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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • porcaccioporcaccio Member Posts: 18
    I'm not sure what the state of getting deals is, but the offer seems poor to me. Many of us were able to get deals around 53k or so, and even less. So paying 7k over that would make me wait until 2010 to try again.
  • ba_musketba_musket Member Posts: 28
    The $10K marketing support was expired at the end of Aug'09.
    After purchasing my BlueTec I has not been up-to-date with MB program, but I am guessing that now the incentive is $5K instead...? :confuse:

    Hope this help.
  • coolpartnercoolpartner Member Posts: 10
    Any one who has used MB fleet discount please reply...
    I am able to secure a Control # thru a friend who works with a company participating in MB fleet program.
    Should there be any issue using the same even though I am not an employee of participating company. Is this legal.
    Please if some one can answer. Thanks
  • dano4dano4 Member Posts: 35
    Bought 2009 GL320 on August 21:
    MSRP $67,325
    Paid $55,546 incl. freight between dealers
    2009 GL's were in extremely short supply with most dealers unwilling to release their cars to other dealers. Available colors were limited to black, white and a few in silver. As a result, I did not negotiate much. My dealer was selling everything he could get his hands on, including GL's, E's. etc.
    I realize this is old news as the $10,000 incentive ended August 31. At this point, I would advise buyers to buy a 2010.
    Very happy with car. Fuel computer reads high by 2-3 mpg, but still getting a verified 24-25 mpg at interstate speeds of 70-75 mph.
  • yiliueryiliuer Member Posts: 14
    Yes this will be a problem. They will ask for your employee ID and/or paycheck.
  • coolpartnercoolpartner Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for your reply. Going thru some previous posts it seems like non FEP ppls also used this program to get fleet discount not sure how they managed around it.
    I will not ask for any account or control # but atleast if you can share some info regarding the process that be helpful

  • rayleiwurayleiwu Member Posts: 18
    It appeared they've changed the process last month. We were asked to filled out the form provided by the employer.
  • coolpartnercoolpartner Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info
  • leasegirlleasegirl Member Posts: 5
    I am looking at leasing a 2010 Mercedes GL 450 but they are not coming off the sticker but $1,000. I know they can do better than that so what is everyone else seeing in other areas.?
  • jujarkjujark Member Posts: 1
    I am in the process of buying this car. Ordered it through SoCal MB dealer. Do any of you guys have an idea about any discounts or pricing information. Any help that would make the price to go down, let me know. Email id jujaray at gmail dot com.

  • leasegirlleasegirl Member Posts: 5
    I am looking at leasing a 2010 Mercedes GL 450 but they are not coming off the sticker but $1,000. I know they can do better than that so what is everyone else seeing in other areas.?
    You can reply to this post or e-mail me at [email protected]
  • net123net123 Member Posts: 1
    hello vchad,
    I know it is a bit late and everyone must have used the fleet discount program which you were helping out with. I am looking to get a GL320 in the next 2 days as one of the local dealers has one left and it has been very hard to find 2009's. If you won't get into trouble and don't mind sharing the fleet discount (the one you been giving to other users) info would be greatly appreciated.
    My email is [email protected]
  • leasegirlleasegirl Member Posts: 5
    If you get the rebate please share with me at [email protected]
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    I'm about to take delivery on 2009 bluetec . . . would appreciate feedback on the deal. it's a demo vehicle with 5500 miles
    MSRP 69,250
    Invoice: 64,500
    1. Prem 1 package
    2. 20 inch wheels (not the complete appearance pkg)
    3. Rear seat entertainment pkg
    4. Trailer hitch
    5. extended warranty/CPO warranty 100,000 mile+ extra year on original warranty

    Sale price: 58,185 (before taxes etc)

    There are still a few pretty good deals on GL 450's out there (MB has more incentive money to offer on those). thought i'd share and am interested in feedback
  • porcaccioporcaccio Member Posts: 18
    Ok... I will chime in...

    You unfortunately missed the August incentive, which allowed many of us to get great deals on the 2009 GL320. I bought one equipped as yours, and paid $52,000 before the Fleet Discount (which I got through my spouse). My MSRP was 68755. Interesting that I have the 20" wheels as well, but mine weren't on the sticker price.

    Now, my car was new, I didn't get an extended warranty (which I think added about $3800), but it also wasn't a demo.

    So, in my mind, it isn't a great deal, but it isn't a bad one either. Given that you can't get the $10k incentive, I'd be pushing the price down to around $55k, but that is also not knowing what the market is telling the dealers. I do know that paying 6k more than what I knew others had paid for the same thing is the reason that I didn't buy a P2 (Premium package 2) car that was equipped exactly the way I wanted.

    In the end, only you can decide whether it is a great deal or not, but I think there are plenty of examples of customers able to get about $17k off sticker, so I would expect the deal to fall around there. December is coming around, and MBUSA usually runs their big promotion around that time anyway... Maybe it's worth waiting?
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    thanks for the feedback. the market right now is telling MB dealers that the GL is "hot" and there are very few available. I looked at dealers all around the country - literally - with direct calls as well as worked through a local dealer who was actively looking to get a vehicle for me. i think i missed the great $10k incentive in August unfortunately.

    Question - is there a publicly available list of organizations that participate in the fleet program? my company is based in Zurich Switzerland and i suspect that we might lease vehicles through MB. i've asked my corporate HR director but would be interested to know if there was a website where i could check myself.
  • yiliueryiliuer Member Posts: 14

    this list is not the most updated, for example all the credit unions are off the list already. but at least it can give you some idea...
  • calalum01calalum01 Member Posts: 6
    I just stumbled across this forum as I have been researching for a purchase of the GL Bluetech, possibly even looking at one of the last remaining 2009s. Can someone please email me about how to get the best deal possible and how the fleet program works? I clicked on the link and my company was listed there. Also, someone had mentioned a specific sales person in Pleasanton, and I acutally have spoken with him.

    Please email me at [email protected] I want to make sure I don't get ripped off.
  • calalum01calalum01 Member Posts: 6
    Hi Rayleiwu...what dealer did you go through and please send me any advice on how you negotiated the price. My email is [email protected]
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    i just bought my wife a 09 bluetec and i LOVE it . . . i drove it from boston (where i bought it) to columbus oh on 1.25 tanks of gas. amazing gas mileage compared to the ml 320 she had been driving.

    there are still a few 09's left but the blue tec's are very scarce. you can search online but my suggestion is to call the dealers yourself and that's going to be the best bet. sometimes the inventory reports you find on the web are not accurate
  • pinghpingh Member Posts: 1
    vchad, would you please e-mail me with the fleet discount details. If I cant locate a GL, I hope to use this discount to buy an E320 this weekend.

    [email protected]
  • yogagirl1yogagirl1 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, would love some advice-I am looking to lease a 2010 gl450 MSRP is 73,915 and they are offering it for 69,200. 4000 down (2500 down plus first payment and fees). Lease for 36 months 15,000 miles. Payment is 978 b/f tax. Is this a good deal based on invoice, current lease rates and residuals or should I be working to get them down further? Thanks so much!!!!
  • dolphin5dolphin5 Member Posts: 68
    Car_man would have to confirm, but the lease ad for the gl450 shows $2235 dealer contribution (not sure if this is considered lease cash). As far as I know the residual for the lease you're looking at is 53% with a money factor of .00135. Assuming that these are the correct lease numbers and the sale price mentioned, you're payment before taxes should be about $980 without putting any money down. I would first ask how they came to the number that they did. You might also want to check other dealers.
  • yogagirl1yogagirl1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply! Does anyone know exactly when the buy rate is released for nov. Looks like my car will be in early next week and I can lock now but wondering if it will drop in Nov. Thanks!
  • orchid18orchid18 Member Posts: 1
    Hi vchad,

    I'm new to this forum and I noticed that you were kind enough to share information with some people regarding receiving a fleet discount on their GLs. I'm sorry to hear that you had to close this Fleet account because your generosity was abused by some. I'm looking to lease a MBZ by Monday Nov 2nd (which is the last day for Oct deals). And unfortunately my company is not a part of the Fleet program. If you have since opened a new Fleet account and are able to share this information, then I would greatly appreciate it if you could please email me at [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.
  • rolisrolis Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to this forum, I live in Illinois and If anyone is interested in either
    GL350 or GL450 I spoke with and negotiated (I think)very good deals on new 2010's in NH, but didn't buy from them at this time.
    IF anyone is interested they have Black/Black GL350 w/1600 miles demo w/P2 package 7-8% off MSRP, and GL450 up to 10% off. Again if interested in contact just email me at( [email protected]) and I'll send contact info.

  • nomznomz Member Posts: 7
    A lot of folks are posting here about buying a GL. I had a 2008 GL550 and just sold it. I couldn't be happier. Horribly designed car. Very poor quality tires and will hydroplane at the slightest drizzle on the road. I couldn't go faster than 70 on a highway when it would rain. Trust me. It's a horrifying experience when you are driving with traffic and can feel the road slipping underneath you with 2 children in the back. Access to 3rd row is horrible. I have two kids. With the two car seat in the second row, the seat will not fold down for access to the third row rendering it useless. With a infant seat and a toddler seat installed in the second row, there was no room in between them for anyone to sit comfortably. GPS is horrible. Searching for a restaurant by name is like pulling teeth with pliers. No touch screen and rather the button and arrows to use. IPOD integration is even worse. You cannot select which song to play. The IPOD control is in the steering wheel only and all you can do is play next. The system will pick out the song on its own randomly. The DVD player in the back used to make me scream. Its located under the rear passenger seat. If you have to change a DVD, you will have to pull over, go around the car, get under the seat and change. The controls are via a remote and accessible by rear seat passengers only so the front seat people cannot change the song or movie. No wireless headphones. No bluetooth kit. For a $80k car, MB still wants you to pay $400 for a bluetooth adapter. I regretted buying that car and couldn't be happier kicking if off my driveway. Waiting for toyota to improve the incentive on sequoia so I can go get that. Save your money folks. Do not buy a MB just because it is a MB. If you need one for show....sure but if you really want one to use then go with the Sequoia.
  • tracy_socaltracy_socal Member Posts: 12
    Hello Nomz,

    Sorry to hear that your experience has been a negative one. The 09's and 10's have since improved. The GPS system has been updated, as well as the Bluetooth - there is no need for a "cradle," as any bluetooth phone that you program into the system will link automatically to the car while it is in your briefcase or purse. So there is no longer any need to purchase a special "MBZ phone" or any accessories, such as the adapter you mentioned. I love it that I can just step in and am connected within less than 10 seconds. I agree that it took a long, long time for MBZ to include this feature.

    Yes, car seats in the second row render the 3rd row seats inaccessible, but I would not want to move the car seats around, as this compromises the safety of the car seat. The best car seats around, ie, Britax, are enormous and it makes sense that an adult would not be able to fit in between two car seats, unless one purchases a grotesquely oversized car that won't fit within a car space. The 09 GL does, and the side mirrors even fold in to allow more room for those parking next to you. I think this is a nice courtesy to others parked next to you.

    I don't have the DVD, because I don't like the placement in the back of the seats' headrests, not safe for kids.

    As for the drive, I have the GL 320 with run flats, and the ride is superior. It drives with the smoothness and efficiency of a car, due to the air bellows located at all four axles. I have driven in the rain, and the car literally hugs the road. That being said, please keep in mind that it is a "truck" and has a higher center of gravity, thus we are responsible for driving slower, keeping a greater distance between other cars to allow for stoppage at a safe distance, and going 70 in the rain is a risk for any car. The road can be slick in these kinds of conditions that make the road slippery, however well designed the car and/or the road.

    I love the gas mileage that I get on this car; 23 town and 27-28 highway. True, I'm not the first in the intersection, and not the last either, and on the highway I consistently drive with flow of traffic @70 mph.

    And finally, safety. The car cage is made of steel and has been fitted with crumple zones to protect passengers. Air bags and curtains located in the windows offer further protection within the cabin. You are right to say that MBZ updates its technology last, and Toyota has been at the forefront of computer tech in a car. These "toys" are working well in the 09 GL, and I am very pleased with the IPod. However, I am less interested in these toys, and more concerned with safety and performance. This car ranks at the top in these categories. The Sequoia is big, but it is a lot cheaper, and cheaply made and does not even come close to performance, safety, and even quality in comparison to an MBZ. If you're interested in buying a Toyota, the Toyota Land Cruiser would be the alternative choice, as it also is a safe, high performance car. Good luck and I hope that you find the car you will enjoy! :)
  • nomznomz Member Posts: 7
    Thanks. It might just be me or I jumped the gun on buying it too early. I just checked and new GLs are improved from inside a little bit as compared to the 08 I bought. I had the GL550 with the extra wide continental tires and I did more research after noticing the hydroplaning and it is a common problem with the GL550s in the rain. Some blame it on the wide tires and some on just the sheer width of the tires. I should have gone with the diesel or 450. Mileage on the 550 was ok. On a highway drive, if I do 55-70MPH, I would usually end up between 18 - 21 MPG. In the city between traffic lights was about 12-14 MPG as expected. Good luck.
  • tracy_socaltracy_socal Member Posts: 12
    That is a shame about the tires; what brand did they use? Did they offer an explanation as to why they used the extra wide ones? The run flats are not Michelins, and I am a bit disappointed about this, as I did have the Michelins on previous MBZ and became used to the overall quality of the brand. But, the run flats seem to be working fine, just need to keep an eye on the air pressure in the tires after long trips, which the car automatically indicates.

    Still, for the most expensive car in the GL lineup, I agree that they should have chosen a better tire for the 550. Hopefully this has since improved. Good luck in your search!
  • nomznomz Member Posts: 7
    Continental tires with AMG package. Horrible horrible tires. Feels like ice skating in rain. Very scary specially if you go above 60MPH. I looked at the new GL550s online and they have fixed the tires with better rims. I think it was Michelin's that I saw on the new ones and the tires aren't that wide either which is good.
  • eclipse2eclipse2 Member Posts: 64
    My wife has the 2008 GL550 with the same tires and rims 21 AMG continental tires we just had 22inches of snow in South Jersey and it went thru fine. we had the MBZ for a year now and we have had no problems! They are kind of low profile tires so I can see if you don't rotate and you get wear on them you may slide some but that happens on all tires doing 70mph... and the phone cradle next time you buy a car tell them to give throw that in or the deal is off we did and when we get in the phone hooks up just like in my Lexus... love the GL 550... :shades:
  • oyvey247oyvey247 Member Posts: 18
    Hi Tracy:

    Just bought the 2010 GL450 and can't wait to get it - We are having after-market DVD players put in both headrests b/c my little girl sits in the 3rd row and can't see the factory ones (which are installed below the headrests). You said you didn't have the DVD's b/c they are not safe for the kids - I was just wondering why? Did I miss something? I don't want something put in that is not safe - I was a little worried about the screen being so close to the back of my head since I will be driving -

    Please let me know your thoughts - I always like to know new information!!


  • tracy_socaltracy_socal Member Posts: 12
    Hi Oyvey,

    By the way, love your screen name! I just had a look at the new 2010 GL 450's screens; now placed outside just below the headrest. These are nice! However, I was a bit worried with the 2009 GL that I purchased (screens still inside headrest), thinking that safety in an accident would be an issue if the screens were in front of the headrests. This probably is fine, as kids are held in by the LATCH system up to 65 pounds and 6 years old, but what if they move forward in an accident later on when they're in a belt? In addition, I could imagine my four year old touching the screens and smaller children kicking them as well. And, if the old ones were damaged, they would not be easily replaced. This would be a strong possibility, as he sits in the second row seating in his car seat.

    I like the option where the screen hands from the top of the interior, better viewing for the kids in cars such as the Land Cruiser. So I opted out, and we all are satisfied with having soft music on during long trips and talking about the scenery on the way. Nonetheless, the screens in the new GLs are beautiful and it sounds like you've found a great solution. Enjoy your new car!

    All the best,
  • tracy_socaltracy_socal Member Posts: 12
    Whoops! typo: the screen hangs from the interior in the Land Cruiser.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Member Posts: 38
    Hi all,
    We're looking for info on prices and incentives on 2009 or 2010 GL320 Bluetec. Apparently there was $10k incentives back in August that we missed. Last week we went to a dealership and they told us that there was no incentives other than the 2.9% APR. Is that true?
    Additionally, they seem to only have 2 vehicles left... I believe that both are demos. We haven't tested them yet as it snowed.

    I checked abt the fleet program and my company doesn't belong to the fleet program. Any info on this is greatly appreciated too.

    Currently comparing this with Audi Q7 TDI as well as Acura MDX. Just need to gather all info... :)

  • sawjaisawjai Member Posts: 23
    Hi All,

    I am stumped. I've been looking HEAVILY into purchasing a 7 passenger suv and looked at every option out there. After hours of research online and a number of hours at the auto show checking every nook and cranny we narrowed our picks to the GL and the Mazda CX-9. We did consider the Q7 TDI and the Acura but threw both of them out. The Q7 is an absolutely beautiful looking vehicle both inside and out but found some significant design flaws with entry into the back seat and the sheer lack of leg and foot room in the 3rd row. Acura is an excellent vehicle also, but I just couldn't stand the busy button center stack and the cabin feels too wide for my wife and I. 3rd row was also uncomfortable for adults which we had intention of hauling on a regular basis with our extended family.

    Both the GL and CX-9 I feel have their faults. GL for a non-moveable 2nd row and 3rd row entry only on passenger side and cost of vehicle. CX-9 for not allowing moonroof and rearseat ent. unit together. Seat padding doesn't seem as supportive as in the GL. I'd pull the trigger on the CX-9 with the exception that I firmly believe that the GL is a better engineered vehicle and safer for my family and the gripes listed above for the CX-9.

    For me it boils down to the best possible deal we can get on a GL320. I am pretty sure we can deal right around invoice these last few days on a GL, but that would not be enough for me to swing for one... maybe the tax credit, but that still probably wouldn't be enough. The deals MB was offering to clear out 09 back in June - August would definitely make me lean GL way, but I worry that if I wait until then 1) the incentives will be even less on the GL320 because of popularity and 2) inventory will be severely limited. We saw the limited inventory when we tried to buy
    the ML 2 years ago and ended up getting an RX400h instead because of the fustration in finding anything we wanted.

    What are all ya thoughts? I am stumped. My wife and I bounced back and forth between the GL and CX-9 for like 2 hours at the SF Auto Show. And another hour looking very hard at the Q7 TDI that they had and the Acura MDX.

    Argh... Thanks!
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Member Posts: 38
    Hi, I'm in the same boat.
    Have been bouncing back and forth among MDX, Q7 TDI and by sheer chance decided to take a look at GL320 Bluetec. I'm waiting for somebody to post info on deals on the GL. Didn't look at CX-9 for safety reasons....
    If you get any info, please pass it along [email protected]

    Many thanks
  • nexxusnexxus Member Posts: 11
    Hey guys, well we pulled the trigger on yet another Benz. We went around to the dealers, it seems like the diesels are hard to come by but the 450s & 550s we abundant. We picked a GL350 w/ P01 Package, Rear DVD Entertainment System, Parktronic and some extra chrome stuff that the dealer threw on and brought the msrp to 70k. We bought it for invoice which was 64.7k. Financed for 2.9 for 36. Great car, love it and hopefully it wont be as bad on the brakes as our ML500s are.
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    I purchased a 2009 gl320 for my wife in october. we also missed the MB incentives and my company (based in zurich) is a participbant in the fleet program. for more details on the fleet program, i suggest that you check with your company's fleet manager and he/she can research for you. unfortunately, demo vehicles do not qualify for the fleet program and i checked with the regional MB manager given that my demo vehicle had less than 5,000 miles. i live in ohio and used the internet to find an awesome vehicle in boston. my wife loves the vehicle . . . great mileage and most of all she doesn't have to visit the fueling station as often compared to the ml320 that she had before. the vehicle drives great. I will tell you that the COMAND system is not the most intuitive and has a long long way to go before it is a feature that MB can promote. the sales person will feature the voice recognition feature but that's only because the manual control is so difficult to use and virtually impossible to use when driving. i have a 2010 bmw 535 and the bmw's interface is far superior and more intuitive than the mb. that's the only negative i can offer on the vehicle and it wouldn't/shouldn't be enough to deter you from making the purchase.

    good luck
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    I purchased a 2009 gl320 for my wife in october. we too came down to the audi diesel vs. the gl. the back seats in the benz aren't the easiest to get in and out of (both vehicles have to manually control the second row to access 3rd row) but the benz's automatic controls for 3rd row are superior than audi. you will see reference to the COMAND system in next paragraph and if you are going to spend lots of time in the vehicle, you will find the audi's controls and user friendliness of the system to be much much better. i found both vehicles to be similar in interior space and comfort and also found both to be fairly similar in price and available incentives. there is a great dealer in atlanta that was pretty agressive at the time.

    my one piece of advice is that you have to do the research and email/call the dealers yourself because the internet inventory reports are not always accurate.

    we also missed the MB incentives and my company (based in zurich) is a participbant in the fleet program. for more details on the fleet program, i suggest that you check with your company's fleet manager and he/she can research for you. unfortunately, demo vehicles do not qualify for the fleet program and i checked with the regional MB manager given that my demo vehicle had less than 5,000 miles. i live in ohio and used the internet to find an awesome vehicle in boston. my wife loves the vehicle . . . great mileage and most of all she doesn't have to visit the fueling station as often compared to the ml320 that she had before. the vehicle drives great. I will tell you that the COMAND system is not the most intuitive and has a long long way to go before it is a feature that MB can promote. the sales person will feature the voice recognition feature but that's only because the manual control is so difficult to use and virtually impossible to use when driving. i have a 2010 bmw 535 and the bmw's interface is far superior and more intuitive than the mb. that's the only negative i can offer on the vehicle and it wouldn't/shouldn't be enough to deter you from making the purchase.

    good luck
  • dollar_pounddollar_pound Member Posts: 46
    Car man, would you know when 2010 january lease rates will be out? any new incentives on the GL450? thanks
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Member Posts: 38
    Thanks for the info. We tested the 2010 GL350 Bluetec and found that we weren't too thrill abt the lack. It hesitated for few seconds (what a long noticeable pause) before accelerating. For a diesel car, that's pretty dissapointing. But Q7 was not any better either. Second row seating was impossible. It seems that it's not a stadium seating. My 6' husband sat with his knees against his stomach and the front's seats. He was pretty dissapointed. On top of that, the dealer didn't want to budge over the price. The only car that they had on the lot was the one with P2 package and they weren't budging on the price although it had 3700 miles and a battery problem (they had to jump the car). They were going to "give away" the car at invoice. So back to the drawing board for us....

    Thanks for the info. Perhaps when they come back with the summer incentives, we may give it a second look.
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    interesting . . . i have to be honest in that we've now had two long drives with our vehicle on the interstate and have never found any hesitation with the diesel. first trip was Boston to Columbus and a more recent trip from Columbus to Atlanta. on both drives there were a variety of driving conditions and found the acceleration to be pretty good.

    if you're looking for a larger vehicle, have you tried the Tahoe? it's doesn't have the name or brand equity but i also test drove the Tahoe hybrid and found it to be a very very nice vehicle. my wife didn't like it at all (much to my dismay given that it was $15k less expensive) but it is equipped nicely and i actually found the drive to be ok, particularly for in-city driving. i don't know how it would fare on long road trips but it might be worth taking a look. it was my third choice behind the audi and the benz.

    good luck to you!
  • ba_musketba_musket Member Posts: 28
    That's indeed interesting...I personally test drove both 09' GL450 (gas) and GL320 (diesel) model and found the GL320 accelerates well and more responsive than its bigger cousin. And that's to be expected when you see the spec.: the GL320 puts out more torque (acceleration) than the biggest GL550 offering:

    GL320: 210 hp/398 lb-ft
    GL450: 335 hp/339 lb-ft
    GL550: 382 hp/391 lb-ft

    I have owned the GL320 for about 6 months now and very pleased with it. The drive is super and refined, and the mileage is just amazing for such a big SUV: average 18 mpg city/24 mpg free way. I live in the SF Bay Area and had taken it to Emigrant Gap Pass,Tahoe and through Tejon pass, LA. No problem with passing power on I-5 nor handling issue in the middle of snow storm on I-80 either.

    Few areas that I think MB could have done a better job on this SUV are:
    1. A bigger side mirrows: it is relatively small for the size of this SUV
    2. The 09' GPS interface is not very easy-to-use, though it's feature packed GPS system, once you get through the nuissance of entering/finding an address. The input console is clunky, and inefficient. The voice recognition dial/input is 50% incorrect, which could have been a savior for the phone/GPS input lack thereof. (The free Google voice search on my iPhone is a lot better, I don't understand :-)
    3. My GL320 comes with leather package and that is great. However, the carpet/lining materials MB used for the carpet/linging materials for flooring,the back of the 2nd, 3rd rows, and cargo area is so thin, rough, and cheap-looking. For a SUV with a pricey MSRP, MB could have used a better material than that.
  • gregoryxgregoryx Member Posts: 44
    i agree with you on your suggestions for improvement, although the mirror doesn't bother me so much. i bought a bmw 535 with the new user interface and it blows the mb away in terms of being easy to use and intuitive. the examples are countless and i hope that mb focuses on that aspect of the driving experience. it really does take away from what is a fine vehicle to drive. it bothers me more than my wife who loves the vehicle so it's not a big deal overall.
  • oyvey247oyvey247 Member Posts: 18
    Hi! Thanks for the response - I was just worried about any radiation or something going into my head since the DVD will be in my headrest. But after researching, it seems I should be ok (I hope!) As for the one that hangs from the ceiling - we had that in my MDX and it makes it very hard to see out the back, fyi. That is why we opted for the headrests. Also, wondering what carseat you use that keep the kids in latch mode til 65lbs? We have a new britax and the latch can only be used til 48lbs (then you use seatbeats to secure seat). Thanks for the info - and loving the car, btw!!

    Oy :)
  • oyvey247oyvey247 Member Posts: 18
    Hi! I also seacrhed ALL vehicles for a comfy 7 passenger with needing the 3rd row for adults. Now I am 5' 9" and my criteria was that i needed to fit in the 3rd row comfortably - The ONLY 2 that met that criteria were the Sequoia and the GL450. The Sequoia lease however was like $900/month! no thanks! I did not try the MB GL320 , but assume it is as good as the GL450 so I would buy the GL if you can afford it. The MDX is a good car (what I gave up to lease the GL) but the 3rd row is small. I also drove the CX-9 and did not like the handling (can't even compare to the GL IMHO) and I believe you are right that the GL would be safer than the CX-9. I also loved the Audi but the 3rd row, forget it!

    As for the DVD issue with the CX, you can have them put in aftermarket and see if the dealer will residualize them (Mercedes did this for us)

    Hope this helps - i just took delivery of my 2010 GL450 and LOVE it!! Super awesome! Good luck!!
  • tracy_socaltracy_socal Member Posts: 12
    Hi there! You are right, we too have a Britax carseat and 48 pounds is the limit for LATCH connectors. I agree that these are the best carseats around, sturdy, comfortable, and the safest made. I had some other goodies that I thought about for your new GL and the carseat arrangement, if you don't have these already:

    1. seat savers, which prevent seat indentations and trap food and dirt. Easy to clean, and your child has a nice place to step up onto the car seat. The brand that I put in my GL is Prince Lionheart, sturdy and the seat does not move around. These keep the seating area clean, can be wiped clean and vaccuumed, just great! They come in black and grey. The tan is more of a grey color: I picked mine up at ToysRUs/BabiesRUs, but Bed Bath and Beyond gives you a better picture:

    2. Kickmats: These are installed in the back of the seat, and keep the back of your seats from getting scuffed by little one's shoes and/or dirt/grass stains; they come in grey or black, I purchased the grey as my interior is grey, exterior is Arctic White. Here they are at BabiesRUs:

    3. You might want to consider the all-season floormats, rubber and hexagon shaped, as these do trap liquid and mud, keeping the floors clean. In the cargo area, I was disappointed with the package offered by Mercedes, basically a small piece of fabric that fits behind the 3rd row seats, and a cargo flap that fits over the bumper. Not enough if the 3rd seats are down. So I bought a vinyl cover at Kragen, which keeps the back cargo area clean, can load luggage or any item and keep the back looking pristine as well.

    Again, congrats on your new GL!
  • oyvey247oyvey247 Member Posts: 18
    Hi Tracy!

    Wow! You are a great source of info! Thanks for the tips! I already ordered the seat saver - great idea! I am not sure about the kickmats b/c you can't use them with the rearseat pocket. As for the floormats, already have them from my BMW and they are mandatory (esp. here in the snow!).

    What type of vinyl cover did you buy at Kragen? That is an autoparts store? I was looking for a cover for my cargo area and used to use a blanket (not too nice looking!) - need something better!

    Btw, we moved here from So cal (Redondo Beach). Now it is snow, snow, snow for me! Feel free to email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

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