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Dodge Durango



  • Dealership was Star Auto group on Jamaica Avenue. They sell all 3 Chrysler products, and there is a Mitso dealer next door. They have at least 20-30 04 Durangos so you might get better deal since the 05 's are coming in. You can use this zip code 11434 to get the exact address.
  • Can anyone suggest what might have caused this driving experience? Doing about 70 on an Interstate with cruise control on, but the tow haul mode off. The tach had been consistently around 2000 when suddenly the tach jumped to 3000, fluttered a bit, and when I instinctively slowed it settled down and going back to 70 was again 2000 rpm. Might have lasted a minute. Did it twice in a 50 mile stretch in the middle of a 700 mile trip. I believe it came out of overdrive but wonder why it would have done so. I really can't recall hearing a change in the sound of the engine. The road conditions did not seem unusual. Any comments would be most appreciated.
    Thanks, Bill
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    Could have been going uphill and the Durango just needed to downshift? My best guess.
  • Thanks PHKCK, I did not notice an uphill grade but I suppose it could have been a gradual thing. We will be reversing the trip shortly and I will watch for uphill stretches. Have a great day.
  • sky1sky1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Durango I bought new. Had to have it towed to the dealer because the transmission went bad with only 30,000 miles. It wouldn't down shift, went up to 3,000 rpm and it felt like it was in neutral and I was just reving the engine. Just wondering if this is a common problem. Being told it will be about $1,000 to repair and of course the warranty just ran out in April this year.
  • I am considering purchasing a 2004 Durango Limited (Demo - 1250 mi.) with various options : Hemi, Sunroof, Chrome wheels, Traction Control, trailer hitch, heated seats, the works (w/o satellite radio and DVD player). I have two questions for anyone willing to help:

    1) The salesman at the dealership told me that the Durango I want has AWD, Elect Shift, Two Speed - Is this preferrable to the alternative? What is the alternative? Is AWD All time 4wd or is there another selectable all time 4WD option that I am missing?

    2) The MSRP of the truck Im looking at is about $40K. Through an EC (friend of an employee) I get 4.5% below invoice on the truck - about $5200 off, along with the $5K cash back ($4K for incentive,plus $1K for financing through Chrysler), bringing the total down to around $30K and change. Any thoughts how much I should try and bring this down due to the fact that it's a demo? Is there a standard rule to go by?

    Finally - according to Kelley Blue Book values, the trade in car I have (2000 Toyota Celica GTS with about 62K miles) should go for about $9500 for private party sale. However, I negotiated the dealer to bump this up to $12K (though this will include the discount I'm getting for the fact that the Durango is a demo). Anybody have any insight on the quality of this deal?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance on this one - this is a major purchase for my wife and I.

    -- John
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    if you go to the smart shopper page and then real world trade in values Terry over there will give you a good idea what your trade in is really worth. think they have a form now that you can fill out and post.
      I think dealers generally discount demos by only 15 cents per mile.
  • Guss - Thank you for your thoughts on this. I definitely appreciate all the help I can get. I'll be posting for Terry shortly.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on these topics?

    Best Regards,
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    For those not familiar with the discussion, here's the link:

    Real-World Trade-In Values

    Steve, Host
  • vladvlad Posts: 9

    I really enjoy reading your messages and I truly admire the level of expertise coming here from all corners of life. Recently I purchased my first SUV - a used 2001 Dodge Durango SLT with 77,000 km and 2WD, 4WD-high and 4WD-low driving modes. So, finally I also have some questions to ask:

    1/ What goat-like surprises can I expect from 2WD Durango in the winter? Any tips how to improve its behavior?

    2/ Since I live in the area of sometimes questionable winter driving conditions (Ontario), I wonder whether AWD mode couldn’t be a better choice (in the summer, I often pull a camping trailer, nevertheless my questions relate to winter driving only).

    3/ I would also like to receive your advice about when I should safely engage the 4WD-high mode while driving on-road (rain, heavy rain, snow, snow storm, ice?)

    4/ And when exactly to apply 4WD-low

    5/ Are skid plates really needed for a heavy snow? When mounted, do they create annoying obstacles for future maintenance of the vehicle?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I too recently purchased an '01 Durango. I found the owner's manual to be quite helpful and thorough regarding answers to similar questions I had when I bought mine.

    1. Expect any rear-wheel drive vehicle to become a handful when the road is slick. Easing on and off the gas will minimize the chance of losing traction.

    2. AWD is only an option on some Durangos; if you have it, then there's no reason not to use it all the time, summer and winter.

    3. Per the owner's manual never engage or use 4WD-hi above 45 MPH/70 KPH. You will never hurt anything if you switch between 2WD and 4WD-hi while moving with your feet off both pedals (gas and brake). In other words, only shift while coasting or completely stopped.

    4. Check the manual for a detailed description for when/how to use 4-low. To summarize here, only shift to/from 4WD-Lo while coasting in Neutral below 5 MPH. Very few situations demand this mode; it's only useful when the normal range causes the transmission to stall.

    5. I'm no off-roader, but my understanding is that skid plates are there only to protect the valuable guts from rocks or anything else that would damage what's protected by them.

    Remember, 4WD helps you GO better in the snow but it does nothing to help you STOP. Also note that ice may allow your front wheels to spin when you gas it in 4WD, so drive with the lightest foot possible.
  • vladvlad Posts: 9
    Thanks! I'm glad I asked. The difference between AWD and 4WD was around 4K (on a used car).


  • volfanvolfan Posts: 1
    Love my 04 Hemi powered Durango with cast alum wheels. Has anybody else had a problem with the front wheel cap falling off? I am about to replace my 3rd one in 10 months and hope the dealership has a solution to this problem. Was told previously that drive thru carwash was too powerful and most likely caused caps to pop off. However, haven't been thru one lately, yet front cap missing.
  • denimo1denimo1 Posts: 13
    My Durango has 19000km on it and I'm getting 19-22mpg on highway. Ive added a K+N Aircharger which was noisy at first but I'm getting used to it. Does anyone have info on Mopar-approved header and catback and are there any uprated high beam bulbs available yet?

  • danohdanoh Posts: 23
    Just curious..

    i have a 04 Durango SLT awd Hemi.

    Does anyone know how this system splits power between front and rear (40/60????).

    I have looked around the dodge site, but have found nothing.


  • Has anyone hooked an Ipod up to there 2004 Durango yet? I currently have one of the Belkin FM transmitters, but was starting to look at the Dension IceLink product ( However, their website has a disclaimer that the product should not be used with RDS radios. Has anyone else had luck doing this with some other product or a custom installation?
  • rambobrambob Posts: 4
    Bought an 04 in January and love it. Holds everyone and everything just fine. The only annoying problems are seat related. We have the power option on the leather seats and notice two things. First is "play " in the drivers' seat-almost like rocking as you are taking off or stopping. Dealer says its' within range. The other is with creaking of seats and spring noise/ feel in most seats. ANy thougths before going back to dealer? Also have 02 Ram from same dealer and do like dealing with them. Thanks.
  • I had a 2000 SLT 4x4. Loved it and got 130,000 miles out of her. I went in for a tranny service and while I was waiting I went to look at the 2003's they had on the lot. This was 12/2003 at the time. A delivery truck pulled up with the 2004's on it. I know one of the salesmen there and he came out to talk to me. Long story short I traded my 00 for my 03 SLT+ that day. I love this vehicle. They have both been the most reliable and functional vehicles I have ever owned. This one I will keep until the doors fall off!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    First is "play " in the drivers' seat-almost like rocking as you are taking off or stopping. Dealer says its' within range.

    I think that if you can feel it on normal acceleration and braking then, by definition, it is not in range!

    tidester, host
  • rnwjrrnwjr Posts: 2
    Has anyone gotten back to you? I also have an 04 Ipod and use the Belkin and an iTrip... Too scratch and do not have a cassette player in it... I looked at the iceLink,. but I may just by the Monster Cable charger and FM transmitter... Any thoughts????
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