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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • td_sftd_sf Posts: 18
    What term is that for 27 or 36 months? and what cap cost reduction is in your drive off? Thx.
  • 27 months. What is cap cost? First time leaser, not familiar with the terminology.
  • relomanreloman Posts: 12
    otal cash outlay is $11,382. I have done better on a lease term for pretty much the same car. I got my total cash out lay close to $10K. At this point though I can save more than $1000 by doing a one time lease payment. Right now I am at $9100 total for 27 months, 12K miles for a car with an MSPR at $42K. Some dealers screw around with the MF which is unfaor when you are paying off the entire lease at one time. I found someone to calculate more fairly. My only hesitation is the liability should the car be stolen or totaled on day one....under the regular lease i stop paying and gap insurance makes the payment. How do I get back what I put fown for the entire lease. All that insurance broker said it is not a worry and i am covered the same way I would be if I did a regular lease. So my issue is the savings worth the far i think it is. Any comments?
  • td_sftd_sf Posts: 18
    Cap cost is the sales price (plus fees; etc) ... cap cost reduction would be any credits that reduce the cap cost (down payment; incentive rebates; etc). The more info you can provide here the better your answer will be.

    Not being a jerk but it's in your best interest to read up on the terms ... trust me:

    Do you have a breakdown of your drive off?
  • lola225lola225 Posts: 20
    The general advise I've seen on this forum is not to put down any money on a lease 'cos if the car is stolen or totaled, insurance won't cover the down payment. So you may want to get additional confirmation rather than assuming what your insurance broker told you is correct.
  • 632627632627 Posts: 1
    i just did a one pay lease on a c350 coupe and saved a good amount of money. As long as you have minimum insurance limits, mbfs will pro-rate back remaining months if the car is totaled or stolen. this is in writing on the back of the lease agreement. what's great about the one pay lease is that mbfs treats it as a zero down payment, meaning if you paid $12,000 for a 24 month lease, than your monthly payment is $500. this is good in case of total loss, because if you had done a regular lease with a down payment, than your down payment is lost. with the 1 pay lease, there is no down payment to lose.
  • lola225lola225 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the clarification. That's good to know!
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    Curious why ppl want to lease a c class! It's as if ppl want to be ripped off! Why ?
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    Valley the cars are at 12% cost what do u think that means with respect to invoice!
  • td_sftd_sf Posts: 18
    Kain - please tell us ...
  • osvpiosvpi Posts: 8
    Carman, I was just quoted in Miami on a C250 Coupe $40,900 from an MSRP of $42,160, with a residual on 10K miles over 36 months of 66% and a money factor of .00220. Seems to me the discount of only $1,260 is low and the money factor is too high. What do you think and what is the Money Factor buy rate for August? Any special discounts available from Mercedes right now? Thank you. Ozzie from Miami.
  • td_sftd_sf Posts: 18
    edited August 2013
    FYI: I am seeing 17% off MSRP on 2013s. MF 0.00124 and 70% residual for 27 mos @ 10K
  • lotusblotusb Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Hello all, and a big hello to ValleyGuy :D

    I have been lurking around this forum. I work for a company where I am entitled to a $2000 or a $2500 Fleet Employee program discount on a C Class (those numbers are for MY2013, MY2014).

    I plan to negotiate as much as I can and present them with the discount document. It says clearly that the discount can be combined with any existing promotions or credits.

    My only worry is, will the dealer back out or make excuses to add the incentive for cap cost reduction. I am having a hard time here in LA area getting them down to good numbers.

    The best I got so far with an extremely pushy salesman on the phone yelling at me, "what else do you want for a 46K car, its 399 a month inclusive of tax with $1860 drive off" .

    MSRP: $46645
    Selling Price: $40040
    MF: buy rate (he said)
    27month/10k miles
    $399/month incl of 8% tax.

    Drive off: $1860 (seems too high)

    Numbers seem to match up ok, as per my lease calculations but I feel like I should be able to go to $39K. Is this achievable? I have become sort of a lease calculation expert but not at negotiations. haha

    Plus if I add the incentive, they should acknowledge it. I am afraid they may raise the price and then add incentive.

    Is 16%-17% off MSRP still achievable in August?

    Any advice on FEP (Fleet Employee Program) is appreciated! Thanks!
  • td_sftd_sf Posts: 18
    Yes, it is doable. Depends on how many they have on the lot. I just got a little over 18% off on a $44k+ vehicle. These are unreal deals - 16-17% is great!

    No advice on the vouchers.

    My only advice for you is to get the MF and Res % in writing before you go to sign and get a full breakdown of your drive-off as well.

    Going forward ... only deal with Internet/Fleet Sales Managers.
  • lotusblotusb Posts: 2
    Still having a hard time here in LA, they wont go beyond or even close to 11% off - $2000 incentive.

    Looking at a $46.5k MSRP car, and the selling price i have gotten at best is $39.8K

    Lots of BS with rolling Acquisition Fee into the lease and making up some other numbers to inflate the monthly payments.

    Did you buy/lease in the Bay area? I am actually looking for a car for a close family relative in Bay area but had hoped LA would be more cars and competitive.

    The haggling is really tiring even over I know worth it
    Any dealer you may recommend? Thanks for any info! Appreciate it!
  • relomanreloman Posts: 12
    Here is my suggestion. Contcat a car broker. I think the one I contcated was They really educated me on pricing. I had been dealing with 3 different dealers and hearing all the stories. I was getting deals only their wives and daughter had! After 4 days of going back and forth with the dealers I received a better price from the car broker. I eventually went back to the dealer and one of them matched. I decided on a one pay leaser option. The total out of pocketwent from a high of $13,000 for a 27 month lease with 12,000 miles to a little over $9,000, Not sure if I got a good deal or not but at less than $340 per month for a MSRP of $42K....I think I did OK...I hope.
  • td_sftd_sf Posts: 18
    @ $39.8k on $46.5 msrp you are looking at 14.4% disc

    yes - i'm in bay area

    if it were me, i'd find the local dealer with the most inventory and go straight to the internet/fleet mgr and tell him he's got one shot to beat the price you already have in hand
  • bdabbdab Posts: 7
    Ray Catena Union........sorry for delayed reply.
  • jslachtajslachta Posts: 9
    edited August 2013
    Hello all -

    Need a gut check on whether I'm getting a good deal or not on the lease of a new 2014 C350 coupe with 4matic + other options.


    MSRP: $53,550
    Cap Cost: $47,888 (this is inclusive of my company's $2500 fleet incentive program)
    MF: .002250
    RV: 74%
    Term: 24 months
    Mileage: 10,000
    Tax: 7% (not sure why this is 7%. I'm in CT and sales tax is 6.35%)
    Monthly Pmt: $579
    Due at signing: $2485.74 (not putting any money down)

    I'm also getting $19,000 for the trade in of my 2008 Lexus IS250 AWD (44,600 miles, clean condition).

    They've also included 2 pre paid maintenance.

    Thoughts? I can live with the $19k on my trade I think, but I want him to get to $570/month and I don't know if that's reasonable to push for.
  • I was considering a new Mercedes or BMW a few months ago and ended up getting the BMW. I used a service online for $97 to check and see what I should be paying for the exact car I was offered before I made the deal. The service is called a DIY Dealer Report and its offered by Inside Car Buying. Had I not used them and took the great deal I thought I had made on my own, I would have spent almost $3,200 more than what I am paying now. I live in Westchester County and shopped at the Mercedes Dealer in Greenwich, CT. They couldn't believe I had all the information I did and that it was calculated to the exact penny right down to the plates. In the end I went with the BMW but Greeenwich Mercedes did call me back after a few round of negotiations and say they would match the numbers on DIY Dealer Report. I am a partner in a very large Hedge Fund and deal with numbers all day long. Totally different concept then car buying. This was about 2 months and since my friends, co-worker and myself have probably used/referred over 60-70 people to Inside Car Buying. All have had tremendous success and call the service a no brainer! I highly recommend this service to anyone buying a new car.
  • Thank you so much for this advice. I bought the DIY report last night and man, my gut was right! I just didn't know how right it was! It's looking like this will save me $3k over the life of the lease so definitely worth it.
  • hklmhklm Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    Hi jslachta,

    I ran the numbers for you - math checked out fine. Looks like you are paying a lot of fees as part of "due at signing". You are prob getting marked up on acquisition fee and doc fee. I would ask dealer to give you a breakdown on these fees and go from there.

    Here is a screenshot of the calculations I ran using my iPhone app:


    - Haris.
  • No problem. Now that you know the secret, don't let others get hammered by these dealers - pass it on:)
  • 46645*.11= 5131+ 2000k inc. + flee equals 2000k = 9k off
  • Hello All.
    Does anyone have August or September Lease rates (Money factor & Residual) for a 15,000 MI Yr, 36 mo lease for C300 4matic Luxury?
  • wdcjbwdcjb Posts: 8
    Sorry for the delay - haven't been on the site since prior post. Msrp on my car is $47,015. C300 4matic with premium 1, navigation and lane tracking package.
  • wdcjbwdcjb Posts: 8
    I don't have the exact numbers but tax rate is 10% and I am guessing around $100 for plate and registration.
  • wdcjbwdcjb Posts: 8
    Thanks!! This site was very helpful, and I couldn't be happier with my car and my deal!!!
  • spanishmanspanishman Posts: 1
    edited August 2013

    Checking on opinions of this deal I am going to sign next week:
    2014 C350 4MATIC Coupe
    MSRP 54,700
    Sale Price 47,500
    24/12K = 73% Residual
    MF .00215 with auto pay
    State tax + fees (4% tax on sale price + 215 tags/title + 795 acq + 299 doc fee)
    $1,000 incl. 1st mo. payment at delivery
    Monthly 630

    Dealer went about 3,800 under invoice on this 2014 C.

  • Just announced 5 month pull in of current Mercedes lessees. Considering C350 $800 out of pocket $580 a month for 36 months (10k miles). Only concern I have is our current lease only has 17k miles and after researching current used car prices I feel we have 4k in equity. Anyone have any thoughts? MA tax rate is 6.25%. Thinking $525, no money out of pocket. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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