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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • huj089huj089 Posts: 6
    Wow, so you got another 2k off $51.5k? Amazing!!! Congrats...

    I talked to a dealer today and he can't match that. To make it worse, there are not many GL320 left. I may go with an ML320 instead.

    Thanks for sharing the dealership info!
  • c4s96c4s96 Posts: 1
    Hi vchad, follow this board for months and pull the trigger today for a GL320. Can you help me with the fleet discount.

    GL320 with P1, trailer hitch and stepping board, msrp 66855, paid 51637 before tax

    Thanks for your help.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    You have to GO IN with your fleet discount, BEFORE you buy the car. You can't deduct after the sale.
  • While researching the GL (for the umpteenth time) I came across this post. I am in the market for a GL as well and would appreciate the info to get a lower price. Is the 10K off the price only for the 320 or applies to the 450s as well?
    Thanks in advance
  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    For all the GLs 320,450 and 550. However it seems to be harder to get all of it from the dealer now for 320s due to the larger demand. Inventory for 320BTC has been decreasing rapidly since the rebate was discovered.
  • How about the 2010 Gls. I called a few dealers - no one is offering a 10k off deal. How does 8k below MSRP sound for a 2010 gl? P1 with running boards for about 60K in the Washington area?
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    I have sent a reply to you twice already, but I did not get your reply yet.
    Could you check and reply to me?
    Thank you in advance.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    MSRP 71,005
    Invoice 66,096
    Apperance Package
    Rear Entertainment Sys.
    Trailer Hitch

    A dealer offered me $56,000 plus TTL excludes the fleet rebate.
    Is it a good deal? or Can I get a better deal like 54K~55K??

    Thank you in advance.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Hey Collman, where did you send me a message to, here or email? I have responded to everyone I got messages from.

    well regardless, what did you need help on? please leave me your email in case you need some info.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    he's got about 3900 in holdback behind invoice. I think you can get another 2k off from him, if demand for the particular car you want isn't there.

    If you can qualify for fleet rebate, that will give you another 2k automaticlly.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    Hi vchad,
    You have sent me an email before about the fleet disocunt. And, also I have responded to your email twice....
    I would like get the fleet discount too.
    My email is [email protected]
    Thank you.
  • Hi vchad,

    Could you share with me on how to get the fleet discount? I want to get one (GL320) by the next week.
    I'm in LA and my email is [email protected]
    I'll post again when the deal is finalized.
    Thank you so much.

  • vchadvchad Posts: 97

    I hate to do this to you, but as of today, quite a few control #'s were used, more than I had given out. now our group has lost a lot of revenue, and sometimes ive given a few away, to help others out, and I usually find a way to recoup, but this time, too many people somehow took advantage of it, without me giving permission.

    I did this as a nice gesture to help others out, but a few seemed to have forwarded it to others, without my permission, and exactly what I feared, some took advantage of my generosity. I feel bad, but I can't give out anymore fleet information.

    NOTE to those who might have passed along our corporate account #, I have frozen the account as of yesterday, so those who are using our CAN, and still trying to get a new control #, mercedes will reject it. So you'll get caught, avoid the embarrasment.

    Those who've ive already spoken to, you are fine, message me if you have any questions. its just Sad that some people stoop so low and abuse the kindness of others.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    Thank you.
    I will post once I pick up the car.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25

    Thank you for your reply.
    If your account becomes available soon, let me know.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    check ur email.
  • I closed my deal today at Bershoff in San Jose.

    Trailer Hitch
    Illuminated Door Sills

    MSRP 68625
    Price 52,000

    With fleet discount $50,000.

    I probably could have negotiated a bit more down, but, I didn't want to get greedy.
  • hi vchad:

    It is too sad that your generosity turns into greed for others. I'm in the market for a GL diesel and even test drove one 7-10 days later. It was only after coming to this townhall that I discovered the 10K marketing support through the forums. While I did not strike up the conversations about buying one during the test drive, it is funny how the local dealer did not mention the 10k part at all. It would have made a difference.

    I'll be buying and not leasing so I am really trying to get the costs way down. If you are anyone knows of a dealer in the Chattanooga area or the Atlanta area that is dealing in respect to dropping that MSRP to Invoice, please let me know. Some dealers only 1-2 of these on the lot, I'm just not sure if all the stars line up in ones favor under that scenario.

    [email protected]
  • You're very welcome. I am glad that I could help.
    That's this forum is about: buyer helping other buyer to get a fair, decent purchase at a minimum hassle.

    Now, I have to find one myself :-)
  • vchad,

    I am appalled by this abuse from the user of this forum. :(

  • am1199am1199 Posts: 10
    Is there any special financing available with 10k marketing support or its just cash price?Thanks
  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    Kind of cash deal. You can also go with MB standard finance @ 8.xx% which is higher than the rates most of us can get from other finances.. My dealer has confirmed that.
  • yiliueryiliuer Posts: 14

    I am out of town and sad to hear about the abuse of your kindness. It spoils the spirit of this forum.
  • yiliueryiliuer Posts: 14
    Rayleiwu is right. You could shop around credit union. I got 3.99% from USE credit union for new car loan, which the dealer has no way to match.
  • yiliueryiliuer Posts: 14

    congrats. glad it works out for you too.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Yeah its sad a few have really taken away from the pleasure I had in helping you guys get the discount. but what can you do right? I just hope all of you are able to take advantage of the deal and enjoy your GL because its a great suv.

    It still amazes me the mileage this truck gets on the highway(320 bluetec), i'm getting around 25. coming from a jeep, that barely got me 18.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    Just bought 09 GL450.
    MSRP - $69,394
    Appearance PKG
    Trailer Hitch
    Wheel Locking Bolts
    Pre-Wiring for Reat Seat Entertainment
    Paid $52250 plus TTL w/10K and fleet 2K - sincerely thanks to vchad

    I'm very happy with the car.
  • collman,

    Can you share, if not the dealer, the region you purchase your GL450 from.
    That will help us all in regional prices paid.

  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    Thank you.
    I bought it from a dealer at Spokane, WA.
  • I picked up my GL320 last night from a dealer in SF Bay Area, CA.
    2009 GL320 BTC
    Osidian Blk/Cashmere Interior
    Running Board
    Prewiring for RSE

    MSRP: 67,195
    Neg. Price: 51,500
    Fleet Rate Discount: 2K (Hat off to vchad, again)

    Price Paid: 49,500
  • kaustavkaustav Posts: 1
    Looking at the posts it seems quite a few of you got benefited from the Fleet discount.....courtsey vchad. I am also in the market for a GL320 Blue Tec. Vchad...Hats off to you for being so helpful to everybody....Not everybody can do that... It would be really helpful if you could share the info with me email address is [email protected] It would be of great help. Thanks.

  • lzrlzr Posts: 13
    Love, love, love this SUV and am trying to convince the spouse to take the plunge. I am really impressed with the friendliness of the posters in this forum. Hats off to Vchad and BA_Musket for their generosity.

    Now, will one of you tell my husband to unload the junk out of his pockets so he can fit in the darn front seat? :D

  • If someone can let me know how to obtain fleet rebate. Even if you cannot provide a number I would like to know how the process works if I can obtain a number, what is required from me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Jay realtornewyork at
  • stewdystewdy Posts: 17
    Anyone have a list of companies that participate in the fleet discount or how the CAN process works that they could send me? I've tried to find a good list but haven't been able to. I'm just trying to see if I can find anyone I do business with that may qualify me for the discount. Thanks in advance!
    hondacart1 at if you've got any info.
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    Check with your Human Resource Department, they should know it your company is set up on the Fleet Program with MB.....
  • pc527pc527 Posts: 1
    Hi vchad, the lease on my 07' GL450 is due in two weeks and I'm looking to purchase a 09' GL450 this week. Can you help me get the fleet discount? My email is vantage888-ed at yahoo com

  • lzrlzr Posts: 13
    I am drooling over the deals that Collman and BA Musket got from their dealers on the West Coast. Where and how did you find that $10K rebate? Is it coming from MBUSA or the particular dealer? I'm not seeing any deals like that here in SW Florida.

    Also, did you buy vehicles from dealer stock or did your dealer trade for the GL you bought?

  • :surprise:

    The 10k is for all 2009 GLs. See the link below. dp=off&setzip=30005&state=GA

    Marketing Support
    $10000 Cash to Dealer start: 08/01/2009 end: 08/31/2009 Get Dealer Pricing
    Restrictions Dealer Cash may be combined with Special Lease Rates, Special Retail Rates or Cash. Please see your local dealer for details.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.

    Get a Free Price Quote |
  • lzrlzr Posts: 13
    Thank you, Rosswilliams! Now to pressure the spouse.

  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    To add more on the pressure ... :-)... dealers are running out of stock for 320BTC nation-wide. (and 450 as well at least in NorthWest as I know of).
  • lzrlzr Posts: 13
    My husband agreed to take another long look at the GL320. We are going up to a different MB dealer in our area today and hope to strike a deal. I would sincerely appreciate an email with a fleet discount number from Vchad and/or anyone else who make have access to one.

    With great thanks in advance,

    email: LZRandall at gmail dot com
  • Hello all,

    Does anyone have recent experience purchasing from Chicago area dealers? How did negotiations go? What was the final price you paid compared to MSRP?

    I"m looking to purchase either a GL 320 Bluetec or GL 450 (still trying to decide) in the next few weeks. This will be my first luxury purchase. It will be a cash transaction, so any advice on additional discounts and rebates would be much, much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
  • 2bcool2bcool Posts: 3
    I was hoping to get a great deal on a '09 GL450 from Fletcher Jones in O.C. (Southern CA). When I called their internet sales department, they led me to believe that they were willing to negotiate close to $50k so I made an appointment to see them. When I went in today, they flat out denied my offer (offer around $50k for a sticker price of $67k) and was given the cold shoulder. WTFO!
    I do understand that the well has dried up on the '09s but this dealership was beyond arrogant. I have done business with them in the past and this will be last visit. I know the deal ends August 31st but anyone know of other sweet dealing dates?
  • lzrlzr Posts: 13

    I nearly bought a GL320 from the dealer in Van Nuys, CA last Friday, but he didn't have the color I wanted. I dealt with "Art" over the phone, and he couldn't have been nicer or offered me a better deal. You should call him today.

    I ended up buying from a dealer here in Florida, but I didn't get as good a price.

  • lzrlzr Posts: 13
    Despite my ignorance of the $10K rebate, I still managed to buy a 2009 GL320 Bluetec last weekend. However, it was a mad dash to the end.

    Took the spouse to a nearby dealer for a fourth look. Spouse agreed, and the dealer offered me an awesome price if he could find a car. The dealer called 17+ MB dealers over the course of 2 days and couldn't find a thing. Nobody was doing the dealer trade. I called the MB dealer in St. Petersburg, FL, whom I had dealt with a month ago; they didn't have a car but gave me lots of leads to follow on my own. [BTW, those in the market should call that saleswoman; she was extremely helpful.] I called all over the country and kept finding the same thing: the white/tan models I saw listed as "new," were in fact "punched" -- demos which had been put into service 9-10 months ago and had XXXX miles on them. None of them qualified for the $10K.

    Something prompted me to go through the list of Florida dealers again. I found a white/tan 320 in Fort Pierce, FL. I called them late Thursday night; theirs had been "punched erroneously". They would try to get authorization from MBUSA to apply the incentive. They called back Friday afternoon with the authorization and a mediocre price. I leaned on them to do better, and they came down a bit. We drove up there Saturday morning and picked up the car. They lowballed me on my trade, as expected.

    My deal:
    2009 MB GL320 Bluetec
    Artic White with cashmere MB-Tex interior
    Premium 1 package
    Rear seat entertainment system
    Trailer hitch
    MSRP = $68055
    Sale price = $57300
  • Something with Fletcher Jones dealers. I had somewhat similar experience with the guy in NorCal (Fremont). He wasted my time. I did what we all should do: take our business elsewhere! I'd dealt with the dealer in Santa Monica (W.I. Simonson, I think), and the one in Van Nuys are very nice and professional.

    For other deals on '09 GL, I would recommend to check MB official site for any new deal or incentive. On the other hand, the way I saw '09 GLs, especially GL320, literally flying off the dealership, you may find it harder to locate the car that you want.

    Good luck.
  • Aug 31, literally on the last hour of the dealer's business hours, I bought my '09 GL450 in SoCal. Here are the details:

    Obsidian Black/Cashmere
    P01 pkg and Pre-wired rear seat entertainment
    MSRP: $67545
    Price paid: $55,545.

    I was shooting for the low 50's but considering that there were NO '09 GL450s to be found anywhere, I bit the bullet. I'm much more hard core when it comes to haggling, but I didn't want to take the chance since it was extremely difficult to find an '09. It's a pretty fair deal IMO. I should have gone in early in August; oh well, you win some and you lose some, right? As long as the wife is happy, it's all good! What da ya'll think?
  • Community,
    i'm about to purchase the GL after test driving the Q7 and the GL . . . there is some confusion in my brain about the actual mfg incentive. Edmunds shows that the mfg incentive for the GL is $5,000 but i've read on these forum that the incentive is $10k. can someone clarify for me what the incentive actually is?

  • thoughts on this offer?
    2009 White with cashmere interior with following options:
    1. premium 1 package
    2. trailer hitch
    3. rear seat entertainment

    MSRP - $68,055
    Invoice - $63,753
    Original Offer Price from dealer - $60,555

    with 5,591 miles (demo vehicle that does qualify for the incentive)
  • Hi,
    I am in process of negotiating my first ever MB and trying to buy using finance. I just came to know about Fleet discount while researching on this forum. I would like to know if you can help me take advantage of MB Fleet program. Please let me know how it works and how to get it ?
    If it can cause a problem sharing fleet program info no issues I can very will understand.
    my email id [email protected]

    Your help is much appreciated.
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