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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Accessories and Modifications



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You can check here:

    Home link

    You can email the vendor with your VIN to confirm it's the part you're looking for.
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    Hey bpari005 I see you work at a custom shop, Have a question about leveling kit for 1500HD. I have an 03 model crew cab 4 x 4 which when purchased had the front torsion bars cranked up to level truck and to accomedate 295-75-16" tire, rides rough.I was told that Off Road Unlimited sells a leveling kit which changes out the armature that the tortion bar fits into and changes the pitch so that you can have the cranked up hight but gain your front end travel back, thus allowing it to ride smother. Is this true, will it help my ride, or are they just trying to make a sale.
  • Finished install on the front mud guards today. The fit is very good, just like the rear. Install was easy, about 1 hour per guard.

    As I was doing the work I noticed that paint on the underside of the quarter panels behind the front wheel wells had a sandblasted look. Also, a little sandblasting effect on the front lower edges of the front doors. Some of the little nicks even go all the way down to the gray primer. It's not too bad yet, but I've had my truck a little less than a year and it is noticeable if you look closely. These guards will stop any more paint damage.

    Mud guards are really needed esp. on a pickup or SUV that gets some use offroad. For the millionth time, it is STUPID not to offer them at least as an option. Thumbs down on GM for that decision.

    These guards fit very well, & can be installed by anyone who has a basic ability with tools & who can follow directions. They are on 1offroader's Recommended List.

  • Whats wrong with the craftsman truck series??? I like my truck to go fast.By the way i do take it to a quartermile track in N.J. just for fun.
  • jimvzjimvz Posts: 3
    Hey there.. I have a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 PU and I am wondering if these trucks are prewired for the outside rear view mirrors with the LED chevron turn signal indicators. I want to replace my stock factory mirrors with factory mirrors off a suburban of the same year that has the mirrors with the LED indicators. I don't imagine that I would be lucky enough that this is a plug and play upgrade, and if not, does anyone have wireing diagrams to assist me in making this upgrade? Thanks alot for any and all help. BTW: my current mirrors are heated. Thanks again.
  • I have a 00 Sierra 1500 ext cab. I am thinking to put a 3in body lift, add a leaf, and torsion keys. I would like to know if i would need aftermarket shocks and if so what would you recomend?
  • ramosesramoses Posts: 1
    All I can say about my pickup is this: it came "custom" when I bought it for $500.00. The previous owner claims to have put btwn 7 and 8 different trucks into it.
    None of the parts is OEM. The cab and motor area 'seem' to be a 1978 GMC C1500.
    It has a 1978 GMC 250 L6 with/ 40k on it, new exhaust,nothing fancy, just a normal exhaust with/O cat;Midas said it was not required as the OEM 78 never had one and this is in SE Colorado. It has a granny-gear 4-speed floor mounted stick shift and from the motor you can see the flywheel or is it the clutch, the big geared wheel on the motor side of the trans. I just replaced the distributor as the old one was rusted out inside and the plates were loose and pivots and springs were missing. There is no power anything, no AC, and no radio. A "friend" chopped off some part of the carburetor as it wasn't being utilized I think he said the choke. The truck came with the wrong air cleaner as it covered half of the butterfly so I replace it with a Spectre cleaner but they get real dirty in a hurry.
    When I got it it had no bed, so I got one locally for $50.00, it's a 79 Silverado bed.
    Yes, you get what you pay for and it would need extensive work IF I was to go that way. Beside this a beater that gets me to work and back and is not intended to be a chick-magnet. Long story but maybe now you get the picture.
    So how can I or a shop increase MPG on this beater?I'm willing to use anything including foreign parts with adapter plates to accomplish this. Ugly is not a problem.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    What kind of mileage are you getting now? That would certainly help since it's a piece together kind of vehicle. Are you sure you want to throw more money at this thing at this point?
  • bpari005bpari005 Posts: 9
    If I could make one suggestion. Just do a six inch suspension lift and be done. I have done several on that body style and they are much easier. Parts cost will be a little higher but the lift not effect the ride as much. A body lift is a cheaper alternative but they don't increase your frame clearance and they take as long if not longer in most cases as a suspension lift. Also torsion keys can effect the ride quality. They stiffen the front end. I would suggest a fabtec 6" lift. They come with everything you need and will provide new shocks and easy step by step instructions as well as all the nuts and bolts. It would probably take you and a buddy two days if you have a litttle know how and a good assortment of tools.
  • Anyone got a comment on replacing the standard sterring assembly with the aftermarket zero-play needle bearing U-joint unit from LMC and others? I have an 04 Sierra - had the sterring shaft "exercised" once under warranty. Although the clunk sound went away, the first turn of the wheel each morning still has that not solid feel.
  • powderalpowderal Posts: 1
    is the wierd looking tip on the 08 duramax important to the system or can i change it to come out the side of the truck so i can use a skirt to tow with. it looks like it necks down a bit maybe for back presure for the cleanburn exhaust
  • bpari005bpari005 Posts: 9
    It is a part of the new 2010 emmissions system on the chevy duramax but it is more for the sound than anything else. replacing or removing it would not effect the performance of the truck. I would not mess with any of the rest of it though all kind of sensors are tied into the exhaust on those new models and I'm sure a dealership would love to charge you an arm and a leg to fix it.
  • wcviperwcviper Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Silverado 2500HD. I need to install an antenna for a 2-way radio and be able to place the coax connector in the cab of the truck.

    Can anyone suggest the best method of running the coax cable from the antenna mount located close to the hood spring on the drivers side, into the cab?

    Does it need to be run through the firewall? Do I need to drill through the firewall to do this or is there a place designed for third party use?

    Is there a way to run the cable underneath the body and up into the cab without drilling through the firewall?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You're saying you're going to mount the antenna on the front grill or the hood? There are cables and wires that run through the firewall that you could use or come in through the bottom of the cab via the plugged drain holes. Or drill a new hole and use a grommet.
  • powderal,

    The new exhaust on the LMM is designed to cool the exhaust when the particulate filter burns off the soot that's collected (this happens about every 400 miles or so). It brings in fresh air to mix with the hot exhaust. The exhaust temps in the filter can get quite hot during this burnoff (upwards of 600º C, tailpipe temps about 1/2 that), so I would think twice about removing. Moving or bending upstream of the jet-pump (weird-looking tip) shouldn't be a problem, but I wouldn't cut it off.
  • S&S Headers has a new full length torque header for the LS engine trucks/SUV.
    You gain up to 15% H.P. and increase in fuel economy. Go to & check it out.
  • My Sierra has the 4.8 LS engine, & I put a set of S&S full length headers on & it really brought it to life. I've been averaging a little over 20mpg driving to work. I have a friend with a 4.3 V6 in a Malibu, & he also has S&S headers, & the headers definitely perked up his V6.
  • m1kepm1kep Posts: 1
    I've looked at both Snugtop and Leer. Leaning towards Snugtop XV (xtra vision). Does anyone have this on their truck? Satisfaction? I would get the Snugtop Super Sport but I've read framed windows on the XV make a stonger shell. But I've also read the sliding windows are much easier to break into. I don't have dogs to haul around so ventilation isn't critical. Do you really find the sliding windows useful for other purposes? Any advice appreciated. Leer fans out there?
  • mcjbmcjb Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if you can or how to bypass the fuel restriction or fuel gouvenor on a 1992 GMC Sierra?
  • My 09 Silverado 1500 is a bit wider than the 04, I have to told my mirror to get through the garage door each time.

    Do any of you know if the optional camper mirrors actually extand out less when fully retracted? Or if there are other optional mirrors out there I can consider?

    Thanks in advance.
  • dsalomondsalomon Posts: 2
    Universal cold air intake more horse power better fule milage and works on almost and truck car want performance this cold air kit uses to your stock air clearner and the get cold fresh air from behind the grill. For $80 dollars the kits that cost hunderds of dollars are mounted under hood in the engine bay so they realy get cold air and very little fresh air.
  • levin1levin1 Posts: 8
    I'd like to put the wide field mirrors on my 2001 Chevy 2500 HD. I don't have power mirrors right now. Can I get them just manually operated? Thanks for any info.
  • kbl1kbl1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a camper and need to add a brake controller. How do I do this? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kbl1kbl1 Posts: 2
    I just saw some today on e-bay. Type in silverado towing mirrors.
  • have a couple of questions for the forum.

    My son has a 2004 GMC Sierra reg cab that got broken into two nights ago. They gained entry by popped the drivers side door lock into the interior of the door.

    So the first question I have is how hard is it to take off the inside panel of the door to retrieve the lock and is the lock any good anymore?

    The second question I have is if the factory alarm system had been set properly (it got turned off accidentally) would it have gone off? If it would have alarmed, how did the thief know it was off?
  • ringo34ringo34 Posts: 2
    How can i get some pretty fast simple horsepower for under a grand? where's the best place to start, all i have is an intake right now.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    For less than a grand I'd opt for a custom tune or a Diablo programmer. Forget the exhaust and headers till later.
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