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Toyota FJ Cruiser vs Jeep Wrangler



  • I have a sticker in my back window of my fj. Freinds don't let freinds drive jeeps.
  • Well, my 2012 jeep wrangler has a sticker that says "Keep your Fake Jeep Cruiser. I'll stick with the brand that fought in world wars". (:
    There is a reason why jeep has best in-class... Well... Everything. And also why they have the largest back-up of after market parts. Cuz they are worth it. An FJ is just a foreign version of the Cherokee. U can't compare one with my wrangler also considering the price difference. My buddy has one. It's not bad, but it's not a true off road vehicle in my opinion. As the name says it is a cruiser. And it is more comfortable driving on the road. But i like fun over a small amount more of comfort. And my jeep has a CAI and will blow an FJ away with a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds. V-6 mustangs have lost to it. Also, my jeep breaks down into a fully convertible SUV in like 10 mins doing it alone. Plus i have the 6-Speed manual.It's just too easy to odd road in an automatic. Oh, and not to mention how fun it is to slide around a slightly wet road when u shut off the stability controlls.... I have much fun sliding it and drifting it lol. I just learned how to do a 180 then spam it in reverse and keep going. Never had a problem with earlier models breaking down. And I beat them to death. So I will stick with my wrangler. Cuz there ain't nothing like a jeep.
  • You do know that the FJ fought in World War II also. Just on the other side!

    So that proves nothing.

    I have 3 Jeeps and love them all. A 2000 GC with 201K (No problems)
    A 1991 Cherokee with 225K no problems and a 1998 Wrangler Sport with 140K no problems. Two have the 4L and the GC has the 4.7

    But the fact that they fought in WWII doesn't make them better.

    What do you think Toyota and mitsubishi were building between 1935 and 1945?

    As far as making fun of Toyota not having as many recalls as american cars, well, Toyota just doesn't tell their customers until too many of them get killed. Until then they just ignore the problem or pretend there is none.

    They are now paying a great price for that attitude.

    That being said, Toyota does build good cars, so do the americans (now)
  • First off. The subject was FJ vs JEEP WRANGLER ,not all jeep models and not all american cars . Second the fact that the jeep has its place, is well known( mostly being towed behind your camper). Third if anyone thinks that american car problems aren't kept hush hush,just remember the FORD PINTO and several other models. When hit from the rear the gas tanks exploded and the doors jammed shut. Can you say BBQ.
    Anyway the point was IMO FJ has an all around better setup than the Wrangler for the price. I don't know about the 2012 model, except the Pentastar engines were rumored to be HECHO EN MEXICO. Good Luck jerald13. Oh ....yeah alot of us FJ owners feel the same way as you do F. T.he W.rangler :lemon: By the way NONE OF YOUR JEEPS SERVED IN WW2. They had 4 cylinder flathead engines and most were built by, here's the BOMB,( FORD and WILLYS) NOT CHRYSLER /GET REAL!!
  • Jim1947Jim1947 Posts: 6
    now this is American Ignorance at its best, first of all your 2012 jeep has been around for a year, before that your brand was owned by someone else because they failed, 3 or 4 years before that, they failed and had to be sold, Chrysler has been sold a number of times, each time because they failed, the whole time the toyota FJ has been around, same owner, no help from anyone, just giving help to others, ok back to the jeep, before chrysler, it was AMC, when it was AMC, thats when they STARTED making jeeps in china where they still make them today, most jeeps were built in china and India and japan since the 80s, ok before AMC FAILURE, Renault own part of them for a while, before that failure, It was Kaiser Jeep, they failed, before them, Kaiser, they failed, then Willys, now none of these made your war time jeeps, by the way Toyota still made there FJs all the way thru all of these, same owner, Ford and Willys-Overland made them during the war I believe.
  • Look Jereld. Of course if you compare a souped up v8 engine to the Toyota fj cruiser v8 246 hp engine, it's obvious that jeep will win. It's not a fake jeep either. Get your facts straight. Toyota's existence has been around longer than "JEEP". Soo technically if your gay jeep is the fake one here. Toyota is very reliable and it's one of the best motor companies with several of the largest names thru Japanese cars. Of course in the 1940s in the world war an American company had to serve the world with some vehicle, thus leading to the creation of "jeep"... The Toyota "Cj" and "Fj" we're in existence before jeep. Since Japan where Toyota originated was fighting the United States it would look terrible if they imported Japanese cars to fight against them. So jeep and Toyota both served in their militaries but over here in the US jeep is more "popular" because it's AMERICAN made. Toyota is big in Japan because that's where it
  • Okay, here's my take on things, and I think most of you are acting ridiculous. I own an FJ Cruiser, and I love it, but imo, you shouldn't compare it to the Wrangler. They are different! The FJ is more refined on-road - absolutely no doubt. First off, safety ratings are higher. Side impact on the Jeep is deadly - but Wrangler owners don't buy for safety anyway!! The FJ is incredibly smooth on-road, versus the harsher ride of the Jeep. It's quieter, and probably more reliable. In fact, Consumer Reports rated it the 14th most reliable vehicle made. Impressive. It's a tough truck that can handle off-road conditions. Now although the Jeep is less refined in many ways, it's superior off-road - lets not even argue that. I think the Wrangler is great - it's probably the best off-roader and has gobs of character. Tough as nails with a hardcore following. It's an amazing vehicle. So why are you guys trying to compare them when each excels in different areas. I'm sorry to all you FJ owners who really think the FJ can equal the Wrangler off-road - get real. But..sorry to all the Jeep owners who really think their Jeep compares to the FJ in everyday driving, which is 99.9% of your life!! So grow up everyone please!!!
  • This is a forum for discussion. If you read the comments they're just people's opinions. And a good debate is not a sign of immaturity. Most of us who have posted expressed the same comments as YOU. ARE YOU IMMATURE FOR EXPRESSING YOUR OPINION? If so, then don't post. By the way the FJ is an SUV not a TRUCK. And most of the best offroad vehicles Ive seen, couldn't be called a Jeep or an FJ . They're home builds with a body on them. Take a stock Jeep on the Rubicon and you'll see what I mean. "Little sluice" will set you straight. :cry:
  • I wouldn't even consider a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Why would you get a knock off when you can own the real thing?
  • ctrlfreakctrlfreak Posts: 1
    Because of the cylinder head issue and known transmission problems you always see with Jeep/Chryslers. I currently own a Jeep ZJ and am dealing with their tranny issue now, so I know of what I speak of. I was considering a 2012/13 wrangler, but have been put off by the way Jeep has handled the whole cylinder issue.
  • Jeep Wrangler, Jeep anything owners are in Denial. Death Wobble, Hood Flutter, electrical issues, rough & noisy ride, unreliable & costly to own & maintain? How can it be better than an FJ? Oh that's right it can climb a 5 foot vertical wall. Well hell, there u go.
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