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2008 Ford Super Duty



  • I have a 08 250 with the 5.4 motor. this truck can't get out of its own way. The gas milage I get is 8.1 when 4x4 is not being used. It cant move on ine or mud without 4x4, but this may be the factory tires. I had to get a front alignment and Ford replaced two tires. Last inspection I could not turn the front wheels, upon closer look the brakes were rusted in the slides so I removed them and wire wheeled lubed and assembled. The dealer said it is a problem in northern climates. I have owned Ford for 25 years, but am considering another brand.
  • Our 2008 F-250 super duty 4x4 has been having very expensive issues and I'm afraid that they will continue. We just had to replace the turbo booster and the Particulate filter was taken off instead of replacing it, but now it runs really rich. I was wondering if anyone else with this model year was having these particular problems. I really feel it is an issue that Ford shoud address, and if there are enough of us with problems with the 08, maybe we can band together and get them to listen.
  • hunter83hunter83 Posts: 1
    alge built up in water/fuel separator, clean it out, replace sensor and gasket
  • I too have just discovered a coolant leak on the drivers side front under radiator, 52,000 miles. Luckily I have the extended warranty or I would be really upset with Ford. Has Ford discovered why this is happening, does the coolant they use become acid based. Remember when GM used the orange radiator fluid, once it got air into it, would turn acid based and eat everything up ie: head gaskets, and everything else it came into contact with. Mechanic said dump the orange stuff and only use the green type.
  • I have read where Ford states not to let your truck idle, as the bad fuel we get at the pump causes carbon buildup. look at Fords article on use of Cetane additive.
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