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Toyota Highlander Lease Questions



  • Good call. The MF and residual do not seem very competitive. I was hoping to get a good deal on a lease for an SE v6... but not likely if this MF/resid represent the Dec #s.
  • dcf1955dcf1955 Posts: 37
    Hi all - I wanted to forward lease numbers for January. We just leased a 2013 Highlander SE 4X4 in MA and the MF was 0.00001 with a 24 month residual of 70.5%. The 36 month residual was 61% but we went with 24 month lease. Remember Toyota's residuals fluctuate slightly on optional equipment. Good luck.
  • mrbleheadmarkmrbleheadmark Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    Hi there -

    I got what I think was a good deal on my Highlander base (for a 4WD - it was V6) lease. MSRP north of $32,000. Deal was $4,000 up front (I took care of that with a trade in that was probably legitamately worth $3500 or so), then $199 a month for 36 months. This was a full $100 a month less than I was seeing in some other places (though cash was a bit higher).
  • Can anyone post the January lease rates please for a 2013 highlander se AWD 36 mo. 12K a year?

    thank you
  • chowskeechowskee Posts: 1
    edited February 2013

    Looking to lease a Highlander LTD AWD. I would like the residual and money factor for February for both the LTD AWD gas and hybrid version based on excellent credit and 12k for 36 months. Please provide info when you have a chance. Are there any cash back deals?
  • I was told feb money factor increased to .00047 and $500 rebate is gone. Monthly quote on 36 month, 12k per year with roughly $700 out of pocket was $450 (including NYC tax). Msrp was 40,600. Selling price was 37,600. I was a bit disappointed as last month this was quoted at roughly $400 per month.
  • Does anyone know the money factor and residual for February 2013 on a Toyota Highlander SE? It appears there are no lease incentives at the moment. I live in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • ram44ram44 Posts: 1
    There is an Encore Program thru TFS. I have a TFS lease I'm trading in, not turning in. I'm 7 mos from the finish line and dont want to wait. Isnt there a 1000 rebate for customer loyalty or some such? Please let me know SOON. Going into the dealer and they are not giving me any info. Odd... yeah right!
  • uc4meuc4me Posts: 1
    I have been offered the following deal for a 2013 Toyota Highlander 4WD V6 SE:

    MSRP: 36,700
    Net Cap Cost: Not sure yet, asking the dealer for it now)
    Residual Cost: 22,592
    Term: 36
    Money Factor: 0.00047
    Mileage: 12,000

    To get this deal we are trading in a 08 Rav4, Base V6 with 60K. We still owe $9000 and the dealer is giving us $14,300. Plus we are putting an addition $700 cash and our first payment down. (The first payment is sort of a wash with the current payment we have due on our rav)

    Does this deal seem like a good deal?
  • I just called a dealer who quoted me over $500 a month for a Highlander Limited with rear entertainment system and running boards. He's saying it's a great deal but I don't agree! I have seen lower monthly rates on more expensive cars. Please help me understand how he got to that price?! This is in Sugar Land/Houston,TX :confuse:
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Posts: 68
    Car man,

    What is mf and residual on 2013 highlander limited and se for 36 months, 12k miles per year.
  • samsonesamsone Posts: 6
    Was quoted the following:

    2013 Highlander SE (with essentially no extras). Cap cost: $35,450, MF .00110 and 65% residual. 36 mos lease for 12,000 miles per year, nothing down. $438 per month (including DMV fees).

    Good deal?
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Posts: 68
    Car Man:

    What is April's MF and Residual on 2013 Highlander SE and Limited with 12k, for 36 months?
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Posts: 68
    Finally signed- not sure how I did, highlander se with nav awd, $0 down, $390 per month including NYC taxes, 36 months, 12k miles per year. Msrp $38150. Don't know details: selling price, residual or mf?
  • Cliffpoz - can u tell me where you got the quote for 390 for the highlander? I am very interested as I live in NYC and this would be perfect. Thanks so much!!
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Posts: 68
    Parkway Toyota in NJ. I just came off a toyota lease, so I had the loyalty incentive.
  • I just got a quote from a dealer in PA that listed a MF of .00110 and 59% residual on a 3yr/36k mile lease. Does this sound about right to you? Based on some of the other posts, it looks like others have done better.
  • toddphillytoddphilly Posts: 7
    FYI - just wanted to post the final deal I was able to get. We leased a 2013 Highlander 4WD Limited for a final of $1k out of pocket, $437/mo. Lease was for 36mo/12Kmiles per year. I think the final MF was .00030, and a residual of 59%. Cap cost was around $37000.

    I thought it was a good deal in the end. Very pleased with the vehicle.
  • tlynn421tlynn421 Posts: 2
    My wife and I are trying to determine which deal to go with:

    In both scenarios, the dealer will eat our trade in, which is a 2013 Acura TSX with 12.K miles and about 2k upside down.

    A 2013 Highlander Limited, $1200 down, $450/mo

    A 2013 Highlander SE with XM package, $0 down, $442/mo

    Not sure of what May residual rates are. So basically the difference would be Navi, push key start, and bigger screen with the Limited.

    Thoughts on which deal makes most sense?
  • amoszamosz Posts: 38
    Not sure what to advise you. I would probably go for the SE, no money down. Unless you need those features of the limited.

    While I'm here, will be looking at obtaining my next car at the end of June. Moving to a small town. Wife wants a Volvo S60/XC60, but closest dealership is 2 hours away. I like the cars as well (albeit pricier), but the distance to the dealership is troublesome.

    So Car_man, if you could please post the MF and residuals for the Toyota highlander SE and Limited for June (once available). Region is Texas.

    Looking at 24 or 36 month lease, either 12 to 15k miles.

    Thank you.
  • dpb67dpb67 Posts: 6
    Does anyone have the June money factor and residuals for 24/36 mo lease for a Plus or SE for NJ?
  • dperonedperone Posts: 14

    What was the MSRP on the car? Did you buy it locally? I live in NJ
  • Hi dpb67. Toyota Financial Services' June buy rate lease money factor for a 24- or 36-month lease of a 2013 Highlander in New Jersey is .00030 for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier.

    This vehicle's residual values are more difficult to determine. TFS' current 24-month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for a base 2013 Highlander 4WD is 71%. It is 61% for a 36-month lease. The problem with these numbers is that TFS places restrictions upon which options can be residualized, making it difficult to determine what this vehicle's effective residual is.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • dpb67dpb67 Posts: 6

    Thanks for the information. I am coming off a Rav4 lease (I got a great deal thanks to you and others on the forum....thanks!) so I'm aware of the TFS restrictions. I am trying to work with dealers who don't add-on many options. Do you know how the base residuals compare to the Plus and SE models?

    Thanks again
  • kstarr719kstarr719 Posts: 14
    Hey Car_Man,

    I got a quote from a dealer on a 2013 Highlander Limited AWD. This is zero down, 36 months and 12K miles.

    MSRP: 41,279 (includes running boards)
    Cap Cost: 38,184
    Money Factor: .0003
    Residual Value: 24,043

    total inception fees:

    acquisition: 650
    doc fee: 279.50
    pa reg.: 95.50
    rent charge: 686.15
    first months pmt: 489.01

    Monthly Paymer: 489.01

    What are your thoughts? I really appreciate your help!
  • jaugatjaugat Posts: 7
    Hi - do you happen to know the July 2013 lease factor on Highlander limited for 36months and 10k miles? Dealer quoted approx .001 and $24588 residual
  • kywonkywon Posts: 28

    My lease is up and I need a new car! I'm looking at the Highlander and want to work up the numbers on the Hybrid vs the non-hybrid. I'm wondering if it's possible for the gas savings to offset higher monthly lease costs.

    Would you please give me the money factor and residual for 15,000 mile leases on the Highlander Limited Hybrid and Non-Hybrid AWD for both a 24 and 36 month lease? I'm in Los Angeles if that makes a difference.

    Thank you so much as always!

  • picklzpicklz Posts: 1
    My Fiance and I are looking at leasing a Crossover/SUV in the next couple of weeks and decided to look at the Highlander due to its favorable lease rates right now, were offered the following deal on a 2013 Highlander SE w/ trailer package as the only option -

    $389/mo - 36mo 12,000 miles/year
    Tax, $75 Dealer Doc fee, Registration, and first months payment due at signing.
    $6500 on trade for her current car, which I feel is a fair offer.

    We let them know another dealer was offering basically the same but w/ no tax due at signing.

    They then offered the following
    $389/mo - 36mo 12,000 miles/year
    True Zero down @ signing
    This tells me they came up quite a lot on the trade (probably $1000+), which seems like a very fair deal. The residual was $22,xxx

    Does this seem like a fair deal or should we look elsewhere / push them further?

    This is in MN
  • jaugatjaugat Posts: 7
    Push them further!

    Just leased a 2013 Highlander Limited. Cap cost of ~$36k, residual ~$23k, lease factor of .00001 (that is 4 zeroes for top tier credit), $2k down, $353/month, 36 months, 12k miles.
  • mlampmlamp Posts: 1
    Where did you get that lease for 2013 Highlander Limited? Would like to get same. Thanks.
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