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Ford Ranger Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • did you try your ignition control module its sometimes mounted on your distributor mine is mounted behind myheadlights on driver side.
  • my 94 3.0 ranger will run but loses everything while driving but doesnt turn completely off already had alternator and battery checked new plugs new wires new distibutor and cap in time new egr new mass air flow new throttle position idle air valve intake gasket air filter, and only mod is cold air intake.
  • My '08 4.0 Fx4 has been having similar issues lately. Just put a new Optima yellow top in. I lose the radio, ABS light comes on, then the guages fail from right to left (in that order). Truck continues to run normally and the headlights still work as well as the a/c blower. Try and crank it after shutting down, no joy. Of course.... 1,000mi out of warranty.
  • i have a 2004 ranger and when i turn on lights the washer/wipers come on and horn blows???? then i parked it about 1230 and at 415 the battery was dead?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Just a wild guess - the multi switch is bad. This is the switch at the base of the 'stalk' that controls several things - turn signals, wipers, etc. Horn blowing is strange. Maybe you had a major meltdown inside the steering column?
  • pricecatpricecat Posts: 1
    Our 2010 Ranger with 18K miles caught fire while we were driving. There was a "match-like" smell and the flames were under the hood when we got the truck stopped and got out. The entire extended cab burnt up and most of the bed before the fire dept arrived.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Go to which is the Nat. Highway Transportation Safety Admin website. It has areas where people reports problems with their autos. Look for your Ranger.

    You should also report your vehicle fire to them. If people don't report this stuff, then recalls will never be done. Somewhere on the site it will also tell you how to make a report.

    Are you still under warranty? If so, get Ford involved in this.
  • Have you received an answer to this dilemma? I have a 1996 Ranger that's doing this plus the window washer starts for no reason. I had the multi-switch replaced for $215.00 w/o success. I've ordered a wiper motor but I don't know if that's going to solve the problem.
  • afhuddafhudd Posts: 2
    Just recently, I turned on the lights, and the windshield wipers came on spraying the cleaner also in full force! The only solution I had was to turn the lights off and hurry home.
    Have had numerous problem with the light on the horn starts blowing and now this.
    Engine lights frequently comes on and disconnect the batter take that light off ( when it first came on, I took it to the dealer, warranty had just expired, and cost me over $200 for some kind of part and before I got home, the light was back on. So not wanting to deal with the Ford Service dept.
    Noticing that others have had these problems also, does anyone know of a solution?
  • I am having trouble with my 1992 Ford Ranger lights. I recently noticed that the dash lights didn't work. Further investigation revealed that the tail lights, front/rear parking lights, & reverse lights also do not work. The front headlights, dome light, brake and blinkers all work when in use. I checked all fuses (#1, 3, 11, & 13) that have anything to do with the lights, and they are all good. I replaced the dash mounted light switch, but it made no difference. I checked all light bulbs and they appear to be fine.

    Is there a wire terminal or bus somewhere under the daskh or hood that may be shorted out? My Haynes manual i sno help here! I can't figure this out.

  • kjrangerkjranger Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    I just got a 1995 ranger here is a list of the things that don't work : power door locks, power mirrors, heate, window washer. Stereo kinda works, if you touch the vol control it shuts off and none of the other controls like station select, am/fm etc. Also when you turn the knob to select 4 wd nothing happens. I have checked the fuses and all are good. HELP
  • im having the exact same problem with my 98! did you ever find a fix? i've checked everything i know to check. thanks - brian
  • afhuddafhudd Posts: 2
    no I have not, but the problem stopped on it's own.
    I am sure that another problem will occur, especially after I take it in for oil change etc. seems that soon after, something will happen. makes me wonder if ford company can mess with ones computer on the truck.
  • In my 1966 Ford Ranger one night i turned on my headlights and smelt something burning, looked behind my headlight switch and saw something burning (i think its some sort of wire) and turned it off. Later i come back and now my headlights work but I have no dash lights and my radio do not work... Any Help??
  • my fog lights were not working when i bought the truck but the fuze is good the relay clicks but the light in the fog light switch doesnt light up.
    i have the lights on low beam and the key in the on position and not started
    please help me i need this fixed
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