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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • ronm1ronm1 Posts: 5
    I have a 2004 Supercrew too with 5.4 motor 3:73 gears. Had a noisy rear end-The dealer put in a new set of gears and Bearings--noise got worse, Oh I forgot had a bad vibration too to under load, gas mileage was 15.9 at best, the speedometer is 10 mph slow at 70, (that makes the 15.9 MPG closer to 13.5 MPG. After they replaced the first set of gears Ford would not let them do anything more to get rid of the noise, They had me wait for 3 more months for Ford to come up with a fix--they never did so I filed with the Dispute Settlement Board (DSB) gave them a pack of stuff that would choke a horse. Before it came before the board Ford contacted me and they installed a new rear end complete including the brake rotors and calipers, replaced the complete drive shaft (it now has 2 little like flywheel balancers on it, new cab mounts and rear motor mounts.
    They also reprogramed the computer, mileage is worse but its much smoother to drive (drive shaft or Computer?). In my appeal to the DSB is listed several things.
    The DSB made their decision!!!!
    This is a direct quote from the DSB "After careful consideration of this information and the relevant state law, the Board determined the rear end noise, vibration, engine noise, brake dust, and the fuel economy concerns do not represent substantial nonconformities. Therefore, the Board concluded no further action was necessary and the request for further repair was denied." To my knowledge they did not now Ford had already replace the rear end and mounts and They seemed to have forgotten Ford advertised 19 MPG highway, and my complaint was scored front rotors and excessive brake dust.
    They also stated the amount of days I was without a vehicle was not great enough, forgetting that I was told to wait 3 months for a fix. I live in a rural area and telephones are not available and cell phone coverages are spotty to non exstistant so when I had to travel I drove my other car rather than risk a failure on the road. and My wife of 50 years refused to go with me in a truck that might leave us stranded. GOOD LUCK --I GOT SHAFTED TOO.
  • ronm1ronm1 Posts: 5
    Just got my letter back from the DSB and I had Vibration and noise plus the motor sounds like a disel, the brake rotors look like they are 50,000 miles old and it suck gas like my old Hemi. They told me "the problems did not represent substantial nonconformites" and further repairs was DENIED..My truck is a 2004 Supercrew 5.4 CID 3:73 gears and 7,000 miles on it. You are one lucky guy.
  • Ed I would remind them that trucks are not supposed to vibrate. In my opinion if the truck has a problem they can not fix they should buy it back or give you a new one! Stand up for what is right.
  • mr.edmr.ed Posts: 5
    I just received my dsb papers for the hearing. Do you think by going in person to present my case will help or rather sit and wait for the outcome. I hate driving 200 miles then only to present my case in 10 minutes time frame...
  • I did mine by phone it was short and they were very friendly and just asked a few questions. I do not think they expect you to drive 200 miles.
  • drfdrf Posts: 1
    I also filed with the DSB and was turned down. What is the secret for getting a positive result? I have had a mechanical engineer check on my truck and he advised that the frame is far too stiff (a Ford exclusive??) and this sets up a resonant vibration felt throughout the whole truck.
  • kawboykawboy Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of a sucessful conversion of a Ford V-10 into a 1993 F-250 Supercab or other earlier version?
  • I am a die hard Toyota guy out looking at the true domestic lines. F-150, Dodge Chevy/GMC.

    While on a test drive today in a FX4 150 Crew I punched the accelerator a little and the truck stumbled. Checked gear selection and did it again the vehicle stumbled. Could have been interesting during rush hour.

    I like the layout of the cabs though.
  • blvd36blvd36 Posts: 1
    Contact your state Attorney Generals office and file a complaint to the Ford Motor Company & the dealership that is giving you the "run-around"
    The Attorney Generals office can be contacted through the internet, (it is a simple process). The Dispute Settlement Board is not helping claims for vibrations. WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE OUR COMPLAINTS BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have a problem with my front tank with it on the motor runs fine but when you put it in gear the motor will start to miss fire and run ruff
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    I believe in '90 the front and rear tanks shared a common fuel filter. So if motor runs fine from rear, then it sounds like the front in-tank fuel pump is getting weak. It puts out enough gas to handle the motor's need at idle, but isn't making enough pressure to keep it going when driving.
  • Thanks i thought it was the fuel pump
  • krhkrh Posts: 3
    have a 2004 F250 SC with the 5.4 V-8 with the 4 speed auto transmission, 2600 miles. I'm still trying to get used to how it shifts. When I need to accelerate quickly from a complete stop the the Rpms sour but the truck doesn't until it shifts again. At one point it also will make an (air suction) noise in between shifting which allows a slight loss if power until it shifts again. The overall acceleration is fine, I hit 60mph easily it just doesn't seem very smooth. The dealership drove it and said everything was fine. My previous ford was a F-150 5 speed manual which I drove for 10 years. So the auto transmission is new for me in a truck but I feel like I'm driving a 6 cylinder instead of an 8. My guess at this point is I am driving a much heavier truck with much more drag on the engine which will take some getting used to. I've already towed over 7000lbs with my trailer and the truck has no problem pulling it, so I know it has all the power I need. Is this shifting normal?
  • I am having a problem with vibration, I have taken my truck to the dealership 3 times for this problem. I still have this problem they have replaced the tires 2 times,this does'nt help. I purchased the top of the line Lariat and I want it fixed. can anyone tell me if they have had thiers fixed. please help
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Is your truck a supercrew or supercab? 4x4? What type tires have they tried on it? Manufacture date?
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    i also have a 2004 f150 sprcrew fx4 it is currently in the shop it has 14000mil they also told me my tires was the cause of the vibration they did a roadforce ballence test and the problem is sill there now they are replacing the drive shaft my tires are extremly worn on the outsides i have owned ford trucks before and never had a proublem i think its fords new bad design on their trucks if this is a problem ford needs to replace our trucks they cost to much money for ford to use them as test subjects thats what it seems like to me we buy they learn at our expense
  • my truck is a 4x4 and the tires are goodyear the same as the truck came with (both new sets) they are c rated I dont know the exact because the truck is in the shop again.
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    i also bought a 04 f150fx4 it has been in the shop on two ocations its in the shop now ford first told me it was my tires so they did a roadfroce ballence on it and then charged me for it .the truck only has 14000miles on it 4k when i bought it now its back in the shop they now say the vibration is from the driveshaft and they have ordered me a new on if this doesnt work i too am getting a lawyer they charge to much money to haveall these problems
  • My 2004 Ford F150 vibrates at about 65mph (in the steering wheel). I thought the tires weren't balanced properly so I took the truck in and that does not seem to be the cause. Apparently I am not ther only person with this problem. I plan on taking the truck to the dealership this week.
  • diesel1diesel1 Posts: 2
    I own a 2003 F-250 7.3L Turbo-Diesel with a 6-speed manual transmission. About two weeks ago I had a major malfunction with the pickup which in turn has caused serious damage to the truck. I went out that morning to start the truck, as I have done every morning since I bought it. Being a diesel the truck needs to warm up for a while before jumping in and taking off in it. Before starting it, I made sure the e-brake was on and it was in neutral. Obviously being a manual transmission, I had to push the clutch in to get it started. After I started it, I sat there for a moment and let it idle.
    I got out of the truck and went back into the house. About a minute later I felt my house literally shake. I turned around and my truck was gone. Thinking someone had stolen it, I ran outside to see if I could see which way it went, only to notice that my shed was torn wide-open. I ran around the corner to find my pickup planted into the neighbors house, engine still running and the tires spinning. I jumped into the truck and got it shut off. The odd thing about this situation is the truck was sitting there spinning with the stick still in neutral. I realized this after I had turned the truck off and looked down to see it was in neutral. I won't even mention the damage that was caused to the truck or the neighbors house (makes me cringe every time). Anyway, once we moved the truck, I had gotten in and started it, again in neutral. This time the truck surged forward right away. I also climbed under the truck and noticed that the transmission was saturated in engine oil. The oil was not fresh because there was dirt and other debree mixed in it. Well, to get to the point, I called the insurance agency about it and told them what happened and had my truck towed to the repair shop but it has been sitting there for two weeks and no repairs made. The insurance agency is doing an investigation into this case because they think I am not being honest with what happened. My question is, has anyone ever heard of this happening before? I am still dumbfounded about it and would like some feedback.
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    i have this same truck mine has 14000k miles and i have the same problem i have lose of power on hills or inclines with an engine of this size it should not even see an incline i have the knocking noise plus vibration in my tires ford says this is normal for this engine they rotated my tires and roadforce ballenced them what ever that means then tryad to charge me for it for not rotating my tires every 3000miles.this is their way of getting out of their problems my truck is in the shop now getting a new driveshaft because the back wheels lock up while your driving forget using the 4wheeldrive once its in you cant get it out this truck is a piece of crap the action im taking is a lawyer
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    i also have a pieceof crap 2004 f-150 fx4 what or who is dsb??
  • stokes1stokes1 Posts: 1
    I own a 2004 superduty with a 6 spd trans. Around 5,000 miles the transmission failed. I had heard some noise earlier and the shifting got harder and harder. When the failure occurred the truck would move forward when the clutch was engaged no matter where the shift selector was placed including neutral. The dealer checked it out and told me that there was only about a cup of fluid in the transmission and someone must have not checked it on delivery. You should have them open the transmission. If the oil leaked out, the gears should be blue from heat. I don't necessarily buy the explanation that there was never more than a cup of oil in the transmission. I think there was a leak.
  • mr.edmr.ed Posts: 5
    hey,you're not alone, we have been crying about this vibration problem. dsb - dispute settlement board is a good way to start. In the owners manual, there's a number of the dsb that you can call to request the forms. Fill up the forms and then submit it with the copy of the repairs that your ford dealership had made in regards to your vibration problem. Expect to receive a reply in less than a month and hearing will follow. Favorable decision, ford will buy back your truck or you will be subjected to more trial and error solutions as called for by their tsb! Hey it's better than nothing...2nd option is to get a good lawyer for the lemon law...pls. go to the nhsta site and file a complaint as well. WE NEED TO BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR! good luck...
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    I guess you guys don't understand what I'm getting at: I want detail of what cab, what model, what tires to try to figure out where the problem seems to be most apparent. I have heard of Lariat's having the problem also, but have heard that it only was hurting the SuperCab. Now I am hearing SuperCrew, but in the FX-4 package. I have not noticed any vibration with my '04 F-150 4x4 Lariat SuperCrew with 12k+ miles other than the usual road vibration. It has BF Goodrich tires (which show as OEM equipment - at least on the new trucks if you build one at I have heard that the different lengths in driveshafts from a regular cab, to a SuperCab, to a SuperScrew can be a possible factor. The more I hear...the more vibration I think I can sense, but I know this is no more than what I've felt before in any other vehicle if less. I also wonder if there was a series of trucks manufactured through a certain period that have this problem and maybe Ford has fixed it. My manufacturer's date on the door stamp is 05/04. The more info you guys provide...maybe we can all pinpoint a trend of exactly which model/cab/manufacture date/drive-line is causing the most problems.

    I started to wonder since the FX-4 has a different spring/shock package if it was causing the tire wear/vibration problem but now see a Lariat in the mix, but don't know what drive-line. I'm just as concerned as all of you, but the more detail we give...the more maybe we can see a trend so we can address Ford and even help them identify where the problem lies and how to fix it.
  • The vibration on my truck started around 12,000 miles. The vibration begins at around 65mph. Currently I am experiencing vibration only in my steering wheel. I have a 2004 F150 Supercrew XLT. My manufacturer's date on the door stamp is 04/04.

    I called the dealership to schedule a service. They said they would look at my truck, but it probably has nothing wrong with it. My service advisor stated that todays trucks are more sensitive than older vehicles and the vibration is normal.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    If the fluid is black, then it's most likely that the transmission is toast. It'll need a full rebuild.

    Oh, please don't SHOUT! Just turn off the 'Caps Lock'.
  • diesel1diesel1 Posts: 2
    I agree with you that it was probably a leak. I think that may be the problem with my truck as well because the transmission was saturated in oil. I just do not know what step to take next because the insurance company has the truck and they are trying to say that there is "possible damage not related to the accident." So they are more or less attempting to get out of fixing the truck. This makes me a little angry because whatever in the heck is wrong with the transmission, is what caused the accident. What ever is wrong with the transmission though, I believe, needs to be repaired by Ford. I'm just thankful that no one was in front of the truck when it took off.
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