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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi 118eagle. Here's the information that you're looking for. Mercedes-Benz Financial's May buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 ML350 4Matic with 12,000 miles per year are .00026 and 52%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 48 month lease are .00026 and 46%.

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  • tampa_ajntampa_ajn Posts: 9
    Been shopping lease prices, just got this offer:

    P1 package, roof rack, running boards, RWD only (not 4matic) 42 mo. 12K mi/year, $2K down. MSRP $52615 . (allegedly I get a $3500 USAA rebate too). Not sure what the bottom line price is they are using, I was just sent the basics, waiting to hear what actual negotiated price is that they used, as they didn't send me the RV as a %...
    MF .00087
    RV $26271

    The payment does not seem outrageous considering other posts but the MF seems so high.???? I want to negotiate down closer to $510ish.
    Any thoughts?
  • tampa_ajntampa_ajn Posts: 9
    Replying to my own message.

    MSRP $53,615, negotiated price $50,615. $3500 USAA rebate (given to USAA insurance members), net cap price $47615. MF .00085, residual 49%. No money down. $629/mo.

    w/ $2000 down, $585/mo.

    Want to pick up the car tomorrow AM, so any feedback would be great before then!
  • amishamish Posts: 4
    it's not a good deal. I got 509/month on a ML3504matic, P1 pkg, with 2k down. My car was 56725, and got it for 49250. Play 2-3 dealers against each other. It's end of the month. I live in Charlotte, if you need a dealership here let me know. They can get a car from anywhere.
  • tampa_ajntampa_ajn Posts: 9
    Has anyone bought a 2wd? The MF is higher on the 2wd but all these posts are for 4matic.

    My above payment of $644 is with NO money down and all taxes included for FL. 42 mo. 12k/miles. MF .00087

    Or can put $2000 down, again all taxes incl. same other terms. $585.

    I am so confused about the difference from buying a 4matic compared to the 2WD.
  • roxannekroxannek Posts: 1
    Hi there. Can you please let me know who your NC dealer is! Thanks!
  • amishamish Posts: 4
    Speak to Jeff James at Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte.
  • onayunonayun Posts: 2
    Would someone be kind enough to let me know if the following is a good deal? Thanks

    Based on tier 1 credit, selling the ML350W4 for $49,900 ( msrp $56005), 15,000 miles per year, $3,000 down and payment at $620 plus tax. the lease is for 33 months.

    Original specification sheet with list of options and pricing

    ML350W4 $48,990
    040 Black
    151 Black MB-Tex
    P01 P01 Package: Auto-Dimming Mirrors, COMAN $4,000
    R39 19" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels (255/50) H
    550 Trailer Hitch - 7,200 lbs. (Class III) $550
    731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim
    846 Brushed Aluminum Running Boards w/Rubber $670
    866 Rear Seat Entertainment Pre-Wiring $170
    873 Heated Front Seats $750

    SUBTOTAL $55,130
    TOTAL $56,005
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    This deal is not bad. However you can significantly lower your monthly payment if you lease for 48 months instead of 36 months...

    Another thing to consider, 3 months from now, brand new 2012 ML comes out. New generation, completely redesigned. So if you lease right now - you'll be driving the old body style for the entire lease!

    New ML looks amazing. You can see the picture gallery here: 2012 New ML.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    The 2011 ML has a relatively cheap lease, though... the new 2012 might (probably) be 100s of dollars more per month to lease..

    The latest and greatest is nice to have... but, you usually have to over-pay for it... ;)


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  • onayunonayun Posts: 2
    Thank you everyone for your input. Here is what I ended up with:
    48 months, 15k/year, MSRP at $56,005.00. Drive off is $3000 and monthly payment after taxes and fees is $579.35. I think it's by far the best deal. I realize that the warranty is for 5 years & 50k, which leave me with 10k without the warranty, but I think I will be ok.
  • Hi, everyone,
    Here is my give back to the community.
    I know the new ML350 model is coming out but this also means it is the best time to lease a 2010 ML350 now.
    I am in SoCal and I got a great deal at Arcadia Rusnak. Ask for Payam there.
    400 for 33 months/7500 miles. 4000 down. Premium navigation package. All fees and tax included!!!!!!!!
    Lease disposition : 595 (If u lease another Benz then you do not pay that)
    I own a Lexus HS250 so I get some discount for Benz Conquest program.

    I am the most picky, shameless, and cheap buyer out there.
    I have shopped around for SUV of Acura MDX, Lexus RX, Buick enclave and finally ML350. I like the truck space and brake technology of Benz.
    Most sales I dealt with are very useless. They do not know much about the car other than being a message boy for price.
    However, the Benz sales person I dealt with, Payam is really an exceptional sales person. He answered all the technical questions I want to know about navigation and safety issues. During the negotiation, he did his best to comfort me and my wife.
    I used Internet bidding but then I found I still had to deal with the sales person and then manager. So I do not get a more "direct" access to by pass the sales layer to buy a car.
    By the way, I also dealt with Car brokers. A car broker can deliver the car to your home and you dont pay until the last moment you pick up the car. So in a way you have nothing to lose.
    But my sales person, Payam was willing to work the extra miles to help me match the car broker's price. Most importantly, he help me avoid the broker fee of $299. Compare with a tyical sales who often "up" the price first, Payam was exceptionally being honest. It saved time.
    I still walked away from the deal because Benz did not want to get my 140,000 miles Celica for $4000 down payment.
    Then I sold my Celica for 3800 cash and went back.

    Of course being a shameless buyer I am, I walked out again from financing room when I heard that Benz will void the warranty if I do not use dealership for service......
    Finally, when I confimed the truth about Benz's warranty, I went back to the dealership to seal the deal.
    Before my car left the lot, I apprecaited Payam spent a lot of time to show me all the features of my new SUV. I purchased Lexus and Inifinity in the past but never experienced such good service from a sales person.

    The design of the dealership is to catch us off guard and suck our payment as much as it can from our bottom line number. Nowadays even many sales are not playing "good cops" anymore. I am letting the sales make thousands $ of profit so I want them to always be gentally no matter what I say, bring me water, explain all car features in 1 second without looking or asking aronud, answer my email promptly, and comfort me when I am not getting my price.
    I am glad that I met good one at the end.

    I hope my post helps. Edmounds helps me a lot.
    If you have any question, send me your email. I got 4 brands of SUV offers from many dealerships.....
  • sallyhatssallyhats Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    Im in the market for a new car and I dont know anything about lease rates or incentives. I live in brooklyn, NY so we have a lot of leasing agencies here. I was quoted on a ML350 4 matic for 389.99 plus 2300 out of pocket for bank, title, first month, and tax. If this deal is not plausible I dont want them running my credit. This is also a respected leasing agency and know quite a few people that dealt with them. I just feel like this 389.99 is way lower than anything ive seen or read.

    it is the basic ML350 4matic with no packages. I would wait for the 2012 but i honestly dont want to pay 600 a month for something that i can get for 390. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • tampa_ajntampa_ajn Posts: 9
    WHAT???!!!??? Under $400 out the door? Never seen it. How many months and how many miles/year? I guess if no packages, although I am not sure what a basic is... leather, sunroof, NAV?
  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    edited June 2011
    Ml 350 2011. msrp 52k, $550 drive off, $553 /mo. Including tax, 33 mo. Lease, 12k miles. Since the 2012s are out soon I figure I might be able to go lower. Any suggestions? My appt with dealer is at 9am pst.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    No idea if you can get lower, but that's a great deal for a $52K vehicle, as it stands now..


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  • bri75bri75 Posts: 2
    kyfdx or car_man: Do either of you know the buy rate lease money factors and residual values for June 2011 (e.g. 2011 ML350, 4MATIC, 36 month lease, 10,000 miles)? Money factors have been really low (which is really good!) the past few months; do you expect them to change for July or August 2011? Thanks.
  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    Update on new deal. $507 drive off and $500/mo including tax. Same terms of 33 mo and 12k miles. Msrp $52k. They are also paying my current cars last payment and miles overage. I shall see tomorrow how this plays out.
  • jsalleyjsalley Posts: 2
    After reading these posts....I don't think I am being offered a good deal at all! Please look over the info and let me know what you think!
    ML350W2 MSRP $52,470
    Base Payment (before taxes) $715.66 + taxes = $769.50
    Selling Price $49,345
    Terms 33 months
    Residual: $29,339.75
    Miles 15000
    Due at Signing: $769.50
    This seems alot higher than what you guys are paying.
  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    You can definitely lower the selling price. I had 2 dealerships who knocked it down by $9500. My final deal which I'm comfortable with will be a selling price of $41,119. The msrp is $52,085. That's almost $11k discount. Keep us posted.
  • jsalleyjsalley Posts: 2
    Wow, that is a big difference. Where is the dealership located that you used? I would really like to check that out.
  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    The deal went as promised. What helped me out was that I had a Lexus and through the conquest program they have going on this month they were able to knock off $4k for that alone. I requested my initial quotes through this website and only dealt with internet and fleet managers. Mercedes Benz of South Bay in Torrance, California is the dealership I went with. Be aggressive, you have nothing to lose.
  • craig1212craig1212 Posts: 20
    Great Job! I've been looking at leasing an ML and you by far have gotten the best deal around. Can you share what packages you got?

    Thanks so much.

  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    It's just the basic ml. I wanted navigation so we added the premium 1 package but that was it. Msrp was $52,085 to be exact.
  • craig1212craig1212 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the quick reply. Basic w/ 4MTC?
  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    No, its not 4matic. I didn't feel I needed the 4 wheel drive plus I read that 2 wheel drive is more fuel efficient, don't know how true that is. Msrp on the 4matic is $2500 more.
  • craig1212craig1212 Posts: 20
    Thanks so much for sharing your info. Enjoy the new truck!

  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    No problem. Let us know what you get! :)
  • brianj7brianj7 Posts: 3
    Car_man, or anyone that can help.

    I need to know the mf for ml350 15k miles, for 33 month term and the residual. Also is it any different for the 4matic? What is conquest rebate as I am coming out of a Infiniti fx lease.

    I am offered the below, supposedly super deal because of end of month and have close the deal tomorrow by 2 pm.:

    ML350 2w msrp 53,264 sale price $49100
    33 month lease for $599 / month with $750 down +ttl
    Residual 55% $31105

    Please help ;)
  • darma2011darma2011 Posts: 12
    I think they can do better. My msrp was $52085 and I got it for just under $42k. My drive off was $507 and monthly payments were going to be $500/mo including tax but I accepted the 10k, 20k, 30k mile service. That brought my payment to $525 per month. I heard maintenance can run over $1k for the 10,20,30k miles. Also don't forget the 2012 models will be redesigned so that should help with the negotiating.
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