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Land Rover LR2



  • The freelander leaked from the back because of how the rear window rolled down every time you opened the door. The adjustment would get off and leave a small crack at the top or around the corners for water to get in. The same thing happens with cars that roll the window down slightly when you open the doors MINIs, Porsches, Some Mercs etc. but it was worse on the Freelander because the back glass was so much wider and taller then most of the other vehicles using this system.
  • jld2jld2 Posts: 4
    I had the same problem on my freelander, although not with the window but the surrounding gasket. I pointed out the problem issue but still had a leak shortly after it was 'repaired' thus right back to the dealer. After it was 'fixed again' it leaked again, thus directly back to the dealer at which point now additionally with dampness in the ceiling material and water in my rear storage area under the rug. I also discovered that the guy who 'fixed it' walked out on the job....left, a 'problem' employee! Livid, I spoke clearly to the GM re the choices made by service (both technical and not to put the BEST person to address this recurrent problem....i.e.,"CUSTOMER SERVICE")and expected it to be completely and correctly repaired. I then called LR central and then it was COMPLETELY and properly repaired. Problems arise but SERVICE STINKS!!!!
  • Wow my service in Orlando is great.
    This is a new model vehicle and I just love mine.
    I think some of you might be perfecttionest.
    I have had many new cars and this is the best.
  • u2fan1967u2fan1967 BostonPosts: 19
    Hi Brownbag
    sounds sweet, do you have a url or Thule part number for the rails?

  • What would be the best winter tires for the LR 2. I live in the Laurentians in Quebec and winters are heavy snow and ice.

  • Keith,
    Here are the Thule part #'s:

    750 (Feet)
    762 or 862 (Crossbars)
    1443 (Adapter Kit)

    The link is in message 711 of this forum. It is a British site. There are also some other European sites (German, etc) that carry them. I can't find these parts on any American website. I am American but live in Germany. So, it is no real inconvenience for me.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    okay, so i took my LR2 in for the 7,500 mile service yesterday and gave them the additional information about reloading the "radio software". After waiting around in the lounge area for 2.5 hours (since they don't offer loaners or complementary shuttle service down the street to where I work), the service manager tells me that my vehicle is ready but that there didn't seem to be any type of audio module that was software-updatable and that Land Rover was unaware that this problem even existed and had no documentation on how to fix it. He said there wasn't much he could do since they couldn't replicate the issue.

    I told him this was exactly what they told me last time I brought my LR2 in for this problem, which is why I asked in this forum specifically what I needed to tell my dealer to do to fix it. I started pulling out my laptop to show him the multiple posts where people were having the same problem and how some were having it fixed, and he tried to cut me off saying, "well, we can't just rely on a bunch of owners talking in some forum about their problems. we can only perform service that is approved by Land Rover. if you can find out a particular dealership name that knows how to fix this problem, then i can call them and find out what needs to be done." so i continued to pull out my laptop and found a post where someone was talking about a specific dealership (and even a service manager's name) and showed it to my service manager. he finally got the clue that i had done my homework and that this wasn't an issue i was willing to live with. he tried to call some tech service people (regional reps maybe?) and didn't get any answers, so he said they'd take another look at the available modules.

    Apparently, they had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to offer the additional information of "radio software" needing to be reloaded. they ended up finding and installing a module called the "Infotainment" module. It's only been a day so I'm not sure if the no-sound issue is fixed now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Hope this helps anyone else that might be struggling with their dealership to find a solution to this problem. Or maybe I'm the only one whose service department is sub par.

  • Had mine towed yesterday did not start engine light came on.
    Hope they find the cause.
    Still think it is the best SUV in it's class by far. Check out link beow for an experts review who is not related to LR.
    It's great.
  • Anyone know if the Outside Mirror Auto-Tilt in Reverse can be overridden so mirrors do not tilt to view the ground ?
  • Yes with the car in reverse adjust the mirrors to however you want them and the car will remember the setting.

    Put the car back in drive or park and the mirrors will readjust to the original setting. Put the car in reverse again to see if they mirrors go back to what you set them too.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490

    I am watching this board because I really am hoping this will be a reliable vehicle. I may trade my Navigator for an LR2 if the LR seems to be a reliable, quality vehicle. SO far, there seem to be some issues with it that are discouraging me. I will keep an open mind and keep watching though. Wont be trading until next year.

    Just to head off at the pass - yeah, the Nav has bad freq of repair record. But mine, knock wood, has been absolutely perfect. Zero issues. I'd never sell it if I could only look at the mpg computer display and not start hyperventilating! :surprise:
  • sounds too easy !

    I'll give it a try

    Thanks !
  • It does doesn't it?

    The LR3s and Range Rover Sports are harder to set but the LR2 is easy.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    just an update for my no-sound problem after the "infotainment" module was reloaded... problem NOT fixed, maybe even worse... this morning when I started my car, no sound at all. in the past, i can always fix this by turning off the car, taking the key out, putting the key back in, and starting the car again. not this time... i repeated this process (stop, key out, key in, start) about 8 times... i even tried turning the radio off before i turned the car off since that has been mentioned as a workaround that "always" works. not even that method worked for me this morning... i ended up driving to work in silence.

    i called the dealership and wasn't able to get an appointment until Monday... luckily, when i went for lunch just now, i magically had sound again. Monday will be the 3rd time taking my LR2 in for this problem... I sure hope they figure it out this time. NC Lemon Law says they have 4 chances to fix it... if they don't fix it Monday, they have 1 more chance and then they can buy it back from me. Hopefully it won't come to that, but I'm not willing to live with a vehicle whose sound system is this unreliable.
  • I test drove an LR2 recently, and had a difficult time adjusting the seat to a comfortable position. Turns out the driver seat is 6 way adjustable. The front portion does not go up and down. But you can raise the rear of the seat to give you that awesome feeling of being ejected right out of the driver seat. I found this a bit annoying since all the other Land Rovers have 8-way adjustable seats. Does anyone know if Land Rover might upgrade these seats to the industry standard 8 way power seats?
  • Next month LR2s will have 8 way adjustable seats for the driver but I don't remember what the passenger gets.

    It is one of the upgrades to the HSE model LR2s.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    just in case anyone is following my "no sound" dilemma... ;)

    dropped my LR2 off this morning... luckily (i guess), when i started my car this morning to drive over to the dealership, the "no sound" problem happened... alright, i can finally take it over to them while the problem is happening so they can't tell me there's nothing wrong.

    They called me a little while ago at work and told me they ran diagnostics and an amplifier fault showed up. They said amplifiers were on order and should be here tomorrow. He said they'd try replacing the amplifier and if that didn't work, they might have to wait for another software version to come out or something... I'm going to see how it goes when I pick up my LR2 tomorrow with the new amplifier.

    If the amplifier really is to blame in this case, I'm very surprised there hasn't been an amplifier recall yet since I've heard numerous folks having this very same problem. If the new amplifier doesn't fix it, they will be one step closer to a very costly legal incentive to start recognizing that this is a big problem and deserves their attention.

    i have to say, though, that the sound system in this vehicle is by far the best sounding system, stock or aftermarket, I have EVER had in a vehicle... but it doesn't do me much good when it doesn't work at all.

  • Anybody know when the HSE is going to be out? I am trying to wait to purchase until they arrive however, don't want to wait to much longer. Any information would be great. Upgrades, color ect.

  • Should arrive the end of this Month although I wouldn't be surprised if they drag into November.

    No word on prices yet.
  • HSE preliminary prices: MSRP $36,150 base, includes delivery charge. (Body colored bibs and side sills, rear spoiler ... 19" wheels and tires, 8-way drivers, 6-way passengers seat.) No increase to additional optional packages. Added bluetooth phone integration and sirius radio package if you do not want the Nav package. These are still included with the Nav.
  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21
    Unfornuately for yourself, the Dealers nor Land Rover will admit to problems as you are beginning to find out. I had been a owner of the Freelander x 2 and both had engine problms.. I would just keep documentation and supply it to the Attorney Generals office in case you are having to take future steps resolving problems. Good Luck.. X Land Rover owner
  • I took my LR2 in for the no sound problem too. I told them about the software upgrade for the problem. They also said the problem was a bad amplifier and are in the midst of replacing that. Also, my sunroof stopped working...apparently...a bad motor. I've hardly used the sunroof at all and can't figure out how the motor went bad. I only have 2500 miles on my LR2.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    Well, it's only been a couple days since they replaced the amplifier so it's hard to tell whether that solved the problem or not, but so far so good.

    I haven't run into the sunroof issue (yet) and I use it all the time, so hopefully that won't be an issue... let me know how the amplifier replacement works out for you.

  • Have any one notice that rear tires wearing out from inside at 5,000 miles? Hope this is not the same problem as LR3. :confuse:
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    quick update.... replacing the amplifier did NOT fix the problem. I called my dealership to let them know that their 3rd attempt to fix the problem was unsuccessful. My service manager told me that the only other thing to do would be to wait for another software update to come out and see if that fixes it... I told him that was not acceptable. He said he'd call his regional service number about it and call me back, and recommended that I call the LR 800 number and let them know what was going on... so I did that. So I'm expecting a call back from Land Rover within 2 business days with a solution... I really hope they figure this out, because other than this radio problem, I really love my LR2... but unless they get this very important issue straightened out, they're getting closer and closer to buying it back from me.

  • Does anyone know how much the weight limit is for either the OEM or the Thule aftermarket kit? I have finally found the OEM rails and the crossbars online . But I can't find out what the weight limit is. I'm also wondering about the Thule kit. I would imagine it is cheaper than the OEM $400 rails and OEM $270 dollar crossbars.
  • The weight limit for the Thule system is 60 kg. I bought a set from a German website for about $190 or 130 Euro's. You can also find them on the link in message # 711 in this forum from a British website for about 90 pounds or $185 without shipping. Both prices include the crossbars, the feet, and the adaptor kits to fit in the door jams. Thule and Yakima both say that they don't have a rack system for the LR2 yet. All you have to do is go to the European websites and look up the racks using the Freelander 2, which is the European equivilant of the LR2.
  • misswhomisswho Posts: 19
    Just an FYI for anyone still dealing with Bluetooth issues...I just got an email from Land Rover yesterday and they have released an updated list of phones for the LR2. The iPhone is on it, and is supposedly fully functional. Yay!

    Updated List PDF
  • Just found this great review on from a Canadian website on the LR2.

    Good comparison review.

    LR2 road test
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    nice read. i had been thinking of the Touareg as my next vehicle, but after having one as a rental, I still prefer my LR2 overall.
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