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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    Every Toyota sold in the Southeast region has the "Toyoguard package", a bunch of useless crap like fabric guard and "extra undercoating protection". It costs $699 and is a TOTAL rip-off. If I lived in the Southeast, there is NO QUESTION I would go outside the region to purchase a Toyota, or more likely buy a different brand of car.

    And in the Gulf States, do you know how hard it is to buy a Toyota that doesn't have added pinstripes (for a fancy fee), VIN etching (another fancy fee), and quite often some of the same needless crap in the Southeast Toyota Toyoguard package?

    In both regions, these items appear as part of the MSRP on the Monroney sticker, because they are port-installed, NOT dealer-installed.

    These items are put on by these two distributors on every car they sell (port-installed). IMO, only the Toyotas distributed by Toyota Motor Sales (the rest of the country besides the Southeast and Gulf States, including California thank goodness) are an honest deal. SET and Gulf States Toyota are "fluffing" their MSRPs to boost profit by making needless crap standard on all their cars which the buyer has no way to opt out of, and which do nothing to improve the value of the car.

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  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Well if that is the case (it's on the actual MSRP and not an addendum label), it's STILL not Toyota, it's the dealership alliance in your area/region.

    My suggestion, if that is the case, would be to either fly to a different region ($200 or less one way), and have someone from a dealer out there pick you up in the car (I would, even on a lowly Yaris deal haha) or have one shipped.

    In fairness, I have never sold in the southeast region, but if that's what's really happenening the only way to change it is for people to STOP buying it.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,525
    Most people aren't interested in leaving their local area to make a car deal... the Southeast Toyota distributorship does add a lot of crap to their cars... and most of it is useless.

    Subaru has a similar situation with their Northeast distributor. These are outmoded systems that were put in place a very long time ago, before these companies had the wherewithal to do their own distribution..

    Unfortunately, these contracts must be long-term and ironclad.. The consumer loses in every way.

    But, it isn't realistic to suggest that every buyer in the SE USA quit buying Toyotas, or travel out of town to do it.. or, that it is their "fault" that the system is this way. This is a lousy system, but for most of those buyers, if they want a Toyota, they have to put up with it.

    I think in the long-term, it hurts Toyota, as well.. It definitely makes them less competitive in that region.


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  • mare2579mare2579 Member Posts: 5
    I agree that it is a huge rip-off. :mad: I ended up buying a Yaris hatchback in July (Florida).I really like it but I'm still ticked about the Toyoguard and stripes that were added on. Every dealership did this and every time I told them I didn't want it they came up with some baloney about how it was out of their hands. Well the Yaris was still cheaper than Corolla,Honda (which is my other car)or Versa It would be really difficult for me to travel out of the area to purchase a new car.

    The admiring stares and comments I've gotten from people almost made up for the Toyoguard farce.
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    There is some good news in regards to this problem. Tennessee borders most states in this region, but is not part of the region. Buy your car in Tennessee and have it serviced at your local SE region dealer. If enough people do this, the message may get across to the SE region dealers. But until it does, I stand by my earlier statement. Toyota answers to the SE region, not the other way around.
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    After work this evening I'm headed off to my most local dealership to give them a deposit. After a fairly extensive email campaign (as some of you have followed), I've been promised that I can order the car equipped the way I want. And since I'll be "ordering" this car (in the color I want), the dealer has assured me I won't have to take or pay for any fluff options. The price as agreed to, is AT MSRP - I got the 'out the door' price (i.e., incl TT&L) to the dollar. Now we will see if they can deliver in a reasonable amount of time (4 to 6 weeks was mentioned).
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    While I understand that most people "aren't interested" in doing it, complaining about it and continuing to pay it anyway isn't the way to solve the problem either.

    For example, everyone gripes about the FJ Cruiser being over sticker, yet people CONTINUE to buy it! If people stopped paying for the premium and we HAD some on the lot, it would no doubt go away.

    The problem as I see it, is that if people are so outraged and upset, why not invest a little time and effort (possibly even a plane ticket) if for NO other reason than to stick it to their local stores that they got around the system?

    IF enough people did it, it WOULD change. But instead, if we just keep complaining about it AND STILL BUYING IT ANYWAY, can you really blame the dealers for not wanting to cut their profits?

    Stop paying for it. If you MUST buy something else instead of making a small sacrifice of going out of region (and don't give me the "it's not small" because we're talking about a day investment at MOST, and that's almost what you'd spend at a dealer anyway...) then do it, but don't fault the dealers, the only reason they charge it is because you LET THEM (true of most free market systems btw).

  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Here is some more infomation from Hoovers:

    Even good ol' boys buy foreign cars from Gulf States Toyota (GST). One of only two US Toyota distributors not owned by Toyota Motor Sales (the other is JM Family Enterprises' Southeast Toyota Distributors), the company distributes Toyota cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. Founded in 1969 by Thomas Friedkin and still owned by The Friedkin Companies, GST distributes new Toyotas, parts, and accessories to around 150 dealers in its region.

    Founder and honorary chairman Jim Moran and chairman Pat Moran (Jim's daughter) make JM Family Enterprises a family affair. JM, owned by the Moran family, is a holding company (Florida's second-largest private company, in fact, after Publix Super Markets) with about a dozen automotive-related businesses, including the world's largest-volume Lexus retailer, JM Lexus, in Margate, Florida. JM's major subsidiary, Southeast Toyota Distributors, is the nation's largest Toyota distribution franchise, delivering Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs to more than 165 dealers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina.

    And this from a dealer in Arkansas:

    Thank you for your inquiry. The Vehicle Shield Pkg. is part of the MSRP and is installed by Gulf States Toyota before it arrives at our Dealership.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Yikes. Get a plane ticket to Phoenix and let me help you :) j/k

    In all seriousness, go elsewhere. E-mail a few dealers closest to you out of the region and see what they can offer (heck, even I'd buy you a ticket if you were so inclined :) ).

    First I've ever heard of Gulf States doing THAT, but the only way to change it is to not pay it.

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    have been doing that forever. I can only hope it is hurting Toyota sales in those states. Maybe then TMS will wake up and do something about eliminating these "good ol' boys".

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  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    There are very large makups between the dealer cost and the retail price on the sticker for the SET junk add-ons, so if you negotiate the cost of the add-ons down to invoice cost, it will not be that much money.
    Even if you buy it at the dealer's cost, SET still makes profit from their own markup to the dealer. It has been marked up twice.
    That just shows how small a fraction of the retail price the junk is really "worth."
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Will they negotiate on the Yaris and FJ Cruiser?
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    Well, no deposit check was written for a Yaris purchase. I went to my most local dealer (msg#263), pen in hand and ready to write. They didn't exactly lie to me; I supposedly can order a car configured the way I want (i.e., ABS but no side air bags) - the only "catch" is that I have to wait 12 - 16 weeks. (Nowhere close to what was mentioned to me in an earlier email). This tends to verify that the option packages spelled out in the Toyota PDF file are, in fact, what can be had in a reasonable(?) amount of time (4 to 6 weeks). So the Richardson, TX dealer (north Dallas) appears to have the more trustworthly product knowledge as compared to the McKinney, TX dealer and Spring, TX dealer (who also told me this configuration could be ordered in a reasonable amount of time).
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    Scheduled to meet with a different dealer tomorrow to give a deposit check. Having dropped my requirement for ABS and thus, the obligation to also buy the curtain side airbags, I'm operating with a slightly lower MSR price now. This dealer has given me a price at MSRP (or as close to it as I can figure without having seen the final Destination and TT&L numbers). It is to have no extra "fluff" options but I have been warned that I will have to wait anywhere between one and three months. Since I'm kinda flexible on the exterior color, I'm hoping that it will be closer to one month as opposed to three months - we'll see.
  • statstat Member Posts: 19
    I just paid INVOICE for a BRAND NEW 4 door sedan --automatic Yaris in the SE states. My out the door price with tax, tag, title, etc. was $13,700 and I did NOT pay the dealer any doc fees or for the Yaris Mats -- which I got for free. The yaris had 4 miles on it. (FYI -- the sticker price on my car was $13,497 plus tax, tag, title and doc fees. The MSRP price with doc fees, tax, tag and title was $14,868 -- so I saved OVER $1100 on this car).
  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    Which dealer and what model and options did you get?
  • jgoldhairjgoldhair Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone got theirs back already? I just ordered Blazing Blue Manual with ABS and power package. The dealer told me 6-8 weeks. I also called the Toyota costumer services and they gave me the case number to try to expedite the process. In your experience what is the actual wait for this type of a car.
  • statstat Member Posts: 19
    4 door, automatic, 4 miles on the OD, OEM Floor mats.

    Dealer was in SE US region. I can't reveal who did it since there were only 2 dealers in the entire region that would do it for invoice and they both told me that they were not supposed to do it and that SET has an eye on it(trust me, i had many dealers try their best to get me invoice price, but only 2 were able to produce it).

    The one I bought came straight from the port in florida to me (pre-allocation before SET tried to add any of their fluff options).
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    Wow! That's great stat to be getting Invoice price this soon. Maybe you should have bought two of them, put a 300 or 400 dollar mark up on one and quickly re-sold. Can't think of an easier way to pocket four hundred bucks cash!
  • statstat Member Posts: 19
    You're right. If I were swimming in cash, I think that would have been a good idea, but unfortunately, like the rest of the working class, I barely scraped enough together to buy the one I have.
  • jsk1970jsk1970 Member Posts: 14
    I Found some cars with the options I wan't. My dealer is saying they won't trade him. Should I be able to get my deposit back? There was no time frame discussed about my order other then I said I am patient. He says its non-refundable. Anyone know about the law?
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    I haven't used it but I would call this Toyota hotline to complain and get a "case number" assigned to your cause. I really have no idea what I'm talking about other than what I've seen a few others post. Maybe if someone has direct experience with this, they can post this hotline number and tell us how it's supposed to work in resolving problems or complaints.
  • statstat Member Posts: 19
    Yeah, complaining to Toy. after one of their dealers mess with you is like filing a complaint with your HR dept. after your company has done you in.

    Save your breath and call an attorney
  • rocketman10rocketman10 Member Posts: 20
    Hi..if you paid by credit card, call the credit card company and tell them you are disputing the payment and you want a refund but the dealer refuses to credit your account. The Credit card company will open up "an investigation' and should credit your account. Secondly, your deposit should be totally refundable if you don't want the car and they can't deliver on the car you asked for. I would also lodge a complaint with Toyota and have them open a case complaint. If need be, call the Better Business Bureau and your state's Attorney General's office.

    I was lucky with my dealer. Their contract specifically states that the deposit is fully refundable. When I first test drove a Yaris Liftback (it was automatic in Blazing Blue, which is what I ended up ordering) I didn't realize that in my area (New Jersey) the dealer was being very honest with me in telling me that its near impossible to get antilock brakes etc..I could kick myself for not buying the car that I test drove since I fell madly in love with it. I ended up coming back a week later and placed an order for the Liftback in Blazing Blue with the CQ and All Weather Guard Package and floor mats. I didn't order it with the armrest and the bumper guard. When the car was delivered it had those features in it (the one I test drove did not) but I didn't complain since they ended up being excellent features. I ordered my car on May 20th and it arrived on July 6th and my salesperson kept me informed at least weekly of progress. I paid MSRP but I really felt it was worth it (I came from owning a Saturn) and as it turns out, there has now been a price increase so I did ok. I love my car so very very much. I also discovered I don't care about the loss of the power package (power windows, door locks, remote keyless entry) and loss of antilock brakes. We have had lots and lots and lots of rain and the car does great in it. I don't think I will ever go back to power windows/door locks and antilock brakes. On this car, I don't see the need for them.

    Good luck in getting your money back....and in finding a reputable dealer.
  • webshafwebshaf Member Posts: 8
    RE the credit card deposit info...time is of the essence if you want to dispute the charge. Contact the credit card co(use the toll-free number and call them immediately) to see if you are still in the window of time that you can file a dispute. It works great if you are in time. /sounds like a really sleazy dealer if your good faith deposit is held hostage. good luck. (I ordered min mid-May and am still waiting...test drove a Versa today...very nice, but too big for my needs.)
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Not quite sure what the laws in your state are, but generally, there is no such thing as a NON-refundable deposit on a car.

    I would call and ask to speak to the general manager of the dealership. The uglier you make it (Toyota hotline, lawyers, et.), the more difficult the process will become, because you open a can of worms that has a certain protocol that has to be followed. Just ask the man/woman in charge of the store and THEN if you don't get your deposit back, take drastic actions.

    Just call the GM, be polite, and it shouldn't be an issue at all. I know several GM's of Toyota stores locally that would much rather refund a deposit than have the headache.

    Hope that helps :)

  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    Well, since posting my original message (#209) back on September 3rd and technically beginning my search for a new commuter car a week prior to that, a total of about three weeks have elapsed from then until the time I wrote out a deposit check. That's right, after I dropped my requirement of an apparently strange option combination (that being my desire to have ABS but not side curtain air bags), I finally found an "order taker" at a local dealership. This fellow happens to be the Fleet/Internet sales manager who agreed to provide me a vehicle with no fluff options and at MSRP (which is apparently the best that can be hoped for in Texas on a hatchback model at the present time). He's got three exterior color choices to watch out for - slightly different than my original posting, after the wife weighed in - so I'm in hopes that one can be had before too long. His official answer is one to three months however. We'll see how it goes...
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    "He says its non-refundable. Anyone know about the law?

    I am not a lawyer, but here are a few thoughts: It may depend on your jurisdiction, but generally what somebody "says" means little. Did you sign anything that states in writing that the deposit is non-refundable? Does your jurisdiction have a small claims court? If so, and your deposit is within the realm of a small claim, you could tell the salesman and/or sales manager that you have no problem spending half a day sitting in small claims court over your deposit. Chances are the they will not share your enthusiasm for that experience. ;) In some jurisdictions you can go down to the court house and file a complaint yourself without the expense an attorney. Don't get scared if they use the words "legal action" or "legal department." Just tell them, fine, you have an attorney, too. If you, or someone in your family, or employment, has a lawyer that they use regularly you can often "consult" with him or her on the phone at little or no cost just to find out what your options are. If you still can't get anywhere with the dealer sometimes a lawyer will make a phone call or send a letter for a small fee. Sometimes that's all it takes.

    You should be able to get your deposit back. It would look very, very bad for the dealer to keep it over something they could not deliver. Chances are they will not want you sharing such a bad experience far and wide. They would be smarter to give you back "your money" and maybe you will come back again in the future.
  • jsk1970jsk1970 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the responses! The salesman said their policy was that it is non-refundable. I then spoke to the general sales manager who avoided my question and said he thinks he can get me a car this week. If he has nothing to offer this week I am going to call him and demand my deposit back. I called toyota and they said they would find out the dealerships policy and would get back to me. I didn't sign anything, just mailed in my deposit and I don't rembmer hearing it was non-refundable. I just don't understand why my deposit can't be used on another car from another dealer. Thats the issue they are having. I will give them a few more days then I will question them again. If they say i can't have the deposit I will have toyota get their policy for me. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    "I didn't sign anything, just mailed in my deposit and I don't rembmer hearing it was non-refundable."


    "The salesman said their policy was that it is non-refundable."

    Yeah, well tell him it's your "policy" that you receive your deposits back on items you don't receive. You haven't asked for their policy, you've asked for your money.

    "I called toyota and they said they would find out the dealerships policy and would get back to me."

    That's a runaround. Again, who cares what their "policy" is. What you are interested in is your money.

    "I then spoke to the general sales manager who avoided my question and said he thinks he can get me a car this week."

    My, my, what a surprise! ;) BTW--in case you didn't notice...he blinked. :)
  • danwojdanwoj Member Posts: 1
    I am trying to buy the yaris hatchback in central ny state. My dealer originally told me I could order a car with any options that i want but would take 3 months to get one with side air bags. A week later he told me I would be unable to get ANY yaris with side air bags. Whats up with that? Has anyone else had a problem finding one with the side air bags? I am very tempted to wait until the 08s come out or buy something else instead. But i really want one of these! :confuse:
  • jsk1970jsk1970 Member Posts: 14
    I have seen some listed on sites in Phili. Your local dealer may not have one but they are out there. Beware of what the sales guys tell you. They told me they just don't make them. Thats BS. Get on the yellow pages and make some phone calls. Good luck.
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Easier yet, check individual dealers inventory. This can be done through website.
  • zoocosmozoocosmo Member Posts: 13
    At Toyota of Plano there is a Liftback sitting right out front.
  • ulthipsterulthipster Member Posts: 29
    Hey there, I've been trying to find the place on where we can check the individual dealer's inventory...... can you specifically direct where I go? It's driving me nuts! :) Thanks. :)
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Go to, click on Locate a local dealer, type in your zip code, click on go, it will give you a list of dealers near that zip code, most will have a link to their website, click on it, click on continue, click on their vehicle list, and their new and used inventory should come up.
  • ulthipsterulthipster Member Posts: 29
    Thanks. I had done that before but heard others say they had more information from the site. Last night I randomly chose a zip code in Pennsylvania and got a different menu to choose from and saw the details mentioned. In NH/MA we don't get the link but like you said, I can go to the dealer's site and see what they post.

    Thanks again. :) I'm anxious because it's been a little over 5 weeks since I put in my "order" with the sales guy in Nashua.... they have been running into trouble checking for my liftback with power package because the computer won't let them enter that option in to check what's coming in... One minute I hear they won't be getting any in New England with power package, then I chat with and they verify that indeed the power package is an option here... then I hear that it is, but none/not many are shipping here... I don't mind waiting but if I wait 5 months and my current car depreciates so much I can't get the trade promised somewhere else I'm fu%^$$#. :)
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    "it's been a little over 5 weeks since I put in my "order" with the sales guy in Nashua.... they have been running into trouble checking for my liftback with power package because the computer won't let them enter that option in to check what's coming in... One minute I hear they won't be getting any in New England with power package, then I chat with and they verify that indeed the power package is an option here... then I hear that it is, but none/not many are shipping here... I don't mind waiting but if I wait 5 months and my current car depreciates so much I can't get the trade promised somewhere else I'm fu%^$$#."

    It has now been over 8 weeks from placement of my order. Not only is my Yaris not here, but the salesman and manager say they can't tell me ANYTHING about my order. The company on the verge of becoming the top seller in the U.S. can't tell me ANYTHING about my order. This would have been the first new vehicle and first japanese car I have bought and my estimation of Toyota is starting to sink. Computers, robots, internet, cheap long distance and they can't even communicate. 2 more weeks and we're done.
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    It's good to know that Japanese manufacturers aren't perfect after all. I was beginning to think it truly was an American problem {only}.

    I am a little dismayed at Toyota's apparent lack of communications with their dealer network. I agree, with as easy and 'free flowing' as data is to send around the world today, one would think the dealer network would be kept a little better informed as to what is arriving and when. Perhaps they are informed and just unwilling to put their necks on the line - in which case it still is a reflection on Toyota as a company.

    I was quoted a max wait time of three months by the dealer and when (and if) that time is reached and I don't physically have my car, the deal is off and Toyota will have lost my business forever. (They ain't got the market cornered on style, price, quality, performance, etc., etc.).
  • puffnstuff1puffnstuff1 Member Posts: 1
    I went to the dealership today and the sales person told me they do not make automatic yaris hatchbacks because americans dont want them since they are too big to fit. Anyways when will Florida get a shipment of automatic Yaris hatchbacks?
  • ulthipsterulthipster Member Posts: 29
    Yeah, I keep panicing/freaking out that there isn't even an order "in" for mine. But I think they are a little overwhelmed at the incredible demand/purchases for the Yaris here in the States. I agree the networking/communication with Japan/the "mother" company is lacking bigtime.. I want to somehow get the number to the bigwigs and find out the scoop!!! :) I just wish the power package was standard! I want the keyless entry and power mirrors and upgraded radio.. I could do without the power windows.. I hate my VW Golf, it's been a nightmare since I bought it brand new 4 years ago.. the last issue was a month ago when the damn power window just fell into the door.. at least they covered it out of warranty b/c they had an issue with the passenger side window. I love Toyota from past experience. I inherited my dad's Celica when I was in high school and it never had to go to the shop.... only issue back then was mufflers.. and then I had a honda and that too never had to go to the shop. I will never buy a VW or recommend one...
  • tbg1tbg1 Member Posts: 22
    Ha! ha! He's obviously got a bright future in sales:
    dumb AND insulting !

    I usually engage "bright" people like that for the entertainment value. In this case, I would've asked him to explain why Toyota would waste their money taking out the back cover ad on Time magazine (about a month ago), specifically marketing that model car to the American public if Americans "don't want them". Oh! I see, that is why they paid for that ad: to convice us to buy something we don't really want... I get it now....
  • jsk1970jsk1970 Member Posts: 14
    The local dealer was finally able to make a 'trade' and got me a similar one to the one I ordered. Apparently the factories weren't keeping the dealers informed and I was getting anxious after 10 weeks. Gettting a flint mica sedan with ABS and Side curtains. I assume they are getting it from the phily area thats where I was able to locate a bunch. I also know that in meadville Pa they have a Silver one with ABS and side curtains. Thats about 20 minutes from the Ohio border but my dealer couldn't get a trade on that one. Just FYI
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    I understand that I'm just a lowly car guy, but I tried to warn you guys :) ...

    The "ordering" they did wasn't really ordering at all. It's referred to as "preferencing", and as frustrating as it is, it usually works out within 4-6 weeks...

    Unfortunately NOT with the Yaris, at least thus far.

    The good news is, we are in production run B already (you'll see 1421B now instead of A on your MSRP), so we've (at least at my store), started seeing a few more in the last couple weeks.

    If the fibbing got to you though, personally I'd yank my deposit. I NEVER claim to be "ordering" a car for a customer, and if they ask what "preferencing" is, I'll gladly explain it to them.

  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    There was a 2007/1442C 4 door Yaris that sold on Ebay at MSRP by a new dealer in Illinois today. See Item #260035765620.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Well there you have it :)

    Shouldn't be long before the Yaris is as least as plentiful as the Echo was (even though there weren't 15 on the lot, we could still FIND one from time to time haha)...

    We probably have enough demand right now (based upon the leads I receive), to sell the next 20 within a couple days or so (long as they don't all hit at once lol), almost regardless of equipment.

    This is somewhat good news!

  • ulthipsterulthipster Member Posts: 29
    Hi there. .... so my "order" is just what I thought... the preference thing and they just see what comes in here and there... if New England is so limited on the yaris liftback with power package and the site has put that option on and then taken it off.... is that still something I can get for this area? I chatted online at with a cust. svc rep. and they said yes... I just don't know if I'm waiting for nothing... *crossing fingers*.. it's been 5-6 weeks... been on and off chatting with my salesguy but not much luck.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    As much as I hate to admit it, from what I've heard, the customer service line just tells customers whatever they want to hear, and lets the dealership sort it out.

    I think the reasoning is, if Toyota makes it somewhere, and in some point in time, then technically it IS available in your area...

    Keep in mind this is coming from a jaded Toyota Internet Manager that still thinks very highly of his product/company... just not so highly of the red tape in order to get specific options in specific locales.

    If you'd like, let me know what specifically you wanted and I'll see if it's even being built anywhere on the Toyota radar...

    Otherwise, the longer you wait, the more likely one will come accross that's "close enough".

  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    i also like to check on
    with your ZIP, you can choose how far you want the search, you can even look for specifics like the color, tranny,price range, etc.
    I find it to be very useful when shopping for a car.
  • ulthipsterulthipster Member Posts: 29
    Hey thanks canuck785, that sounds cool... that's for new cars too? I'll ck it out.
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