he will have my car at the end of may, and he will be able to sell me the car june 1st. i have talked to the ford dealers in my area, and they say another couple of months. does anyone have an accurate date?
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    The Shelby GT500 goes into production on June 5th. This will be the first day of production on this car. Which means the first ones will probably hit showrooms around the end of June to mid July. We have two ordered since March and Ford still has not pulled these orders nor issued a partcial vin # on them yet. So it will depend on when FORD actually schedules the your car and issues a build date with a vin #. So there is no way you will get one at the end of May since they won't even start building them until June 5th. If you did get one sooner then the only way that could happen is if Ford is sending out any pre-production units they built prior to production for testing.
  • mcnasty1mcnasty1 Posts: 6
    i have the vin# of my car. i have had it since the beginning of april. the production date was the middle of april. my guy is still saying june first. am i crazy to think that i will get the car on june 1st? i have been overloaded with mis-information.i dont know what to beleive.i am praying my guy is right, and i will be cruising on june 1st.
  • 52tuff52tuff Posts: 4
    Even though you have the Vin#, it does not mean the car has been built yet. Shelbydude is right - these do not begin production until the 1st full week of June. By the time they pass the "okay to ship" they probably won't be available until at least late June. There are Shelby's out right now, but they are the pre-production test and show cars.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    Ford opened the order banks in March. So you might have been issued a VIN#, but they will not go into production until June 5th. That is the first day of production for this car. Ford still hasn't even issued official pricing info on this car yet. Ford last announced pricing will be available by the end of May. There is no way you can possibly get this car before June 5th. They are not even building them until that date. Which means IF your car is built on the first day of production which is June 5th, you will likely not see it until the end of June the soonest and possibly sometime in July. The only possible way to get one any sooner is if you are getting a `preproduction car that was built for testing or built for the car shows. Official production begins on June 5th. Another dealer claimed they have VIN #'s on theirs, but there is a hold on them until further notice. So it could be later than June 5th.
  • mcnasty1mcnasty1 Posts: 6
    shelbydude and 52stuff,
    thanks for the info, but i hope you are wrong.maybe i will get a pre-production car. that will mean that i will be getting a low number.i am still hopeful, and i will wait to hear from my guy.he has not let me down as of yet.also, i have waited for a year,so,another couple of weeks isnt so bad. this last month has dragged on forever,and the wait is driving me crazy.i will try to be patient,and wait to hear from my guy. if you get anymore info,please pass it on to me.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    Well, this is one time I would like to be wrong, but my info comes directly from Ford. I work for a Ford dealer and I have a Shelby on order for myself. I would love to get mine sooner as well. One thing I have learned is that you can never depend on what Ford says. They change things constantly. Here they have a great car coming out, limited production, open order banks to get your orders in, yet no pricing and no color charts available. Pricing is suppose to be released by the end of May. It was suppose to be released by the beginning of May. Color charts are suppose to be in dealerships by the end of June, yet most orders have been placed already. What sense does that make??? That's FORD for you! Always behind the eight ball! So if you choose one of the new colors you choose it without seeing exactly what it will look like on the car. I was interested in the new Alloy color but I went with the Vista Blue with white racing stripes. What color did you get?
  • mcnasty1mcnasty1 Posts: 6
    i get first pick out of the three cars that my dealer is getting.they are getting 2 coupes, and 1 convert. i am taking the convert. it is alloy, and i have seen video of the alloy convert, and it is awesome. i wish that the convert.came with the stripes, but i guess it doesnt. my dealer says it will, but i havent seen a convert. with the stripes. i am going to call him today, and see if i can get an update. i am still hoping that it will be june 1.
  • So how many of you Shelby wantabe owners are paying more then MSRP. My dealer is telling me a minimum of 20K over sticker. While I put my 5K down for the right to order one I have yet to go and pick the color and options. I will be doing that this weekend.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    The conv. will come with strpes on the side. No stripes over the top. But you have to order it with stripes or choose to delete the stripes. Along the bottom of the sides it will have a stripe with the GT500 in it unless this was ordered with the delete option.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    We are getting two. They are being sold for $750 over MSRP to cover the $1500 enrollment fee to get the car. One is mine and one is sold to a customer of the owner. There are some DEALERS that are offering $20k over just to buy up allocation from other dealers. So that means they have buyers willing to pay a lot more to get one.
  • mcnasty1mcnasty1 Posts: 6
    i have the production order from ford factory that states my car will have they mean side stripes or shelby stripes? my guy said it will have the shelby stripes.maybe he ordered it that way, i dont know.all the pics of convert.have no shelby stripes. either way, i dont care. the convert.looks classy without the stipes and awesome with stripes. i guess it will be a surprise WHEN THE CAR FINALLY GETS HERE!!! hey, thanks again for all the info, and i will post when i get "THE CAR"
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