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Toyota Camry Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers



  • Thanks larsb,

    I don't think it is the oil pan or engine mount, since high octane wouldn't fix this. If you have a chance, try 89 - 93 octane gas and see if that fixes the knock for you, and report back. My guess is that the refineries have changed something relative to the refining process, and the resulting slightly lower octane is enough that the 07 TCH does not compensate for it and the car experiences precombustion ping. With the improved mileage, the high octane is actually more cost effective for me, so I'm not inclined to give the dealership a couple hundred dollars to look at it (and try to sell me some other service that I'm pretty sure the car does not neet).

    Appreciate your feedback.
  • Bought the for one week. found the Mileage of 2012 Camry hybrid is only 37.5 miles/gallon. is not even close to 41 miles/gallon described in its specification. Very disappointed... Anyone has the same issue?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Give it a chance to break in. Good gosh you are only 10% below target. Most people would be very pleased with your results.
  • If everyone think in your way, it is meaningless to put it in the specification.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    The quoted mileage posted by the manufacturer and certified by the government is achieved under ideal conditions in a laboratory. Hardly anyone
    achieves this rating. use it for comparison purposes only. In the real world there are many factors that affect mileage. Stop and go driving, hilly country, cold weather, windy conditions, speed, etc. You are getting excellent mileage for a new car.
  • We opted for the 2012 Camry hybrid LE rather than the XLE simply for the gas mileage advantage. Bottom line, we drive 650+ miles (the gas light indicator pops up with 3 gallons left) and we have gotten 42.6 mpg on the last two tanks. Mainly city driving, but a couple 100 mile country road trips involved also. I don't drive over 65 mph on the Interstates. The car has great handling compared to previous Camry hybrid models. All the pick up needed to get into fast traffic. I filled up with no-ethanol gas today and I'm curious if this will make any difference in fuel mileage. At almost $5 more for a fill up, it best show some improvement. I'll fill you in on the next fill up (usually three weeks).
  • I am not sure what is the reason, now my new 2012 Camry hybrid gas mileage has been coming down from initial 37.5 miles/gallon to 36 miles/gallon.
    Anyone got any ideas?
  • You will need to give us more information...What was the temperature outside? as this affects mileage, what pressure are your tires inflated to, What speed to you travel at on the highway? Do you accelerate slowly or do you have a lead foot? Have you read the many posts on this forum that tell you how to alter your driving to maximize fuel economy? Many factors will affect your mileage...the MPG rating on the window is an estimate...but you can likely beat it with adjustments to your driving depending upon many other variables. You can't expect the car to deliver the same mpg regardless of conditions....can you run 5 miles in the summer and drink the same amount of water as if you ran the same 5 miles in the winter? Conditions dictate the consumption...The MPG on the window sticker is an estimate and mileage may vary....but with some attention to driving habits you will be able to increase your MPG once the car and tires have broken in.
  • Picked up our 2012 Camry in mid-November. After the first three gas fill ups, we're averaging 41.5 MPG. O.K., I'll admit that I'm having fun driving around like an old geezer milking the mileage for all its worth. My Prius owner brother-in-law said that this driving novelty mentality should wear off in five-to-seven years. I drive mainly in rural settings and in small towns with only two extended trips on an Interstate never going over 65 mph. An added note: I tried one full tank of $$ non-ethanol gas and there was no overall mileage difference.
  • Well, I find that my mileage varies from trip to trip, depending on all type of travel. I drive from a distant suburb about 15 miles home from work every day. Speed limit goes from 55 to 45 to 35 to 30 to 25 during the course, with lots of stop lights. Must be the ideal situation for a hybrid, because I regularly get over 50 MPG. Conversely, when on the FREEWAY, driving over 65, I usually get less, in the neighborhood of 36-38 MPG. Thankfully, most of my driving is around town and the suburbs, so I'm happy. My understanding is that this type of hybrid drive does indeed favor in-town driving over freeway. driving, in terms of MPG.

    I guess to me, 37.5 MPG is excellent for a full size sedan with the quality of ride that the Camry delivers. Most people would be envious of MPGs in that range, on an average. Yes the Prius delivers more MPG, and of course the all-electric stuff goes to the next level, but the Prius has a rough ride and loud cabin noise, and the all-electric models have charging and cost problems. So in this category, 37.5 seems hardly disappointing to me.
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    2012 camry will take some time to figure out truth about mpg.....

    since look at 2012 prius v (new one) same problem people have....33-37.0mpg ....which is huge problem some people have (look at and i have been not active in forum but reading edmunds and prius chat....few times a far regular prius has solid history which can be small for some people.....

    2012 prius v ....cost wise 4000-5000 more for same prius engine.....with 6 inch u think it can carry load? i doubt will take some time for truth to come out i never preffer to buy new model for one yr.....

    2012 camry hybrid......cost reduce but still high.....camry always has trouble with hybrid verson in past wait until real story on mpg come out....

    recently motor trend(look prius camry section) did three vehicle compare,,hybrid sonata..2012 camry hybrid,jetta tdi,,,,,camry came with 300miles with 36-37mpg....which is almost same as regular why buy hybrid....

  • Since when does the regular camry get anywhere close to 36-37mpg in city or combined city/highway driving?

    If you're talking close to 100% highway driving,then the hybrid is probably pointless as the biggest improvement for hybrids is in the city.

    Touting highway mpg on a regular camry as being comparable is a bit pointless for anyone that does mainly city driving.
  • bfitz1bfitz1 Posts: 2
    Bought a new 2012 TCH XLE last weekend and am averaging 48mpg so far in mixed city/highway driving. I've used just over a quarter of a tank in roughly 300 miles of driving. It is virtually impossible not to get the advertised mileage if you use the ECO DRIVE mode. The weather in Boston has been cold and I've kept the heat set at 70 degrees on the "AUTO" setting with the AC off. I can't believe how quickly this car heats up. Using the re-directed exhaust gases to heat the engine block is ingenious and really works!

    I have to say, the EV Mode really works as well! I've been able to coast along in slow traffic for at least 1.2 - 2 miles at a time; and, the battery reaches full charge quickly if you let the regenerative brakes do their job and glide to a stop when possible.

    Considering I am achieving this sort of mileage during the break in period, I can't wait to see what I can achieve later!

    I really love the quality and value built into this car. The ride quality is excellent and the Navigation and Audio System is beyond superb!

    Great Car!
  • from dealer to home.....2200' to 4200' at 65 MPH and 4 trips to town and back @ 33 miles each (same elevation change) 36.9 MPG (65 degrees F). Now learning the tricks using EV mode and ECO mode. Cruise control works well. In Normal mode the acceleration and sensitivity to the pedal is impressive. Freeway on ramps are a breeze!
  • I have an older Camry Hybrid from 2007. It was rated around 38 mpg at the time, but I only got that during the break-in period. In reality, I get around 33 mpg (ranges from 32-35) in mixed driving. I live in Southern California.

    The new 2012 Camry Hybrid should achieve a little more since Toyota shed some of the weight to improve gas mileage on the Hybrid. However, I still doubt the lighter Camry Hybrid will go above 40mpg after break-in period.

    BTW, Camry is considered mid-size (as opposed to large-size by someone's earlier post).
  • I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid too, and I'm averaging 39 mpg in mixed city and highway travel (these are gas test numbers, not the ones the trip computer calculates). The PSI in my tires is at the maximum recommended by the manufacturer, I drive like a grandma at times, and rarely do I "hit the gas" but rather ease into my accelerations, and coast whenever I can.

    However, the point is that it is "doable" even in the older TCH model if you're willing to make the appropriate changes to your driving habits. Have to admit, it was funny to watch everyone pass me on the way to a red light this morning while I didn't have to slow my momentum down and got to the light right as it turned green. Its small changes like that that squeeze a few extra MPGs out of a gas tank.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    edited February 2012
    nettech says, "Have to admit, it was funny to watch everyone pass me on the way to a red light this morning while I didn't have to slow my momentum down and got to the light right as it turned green. Its small changes like that that squeeze a few extra MPGs out of a gas tank."

    Good point, and one thing I enjoy also. After 7.5 years now driving my hybrids, I have learned to "scout ahead" and see what a light might be doing by the time I get there and adjust to it.

    TOO MANY PEOPLE just *ZOOM* from traffic signal to traffic signal, burning (wasting) precious gas for the benefit of sitting through another light.

    It's. Stoopid.

    I have averaged about 34 MPG over the 5.5 years I have owned my 2007 TCH. Not hugely great, but better than a similarly-sized non-hybrid would get.
  • Just finished a trip from Toronto to Florida and back in my "new" 2010 TCH. I kept track of fill-ups and the mileage at each key point. I took the route through the Carolinas and Virginias so there was a lot of up and down. On the way down, I used cruise part of the time. On the way back, I used cruise for almost the whole trip. I was generally 5 mph over the limit so it mostly varied between 70 - 75 mph. I did about 400 local, mostly highway, miles in Florida. Tires were set to 35 lbs.

    By my calculations, I got 41 mpg on the way down (including the local mileage there) and 40 mpg on the way back. I used 70 gal of gas for 2885 miles. The trip computer in the car provided numbers between 35.7 and 39.2 for various segments of the trip.

    I'm more than happy with this result but it seems almost too good based on what most other people have reported. The mileage is accurate and I'm pretty sure that we recorded the fill-ups accurately.
  • wae1wae1 Posts: 1
    Well I am starting to get great mpg's from my 2012 Camry XLE Hybrid (convenience package, moon roof, display navigation and entunes, leather package). I live in cold cold Wisconsin and with the weather warmer today, my eco drive level reached 50.3 mpg!!! I was also able to snap a picture with the eco drive level at 49.5 with 1947 miles on the car, and outside temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit driving in town.
  • Chris, those numbers don't look all that unreasonable to me. As long as you are using the CC, the TCH is very good with fuel economy on the highway. I have a five mile stretch on a parkway I take every day on the way to work, and the MPG meter is routinely at 50-60 MPG. Of course, I'm only going 60 mph, but the car still does well even at higher speeds. I'm currently at 42 MPG on this newest tank of fuel (mixed city/highway driving) and I'm hoping to do even better when I eventually move to the Goodyear Fuelmax tires.
  • Almost love my 2012 TCH XLE! Over 6K on the vehicle w/a consistent 38.6 MPG -- 80% hwy mileage :) The MPG estimate the car reports has been w/in 1-2 tenths of manual calculation. Very accurate. However, the cruise range and fuel guage are an entirely different issue. 17 gal tank (not counting the fill tube) and I have yet to put more than 15 gal in the car after the range meter reads zero and the fuel guage is empty. The only exception was last night when I left work. Car was on empty (fuel wrn light on for 40+ mi), range = 0 and I drove home (42 miles). Filled up the next morning w/15.5 gal. Counting tube capacity, that conservatively leaves 2.5 gal left and on a hybrid - an easy 90+ miles! Been two two different Toyota dealers to investigate/repair -- telling me (after coord with "Toyota") the car is still in "learning mode". Love the mileage, too bad I have absolutely no idea how far I can actually drive!! This is absurd. At one time my range guage read 499 mile after a fill up. Equates to 12.9 mpg for 17 gal! Learning mode or not - that is just ridiculous! :mad:
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Here's a tip for you:

    In my 2007 TCH, I have figured out I have about 3 gallons left in the 17 gallon tank when the computer shows "Cruising Range 0"

    With that in mind, when I see that message, I immediately take what the computer shows as the "MPG this tank" and subtract 2 miles per gallon from it, then multiply that times 17.

    That will give me the total amount of estimated "REAL total miles driven" I can get in this tank.

    This system works great. I usually drive until there is more than 15 gallons used up before refilling the tank.

    1. system shows Cruising Range 0.
    2. MPG on the car computer shows 34.8 MPG.
    3. I subtract 2 MPG from that, leaving me 32.8 MPG.
    4. I multiply 32.8 by 17 and get 557.6
    5. My "miles driven so far this tank" on the car computer shows 459.6.
    6. I subtract 459.6 from 557.6 and get 98 miles.
    7. Therefore, I know I need to fill up sometime in the next 98 miles, OR, before the "miles driven so far this tank" gets to 557.6.

    Try this and see if it works for you. I'd bet a dozen doughnuts it will !! :shades:
  • Sounds like a plan - I really appreciate your input. I'll try it and see how it goes. Thanks Much :)
  • There is a big difference of the drivability between normal and eco, I don't like the eco mode, and my normal mode drive in local only yields 35 +- in Altanta mild winter. The same time I can get 55+ out of my 2008 Prius, I don't think they are giving the right MPG on the sticker, we had such high hope before. But, the comfort and power is superior comparing to my little Prius.
  • rctolanrctolan Posts: 6
    45 mile roundtrips to town and back at normal traffic speed.....39 mpg (55 deg F) front tires 38psi, rear 44 psi). 45 mile roundtrips with newbie hypermiling coming uphill and using EV.....43 mpg. To and from LA (270 miles) at freeway speeds..jackrabbit lights...sticking with traffic.....39 mpg. (all computed with full tanks and division)
  • rctolanrctolan Posts: 6
    These two items are not usually highlighted but deserve to be. The other evening there is a short stretch of passing lane here on the desert. I was surprised that passing two trucks brought the car to just touch the 100 mph mark! With this kind of power and a seamless transmission the car goes up and down hills using cruise control like a dream. It's possible under CC that you won't notice the engine coming on and turning off under normal driving. Be nice to your fellow drivers as they may not have this constancy and when one is hypermiling they could get very agitated. It's amazing the amount of gas that is wasted rushing from traffic light to traffic light.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    So throw a 2 gallon gas can in the trunk when its almost empty and run it out. then you'll know.
  • A couple of questions. I've only got about 1700 miles on my Camry Hybrid, and have it in Eco mode all the time. However I'm only getting a bit over 35 mpg in half city/half highway driving. A bit disappointing and I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Secondly was curious what the EV mode does. Often when I try and go into EV mode it tells me that EV mode is unavailable, and even when it does seem to be available it blinks out immediately. Any advice is appreciated.
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