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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • the new 6.0L diesel will be out in '03 the end of production is scheduled at end of '04 hopefully this could change if demand increases. It takes a few years to get the ball rolling hope they don't pull the plug too soon.
  • jogibajogiba Posts: 27
    With the new 6.0L 325HP 560 Ft Lb Tq PSD and HD 5 speed auto trans the 2003/2004 Excursion will be in demand . The Expedition with 5.4 V8 is not in the same class as a PSD Excursion . The PSD Excursion is the first SUV with standard 20,000 Lb GCWR .
    Even if Ford comes out with an extended Expedition with a V6 diesel it will not compare with the Excursion in tow rating.
  • Ford has let the "green" people kill the Excursion... With real world facts and experiences I could market the Ex better than Ford.
    I cannot speak to the gas versions, but the diesel version has better all around mileage than my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee did!!! The Jeep got consistently 13 and 18 mpg over the 125k miles I drove it... Thus far the Ex has gotten anywhere from 15 to 21 mpg for the 4k I've driven it...
    And my wife's '02 Lincoln LS V8 gets poorer mileage than the Ex - the few times WHEN I am allowed to drive it! (Of course it is a FUN care to drive - a stealth sports car!!!)

    I KNOW what my true fuel mileage is with our bone stock '02 Ex with the PSD and there are many documented cases of potential for much greater improvement with some simple modifications...
    The PSD reacts well to air intake and exhaust modifications with 20 to 50 HP increases and better mileage from the increased effeciency...
    More air intake = better burn rates of the fuel..
    Proper exhaust tuning = better flow thru the engine... (You can't accept more input without better output!)
    It reacts even better to re programming of the ECU by the Superchips Microtuner and/or the Hypertech Power Programmer with better transmission shift management and on-the-fly engine management. Many report upwards of 5 MPG increases with just the tuners...
    The claims of the tuners to give you increases of 80 HP are correct, with dyno verification of some owners. That's a 33% increase !!!

    I don't care to defend my purchase ---
    because it is MY purchase and it is the right purchase for MY situation...
    But it amazes me to see the "I've never had experience with that, but I know what I'm talking about" argument...
    I know there are MANY more important battles we could spend our time on...
    But, after all, isn't that why we fight so hard to defend our "turf", because it is our "turf", not "their's" ???

    If you got 'em, hug 'em - EVERY DAY - your children need that!
  • I believe most people have set in their minds that they are either a ford person or chevy. We have a 2000 limited psd to tow our 66 corvette with. I think its a fantastic truck. Its quiet, sound, no rattles or shakes, and great power and mileage. We put in after market items like the 4inch exhaust and a programer (60 extra hp) and filter, and this thing really goes. I would have liked to have a color matching chevy with my trailer and vette, but in my mind the chevys are not in the same ballpark. Every older sub ive been in, rattles, and just seams to wear out a little faster than the fords we have been in. Its all personal opinions, and experiences. Also, my wife looks real good getting out of that limited psd, and the 21mpg on the highway (not towing) looks real good too!
  • Ask yourself why you are buying a monster SUV. Do you REALLY need such a large car ? If so, you may be better off with a cargo van, a minivan, a large wagon, or just renting a truck when the occassion arises. Do you NEED to tow stuff all the time ? You may be better off with a diesel-powered truck, then. They're quite a bit cheaper and have quite a bit more torque when a comprably-equipped gasoline-powered truck or SUV.

    However, if you are getting a monster SUV to "keep up with the Jones" or boost your self-image, let me ask you this ? How does it feel to throw $40,000+ down the toilet, while at the same time offending everybody else on the road, harming the environment, and supporting terrorism ? 3 for 1 !!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ...supporting terrorism ?

    I think that's a bit over the top. If you buy clothing, food or diamonds from abroad one could conclude, using the same "logic," that you support the exploitation of children, slave labor and despotic governments.

    tidester, host
  • Hey at lest the Excursion has a purpose. You can tow tons and cart around at lest 8 people. What about the GM Hummer it gets as bad of gas mileage, you can only carry 5 adults and I'm sure it would be a crappy tow vehical because of the short wheel base. I don't understand why all those tree huggers aren't crying about that $55k plus gas guzzler like when the Excursion came out. The Hummer would use twice as much gas to take 8 adults on a 500 mile trip because you would have to use 2 Hummers compared to 1 Ecursion and they would have a more comfortable ride in the Excursion.
  • My girlfriend and I did not need any of these when looking both on-line and at dealers for an SUV. We do not plan to do any heavy hauling or towing. But I did check and compare both.

      I checked the engines, features, transmissions and towing capacities. I found the fuel-injected 6.8L V10 for the Excursion has less horsepower than the 6.0L V8 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel. So, I compared it with that engine with the .75-ton Suburban and Envoy XL, both of those with 4WD.

      The Excursion has 5 more horsepower than the Suburban or Envoy XL. But GM's are also available with a more powerful optional 8.0L V8. The Excursion has a shiftable 5-speed automatic transmission. The Suburban and Envoy XL have a 4-speed automatic. The Excursion's maximum towing capacity with that engine is 11,000 pounds. The .75-ton Suburbans and Envoy XL's is 12,000. It is 1,000 more, which is handy if needed. And the 2 GM's are estimated to get better fuel economy than the Excursion. There is more.

      I am sure I am not the only one who still has cassettes as well as CD's. Cassette is standard in the 2 GM's. It is optional in the Excursion.

      If I was to go with a bigger SUV, I would choose one of the 2 GM's over the Excursion. But I had to state the facts about all 3 SUV's.
  • Ok. Now here is the response from an Excursion owner with the 7.3L DIESEL not the 6.0L DIESEL. What you need to remember when comparing these trucks is that the V10 is not really the best engine for towing in the Excursion. With that in mind, I can gurantee you that the 6.0L diesel will get significantly better gas mileage then the 8.0L Gas V8 in the GM's. I only know this because I own a 7.3L Diesel and it gets better mileage then my friends 8.0L Gas V8. On top of that, the Excursion has more torque then 8L Gas V8, which means more pickup on the low-end when accelerating, better mileage then a gas engine while towing, and a much smoother ride while towing. Please Keep in mind, the Envoy XL is a completely different vehicle, with a different weight, differrent engine options, and totally different target area so you cannot really include that in a comparison with 2 .75 ton trucks.

    Just thought I would give the facts.
  • jogibajogiba Posts: 27
    The diesel Excursion has a 20,000 lb GCWR 560 ft lbs Tq @2,000 rpm 44 gal tank and 20 mpg on the highway. Go to any RV forum and you will see the Suburban is not in the same class . ss=&sort=1
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    cptmcf and gagrice: I was reading your reaction to the SUV bashing, and I have to say that I am in complete agreement. I saw some pictures this weekend of a pileup on I-75 in Dayton. One of the pictures showed a Toyota Corolla that rear-ended a tractor-trailer, and which was itself rear-ended by another tractor-trailer. It was unrecognizable and pushed completely under the trailer in front of it. A Jeep behind the second tractor-trailer suffered an identical fate. No one in the Corolla or the Jeep survived. We are having our fourth child and we struggled between an '04 Sienna minivan and an '03 Suburban. While I know the Sienna is a relatively very safe vehicle, the one thing about crash tests is that they don't take into account what the tested car is hitting or what is hitting it. If I'm going to be the meat in a tractor-trailer sandwich, I want to be in a Suburban (or Excursion) sitting high, with a stiff frame, several feet of hood and engine in front of me, and several feet of cargo space behind the 3rd seat in which my children are sitting. Plus, the new Suburban has "smart" front airbags and available side airbags. Do I wish it had more airbags (e.g., side curtain)? Yes, but at the end of the day give me more steel between me and the other vehicles on the road over more airbags. Do I "need" a big SUV? You never know... Feel free to tax gas and use the proceeds to clean the air and develop more fuel-efficient technologies. I'm willing to pay for size and safety... and I certainly won't feel bad about making the choice between guzzling 200 more gallons of gas over the course of a year in return for the best safety I can get for my wife and 4 children.

    All this being said, our other car is a Volvo wagon, which is just about as good in most situations when you only have to transport 3 or 4 people.
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    Just a few corrections/updates about the accident referenced in the above post - it actually was on I-70. There were 3 people in the Toyota, a 22 year-old mother, her 22 month old child and a 1 year old neice. All 3 died. The guy in the Jeep lived, but is in critical condition. See
  • winbladwinblad Posts: 1
    When I compared Suburban and Excursion vehicles 3 years ago, the obvious choice for me was the Excursion. With the higher std. towing capacity, V-10 powertrain, and the much valued substantially increased interior room that the Suburban lacks. I couldn't believe that Chevy/GM chose to eliminate so much passenger room with that ridiculous placement of the seatbelts in the second row. Bad engineering design!

    With two teenage daughters (and their friends and/or cheerleading squads) and a baby (with all the gear required), my stepmother's Suburban can't even come close to the passenger room and storage space behind the 3rd row seat.

    If we aren't moving that many people, then we might take the Suburban. If we want to move a lot of people and gear, and/or tow a heavy payload, we always take the Excursion.

    When it came time to choose another SUV a week ago, I chose another Excursion, and still love it more than any other SUV out there on the road. It's the clear winner against a Suburban, in my book!
  • I have a 2001 Excursion Limited and I just bought a 2003 Z71 1500 Suburban for my wife. Both are 4x4s and are loaded. If you compare vehicles you must compare an Excursion with a 2500 Suburban. Next you can buy a diesel Excursion for the same price as a 2500 gas Suburban. I get 18.2 miles to the gallon with my (7.3L) Excursion (3.73 rear-end)@ 70 mph and the Excursion has a 44 gallon tank. That's over 800 miles per tank. Also, I can buy diesel for 151.9 compared with 189.9 for unleaded. The Suburban (5.3L / 3.73 rear-end)has 31 gallon tank and gets 16 miles per gallon @ 70 mph. Don't forget the diesel excursion is warranted to 100,000 miles and will last a lot longer than a gas engine. Also, with my comparison I have a 1500 Suburban not a gas guzzling 2500. The maintenance is a little more on the diesel, however, do it yourself and an oil change will cost you only $20 more on the diesel. My wife's Suburban is gadget friendly and has a lot to offer the driver. Onstar, XM sat radio, drivers information center that is out of this world, memory seats, 3-way lumbar support, dual heated front seats with 3 temp settings on your back and butt, 3 zone climate control and so much more I can't possibly mention them all. I just drove the suburban 700 miles and it was amazing. Here is the bottom line, the Excursion is a man's truck I wish it had the electronic features that are standard in the LT Suburban (Ford is dropping the ball we want computers that tell us everything and are at our finger tips (Ford get with the program)), however, I like the way Excursion drives and the confidence I have in the longevity of the diesel engine and ruggedness in the F250 frame. My wife on the other hand loves her Suburban (if only GM would put a diesel with the allison tranny in the suburban) and equally enjoys the fact that her Z71 drives like a car. Oh by the way, when we make extended trips together with both vehicles I tow the Suburban behind the Excursion, for the same reasons I listed above with regards to the diesel engine and MPG. Hopefully this offers some insight from a two SUV family. To all you earth friendly psychos, I'm confident that my family and friends will survive an impact with your Honda insight... how about you?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    To all you earth friendly psychos, I'm confident that my family and friends will survive an impact with your Honda insight... how about you?

    This is not the place to fight the "SUVs vs. the World" battles. Take it over to the I don't like SUVs, why do you? discussion.

    tidester, host
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    ...the fact that her Z71 drives like a car.

    LOL! I guess that's compared to the Excursion :-)

    BTW...have either of actually driven a car? ;-)

    ...I tow the Suburban behind the Excursion...
    Hopefully this offers some insight from a two SUV family.

    Posting that certainly offers some insight into you ;-)

    I'm confident that my family and friends will survive an impact with your Honda insight... how about you?

    Oh, who cares. It's not like they're, you know, human or anything.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    but it appears you killed the thread, unfortunately. I was really enjoying reading this cocophany of testosteronism. In my early days, a driveway with a Cadillac & a Lincoln in it was a house where somebody refused to be outdone! I think towing a Burb with an Excursion tops that easily!
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    With 13 posts since January and no posts for 6 months, I think it was dead already.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think it was dead already.


    Besides, none of these folks ever showed up for the party at I don't like SUVs, why do you?. :-)

    tidester, host
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    We owned an Excursion 00 V-10 4WD Limited.
    We recently purchased an 03 Suburban 1500 V-8 4WD LT.
    In between we did have a Chrysler mini-van.
    For a long highway trip the Excursion is something we miss. The seats are great, you pack whatever you want and go. The step in height is what killed our joy with the vehicle. Trying to load our two daughters was an exercise on a daily basis. Heck, at 6'2" I had to step on the running board to get in!
    The V-10 was a strong runner, even in the mtns of Colo I had no problem keeping up with traffic (read above the speed limit). But the gas mileage penalty was excessive as we of often would get 10mpg. Best day we could coax 13-14 on highway but not usually.
    The mini-van we tried but there was just not enough room for the stroller and groceries.
    We needed a vehicle that could get our family of 4 to the airport, pick up 2 adults and luggage and still be comfortable.
    The Suburban has a great step in height, only slightly higher than the mini-van and overall gas mileage is better (13.5 - 14.5) My wife and I find the around town ride and handling better.
    Still think the Excursion is a great vehicle, just was not working for us.
  • Test driving Suburban then Excursion tells the
    tale and the consumer can decide what is best
    for them. I consider both of these vehicles totally different.

    Suburban - 2000 pounds lighter, 5.3L V8 runs well,
    comfortable ride, no fear of driving fast on the
    freeway during rush hour ~70-90 mph, but too much
    bad press on the internet about the engines.

    Excursion PSD - Heavy beast, feels like a giant
    box with wheels, rough ride, fear of driving
    fast on the freeway during rush hour >70 mph,
    feels clumsy on turns, but it has diesel!

    Both vehicles lack modern internal design and
    utility. Both require removed of 3rd row seats
    to haul sheets of plywood.

    Both GM and Ford need to moderize the interiors,
    perhaps they can learn from the new Nissan
    Pathfinder Armada, this new vehicle is interesting. It's only a 1/2 ton SUV, but it's
    optimzed for people comfort. Second row leg room
    is better than GM or Ford offerings, the powertrain is best in class, it's suspension is
    excellent, no removal of seats to haul a sheet of
    plywood and it's shorter in length by a large
    margin. It's optimized!, but it's ugly - hehehe

    Suburban would be my large family vehicle for
    long trips, heavy tow capability and lots of
    Excursion w/PSD would be my large family vehicle
    for short trips, heavier tow capability and lots
    of cargo.

    Armada would be my family vehicle for long trips,
    medium tow capability (even though they claim
    9100 lbs towing), 4x8 plywood hauler, and small
    cargo, funnest to drive and best 2nd row leg room
    of all SUV's.
  • jgkiijgkii Posts: 9
    In general, I agree with your comparison of the Sub vs Excursion, but your inclusion of the Armada is a bit off. Nissan has certainly raised the bar with regard to interior refinement in a large SUV, but it's a more direct competitor to the Tahoe or Expedition. With the 3rd row seating in use, there is precious little space for cargo in the Armada. Both the Excursion and the Suburban are far more useful for those who need/want to transport BOTH people AND stuff.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
  • scott1256scott1256 Posts: 531
    Sounds like Ford has given the Excursion several more years in the line-up. This makes sense as all the basics for the frame and driveline are from the F250 and F350.

    Also, there have been rumors of the new Duramax diesel being available in the Suburban 2500. Any news on that front?
  • fkozilfkozil Posts: 65
    The diesel engine that GM offers in the light duty truck line known as the Duramax is actually an Isuzu motor retrofitted for light duty trucks.

    From what I have read on the topic, the Duramax engines have not proved to be worthy over the past few years.

    While I generally prefer GM vehicles over other brands, I would say that Ford offers the better choice if you are looking for the diesel engine. They use the Navistar (International) 7.3L which is a proven motor.
  • scott1256scott1256 Posts: 531
    I hadn't realized that the Duramax was giving trouble in the HD pickup trucks. What sort of problems are there?

    I see that Ford has switched to a 6.0L diesel in the Excursion as well as in the HD pickups this year. Big increase in power from last year - from 250 HP up to 325 HP.
  • barfybarfy Posts: 1
    Any one out there that can help me with the best deal on Denali 04 I would much appreciate it.

    One thing if people are shopping Armada if you have kids is easily overlooked if they are not with you when purchasing. Our 5 and 8 yr olds cannot reach the outside door handles! Almost made a major FOO PAA!

    I'm trading a 99 sub. slt loaded, pewter, in ex. to good shape with 42, yes, 42000 mls. E$Edmunds says wholesale at 15980, dealers offering 12000 and 13000 at 500 to 1000 over invoice, and THEY keep the rebate. Sounds awful. Any imput out there?

    Neighbor has the Excursion ltd. with v10 gas. You feel every tar line in the road, no turning radius and guzzles at 7 mls.per gal COMBINED!

    By the way. New Durango other neighbor bought last month with HEMI gets 8 on the highway!!!
  • I finally saw an Armada on the road this week. Driving a YXL, it was obvious how big the Armada is. However, I would struggle with the "Power Rangers" styling. It gives the impression of multitudinous plastic trim pieces stuck on oddly all around. As ugly as I find the result when new, I can only wince imagining how those deteriorating protrusions will appear with a little aging. Ssssshhhhuuuddddddddddeeeerrrrrr....

    Personally, I think they already made the faux pas for you! ;-)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Not much battling of the titans going on - or did everyone buy a Titan?

    Steve, Host
  • This thread has been going on for almost 5 years? Wow!

    Well, anyway, I love my Suburban. It's a 1992 GMC Suburban with over 338,000 miles on it, WITH IT'S ORIGNAL ENGINE! Jeez, I finally had to replace the original starter about a year ago. Anyone have any luck getting that kind of mileage out of a Ford engine?
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