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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    Did you do this deal in January or December? I am curious if the December lease MF/residual numbers and discounts have carried over into January, which were set to expire on Jan 3. Please also let us know the name of the salesperson at the Bethesda dealership. Thanks for any help!
  • btrentbtrent Posts: 12
    Who did you work with at dealership? Trying to negotiate similar deal. Any tips?
  • azmbazmb Posts: 3
    GOOD LUCK! Your fun has just started. I have a whole thread (AZDRIVER) on this site on my 2007 450GL and the myriad of problems that developed (No fires thank god). Brakes (2X), rear hatch, struts, oil leakage from the transmission and engine. And, this car was 100% dealer maintained. What a huge disappointment. Yes, it drove well-but not for the cost of ownership. MB really needs to get back to basics regarding their reliability and maintenance requirements-their reputation is severely tarnished for this product. :mad: :lemon:
  • considering the conquest special is now 2k as opposed to 4k is it safe to assume that roughly 10k off of MSRP is what I should be looking for?

    I actually live in Bethesda, MD - kind of crazy
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I would shoot for 15k bellow MSRP. The car is going to be redesigned with better fuel economy like the ML. The new model is coming out this summer. Go to a dealer with high inventory.
  • cobewobbercobewobber Posts: 4
    edited February 2012
    AB - Is 15K below MSRP realistic with only receiving the conquest incentive? Conquest is 2k as of now...that means 13k more..right now I am not even close to that #..I should probably consider a different dealer..

    second question - I am doing research on different dealers and looking up their inventory of GL 450s..every dealer has about 20 many would be considered "high inventory"?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited February 2012
    3 months ago, my cousin in DC got a deal from MB in Alexandria 12k below msrp of 71k. He owns a Porsche 911s.
    A friend got a lease with no down on a ml 350 2012 $550 plus tax. About 9k bellow msrp of 54k. He is an existing MB lease customer.

    There are lot of good deals on MB, that is why their sales are up 24% in January and BMW is only 3%. MB is giving good deals.

    Anything above 10 cars is high inventory in my opinion. They have to clear them before the summer to make room for the new GL 2013.
    I think 10-12k bellow msrp is average, but the closer you get to summer the more you can get. The have to move them and MB will give them bigger kick backs to move the cars.
    Have you considered the $650 per month lease option, I would consider that with no down.
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    why do people post these misleading numbers? There is a 7% markup on Mercedes products and currently there is $2000 conquest incentives available to owners of specific manufacturer's. Therefore invoice on a $71,000 GL is somewhere around $66,000 (Edmunds can verify). with the conquest cash you may get up to $7000 off which equates to a $0 commision for your salesperson. Dealers do need to make some $$$. Try telling a DR you want to negotiate your fee for healthcare.......
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    Your cousin is exaggerating, it is not possible to have a dealer pay you to take a vehicle
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    $15K off sticker is simply not possible Mercedes has a 7% markup, do the math
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    $6400 off is a GREAT deal
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    why do people post these misleading numbers? There is a 7% markup on Mercedes products and currently there is $2000 conquest incentives available to owners of specific manufacturer's. Therefore invoice on a $71,000 GL is somewhere around $66,000 (Edmunds can verify). with the conquest cash you may get up to $7000 off which equates to a $0 commision for your salesperson. Dealers do need to make some $$$. Try telling a DR you want to negotiate your fee for healthcare.......
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Obviously you a have a conflect of interest. No one is fool enough to believe that invoice is the true dealer cost, otherwise they will all be out of business if the profit is 7% only. There is no business can operate with full sale staff and marketing on a 7% margin, I am a business owner myself. Members of this community are very savvy consumers and you should try these tricks somewhere else.
    Also you can get ml350 2012 for $545 per month plus TTL with no down.
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    There are many businesses that operate at a margin much less than 7%, Walmart is at 3.51% and I do believe they are somewhat successfull. Apparently your margins as a business owner are way out of line, taking advantage of the buying public. How much do you negotiate on your pricing? What do you assume to be true dealer cost, what do you feel is a fair $ amount to be made by dealers? It is not a matter of being a savvy consumer, working dealers against each other to save money, a knowlegable consumer is what you should strive to be. Posts of saving $10,000 off MSRP have caused me nothing but grief in my search for a new GL as it has others as I see many posts that folks just cant find that pricing!
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    If your IQ tells you, that dealer invoice is true cost and margin is 7% on an end of model year car then pay full MSRP or if you get 4k off, you should be happy, and do not waist your time on this forum.

    If you think little you will know that invoice is just a marketing ploy to play with numbers and 7% does not even cover sales people salaries for a month, dealer sale about 20-30 cars a month if lucky. So do the math and it will not add up to 7%. Also dealers will not tell you about the kick backs from MB. So pay the MSRP. :)

    Also if you know little about product economics, MB dealer's is local luxury product business model, like jewelry no Walmart who sales in billions low cost products

    And if you are MB salesman, please do not reply to my post.
  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    Replies that have a basis in anger and poor grammar lead me to discount your opinions. I have every right to communicate via this forum, and no I am not a Mercedes salesman, I have however been trying to help my mother purchase a new GL and posts such as yours lead to futile and fruitless attempts to strong arm my way to a $10,000 discount.
    Your previous post stated "no business can operate on a 7% margin"; I simply supplied you with a business model that does operate at half of that margin. Now you qualify your statement in a vain attempt to hide from your previous statement. Perhaps use some of your savings for a remedial English class?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited March 2012
    Lexus is selling their 2011 LX SUV MSRP 90K for 76K in the DC area. The model is being refreshed with some bumper changes. That is 14K bellow MSRP. Just got a text about it. I would rather buy the Lexus if my budget is close to 70K.

    Go ahead and buy the GL 2012 for MSRP minus 5K. The car will be completely redesigned this summer and feel good about helping the MB dealer pay nice bonus to their Sales folks after getting the kick back from MB for selling end of life Model.

    Keep in mind that you will get a great deal, if dealer has lots of inventory and if you are patient, not emotional and have to buy the car the first visit to dealer. They will always call you back if you walk out.

    Thanks for the grammar comments, I usually reply from my iPhone, but I promise you I will do a better job in the future.

    By the way I still believe you have a conflict of interest with buyers on this forum.
  • funcars2funcars2 Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    Working on a fair deal for a CPO 09 GL450.

    about 6 mos remaining on orig mfg warranty
    43k miles
    P1 package w/Keyless Go & Rear Seat Entertainment
    No running boards
    Dealer has had the car for sale for 5.5 months!!

    Dealer is indicating that they invested ~3k in the CPO process and are looking for $44k (the amount that they claim to "own" the vehicle for.

    What do you think of this deal? What would be a fair price for this car in your opinion? Thanks!
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    That dealer could invest $10K in that car - who cares. $41k-$42 is okay price, but rising gas prices can lower it even more. Good Luck.
  • funcars2funcars2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback aeggroup.. I was actually thinking along those same lines.. I offered $42.5k but they didn't accept it.. Only moved $200. So I passed on this car and will keep looking.

    Appreciate your response!
  • wilmer1wilmer1 Posts: 6
    can anyone post recent deals on a GL350 or GL450. just deal points and not speculation ?

    I'm also dealing with a few local dealers around the beltway and $10K off would seem hopeful. I These posts regarding margins and what a dealer should make and not make are irrelevant. If any dealer is offering a discount, then it creates competition and a dealer can choose whether to compete or not compete. What they make isn't my business (but based on how lavish these dealerships are now, I'm guessing they aren't hurting)


  • novuswsrnovuswsr Posts: 8
    where are you located, I have seen a 2008 GL with 30,000 miles for $37,000.
  • wilmer1wilmer1 Posts: 6
    I did just buy a GL450, $9K off sticker. Its not the best I've seen on this board but it wasn't a car out of inventory. They are getting it from another dealer, rather than chase this specific car down I forewent the $1K and just took it.
  • I just purchased a GL 350 in europe for 58.5K Euro which was a 10K Euro discount from MSRP. At first I wanted to buy a factory ordered car and they were willing to give me a 7.5K discount. Unfortunately they stopped manufacturing (or taking orders on) the 2012 GL on March 1st. So I got something in stock and I got 10K off.

    One side note about the price: in Europe they add VAT (value added tax) to that price but I didn't include those numbers cause it would just confuse everybody. A car that sells for 50K USD in the US would sell for about 50K Euro + VAT in Europe. Prices and Taxes are much bigger here!

    But the point is that you can get about 10K off on 2012 GLs because it is the end of the x164 platform.

    For what its worth, its a fantastic car.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Hi wilmer,

    Thanks for sharing. What was the MSRP on your car? What was the actual purchase price?

    I ask because the amount off depends on the base price...and proper comparisons can only be made when we know the base price. This way we can calcuate the % discount. So a 9K discount might be a 10% or a 7% discount.

    Glad to hear from you as I am in the market and keen to get a good deal. Thanks so much!
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Congrats on your new car!

    Do you think it makes sense to wait for the new 2013?

    What changes are planned for the 2013?

  • Why to buy a 2012 gl: 10k discount, maximum reliability on electric system and other problem reliability areas, ride/handling/comfort will not significantly improve

    Why not to buy 2012 gl: redesign will make u obsolete, gadgets suck, end of life purchases are not sexy

    Reality if you wait for 2013 gl: no/insignificant discount on MSRP, redesign is questionable but newness factor is cool, gadget will be much better, reliability is a question mark if you look at luxury car redesign history

    Who should look at 2012 gl: if mercedes gl MSRP is at the high end of you price range (10k discount is big), the 2012 is a great if not so sexy deal. Comfort, quality and safety is unmatched

    Who should wait for 2013 gl: if money isnt a big issue then you will be far more satisfied, but not in the practical areas.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Thanks gummibear for the very good points. When do you think they will release the new 2013 GL. Are there any available pics of the redesign.

    As for discounts I am only getting about a 9% discount off MSRP from dealers I talk to. Approximately $6K on a 71K car. Any tips on how to get the larger 10K disocunt i.e. 14% discount. I am in the US and so far no luck at getting any thing close to the 10K/14-15% discount you mention.

    Thanks again.
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